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Myanmar Industrial Trade Unions Statement

Date - December 9, 2012 1. The MITU working committee held the meeting on 2012 Dec 8th. Twelve members out of fifteen attended this meeting. The agenda was on the affiliation and future collaboration with the FTUB which had helped the initial stages of the MITU and helped MITU all along. 2. The meeting decided that those who wanted to affiliate with the FTUB had their rights; those who did not want to affiliate could leave the MITU. 3. After the meeting, six MITU executives and MITU President U Ye Kyaw Thu conducted a follow up meeting and decided on the following: Decision (1) MITU will work together with FTUB, the Myanmar affiliate of the International Trade Union Confederation ITUC for the betterment of the workers of Myanmar. Decision (2) As MITU is a free, independent and democratic organization, MITU will make its' organizational and political decision according to the guide lines of the member.

Ye Kyaw Thu President Myanmar Industrial Trade Unions Contact number: + 95 9 4957 6008 Email: