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Agenda Item: 650-751

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Self Supporting Aluminum Roofs AL5.6.5. & AL5.6.6 November 9, 2011

Name : Don Comire Company : Eastman Chemical Company Phone : (423) 229-3172 E-mail :

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Revise equations in AL5.6.5 and AL5.6.6 to show area calculations based on allowable stress ( f ) equals lesser of (0.6 Fy) Yield Strength or (0.5 Ft) Tensile Strength. B. Mistry and R. Kissell during ballot results for API-650-718. The business impact of this item is neutral.

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Rationale: Current wording in Appendix AL, f = least allowable tensile stress of the materials in the roof-to-shell joint. This is similar wording to the basic document and, except no basis is given for establishing the least allowable tensile stress in Appendix AL, and no references are provided. In the basic document, section 5, (Fa) is based on the lesser of (0.6 Fy) or (0.5 Ft). For basic API, Appendix M, S, and X, (0.6 Fy) has been proven to be the governing case for all material grades, so the basic document is modified by API-650-718 to establish (Fa) on the basis of (0.6 Fy) alone. However, within Appendix AL, there is one material grade (6061) which has a yield value (Fy) very close to the ultimate tensile value (Ft). For this one grade of aluminum, (0.5 Ft) would govern instead of (0.6 Fy). All other grades of aluminum in Appendix AL are still governed by (0.6 Fy). Proposed revision will make Appendix AL compression ring allowable stress a comparison between the lesser of (0.5 Ft) or (0.6 Fy). This will adequately cover all Aluminum materials in the standard and provide a basis for establishing the least allowable tensile stress for aluminum compression rings. Elevated temperature values of (Ft) for certain aluminum grades and (Fy) for all aluminum grades are available within API-650 table AL-3a and 3b. Please note, not all aluminum elevated temperature values for (Ft) are available within API-650; the user must obtain elsewhere. All variables in the equation are separately defined in AL.1.5, except for f, Fy and Ft. Proposal: AL5.6.5(b) & AL5.6.6(b) The minimum area of the roof-to-shell joint is A. A = phD2/(8 f tan ) where f = the lesser of (0.5 Ft, or 0.6 Fy), the least allowable tensile stress for the materials in the roofto-shell joint. Fy = Least Yield Strength of roof-to-shell joint material at maximum design temperature. Ft = Least Ultimate Strength of roof-to-shell joint material at maximum design temperature.
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