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How to configure Linksys Range Expander (WRE54G)

As our need increases people try to find a way to increase the range of the current wireless network. That end with the invention of Wireless Range Expander. To increase the range and accessibility of a wireless network from an access point or wireless router we need to add Wireless Range Expander or simply calling Wireless Repeater in our network. Working of Wireless Repeater/Expander is like this device will receive signals from Wireless Access Point (Wireless Router) and repeat the same signal. So the available signal range doubles. In this tutorial I am going to write steps to configure or install one of the famous Range Expander - Linksys WRE54G on your network.

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Range Expander
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The steps to configure wireless Range Expander on your computer network are: 1. Connect Range Expander to your computer using Ethernet cable. 2. On the Address bar of your browser type The default IP address of Linksys Wireless Range expander is After this press enter. 3. Log on to the setup page of WRE54G The default user name: Default Password : admin There is no default user name for WRE54G and log on to the Range Expander setup page. 4. Enter the Wireless details present in the Wireless Access Point

Computer Hardware 11/3/2012

How to configure Linksys Range Expander (WRE54G) | Internet Technolo... Page 2 of 7

We should enter the same details configured in the source wireless Access Point.

If the Wireless network is security enabled we need to set the same settings on our Range Expander. After entering the details click on save settings button. To learn how to configure Linksys Router click on the link below: How to Setup Linksys Wireless Router.

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Labels: Linksys Product Configuration at 2:40 AM

Posted by Siju George

NOAH said... nice article, very informative and helpful... 7:56 AM

FeliX said... Thank you for comment 11:19 PM

JohnFx said... I must be missing something, but in step 1 you say to connect it using an ethernet cable, but the WRE54G doesn't have an ethernet port on the device. At least mine doesn't. 6:21 PM

Siju George said... Hi John, It seems you have WRE54Gv1 (Wireless Range Expander ). This version of linksys range expander does not have any ethernet port. So the only option to configure it is by the auto config button. 11/3/2012

How to configure Linksys Range Expander (WRE54G) | Internet Technolo... Page 3 of 7

Setup Linksys Range Expander v1 (WRE54G v1) using auto config button

1. You should disable security in Wireless router / Access point 2. Place your range expander (WRE54G) near your router 3. Press auto config button for one min (till the status led color changes) 4. Login to to Range expander (you may shut down your router first) 5. Enable wireless security in Linksys range expander 6. Enable security in Wireless router 12:01 AM

davewesterhouse said... Are you looking for wireless internet availabilty in your area? Now you can find wireless internet providers with the best price and all local and special discounts.Check out the details of wireless internet at 9:06 PM

Anonymous said... Good post was unclear about ssid should be a new one or the same. What about wpa tkip and wpa2 tkip ??? 3:28 AM

Siju George said... It is the same SSID wpa is a wireless encryption 4:45 AM

Ibrahim Mahroos said... Thanks Alot.... 1:01 AM

Siju George said... Thanks Ibrahim for your comment. 5:07 AM

enlightened said... Hi, Can I use Linksys Range expander with Belkin modem/router Zuhait 4:15 AM

Siju George said... Technically there is no problem with using Linksys Range expander and Belkin wireless router. Both should support WDS and the wireless standards (802.11 g/b/a/n) 12:02 AM

motor641 said... hi ihave a WRE54g v3, bur cannot find it home screen, whether cables or wifi please can someboby help! the modem is not mine its ny neighbours, for whith i pay him for access,but because of the distance between us im only getting 24 mbps, ihave the wep key and thaat works only on the dongle/modem 1:36 AM 11/3/2012

How to configure Linksys Range Expander (WRE54G) | Internet Technolo... Page 4 of 7

Siju George said... I hope by home you mentioned the web based setup page of WRE54G Linksys Range expander. The default login IP of Linksys Range Expander is but you might had changed the Range Expander IP address during the configuration. If that is the case you can do either one of the following solutions. 1. Try to remember the login IP or 2. Reset and reconfigure the Range Expander How to Reset a Range Expander 5:57 AM Post a Comment

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