DATE Dec 11, 2012 INITIAL

MAYOR MAYOR – EXECUTIVE 1. Cit Serv-Submission of Monthly Report-Nov 2012 2. Plan Bd-SEQR-Negative Declaration-245 Lafayette Ave(Nia) 3. Plan Bd-SEQR-Negative Declaration-500 Seneca St(Fill) 4. Plan Bd-SEQR-Negative Declaration-154 S. Ogden St(Lov) 5. Strat Plan-City Employees or Relatives Who Are seeking a Rehab Loan or Other Federally Funded Assistance-Conflict of Interest Disclosure 6. Strat Plan-Designate the BMHA as Developer for Various Properties 7. Strat Plan-Designate Bflo Neighborhood Stabilization Co, Inc Developer Various Properties 8. Strat Plan-Report of Sale-146 Bradly(North) 9. Strat Plan-Report of Sale-607 Grant(North) 10. Strat Plan-Req Auth COB to Apply and Except Grant Funds Empire State Dev COMPTROLLER 11. First Quarter Gap Sheets Report 2012-2013 ASSESSMENT 12. Request Approval of Certificate of Adjusted Base Proportions-2012 Roll 13. Request Approval of Certificate of Current Base Proportions-2012 Roll PUBLIC WORKS 14. Change in Contract-JB Wiley Sports Complex Renovations(Ell) 15. Change in Contract-LaSalle Park Concession Bldg Improvements 16. Report of Bids-Rehab of No 4 Pump and Motor at Massachusetts Station 17. Report of Bids-Bflo Niagara Medical Campus Ph 2(Ellicott Gateway Proj) 18. Appoint Administrative Assistant(Perm)(Inter)(Mullen) CS 19. Appoint Equipment Operator(Prov)(Inter)(Wachowiak) CS FIRE 20. Purchase Five(5) Command Vehicles-Action/Scrap Vehicles 21. Purchase One(1) Technical Search and Rescue Vehicle Action/Scrap Vehicle 22. Request Perm to Remove W-214 2004 Chev Pickup from Inventory PERMITS AND INSPECTIONS 23. Food Store License(New)-3428 Bailey(Univ) 24. Food Store License(New)-384 Connecticut(Nia) 25. Food Store License(New)-2101 Elmwood(North) 26. Food Store License(New)-896 Niagara(Nia) 27. Food Store License(New)-584 Ontario(North) 28. Garbage Collector License(New) 785 South Odgen(Lov) 29. Second Hand Dealer-1946 Clinton(Lov) 30. Used Car Dealer-2140 Genesee St(Lov) 31. Used Car Dealer-1082 Kenmore(Del) PARKING 32. Bid Tabulation of Parking Lots CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION 33. Request to Enter Into Contract-EB Jacobs, LLC Firefighter Exam

Dec 11, 2012

CITY CLERK 34. Liquor License Applications R&F 35. Reports of Attendance R&F 36. Notices of Appointment-Seasonal R&F 37. Notices of Appointments- Temp/Prov/Perm CS MISCELLANEOUS 38. LP Ciminelli-Board Packet Documents-December 2012 39. M. LoCurto-A. McKinney-Testimony Re Living Wage 40. Seneca Gaming Corp-Update Regarding Ongoing Bflo Creek Dev 41. D. Smith-Concerns Bflo Public Schools and Title 1 Funding 42. D. Valentine-Comingling at 75 W. Chippewa 43. P. Wolf-Article Re Need for A Procurement Policy Board PETITIONS 44. M. Tran, Owner, Use 3396 Bailey, for a Restaurant in a Special District(Univ)(hrg 12/18) LEG,CPBD 45. M. Yuhnke, Owner, Use 244 Allen to Re-establish Restricted Use of a Take Our Restaurant and Patio(Fill)(hrg 12/18) LEG,CPBD 46. A. Ali, Owner, Use 472 Main St for a Retail Store(Ell)(hrg 12/18) LEG,CPBD RESOLUTIONS 47. Fontana Waiver of Fees for St. Bernard’s Church Handicap Access Ramp 48. Fontana Waiver of 2013 Room Use Fees for the Weiss Street Block Club 49. Fontana Waiver of Fees for 2012-13 Lovejoy New Year’s Eve Ball Drop 50. LoCurto, etc Urging US Foreign Affairs Committee to Hold Hearings Related to Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill 51. LoCurto Waiving Permit Fees for Buffalo Pond Hockey at Delaware Park 52. Rivera Appointment of Sr Legislative Assistant(Nia)(Mulligan) ADOPT 53. Scanlon Urge NYS DOT to Fast Track Skyway Plausibility Review 54. Smith Felicitation in Memoriam 55. Smith Comm of Deeds Public Duties ADOPT 56. Smith Comm of Deeds ADOPT

Dec 11, 2012

1. Com 9 Nov 27 Appoint City Auditor(Exempt)(Kaufman)(Compt) 2. Com 17 Nov 27 Appoint Caulker Supervisor I(Perm)(Step V)(McManus)(PW) APP 3. Com 27 Nov 27 Notices of Appointments-Temp/Prov/Perm(Cty Clk) R&F R&F

4. Com 23 Nov 27 First Quarter Gap-2012-2013(A&F) R&F

5. Com 8 Nov 27 Subrecipient Agmt Btwn COB & BURA for Admin and Mngt of COB Federal HOME Program(Strat Plan) W/O REC 6. Com 12 Nov 27 Little Library Program Stations Within City ROW(PW) APP

7. No 39 8. No 36 Nov 27 R. Franks, Agent, Use 1209 Delaware for a Pole Sign(Ell)(hrg 12/04) Nov 27 M. LoCurto-Time Warner Faces Lawsuit Over Fee for Lease of Modem Nov 13 LP Ciminelli-Board Packet Documents-Nov 2012 W/O REC R&F R&F

9. No 43

Dec 11, 2012

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