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The X-RAY MAN Vladimir Sudakov, the "BW" observer From time to time foreign mass media sources

publish information on mysterious p eople protecting Russian leaders from any unexpected events, dangers and illness es. It is likely that the time has come for us to tell the world about the man w ho "sees through" the government planes, and in case some defects are discovere d, he is vested with the power to prohibit the flight; about the extrasensor granted with the talent to diagnose illnesses and cure people a long way off, f ind the disappeared people, foresee the fall and growth of the exchange rates an d many other things. The magician's name is Grigory Petrovich Grabovoi. Between Alpha AND Omega By force of the understandable reasons his name remains unknown to the majority of the Russians, although specialists in paranormal phenomena of the human psych ology refer to him with great honours, and the world "stars" in extrasencorics h ave recognised him as "one of theirs". As the Bulgarian fore-teller baba Vanga s ays it is because he has the "immense force", and his unusual capabilities indee d range from "alpha" to "omega". As far as we had to mention the first and the last letters of the Greek alphabet , I will also mention the 23rd one, i.e. "psi". This is the abbreviation used by the para-psychologists of the planet to indicate the subject of their specialit y: spirit, spiritual world existing outside the time and space, and the soul uni ting the spirit and the physical body. Those who have the stronger spiritual imp ulse are granted to create what we got used to call miracles: to cure, to see th e invisible, to penetrate with the extra-sound velocity the obstacles and distan ces by his will and thought. In sort, these are the premises of extrasensory perception and influence. Some receive this quality with the genes of their remote ancestors; many bushmen from the Kalahari desert are telepaths as they have preserved the relic parts of the cerebral subcortex responsible for the intuitive liaison with nature since the humanity origin. Others acquire this gift as resulting from the trauma: Sai Ba ba, the great Indian magician, had discovered his capability to revive the dead after he had hardly died himself being bit by the scorpion. Let's recollect apostle Paul who being yet Sail, on the way to Damascus had got blind and after that he was gifted with the holy force. But we are left to guess where Grigory Grabovoi is "rooted". As far as I know th ere were no clairvoyant in his kin; the fate was keeping him away from any shock . Grigory Petrovich is only 32 years old but looks even much younger. He remembers himself from the cradle: yet unable to speak he understood what the adults were talking about (even now he understands foreigners at the level of thoughts). Si nce the age of five he could foresee the events - his mother sends him to the ba zaar on a bicycle to fetch some home-made cheese but he refuses to go saying, " There is no cheese there". Soon the neighbour rushes in; the police turned out to have dispersed the traders in the morning, and the cheese was indeed missing .... He, himself, never paid great attention to the capability of his direct vision thinking it to be vitally natural for all the people; moreover, the idea that t hey had such a phenomenon among their friends had never come to any of his conte mporaries from the Kazakh village of Bagara. And yet by the age of 12 Grigory st arted to understand that he is not like others. Otherwise how could he perceive his ability to change the sequence of events? Being aware of the unpleasant meet

ing he started thinking the man waiting for him could be distracted by other, mo re important matters, i.e. was changing the layer of thinking, fixing his attent ion to alternative details. Everything used to be as he liked in the end. I must say that when a child and then a teenager Grisha had never been offended by action or words, not because he was going in for karate but sooner for his so me "peaceloving" energetic membrane covering him. Maybe because being already a teenager and discovering the unknown mightiness he put the objective for himse lf to foresee the coming troubles and put the obstacles for them. This is his credo until present. Both the extrasensory force, as he admits himse lf, has not reduced but increased since then; simply with the age he turned out to make thrifty use of his inner treasure, not to fritter away his energy, but a pply it only in the cases of emergency, e.g. when it is necessary to rescue (sav e) a man. For some time past Grigory often thinks of protecting against the cat astrophe not single men but the whole at large. Grigory came to the awareness of his suitability to fulfil such a mission worki ng at the Tashkent Machine-building Designing Bureau after graduating from the university. The cosmic machinery was designed there, and Grigory apart from this was studying the theory of catastrophes. His own concept of barring those cata strophes was maturing in him. ... When a student, getting ready for the exams, he was reading a book. Suddenly he felt the unexplainable vibration in his body. In his mind he saw the nuclear power station, smoke, fire and people dashing around. It happened a month befor e Chernobyl. And three days before the catastrophe the vision came again: graphi te pivots were on fire. The visual picture of Shredinger's equation regarding l aws of microcosm: tunnel passage (notion of quantum mechanics) and the silvery speck of dust, electron's energy endeavouring to change one level for another. This made Grigory's flesh creep: the blast is inevitable very soon, the content of the graphitis in the pivots has considerably exceeded the norm!

All this came to Grigory at the clairvoyance level. And I asked him why h e had not given all up, why he had not rushed to where it was necessary, had not s triken all the bells... - But who would have believed me, obscure (unknown) student? - he objected to me sadly. - If they had hidden their heads ostrich-like there in the Kremlin, and then for a long time had been continuously drawing a soft and pleasing picture o f the "situation under control"... The mankind will have to deal with the conscequences of the Chernobyl's explosi on, "I have seen the heaviest streams of neutrino to rush along the globe perpen dicular in four sides with a 5 degree deviation. Their impact on human genetics can be waived 120 years"... Time was passing. Grabovoi was demonstrating miracles in his secret Designing Bu reau by defining defects in the planes, prompting what could happen if this and that had not been done. Once he was invited by Gani Mazitovich Rafikov, the Head of the Uzbek Division of Civil Aviation, to take the position of the inspector on the flights' safety and, simultaneously, of the expert on the extrasensory mo nitoring of avionics.

His second job made him obliged to see the invisible, the first one provided him with the right to ban a take off. He had done it far from once when his "third eye" discovered the broken wires or other disorders in the airliner's belly. He cancelled the takes off of the President's aeroplanes. Therefore, the state lead ers undoubtedly know who is their EARTHLY ANGEL - GUARDIAN In the hands of the Brazilian, Karmin Mirabelli, solid objects turned into liqui ds. Analysis of the metallic rods bent by the Israeli, Uri Heller, with the forc e of his will, shows the changes in their molecular structure... It is impossibl e to imagine how they achieve this, it is unlikely one would manage to get their explanations; moreover, they are not only far from us - one - in time, another - in space, they are secretive, as both have experienced severe persecution, bot h have been declared to be swindlers... As for Grigory Grabovoi, here he is, facing us, the veil of secrecy does not see m to bother him; he regularly repeats his credo: "Any event can be changed. My f orecasts are not fatal, I am always looking for the constructive method of fores talling. I do not change the object I am changing the situation around it." After Chernobyl Grabovoi prudently documents his oracles. In his archives there are hundreds of acts verifyed by stamps and signatures of the authorized special ists. There follow some of their contens. Aircraft IL-86 No 86052. Extrasensor Grabovoi G.P. foretold the decrease of powe r in the 4th engine that could not be accounted for the technical defect. Probab ly it could result from the collision with a bird. The result was the following: in seven days, on 27.01.92, when the plane was descending, the crow got into th e channel of the 4th engine. The pilots who were aware of the forecast managed t o balance the traction and landed the plane packed with the passengers. The airc onsumer and the cook were damaged. The engine was withdrawn from exploitation. Aircrafrt IL-62 No 86704, 20.01.92. Extrasensor Grabovoi G.P. drew the attention to the possibility of destruction of the material in the region of combustion c hamber of the engine No 3. The note in the aircraft log-book made in 11 days proves the discovery of the burnt through nozzle device. The eng ine was urgently withdrawn from exploitation. (One can imagine what could happen if during the flight the working spades of the turbine had been torn off and broken the fuselage through!) Aircraft IL-86 No 86056. Extrasensor Grabovoi sent the information on the insuff icient safety of the equipment in the front toilet-rooms. The log-book states: " 22.01.92. Water leaks from under the panel in the front toilet-room. The water w as cut off during the flight." (Again it is useless to be guessing what could ha ppen if the water intersected the means of the aircraft management control: elec tronic equipment is displaying false refusal of the engines, pilots are switchi ng them off...) This resulted in the fact that the IL-86 designing bureau had h ermetically strengthened the toilet-rooms... I will repeat that official certificates of this type encount hundreds. Each of them has in the end the phrase ,"Information given by the extrasensor Grabovoi G.P. has been fully confirmed." We remain to guess why avialeaders had not take n any measures after getting such information waiting for the forecast to be pro ved... By the way, those managers themselves were greatly astonished by another thing how could this young man, being far from an expert in the aircraft-buildi ng, manage to see the inside of the plane and identify the defects in it: comput er, wheels, transformer, oil pipe line, etc? Besides, this young man is identify ing defects without leaving his office, it is enough for him to know numbers of the aeroplanes - once it happened on the agreement with the Soviet-American Join

t Venture "Askon"... Grabovoi seems to receive prompts from somebody on where an d what... In May, last year, the high aeroflot leaders arranged the "experimental testing" of the extrasensor's potentialities. They organised the commission constituting experts from the Antonov ANTK and Fergana Mechanical Plant. Grabovoi was entr usted to diagnise An-12 No 1901 belonging to the Bulgarian Company "Air Sophia" during 2-3 seconds at the 25 m distance. I will cite the minutes: "Grabovoi G.P. did not apply any means of instrumental diagnostics and had no c hance to make inquiries on the aircraft condition for the lack of time... Before diagnostics nobody knew about the defects that were identified by him and later jn discovered and confirmed by the commission in its acts. Defects were discove red only in those places which had been pointed out by Grabovoi G.P." (And no mo re than deep corrosion of the spars was discovered...) Under the same condition s the extrasensor discovered cracks of 14 mm to 20 mm in the skin of the neighbo uring aircraft An-12 No 1204; the plane after that was put on repairs. Perhaps that was the first case when Grabovoi's precognition (perception of the future events) served the basis for taking measures before the flight. But the r equests to identify the reasons of "avia-accidentsit" (the people from aeroflot modestly call crashes by this name) fell upon Grabovoi like an avalanche. Acco rding to request from FEA "Rampa" Grabovoi at distance defined what had happene d to the aircraft An-12 No 11337 on 14.03.95 in the region of the Baku airport. Everything stated out by the extrasensor got its confirmation on the next day af ter landing: consequtive fail of two engines, defects of electroenergetics, exce ss in the commercial weight of the aircraft, violation of technology by the crew ... To tell the truth I could not withstand and checked the purity of the experiment s that had been carried out by Grabovoi. I took my watch off and suggested telli ng me where they had come from. "You were presented with it by a tall white man three years ago". It was my turn to open my mouth in surprise: it was really pre sented by the Arab sheikh, the tall, white-haired man in a white robe... I am going into detail of psydiagnostics demonstrated by Grabovoi to make the re ader assess the scope of his talant in the way he deserves it. Distance biolocat ion of the objects was in practice before him too: upon the order of the Leningr ad military-marine base the extrasensor-operators were determining location of t he hydrogeographic ships in the map of the ocean. But exactness of Grabovoi's vi sion exceeds all possible parameters. That is why the reader has the right to as k what kind of intuition does this man possess? "This is not the intuition but c lairvoyance," says Grigory Petrovich. - "I can make out all sides of the tiniest detail. Real-time vision is 100% faultless. Looking into the past or future is quite another pair of shoe s"... As far as I know one needs THE SIXTH SENSE ment by the Academician V.Vinogradov, "There is a necessity to assume the real i mpact of the human mind, in other words properties of a living-being, upon the p henomena existing in the real space of the naturalist". The universal extrasensor Grabovoi is a living encyclopaedia of psy-phenomena fo rcing to admit the reality of the fundamental laws based on the close interacti on between a human-being and his environment. I can judge about the degree of re ality of telepathy, psychokinesis, material transformation, other capabilities o

f Grabovoi, by numerous documents and to what I had been a witness myself. The forecoming citizen of the Indian State Andrapradesh Satja Sai Baba materiali zes different objects enforcing his thought, namely fruit, sweets,decorations, a nd then distributes them among the witnesses. And therefore follows the episode from the telepartational practice by Grabovoi. During his trip to Bulgaria the incident arouse at the customs: Ludmila Kim, a h ealer, left the banking certificate for 1.5 thousand dollars (she was going to g ive them out to people in need) at home; Grabovoi was standing a little afar wa tching Kim getting excited. Suddenly... the required certificate appeared in her arms!...On her return she saw that the spot on the cupboard where it was lying was covered with dust. The Englishwoman Coral Poldge became known because she can draw the portraits of those who has disappeared or was killed, and whom she has never seen.Our contem porary Vladimir Ivanovich Safonov finds by the photo the dead bodies of the viol ated victims. Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi pays his own role in this field of clai rvoyance too. ...Colleagues on the "workshop" got in touch with Grabovoi over the telephone ve ry late at night: the 12 years son of one woman had disappeared. The quatered co rpse appeared before his eyes. He asked severak questions and then assured the m an on the other end of the line,"Give me three days, I will assemble him. Tell t he mother that she will soon see her son safe and sound". Stepping back in time he began to build up the positive picture of the future. It is necessary to evad e (to side-step) the problem. It is necessary to build up another, happy swing o f events... In three days the mother, almost insane in her grief, "quite unexpectedly" found her son in the Kazansky railway station. He was safe and sound but could not re collect anything. "Nonsense", the reader would exclaim in indignation; just in the same manner he has been recently exasperating upong hearing the word "mysticism". How could it be possible to correct the passed actions? I also was insistant in attacking Gra bovoi with questions. Unruffled, he began to explain it to me: - The matter is in the parallel time streams. The famous Phillipinean healler Ju n Labo, when operates without a scalpel, penetrates another time with his finger or hand, leaving his second hand in another reality. Figuratively speaking, he, like Keishna, has several hands. In the same way the part of my "ego" moves int o another time field, into any designated point to make adjustments to a destiny . One could say the God himself sends me there for checking. If the mureder is a n orderd one it is soon revealed in press, and I become helpless: the dead body can be projected alive only behind the blind monastery wall to be never known to anybody. The optimum version - absence of witnesses or such witnesses who would never disclose the death. Those who would spread the news: see, he was dead and now he is alive! - will make me get rid of them. Of course I do not want and ca nnot kill them, it goes against christian morality. I can do nothing but send th e killer to some place in Kamchatka or any other remote place not to show himself till the end of his life. Only after doing that I start projecting the alternative sequence of events and withdrawing the victim from non-existence. Somebody is likely to doubt about the permissibility of such procedure. But I th ink that under the helplessness of law-protective organsthis method becomes quit e appropriate. The murderer remains alive, although isolated. His innocent victi m comes back to us and nobody could become aware what tragedy he hardly had expe rienced. And the family had been reunited.

I dare guess that changing of the passed events is to high degree the matter of the esotheric character, and to no less degree it is exceptionally difficult. It is much easier to prevent the disaster. It is the thing that Grabovoi does with great willingness. Hereafter follows the extract from the letter by S.K.Ratiash vili, one of the managers of the enterprise repairing computers, dated 02/02/94: " The extrasensory information that G.P.Grabovoi received on the danger theateni ng me from the driver was fully confirmed. Due to the extrasensory influence I a voided my presence in the automobile during the accident and therefore, the thre at to my life had been averted." One more evidence from Zvyaghintseva L.V., the resident of the Moscow region, Ch imki: "G.P.Grabovoi described by means of clairvoyance that at my kitchen's entrance t here is a white plastic box filled with potassium having extra radioactivity; th e latter affects the heart. Indeed, in 1993 I was diagnised for necrosis of the heart muscle"... At all times the men in the street meeting something unusual and being unable to understand it, and moreover, to do something, rush for a bugaboo of ethics. The n thieves, perjurers, slanderers, bribers turn out to be of the social norm; but that who drags sufferes from the abyss are looked upon as a bad man. How many t imes the English healer Matue Manning was accused of fraud, also he was doing wh at could be done by the saints only: with the carmic thought he burnt the canser cells. He was ordering the dooms: RECOVER! Diagnostics and treatment makes one more layer in the arsenal of Grabovoi. While doing this he does not "wave his hands", or make a very thoughtful face; he doe s not even need looking up the medical file, although he keeps on recommending t he patient to be examined by the "traditional doctors" to get the confirmation o f his diagnosis. He prefers to inform the patient on the ailment he had caught a nd at the same time considers how willful his patient is. There was a case: " On e old woman spent half an hour in his study in silence, and then asked, "Darling , when shall we go to see the doctor?" I suggest observing Grabovoi-healer's "handwriting" in the file of one of his pa tients (with her permission, of course). Galina Stepanovna ANTIPOVA is almost 50, she works as the bank's chief accountan t. On the first day of March 1994 she found Grabovoi; she was yellowish, exhaust ed, moving with great difficulty. Doctors had passed their sentence: dispersed c arcinoma of breast in a highly progressive form. "Grigory Petrovich, hardly thre e months are left for me to live. I need nothing. I wanted to save mony to buy a flat to my son, but feel ashamed to seek for high salary: I can fail the people if I die." "It is all the same to me whether it is cold or canser", said Grabovoi. He began his treatment. His seances were unusual as it is easier for him to treat the pa tient at distance, without seeing or touching him. He thinks the accompanying fa ctors do not iterefere in this case. His only request to the patient is to stop taking any medicines. So, the poor lady filled in the form and got the reference: seances will be held from 22.00 to 23.00 on March 1-9 and then on March 15-November 30. And she star ted waiting for her hour.

I shall interrupt this sad story for Grabovoi to explain why he needed the break from March 9 to 15. It appearewd that those six days were necessary for the pat ient to make a decision - to take the seances or undergo the operation. On March 10, Galina Stepanovna came, or flew if we want to be more exact, "Docto r, the blood and pus discharge has stopped on the third day! For the God's sake continue your seances!" She had no idea what these seances were like. She knew only the hour and was imp atiently waiting for it since the early morning. grabovoi did not tell her that he was practically healing her round the clock - why destroy her blind belief in the power of the cycle?... On August 19 in Ufa the rep0eated citological analysis was made, the result show ed the absence of canser cells. Now this flowering woman begs Grabovoi to allow her to tell everybody about this miracle over television and in the newspapers. As for me I keep on asking Grigory Petrivich the sacramental question, "How?" - I start the treatment at the moment when I see the patient's request or situat ion at the hidden level. The field starts its work at once. Instantly I monitor through the element's breakages in life and insert the energetic joints there. T his goes on for several days until complete recovery... As a rule I do this imme diately, but appoint the time for prophilactics, control, also considering the p eople's distrust that anything can be quickly done. And the time from 22 to 23 i s the time for corrections. I watch the theory of carma, energetic fields, weigh t functions, sub-spaces... I look at the direct flow from God, cunsult with Chri st. I am seeking for the links in the patient's organism, and reconstructing the distorted tissues... Health is the multifaceted state,- Grabovoi continued. Links that provide its de terioration appear to be quite unexpected sometimes. They can sometimes be found in the patient's ancient contact with the evil will bearer.In such a case I hav e to return to that time and correct the primary cause. To put it roughly I am g oing in for building. What is the man first and foremost intrested in? In the lo ng and active run of life. Hence, I build up the events in such an order that he might live long and active life... A year ago Grigori Grabovoi performed before the audience in the "Varsow" cinema hall. The audience protested, "Epilepsy cannot be cured by the extrasensory mea ns!" Grabovoi kept silent. After themeeting a woman, all in tears, came up to hi m; she called herself Elina Vladimirovna. She told him that her son Dmitry ha be en suffering from the episyndrome for the fifth year already; the brain began to destroy ... The treatment started on the 17th of August, and already on the 19t h the electroencephalogramma displayed the reduction of the ailment's dynamics; by December the boy had revived. Doctors at the hospital had canceled their diag nosis. At last a completely fatal desease - by Parkinson, it has a folk name of "shakin g". Patient Z. was immovably sitting at home waiting for the end, his legs and f eet swelled. His relatives secretly met Grabovoi. And, oh, miracle! - in several days Z. wished to take the buket of garbage to the garbage bin in the yard hims elf; a week later he was taking a walk in the court-yard. After the treatment Grabovoi continuously recommends that his patients should un dergo the doctor's examination at their polyclinics. He keeps the certificates v erified by the doctors in a special file. There were the cases when the missing registration card allowed to disavow the non-traditional healer. And me, the aut hor of these lines, would like to pursuade the "disbelieving" readers that I can

present the documents to get my every word confirmed. Thereis only one thing th at I cannot guarantee, and that is the meeting with the extrasensor. PLAY SOMETHING SIMPLE FOR ME True foretellers are not inclined to award themselves with the exclusive right f or the talant. Everyone possesses the extrasensory inclinations. The Englishman M.Manning says, "I am like the concert piano-player. But it is practically poss ible to teach everybody playing a simple tune." Certainly, not everyone can be taught to predict the exchange rate - to do this, one needs the highest qualification like the one the American Keith Harari has made his property by predicting the exchange quoting of silver. But Grabovoi has passed the ABC of his profession over to the President of one of the largest Ru ssian banks, to Andrei Yurjevich G. The latter felt the desire to do this after. .. But see what theevidence of the banker himself. "Du4ring the consultation on 07/02/93 Grabovoi G.P. identified through his clair voyance the name of the partner (Andrei) who was able to accelerate the construc tion; in fact, this man was the project manager... Regarding the successful acco mplishment of working designing G.P Grabovoi has extrasensorily described the ap pearance of the man who was to assess the present stage of the project; in fact it was the key figure in the whole project..." Vitaly Nikolajevich S.,another company's resident is not likely to decide to mak e the first steps towards "psy". However, he has no doubts that contacts with Gr abovoi are extremely useful for his company: the extrasesor correctly pointed ou t the company's problems, two months earlier forecasted the USD exchange rate, g ave useful recommendations on the pertners, on the commodity marketing schedule. The major thing was, I am quoting now' "correctly defined the time period when violations in the accounting documentation had taken place; his information perm itted us to eliminate those violations."To be frank, Grabovoi saved the company from the Tax inspection. I have written this small chapter hoping any of he businessmen, financers, entre preneurs shall reveal their interest to Grabovoi's phenomenon. In this case do n ot hesitate to write to me, to the editor's.. THE SALT OF THE EARTH Grabovoi did not go into detail on the fact that all extrasensors of the planet are linked with the energy threads, he restricted himself to the remark, "The ol d links by karma". But this is a separate chapter in the extrasensory chronicle. Fraternity that had not been established by anybody and a handful of members wh o know each other by correspondence. I will tell you a story regarding this; som e readers might take it as a fairy-tale. Nevertheless, here it goees, as the Ind ian witnessws told it. In spring, last year, Grigory Grabovoi arrived in India, the cradle of the semieternal youth. He came to the Birla Mandir shrine, the one situated in New Delhi . He asked the highest priest if the latter could measure the level of his extra sensory potentialities. The priest answered to him,- "There is nobody in this ci ty who could be compred with Mr.grabovoi and measure his highest level." Then G rabovoi asked, "Who should I apply to If I have come from such afar?" And the cl erical, H.Simha, "Only one man shall be able to do that. His mame is Baba Nagh P al." On the next day Grigori Grabovoi went to Quitab-Minar, the Indian sacred place

- shrine Chattrapur -where the highest governmental officials and people of the highest caste pray. That time the Higher priest Baba Nagh Pal was in the shrine, but the guardians did not want the unknown Russian stranger to meet him. Yet Ra djiv Gandhi himself was honoured to get only a two-minite audience of the Great Baba Nagh Pal. Then the Russian stranger said, "Tell Baba Nagh Pal that there came Grigory Grab ovoi". When this was executed, the saint despite the lunch time ordered to invit e the respected guest in immediately. Their conversation lasted for 23 minutes. And said Baba Nagh Pal that he would b less Grabovoi and pray for him. And he also added that Grigory must apply his hi gh extrasensory potentialities and the energetic level to re-unite his country. With this Grigory Grabovoi left for his native country. To continue what he had begun - saving Russians from any catastrophe and obsessions. Lately, the news came from the overseas: the UN got interested in Grabovoi's per sonality; hence, a representative office for forecasting neuclear reactor's cata strophe is likely to emerge under this organisation. ...You are the salt of the Earth, said the Crist to his desciples implying the f orce of the soul; like salt protects food, that force could protect the people a gainst moral and physical spoiling, save the world from corruption and universal death. I believe that if we managed to pick up by pieces the extrasensrs' "salt " they would have got a chance to once and for ever agree upon cherishing the Pl anet of the People as the apple of their eyes. Then we all could feel releived. Photo by Andrei Zimin

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