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Box 1550 Vienna, VA 22183 Send a SASE for a list of LFNV computer files, shortwave frequencies and BBS phone numbers of interest to the self-reliant. Abbot in Action Aden: Arab Mutineer Attack Aden: Incident in Sheik Othman Afghanistan: Mujahideen Against Bandits Air Defence with the Gepard Air Mobile with the Huey Airborne Shield: The Apache Gunship AK-47: Power for the Freedom Fighter Angola: Cross-Border Operation Angola: Deep Penetration Operation 1 Angola: Deep Penetration Operation 2 Angola: Mercenaries Massacred Angola: Search and Destroy Anti-Aircraft Tactics: Defence Against Air Attack Armalite AR-18: The Widowmaker Artic Survival: Cambatting the Climate Artic Survival: Emergency Artic Snow Shelters Artic Survival: Finding Emergency Food Artic Survival: Survival in the Treeline Artic Survival: Tents and Tentsheets Artic Survival: Travel in the Artic Assault with the Abrams Attack Helicopter Operations: Attack Attack Helicopter Operations: Joint Operations Attack Helicopter Operations: On the Offensive A-10: Warthog Warrior Battle Fitness: Aerobic Exercise Battle Fitness: Circuit Training Techniques Battle Fitness: Cooling Down Battle Fitness: Fit to Fight Battle Fitness: How to Start a Jogging Program Battle Fitness: Medical Check Battle Fitness: Physical Check Battle Fitness: Principles of Fitness Battle Fitness: Stretching to Develope an Agile Body Battle Fitness: Toning Your Muscles Battle Fitness: Training Your Heart Battle Fitness: Types of Exercise for Total Fitness Battle Fitness: Upper Body Strengthening Exercises Battle Fitness: Warming Up Battle Fitness: Work Out - Starting the Ten-Week Challenge Each Volume is $7.95 plus shipping Order from: Websters Unified, Inc. 333 Post Road West P.O. Box 906 Westport, CT 06881-0906

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Battle Group Skills: Counter-Airborne Battle Group Skills: Counter-Penetration Battle Group Skills: Mobile Defence Battle Group Skills: Positional Defence Battle Group Skills: The Covering Force Battle Group Skills: The Defensive Battle Battlefield Reconnaissance Aircraft Battling with the BMP Beast from Brazil: The EE-9 Cascavel Armoured Car Beating Booby Traps Beretta PM 12S: Italy's Chic Shooter Beware the Unseen Enemy Blast them with the MLRS Blasting with the Blooper: The M79 Grenade Launcher BM-21: Into Action with Stalin's Organ Body Armour 1: Protect Yourself with Body Armour Body Armour 2: Special Forces Personal Protection Borneo: Battle Against Indonesian Incursion Borneo: Bumped on a Recce Mission Borneo: Jungle Reconnaissance Bounding into Battle with the BTR-60 Bows and Arrows 1: Survival Bows Bows and Arrows 2: Making Your Bow Bows and Arrows 3: Making Your Arrows Bows and Arrows 4: Shooting Your Bow Browning High Power Bush Fighting with the Ratel Bush Ranging in the Buffel Bush Warfare: Ambushing the Terrorists Bush Warfare: Anti-Terrorist Operations Bush Warfare: Bush Patrolling Bush Warfare: Bush Tracking and Countertracking Bush Warfare: Helicopter Assault Tactics Bush Warfare: Intelligence Opeations in the Bush Chad: Counter-Insurgency Operations 1 Chad: Counter-Insurgency Operations 2 Chad: French Foreign Legion Mission Chieftain: Veteran Warrior Colt .45: Combat Classic Combat Infantryman Weeks 1-6: Basic Training Combat Infantryman Weeks 7-10: Weapon Training Combat Infantryman: Week 11 - First Battle Camp Combat Infantryman Weeks: 12-15 - The Bunker Buster Combat Infantryman Weeks 16-18: The Charlie "G" 84-mm MAW Combat Infantryman Week 19: Passing Out and Grenade Drills Combat Medic: Avoidable Health Hazards Combat Medic: Battlefield First Aid Combat Medic: Casualty Carrying Techniques Combat Medic: Clearing the Airway Combat Medic: Controlling Bleeding Combat Medic: Dealing with Fractures Combat Medic: Field Sanitation Combat Medic: Fighting the Cold Combat Medic: First Aid Improvization Combat Medic: Health in a Hot Climate Combat Medic: Resuscitation Techniques Combat Medic: Sucking Chest Wounds

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Combat Medic: Tackling Burns Combat Medic: Treating Abdominal Injuries Combat Medic: Treating Shock Corsica: French Foreign Legion in Calvi Crossing a River Cruise on with the Commando CZ75: Bruiser from Brno Desert Survival: Collecting and Purifying the Desert's Water Desert Survival: Desert Hazards Desert Survival: Downed in the Desert Desert Survival: Introduction Desert Survival: Taking on the Saharan Challenge Desert Warfare: Defending Your Position Desert Warfare: Beating the Climate Desert Warfare: On the Attack Djibouti: Guerrilla Patrol Dragunov: Get on Target with the Soviet Sniper Edible Plants: Edible and Poisonous Plants Edible Plants: Food that Doesn't Run Away Edible Plants: Preparing Plants and Fungi for Food Engineer Regiment 1 Engineer Regiment 2 Engineer Regiment 3 Engineer Regiment 4 Enter the Dragon Escape and Evasion in Hostile Territory Escape and Evasion: Jungle Evasion Escape and Evasion: Urban Evasion Escape and Invasion Kit Falkland Islands: Mount Longdon Falklands: 2 Para at Goose Green Falklands: Recce-cum-Fighting Patrol 1 Falklands: Recce-cum-Fighting Patrol 2 Fighting Fit Rangers: All the Way Fighting Fit Rangers: Down to Georgia Fighting Fit Rangers: Way to Go Fighting Fit Seals: Special Operations Fighting Fit Seals: Strike from the Sea Fighting Fit - Airborne Brigade: At the Airhead Fighting Fit - Airborne Brigade: First Days in the Bundu Fighting Fit - Airborne Brigade: Gallant Eagle Fighting Fit - Airborne Brigade: Grabbing the Bastard Tree Fighting Fit - Airborne Brigade: The Pathfinders Fighting Fit - Spetsnaz: In Action Fighting Fit - Spetsnaz: Selection Fighting Fit - Spetsnaz: Weapons of the "Wolf" Fighting Fit: What it Takes to be a Para: "P" Company Part 1 Fighting Fit: What it Takes to be a Para: "P" Company Part 2 Fighting Fit: What it Takes to be a Para: "Viciously" Fighting with GPMG Firing the FN FAL Firing the H&K Rifle Firing the MP5 Firing the SA80 Fishing for Food Flaklands: The Attack on Mount Harriet French Marine Commandos: From Lorient to Djibouti

16 17 16 14 5 21 17 13 13 14 13 14 4 4 4 17 16 9 9 9 8 8 9 9 2 15 16 16 15 2 8 9 9 1 1 1 3 3 4 4 5 5 4 2 2 2 15 15 15 5 10 12 14 4 11 15 25

French Marine Commandos: Hitting the Beach French Marine Commandos: Overseas Intervention Getting Heavy with the Hercules Go fot it with the Galil Harrier: Hell-raiser in Hiding Heckler & Koch: Teutonic Enforcer Herbal Healers Hijack Part 1 Hijack Part 2 Hitting the Beach: The LVTP-7 Amphibian Holding the Line with the Challenger Home Defence: Defending Key Points Home Defence: Fighting the Enemy Within Home Defence: Search and Destroy Index in Detail Infantry Skills: Ambushing Tanks Infantry Skills: Anti-Ambush Drills Infantry Skills: Anti-Tank Platoon Infantry Skills: Assault River Crossing Infantry Skills: Calling in the Wrath of God Infantry Skills: Deception Infantry Skills: Digging In Infantry Skills: Fire and Movement Infantry Skills: GPMG Sustained Fire Role Infantry Skills: Infantry Minelaying Infantry Skills: Killing Tanks Infantry Skills: Mortar Platoon Infantry skills: Night Battle Procedures Infantry Skills: Night Movement Infantry Skills: Patrol into No-Man's Land Infantry Skills: Planning Night Attacks Infantry Skills: Prepare for Battle Infantry Skills: Recce the Enemy Infantry Skills: Sentry Duties Infantry Skills: Setting an Ambush Infantry Skills: Setting Up a Patrol Base Infantry Skills: Springing Your Ambush Infantry Skills: Tactical Movement Infantry Skills: Tactical Questioning Infantry Skills: Taking Prisoners Infantry Skills: Tank Hunting Infantry Skills: Working with Tanks Inserting Troops Internal Security Work: Bomb Disposal Internal Security Work: Flying the Eagle Patrol Internal Security Work: Observing the Enemy Internal Security Work: Prepared for a Long Vigil Internal Security Work: Rural Operations Internal Security Work: Searching for Arms Internal Security Work: Searching Vehicles Internal Security Work: Setting up Roadblocks Internal Security Work: Working with I.S. vehicles Interpreting Air Photographs Into Battle with the Bradley Into the Boonies with the M48 Jaguar: Ferocious Feline Jungle Fighting: Attacking Guerrilla Camps

26 25 7 14 5 22 12 1 1 8 13 20 20 20 28 10 7 28 23 23 11 11 14 28 11 10 28 9 9 8 9 14 8 26 7 8 7 14 26 26 10 23 1 25 16 15 15 16 25 16 15 25 14 1 20 3 13

Jungle Fighting: Deploying the Claymore Jungle Fighting: Dominating the Jungle Jungle Fighting: Outwitting the Jungle Guerrilla Jungle Fighting: The Jungle Battlefield Jungle Fighting: Tunnel Warfare Kenya: Disarming the Turkana Tribesmen Killdozer; The Centurion AVRE Knots for Survival Laos: Dieter Dengler's Rescue Lebanon: Bodyguards in Beirut Lebanon: Druze Retaliation in Beirut Leopard in the Front Line Lynx/TOW Tank-Killer M113: Crashing into Action M14: Vietnam Sniper M60: Destroyer from Detroit M60: The Pig Making Fire No. 1 Making Fire No. 2 Malaya: Anti-terrorist patrol Malaya: Attacking a Terrorist Camp 1 Malaya: Attacking a Terrorist Camp 2 Malaya: Jungle Ambush Malaya: Terrorist Engagement 1 Malaya: Terrorist Engagement 2 Malaya: The End of Yap Yong Malaysia: "Hearts and Minds" 1 Malaysia: "Hearts and Minds" 2 Marauding with the Marder Mauritius: Action by the Special Mobile Forces Mauritius: Gang Riots in Plaine Verte Mayotte: French Foreign Legion Patrol 1 Mayotte: French Foreign Legion Patrol 2 Mechanized Infantry: Advance! Attack! Assault! Mechanized Infantry: Riding into Battle Mechanized Infantry: Taking the High Ground Merkava: Chariot of Fire Mil Mi-24 "Hind": Riding the Devil's Chariot Mixing it with the M16 Mozambique: Attack on ANC Training Camps Mozambique: Rhodesian Raid on ZANLA Base Namibia: Night Bush Patrol Navigating by Nature's Signposts Navigating in Hostile Terrain NBC Survival: Checks before Treating a Casualty NBC Survival: Decontamination Techniques NBC Survival: Eating Proceure NBC Survival: Emergency Drinking NBC Survival: First Aid for Blister Agent NBC Survival: First Aid for Blood and Choking Agents NBC Survival: First Aid for Mental Incapacitants NBC Survival: First Aid for Nerve Agent Poisoning NBC Survival: Immediate Decontamination Drills NBC Survival: NBC Suit Changing Drills NBC Survival: Nerve Agent Poisoning NBC Survival: Respirator and Canister Changing NBC Survival: The Chemical Safety Rule

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NBC Survival: Treating Wounds in an NBC Environment NBC Survival: Unmasking Procedure and the Sniff Test NBC Survival: Urination and Defacation Drills NBC Survival: Which Poison? Oman: 22nd Special Air Service Against Rebels Oman: Air Dispatch Incident Oman: Attacked by the Adoo Rebels Oman: Driving to Defa Oman: SAS and Iranians Against the Adoo Oman: Surrounded at Mirbat On Externals with the Eland On Target with the Desert Eagle On Target with the Tokarev On the Gunline with the M 109 Palestine: Anti-Terrorist Patrol in Jerusalem Palestine: Convoy Escort Operations Palestine: Manshiya Quarter Fighting 1 Palestine: Manshiya Quarter Fighting 2 Panzer Recce: The Spahpanzer Luchs Personal Camouflage and Concealment Police Sniper Rifles Preserving Food Prisoner of War: Escape, Rescue and Release Prisoner of War: Evasion and Capture Prisoner of War: The Prisoner Prisoner of War: Under Interrogation Racing to War with the Warrior RAF Mountain Rescue: Into the Hills RAF Mountain Rescue: On the Mountain RAF Mountain Rescue: Rescue Mission Raids and Ambushes Rhodesia: Alouette Raid 1 Rhodesia: Alouette Raid 2 Rhodesia: Anti-Guerilla Patrol Rhodesia: Caught in an Ambush Rhodesia: Counter-Terrorist Airborne Attack Rhodesia: Guerrilla Ambush near Mkumbura Rhodesia: Guerrilla Contact in the Bush War 1 Rhodesia: Guerrilla Contact in the Bush War 2 Rhodesia: Helicopter Engagement with Terrorists Rhodesia: Hunting the Terrorist Rhodesia: Zambian Border Action Rhodesia: "Fire Force" Mission River Raiding Rock on with the Ruger Royal Marines Reserves: Amphibious Warfare Royal Marines Reserves: Battle in the Ferns Royal Marines Reserves: Joining the Reserves Royal Marines Reserves: Wet Night at Woodbury Royal Marines Sniper Course: An Eye for Ground Royal Marines Sniper Course: Badge Test Week Royal Marines Sniper Course: Learning to Stalk Royal Marines Sniper Course: Making a Hide Royal Marines Sniper Course: Perfecting the Sniper's Technique Royal Marines Sniper Course: Playing Kim's Game RPG-7: Rocket from Russia Scoring with Scorpion

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Section Commanders Battle Course: Ambush Section Commanders Battle Course: Battle Preparation Section Commanders Battle Course: Exercise Final Fling Section Commanders Battle Course: First Kill Section Commanders Battle Course: Flying Piquet Section Commanders Battle Course: Going for Your Stripes Section Commanders Battle Course: Mines and Grenades Section Commanders Battle Course: Rum Punch Section Commanders Battle Course: "Walk Through, Talk Through" Securing the Landing Zone SIG: Solid Performer Silenced Weapons Simonov's Cold War Carbine Snakes, Crocs and Other Varmints Snap Shooting with the Steyr South Africa: Pathfinder Raid on Angola Soviet Amphibian: The PT-76 Light Tank Special Forces Airborne Operations Stingray: Lightweight Champion Stone Age Survival: Purifying Water Stone Age Survival: The Search for Water Stone Age Survival: Alternatives to Stone Stone Age Survival: Flint Tools for Survival Stone Age Survival: Hunting with Spears Strike from the Sea Survival Knives: Choosing Your Survival Knife Survival Knives: Using Your Survival Knife Survival Rifles Surviving a Nuclear Strike 1 Surviving a Nuclear Strike 2 Surviving at Sea: Abandon Ship! Surviving at Sea: Clinging to the Wreckage Surviving at Sea: Rescued! Surviving at Sea: Seashore Food Surviving at Sea: Survival on a Raft Su-25 "Frogfoot": Battlefield Blaster Swedish Special Forces: Beating the Spetsnaz Swedish Special Forces: Eagle March Swedish Special Forces: Joining the Parchute Rangers Tactical Engineering: Counter-Mobility Tactical Engineering: Reserved Demolition Tactical Engineering: The Sappers Tank-Busting with MILAN Tank-Killing Cobra Tanzania: Fighting Through to Kampala Tearing into it with a T-62 The BMD and the Blue Berets The Comtaminated Battlefield The Dogged Dragoon The Fighting Bulldog The Mined Battlefield: Avoiding Mines The Mined Battlefield: Detecting Mines The Mined Battlefield: Watch Your Step! The UZI in Action Togo: Replacing the President Tornado: Low Level Penetrator TOW: Tank Menace

23 20 23 21 23 20 22 21 22 2 28 24 23 12 26 4 19 1 22 2 2 3 3 3 2 5 5 21 8 8 22 22 23 23 22 15 24 24 24 27 27 27 7 13 28 15 22 8 24 21 19 19 19 1 23 17 10

Tracked Firepower: Soviet Self-Propelled Artillery Tracking 1: Tracking for Survival Tracking 2: Using the Light Tracking 3: Advanced Tracking Techniques Tracking 4: The Follow-up Training the Battle Shot: Battle Shooting Techniques Training the Battle Shot: Care, Maintenance and Stoppage Drills Training the Battle Shot: Elementary Application of Fire Training the Battle Shot: Firing from Cover Training the Battle Shot: Getting a Good Group Training the Battle Shot: Normal Safety Precautions Training the Battle Shot: Reloading Drills Training the Battle Shot: Safe Handling, Load and Unload Training the Battle Shot: Sight Alignment and Follow Through Training the Battle Shot: Stoppages and Immediate Action Training the Battle Shot: Taking Up the Correct Positions Training the Battle Shot: The Principles of Marksmanship Training the Battle Shot: Using Sights, Slings and Bipods Trapping Animals for Food T-54/55: Desert Warrior T-72: Race to the Rhine Unarmed Combat: Defence against Front Holds 1 Unarmed Combat: Defence against Front Holds 2 Unarmed Combat: Defence against Wristholds Unarmed Combat: Defense against Holds from the Rear 1 Unarmed Combat: Defense against Holds from the Rear 2 Unarmed Combat: Flooring the Atacker Unarmed Combat: Prepare for Action Unarmed Combat: Armlocks and Wristlocks Unarmed Combat: Controlling the Attacker Unarmed Combat: Defence Against a Pistol Attacker 1 Unarmed Combat: Defence Against a Pistol Attacker 2 Unarmed Combat: Defence Against Armed Attackers 1 Unarmed Combat: Defence Against Armed Attackers 2 Unarmed Combat: Defence Against Attack with Cosh Unarmed Combat: Defence Against Chokes on the Ground Unarmed Combat: Defence Against Double Armholds Unarmed Combat: Defence Against Double Strangle Holds Unarmed Combat: Defence Against Front Chokes Unarmed Combat: Defence Against Knife Attack 1 Unarmed Combat: Defence Against Knife Attack 2 Unarmed Combat: Defence against Strangles from the Rear Unarmed Combat: Facing Two Attackers Unarmed Combat: Going to the Rescue 1 Unarmed Combat: Going to the Rescue 2 Unarmed Combat: Going to the Rescue 3 Unarmed Combat: Going to the Rescue 4 Undercover Patrols Up Front with the VAB Urban Combat: Clearing an Enemy-Held Building Urban Combat: Infantry Tactics in Built-up Areas Urban Combat: Taking Out Enemy Positions Urban Fighting: Clearing the Streets Urban Fighting: Defending a House Urban Fighting: Defending a Village Urban Fighting: Fighting in the Streets Urban Fighting: House Clearing Drills

12 17 17 18 18 21 21 20 21 20 19 22 22 19 23 20 19 22 11 11 10 1 1 2 2 2 1 1 5 4 5 5 7 7 5 3 6 6 3 4 4 3 6 7 8 8 8 21 17 5 5 5 17 18 18 17 17

Useful Herbs Vietnam: Action in the Wolvertons Vietnam: Airfield Perimeter Duty Vietnam: Bird Dog Mission Vietnam: Combat Air Controller Vietnam: Engagement at Suoi Tre Vietnam: FAC over Loc Ninh Vietnam: Firefight at Hoa Long Vietnam: Hamburger Hill 1 Vietnam: Hamburger Hill 2 Vietnam: Helicopter Engagement 1 Vietnam: Helicopter Engagement 2 Vietnam: Incidents at Tan Son Nhut Vietnam: Jungle Fighting Near Anh Khe Vietnam: Jungle Helicopter Rescue Vietnam: Long Binh Patrol 1 Vietnam: Long Binh Patrol 2 Vietnam: Long Range Reconnaissance Platoon Vietnam: Pursuing the NVA Vietnam: Riverine Patrol 1 Vietnam: Riverine Patrol 2 Vietnam: Saigon River Patrol Vietnam: Standby Patrol in a Firefight Vietnam: Tet Offensive Engagement Wet Weather Soldiers What it Takes to be a Para: Dragon's Claw What it Takes to be a Para: Knacker Cracker What it Takes to be a Para: March and Shoot What it Takes to be a Para: Team Battle Firing What it Takes to be a Para: The Final Fence 1 What it Takes to be a Para: The Final Fence 2 What it Takes to be a Para: Welcome to the Airborne Brotherhood What it Takes to be a Para: Working in Fire Teams What it Takes to be a Para: "1000,2000,3000" What it Takes to be a Para: "Red On! Go!" What it Takes to be a Para: "The Baloon Jump" Wild Medicine Working with Ropes Zaire: Rescuing the Tigers' Hostages 1 Zaire: Rescuing the Tigers' Hostages 2 Zanzibar: Quelling the Riots 1 Zanzibar: Quelling the Riots 2 Zap it with a Steyr "Flogger": Soviet Sledgehammer

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