Youth, have a bullying Problem—Call the Trevor Project, 1-866-4-U-TREVOR

Serving the Cincinnati LGBT Community since 1996
Supreme Court to review Defense of Marriage Act
Columbus – Ian James, FreedomOhio cofounder, applauded the U.S. Supreme Court for deciding to review the constitutionality of the federal so-called Defense of Marriage Act. “We are confident the U.S. Supreme Court will look at the federal law and rule the true defense of marriage is to let a loving couple commit to a lifetime of love and family security,” James said. “Still, we are mindful that this case does nothing to overturn Ohio’s DOMA law or Ohio’s 2004 Marriage Ban Amendment so we will continue to collect signatures, and engage voters so Ohio couples will have the Freedom To Marry.” The U.S. Supreme Court will also hear a case filed to reverse the U.S. Court of Appeals (Ninth Circuit) decision to overturn California’s Proposition 8 that clears the way for same-gender marriages in The Golden State. The Ninth Circuit ruling, left alone, would have cleared a procedural hurdle to once again allow same gender couples to marry in California. “The U.S. Supreme Court has a golden opportunity to affirm marriage equality, civil rights and family security in California,” James said. “We are confident we are on the right side of history. The court will rule by June, about the time we will decide whether to
See Supremes, Page 2, Col. 6

Greater Cincinnati

New nightclub opens

Jonnie Stephenson Holiday Party is December 16th
The 7th Annual Jonnie Stephenson Foundation Holiday Party will be held on December 16th at 4 p.m., hosted by his former partner Marty Karp at Simon Says Bar, 428 Walnut Street. There will be complimentary refreshments and once again prizes valued at more than $1,000.00 will be raffled off throughout the evening. For every unwrapped new toy one brings, a raffle ticket will be given to him or her by our “Naughty Santa”. What better way to share this season than by helping a local needy child open a gift this holiday. In the name of the Jonnie Stephenson Foundation Teddy Bears will be donated to On Broadway Bar, 877 Broadway. Stop by to On Broadway and bring a Teddy Bear in the name of the Jonnie Stephenson Foundation. Once again, The Jonnie Stephenson Foundation wishes everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday.

The Diamond Palace

The Diamond Palace, a multi-level night club in Cincinnati had its Grand Opening the first weekend in December. The club will be open seven days a week. Located at 435 Elm Street downtown, (opposite the Convention Center) the Diamond Palace has a huge parking garage and parking lot. Join The Stars of The Diamond Palace Every Friday and Saturday. Aaliyah Milian Mirage

Love Nikki Dimon, Giovanni Lives, Mykul Jay Valentine plus Jessica Dimon! There are Vip Rooms and if you would like to have your Holiday party at The Diamond Palace Nightclub Message for more information. Or message General Manager Craig Donahoe. 513-721-4688. The club currently has two levels, a third is planned to open next summer.

Happy Holidays!! to our faithful readers!

December, 2012 Print Edition

GLBT News—Page 1

went 76 percent for Obama. 7.5 percent of the winning Coalition is from this community. As the results of the This is 4.5 million vote. 2012 Presidential Ele- Obama had to carry ction are dissected , It Ohio and Virginia to get that many is clear that votes . the LGBT Real politic 101 vote is a Here the By Tedd Good E l e c t o r a l power playCollege er in the impact is 31. O b a m a While this large Coalition. The New York Times on 11/15/ number is spread thro12 ran the best analysis ughout the 50 states. NYT reported that to date. Exit polls indicate LGBT support was five percent of the elec- crucial in carrying Ohio torate self identified and Florida. That is a being LGBT. If about direct impact of 47 120 million votes were electoral votes on cast, six million are us! Obama’s victory of 332 This is as many votes in the Electoral Colcombined for Ohio and lege. National analysts Hawaii . We are talking considered that it was about 18 electoral crucial for Obama to votes! LGBT voters carry Hamilton County

December 2012 Print Edition
to carry Ohio. We helped make this happen. For the long embattled LGBT community in Greater Cincinnati, the win has become a part of an awesome history. We have moved more than 31 years from irrelevance to victory , defeat and Renaissance. The environment has become more complicated. Our equality is only as secure as the coalition that we are a part of. We have to take stands on issues beyond narrow interests. Electoral reform, legislative procedure reform, fiscal policy , health care and entitlements demand our attention and input. With new power comes greater responsibility.

Welcome to the LGBT Blue State

Happy Holidays ISQCCBE
Happy Holidays from the ISQCCBE! We are having a tremendous month of fundraising for our ISQCCBE d e s i g - (The Court) n a t e d By Brooklyn charities. Steele-Tate Here are the events December 1 was World AIDS Day and we hosted a benefit at Below Zero for Caracole House. It was full of drag, belly dancers and music. On December 7 we were at Old Street to kickoff the Everlasting Flame Weekend. December 8 we were at Rosie’s Tavern and 701 and December 9 we were hitting up Shooters to finish out the Everlasting Flame weekend. . All the money raised that weekend will help us purchase gift cards

Greater Cincinnati GLBT News
is published monthly in Cincinnati, Ohio.
MAP ublications, 1727 Highland, Cincinnati, OH 45202, 513-241-7539

e.mail— web—http:/
“Hatred and bitterness can never cure the disease, only love can do that.” Martin Luther King “Always be yourself,” from Billy Elliot
Publisher/Editor—Worley Rodehaver; Associate Editor—Michael X. Chanak Transportation—Joe Wilks Contributors— Tedd Good and Nate Wessel

to give to the residents at Caracole House. December 14 we are back at Shooters for the Big Bob and Tamika Christmas Show. Showtime 11:30 p.m. and on Saturday December 15 we will be traveling around the city visiting all our favorite bars and bartenders. To finish out the weekend – on Sunday December 16 we will be at The Cabaret to host our Ugly Sweater Game Show. Finally on Saturday December 22 Shanice McCoy Patton will be putting on her Christmas Show at C&D Lounge. Come out and see if she is going to be naughty or nice! On December 31 we are going to be at Shooters and Old Street passing out champagne to all our friends and loved ones so stop in and give

someone that special kiss! The ISQCCBE wants to wish everyone a safe and HAPPY Holiday season. If during your holiday giving you want to donate some extra cash to one of our local charities, please visit our website and make a donation. Our community needs YOU!!

Supremes—from Page 1
bring the Freedom to Marry and Religious Freedom amendment to Ohio voters as soon as November, 2013. We are 4-0 following voters standing-up for marriage equality in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington state. It’s time for more victories.” For more information: Dennis Willard 614.209.8945

GLBT News and UPDATE, Worley Rodehaver and , Michael X. Chanak are on Facebook
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What you have missed?
If you have not been to our website or if you are not on our e.mailer list here are some of the stories you have missed during the last three weeks in our Weekly Editions! ! GOP VP nominee upholds hate of Gays ! Marriage equality holds Cincinnati rally ! Parents and coming out ! What happens to DOMA if Romney wins? ! Mayor Bloomberg endorses Obama ! 14 GLBT staff on Obama team Send your e.mail address to to join our e.mailer

Vol. 16, December 2012 Print Edition,
Contents © GLBT News, 2012

This publication is dedicated to those who have or have died from AIDS or Hate Crimes
It is our goal to record the positive contributions GLBT people make to their community and the local community at large. While AIDS and Hate CRIMES are certainly not positive things, we seek to draw the positive from the negative. We hold up Paul Delph and Matthew Shepard and their families as models of how human beings should or could react to each other and how families should support loved ones whose lives are not in the box right wing religious zealots want them in. Delph, a multi-talented Cincinnatian, died of AIDS in 1996. His mother shut down her business to care for him. Shepard died in 1998, victim of a hate Crime and his mother worked for years to get passed a national Hate Crimes Bill, which is now law.

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Paul Delph

Matthew Shepard

December, 2012 Print Edition
PFLAG wants its friends and families to have a happy holiday
Realize that your families reaction to you may not be because you are LGBT but simply because of the stress of the holiday season. Remember that coming out is a continPFLAG u o u s By Michael Cotrell process president – you w i l l come out many times in many different situations. Remember your parents need to time to acknowledge that they have a LGBT child. It took you time to come to terms and now it is your families turn. Let your families judgements be theirs to work on as long as they are kind to you. If it is too difficult to attend a family gat-hering then make your own special holiday with friends and loved ones. If you are trans-gender be gentle with your families pronoun slips. Let them know you know how difficult it is. If you are the friends or family member of someone who is Gay…. Set up support for yourself. You are not alone. Have a resource such as a local PFLAG Chapter to call on. Take your time! Acceptance may not come instantly but be honest about your feelings. Don’t be nervous about using the correct Again it
See PFLAG, Page 7, Col. 4

GLBT News—Page 3

It’s the holiday season and we at PFLAG are always looking to make s u r e o u r friends a n d f a m ilies are safe and happy. The fol-lowing are tips to help you make it through the holiday season when you are visiting family. If you are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender…. Do not assume you know how someone will react to news of your sexual orientation or gender identity.

Build your dream home

Live close to it all in this new 2012 CiTiRAMA Northside community. Secure your lot today. | 513-290-0132

I’ve been drifting away a bit. It might be the steady boyfriend, it might be the development of other interests. But I think most of all, it’s a distance. I’m removed. I first got involved in the Gay Community right out of high school. I wasn’t bullied. OK, maybe I was, but I never would have called it that at the time. It didn’t bother me. Never did. My conflict GLBT News Your weekly news source in high school was all in my head. It was me every day working up more and more nerve to be myself. I was afraid. Not really By Nate Wessel of what people would say, but of who I was becoming. I was changing radically. I see it now in milestones; friends and clothes and interests coming and going, each a different phase of my everchanging self. I was coming out in so many ways, and that scared me. Every single day was a struggle to be a little more of whatever I was feeling. Sex and gender were a huge part of it. How ‘Gay’ am I? How tight can these pants get before I’m self-conscious of my body and why the hell should I be self-conscious anyway? These and the like were daily internal struggles just a few years ago. Lately they’re just gone. I’m out, totally and fully. I’m living the dream! If I want to wear something or say something, there’s nothing and no one stopping me like there was before. There’s not an internal conflict, and so there’s not that burning itch to improve myself, to get over the issue myself and to drag society along with me. I can’t

December 2012 Print Edition
fight the oppressive power when there isn’t one. But maybe it’s not a permanent drift. Maybe I’ll fall back. The child pulls away from family as he goes off to college, anxious to get away, but eventually goes back to those ultimately loving arms with the benefit of perspective, with a deeper love and understanding. I’ll come back. I must. Right? They say that when you no longer need PFLAG is when PFLAG needs you.

Anti-Gay bill heads for passage
President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton have yet to weigh in on this latest round. Some are claiming the death penalty has been removed from the Kill The Gays bill, but this is the third time the mainstream media has reported this “fact” in as many years. In other words, claiming the death penalty has been removed is a regular tactic for Uganda’s politicians. The mainstream media has never ever reported that the death penalty has been added back in, yet they have no problem repeatedly reporting that it has again been removed. Perkins is the head of the Southern Poverty Law Center-vertified anti-Gay hate group, Family Research Council. This summer, Perkins used the shooting at his Washington, D.C. headquarters, where a security guard was shot in the arm, to claim victim status.


Tony Perkins has praised Uganda‘s president for “leading his nation” with the “Kill The Gays” bill, and called Uganda “a modern example of a nation prospered by God.” American liberals are upset that Ugandan President is leading his nation in repentance— afraid of a modern example of a nation prospered by God? Uganda has taken up its infamous Kill The Gays bill again, despite warnings from the international community, Give me a call, and despite likely withmetaphorical PFLAG. I holding of foreign aid need to know I’m by some nations, inneeded. cluding Great Britain.

Ho, Ho, Ho!!

December 2012 Print Edition
Remembering 2012 GLBT entertainment
As the countdown approaches to the year’s end, it’s time to remember the GLBT highlights in films, television, theater and music with the free “2012 GLBT Showbiz Quiz,” compiled by entertainment journalist and author Ed Karvoski Jr. During which 2012 award ceremony did J.C. Penney commercials debut with Ellen DeGeneres as spokesperson? What song did Ricky Martin sing as guest star on an episode of the third season of “Glee”? On which television program did President Barack Obama first publicly express his support for same-sex marriage? The 20-question quiz with multiple-choice answers is available online. Test your trivia skill now or save the quiz for a New Year’s Eve party game. It’s posted at Karvoski is the author of five books including two released in e-book in 2012: “AwardWinning Men” and “The Movie Queen Quiz Book.”

GLBT News—Page 5
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December 2012 Print Edition
Happy Holidays
We want to thank the churches that participate with us in bringing you not only monthly religious news but the news of the day. We also know all our readers are not Christian so we are sending a message of peace and happiness to all our readers from our writers and staff.

Scott E. Knox
ATTORNEY AT LAW General Practice including: Probate—Wills/Powers of Attorney Disability (Social Security/SSI/Disability Insurance) Lesbian/Gay/Transgender Legal Issues HIV Legal Issues
Honored as one of Lawyers Weekly USA’s Attorneys of the Year for 2002

13 E. Court St., Suite 300, Cincinnati, OH 45202 Tel: 513-241-3800 FAX: 513-241-4032 e.mail:
See Orphan, Page 7, Col. 3

A church community
that respects diversity as much as you do.
536 Linton Street at Reading Road, Avondale

James Helm
“When I was a kid I hated going to church every Sunday. Now, I hate to miss a Sunday at The Gathering.”
Doug Slagle, Pastor
9 and 11 a.m.. Sunday—Service and Religious Education Welcoming Congregation Childcare, Accessible, Audio Enhanced

December 2012 Print Edition
A hard person...
Is good to find, says the Goose – but any person, anyone who works is even better! Poppa Bear Cares (Rusty Locket) the sovereign leader of the Center promised me those 32 new extra chairs for the GLBT Center would be shrunk wrap! Alas. The given delivery window was 8 a.m. – 5 pm. – “oh my Goose just can’t do 8 a.m....who can I assign that task to?” Then it struck me, our part-time super of the local Hoffner Park (adjacent to the Center) and current president of the Northside – College Hill Kiwanis Club. Bless Ron – he lives a few doors up from the Center – and is an early riser – 6 am. Ron signed up for the early slot until Goose could stretch her wings. By the time I arrived at the Center – 9:30 a.m. – Ron was there – no phone call from the delivery folks – and after the elixir of life – a cup of coffee or three – Ron left to his appointed chores. My daughter Matt Goedde (red Matt) and friend “Crimy” aka August Garofoli landed at the Center before iately recognize one of noon – they had some them, Gilbert Parker – business in the area to a lovely straight man, attend. Of course, the mid 40s that uses the straight computers Goose boy delivsometimes Mother Says s t a n d i n g ery boy appears with with his By Michael Chanak these huge buddy. boxes of Seems the wrapped chairs re- buddy thought I was the quiring partial as- “police” - which is sort sembly. Each of the of funny – because I seven boxes contained don’t know many four chairs, plus we people in Cincinnati were shorted a box. I that wear a sunbonnet tried to enlist my and are packin’. But, I younger friends into said to Gilbert - “I need service of the Goose–to a man to meet my get the boxes open – but needs.” And he spoke alas, not much was the magic words - “I accomplished in 20 can help.” Within minutes by the time minutes, he and Hanthey left. Goose was nah Smith, who apweary and I went home peared – began three and took a nap. It was hours of non-stop work all too much, but I did of assembly. I was send a text to the thankful and my OCD volunteer queen, Han- was under control for nah Smith – “gurl, good the moment. luck tonight – there is The last box of chairs no space.” I waited for the next day Back to the Center by has yet to arrive. But, 5:30 p.m., Goose if any luck at all, refreshed, I find two whenever they show up men near the entrance – Goose will have help! of our Center. I immedHappy Holidays in whatever way you celebrate it! Before I forget, many thanks to the GLBT News that throughout the year has helped me personally and the GLBT Center of Cincinnati by promoting various events for us! Also, to the old timers who read my columns – you make a gurl blush. PFLAG—from Page 3 is very important to be in a safe environment. Have a place to go if the situation becomes hostile. Your wellbeing is the most important! For more tips or information contact your local PFLAG Chapter.

GLBT News—Page 7

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