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Windows 8 Virtualization

Ken Sim (Technology Evangelist) | Microsoft Corporation Lai Yoong Seng (MVP Virtual Machine) | Redynamics Asia System Management

Session Objectives & Key Takeaway Learn whats hot and new in Desktop Virtualization
Operating System Virtualization Presentation Virtualization Application Virtualization


Client Hyper-V

Windows Server Windows 7 VM Windows 8 VM VM

Linux VM

Run multiple operating systems on a single Windows 8 PC

64 bit Windows 8 Pro


SLAT Hardware Virtualization Min 4GB of Memory

Benefits of Client Hyper-V

Robust Virtualization Platform Flexibility of choice Improvement in efficiency

Large VM Configuration
32 and 64 bit operating system Multiple form of storage

Use any 64 bit device with SLAT enabled Sleep and hibernate Support for 3D, audio and multi touch

Set up dev/test on a single computer Transfer VM between client & Server Bitlocker

New Virtual Hard Disk Format

VHD (Up to 2 TB) VHDX (Up to 64 TB)

Disk writes Reads and writes go to new are mirrored; outstanding changes are Disk contents are copied to new source VHD VHD Reads and writes go to the destination destination VHD replicated

Move Virtual Machine Storage Without Downtime

Computer running Hyper-V

Virtual machine

Source device

Target device

Dynamic Memory Improvement

Client Hyper-V

Centralized Management

Anywhere, Any Device

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Data Security


VDI with Windows Server 2012

Powered by Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services

Corporate Office

Desktop Sessions

Pooled VMs

Personal VMs

Branch Office

1 platform | 1 experience | 3 deployment choices Efficient Management Best Value for VDI Rich Experience everywhere


Library / Coffee house

Remote Desktop Services Components

Component Architecture
Server Manager
Remote Desktop Virtualization Host

Remote Desktop Web Access

Remote Desktop Connection Broker

SQL Database

Remote Desktop Session Host

Remote Desktop Gateway Remote Desktop Licensing

VDI & RemoteApp

Published from within VDI Desktop apps only


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


Virtual App = Installed App

Integrated Platform

Virtual App use Windows Standard

No Q Drive

Flexible Virtualization

Multiple App-V Application can share the same virtual environment

Virtual Application Connection

Designed to support highly integrated application

Powerfull Management
App-V Management Server

New Web-based management interface Optimize for VDI with one management workflow Rich powershell scripting allows automation & customization


User Behaviour or Characteristics Works across multiple PCs Always connected Multitasking and personalization BYOD Contractor Requires business compliance Developer or IT Pro Develop or test locally Client Hyper-V VM Based VDI App-V

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