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Edgar Cayce Readings on Know Thyself

"Know Thyself"

-The Sanskrit word for action is karma. -(There is a river for us all in the living water of the spirit within by which we may be cleansed. Given by H. B. Puryear.) (Augean stables?) -Thy soul is a part of the beginning and the end, and thus is one with the Creative Forces or God. -For the pattern has been set. The Lord hath given grace and mercy to thee. - Find thy ideals, and then study to show thyself approved unto same, rightly stressing the words of truth, applying them in that same phase of consciousness. -condemning not self, but rather loosing self in love - as ye have sought for thy fellowman. -First know in self what ye believe about spiritual things. -Neither call on heaven, until you have set your own heart and mind aright. -For lo, thy redeemer liveth in thy own activity. -For, that we find in spirit taketh form in mind. -And know that each phase of thy experience - mind, body, soul needs to be cultivated. - and remember, you'll need as much vitamin in the spirit as you will in the physical being! -And all illness comes from sin. -Our spirit must bear witness with His. -For the soul seeks its own - in Him, who is the light, the life, the way. -when there are rebellions of body or mind against such, is there any wonder that the atoms of the body cause high blood pressure, or cause itching, or cause running sores, or cause a rash, or cause indigestion. - For, all of these are but the rebellion of truth and light. -for he indeed that knows himself knows his God also. -ye will recognize Him in, "Fear not, it is I." -for My yoke is easy and my burden is light. -only they who believe He Is may make manifest that as a reality. -And as ye apply thyself - either in thy activities by bringing greater harmonies in the experiences of those ye meet day by day, or in thy

writings - sow the seeds of love, of faith, of hope, of brotherly kindness, of patience. - For the glory of God. -But in Him who is the light, there is no confusion.- Entertain Him then oft in thy mind, in thy activity. -if ye keep My commandments I and the Father will come and abide with thee. -From the Uranian influences we find the extremes. -Know that the cross must be borne in self, that there may be the thorough purging. -ye must - by the very manifestations, at Some experience come to be a separation or a fusion or union with the Creative Forces; with the abilities - by will itself. -As there are the cycles of influences, in the activity through the relationships of what ye call planetary forces or the vibrations about the earth. -that every soul might have the advocate with the Father through the shedding of blood. -For, to loose its identity is death indeed. - The soul may never be lost, for it returns to the One Force, but know not itself to be itself any more. -only that portion of the mind that is divine can know, does know, that Life Is the manifestation of God in motion. -that nothing, no meeting comes by chance. -For until the experiences are thine, thy awareness cannot be complete. -We must know ourselves to be individuals, yet One with the All of God. 1782-1Turn within, rather than holding to something above self. For know, the promise is that He shall meet thee within thine own temple. The technique, then, was in error. It is not above self, but within. For as ye raise the consciousness to that within self, He meeteth thee in thine own tabernacle, in the holy of holies; in the third eye, - NOT above same! (1782-1) Female 64 1/5/1939 1159-1 Those that come to me seeking to know themselves will find in me that mirror that reflects into the heart and soul to such measure, to such a manner that YE SEE YOURSELVES even from the beginning." KNOW THYSELF! 3744-1 (Q) What is the significance of the dream, which has come to this body so often in past years, the dream of climbing a hill with a lady?

(A) All in this manifestation of forces from the universal force, only in symbolic forms. The two as shown represent the whole or entity that must exist for the better forces in the body, whether for secular or psychic, soul or spiritual reasons. None enter the presence of the Maker without its entity, hence the many laws and forces as shown in manifestated ways in the material world. The hill or descending only represents only as the living, way, with its pointing foliage as toward the heavens, almost up, only with secular ideas. The down road is followed, though strewn with the beauties of the universal forces in that covering the earth. The water or the living way as past with the beauty of all reacknowledged [?] [word was hand written] in the purity of the element itself. The messenger, the wavering of all the forces that secular element must enter in while this plane is being lead for the development of the soul forces. The mud and way representing that, the forces may be lead off from the better ways. The wall that is to be scaled being that which all must overcome, and that as the ones chosen to assist in mounting to the better ways do not lend their assistance they must be cut off, for we find as in this: Always the gold or that of the secular nature follows the other companion well in the one scaling to the top. The body in this work gives of the forces as is made manifested to the elemental forces as vibrates through from the superconscience [superconscious?] or subconscience [subconscious?] or soul forces as by the touch, by suggestion, which produces the thought as given or made manifest in words. 36. (Q) Should the hospital be established in Dayton, Ohio? (A) Be very good. There are others, as we have given, that are much better. There are elements and forces and the influence of those forces that must be considered for the best development of the work or of that expected and that may be accomplished through the work or made manifest to others. The better place would be Virginia or North or South Carolina. The influence from the forces as just given here, 2938-1 33. First, know self. Continuous study of self is the greater study of others. Do not become egotistical. Do care for the health. Do keep in the way that is the greater strength; administering to groups, teaching those of the own household, directing and counseling with those many phases of the activities. These are the outlets greater for the entity.

262-19 understanding must come from the proper concept of the relationships of conditions in the physical, the mental and the spiritual phases of an individual's existence. 87-1 We have lost confidence through that of the mental self or to the supplying forces applying or supplying to those records to the brain or the mental body, through action of the spleenic force in the system. We have lost to the physical self, lack of muscular force through the same condition in the system, hence we have conditions existing in the body, which becomes almost of a character, and suggestion to the man caused the condition he has in his body. We suggest it to this man that he has a trouble with any organ of the system, and we will have that condition at times, in the system. We lose control of self, through the physical force, or the mentality of the body, or the subconscious self of the body, keeping the man in the condition he is in or through suggestive power in the body. 8. (Q) [379]: Is there a message for me regarding virtue and understanding? (A) In making those parallels, or those analyses of what are the requisites for the closer relationships to faith, to knowledge, to self, to cooperation, to the knowing of self, to that of thine ideal, MEASURE these by the spiritual aspects; NOT as manmade, or man's concept from the material viewpoint, and there will come the more perfect understanding. KNOWLEDGE is not ALWAYS understanding; for these are as knowledge in the daily experiences that are as miracles, yet they become so often as everyday facts that there is no understanding in the mercies or the glories that are showered upon the sons of men from an All-Wise Creator. 294-183 30. For HE hath shown the way; not by some mysterious fluid, not by some unusual vibration, but by the simple method of LIVING that which is LIFE itself. THINK no evil; speak no evil; HEAR no evil. And as the Truth flows as a stream of life through the Mind in all its phases or aspects, and purifies same, so will it purify and revivify and rejuvenate the body. 281-13 11. As has been given, there are DEFINITE conditions that arise from within the inner man when an individual enters into true or deep meditation. A physical condition happens, a physical activity takes place! Acting through what? Through that man has chosen to call the imaginative or the impulsive, and the sources of impulse are aroused by the shutting out of thought pertaining to activities or attributes of the carnal forces of man. That is true whether we are considering it from the group standpoint or the individual. Then,

changes naturally take place when there is the arousing of that stimuli WITHIN the individual that has within it the seat of the soul's dwelling, within the individual body of the entity or man, and then this partakes of the individuality rather than the personality. 12. If there has been set the mark (mark meaning here the image that is raised by the individual in its imaginative and impulse force) such that it takes the form of the ideal the individual is holding as its standard to be raised to, within the individual as well as to all forces and powers that are magnified or to be magnified in the world from without, THEN the individual (or the image) bears the mark of the Lamb, or the Christ, or the Holy One, or the Son, or any of the names we may have given to that which ENABLES the individual to enter THROUGH IT into the very presence of that which is the creative force from within itself - see? 13. Some have so overshadowed themselves by abuses of the mental attributes of the body as to make scars, rather than the mark, so that only an imperfect image may be raised within themselves that may rise no higher than the arousing of the carnal desires within the individual body. We are speaking individually, of course; we haven't raised it to where it may be disseminated, for remember it rises from the glands known in the body as the lyden, or to the lyden [Leydig] and through the reproductive forces themselves, which are the very essence of Life itself within an individual - see? for these functionings never reach that position or place that they do not continue to secrete that which makes for virility to an individual physical body. Now we are speaking of conditions from without and from within! 14. The spirit and the soul is within its encasement, or its temple within the body of the individual - see? With the arousing then of this image, it rises along that which is known as the Appian Way, or the pineal center, to the base of the BRAIN, that it may be disseminated to those centers that give activity to the whole of the mental and physical being. It rises then to the hidden eye in the center of the brain system, or is felt in the forefront of the head, or in the place just above the real face - or bridge of nose, see? 15. Do not be confused by the terms that we are necessarily using to give the exact location of the activities of these conditions within the individuals, that we may make this clarified for individuals. 16. When an individual then enters into deep meditation: 17. It has been found throughout the ages (INDIVIDUALS have found) that self-preparation (to THEM) is necessary. To some it is

necessary that the body be cleansed with pure water, that certain types of breathing are taken, that there may be an even balance in the whole of the respiratory system, that the circulation becomes normal in its flow through the body, that certain or definite odors produce those conditions (or are conducive to producing of conditions) that allay or stimulate the activity of portions of the system, that the more carnal or more material sources are laid aside, or the whole of the body is PURIFIED so that the purity of thought as it rises has less to work against in its dissemination of that it brings to the whole of the system, in its rising through the whole of these centers, stations or places along the body. To be sure, these are conducive; as are also certain incantations, as a drone of certain sounds, as the tolling of certain tones, bells, cymbals, drums, or various kinds of skins. Though we may as higher thought individuals find some fault with those called savages, they produce or arouse or bring within themselves - just as we have known, do know, that there may be raised through the battle-cry, there may be raised through the using of certain words or things, the passion or the thirst for destructive forces. Just the same may there be raised, not sedative to these but a CLEANSING of the body. 18. "Consecrate yourselves this day that ye may on the morrow present yourselves before the Lord that He may speak through YOU!" is not amiss. So, to ALL there may be given: 19. FIND that which is to YOURSELF the more certain way to your consciousness of PURIFYING body and mind, before ye attempt to enter into the meditation as to raise the image of that through which ye are seeking to know the will or the activity of the Creative Forces; for ye are RAISING in meditation actual CREATION taking place within the inner self! 20. When one has found that which to self cleanses the body, whether from the keeping away from certain foods or from certain associations (either man or woman), or from those thoughts and activities that would hinder that which is to be raised from FINDING its full measure of expression in the INNER man (INNER man, or inner individual, man or woman, meaning in this sense those radial senses from which, or centers from which all the physical organs, the mental organs, receive their stimuli for activity), we readily see how, then, IN meditation (when one has so purified self) that HEALING OF EVERY kind and nature may be disseminated on the wings of thought, that are so much a thing - and

so little considered by the tongue that speaks without taking into consideration what may be the end thereof! 21. Now, when one has cleansed self, in whatever manner it may be, there may be no fear that it will become so overpowering that it will cause any physical or mental disorder. It is WITHOUT the cleansing that entering any such finds ANY type or form of disaster, or of pain, or of any dis-ease of any nature. It is when the thoughts, then, or when the cleansings of GROUP meditations are conflicting that such meditations call on the higher forces raised within self for manifestations and bring those conditions that either draw one closer to another or make for that which shadows [shatters?] much in the experiences of others; hence short group meditations with a CENTRAL thought around some individual idea, or either in words, incantations, or by following the speech of one sincere in abilities, efforts or desires to raise a cooperative activity IN the minds, would be the better. 22. Then, as one formula - not the only one, to be sure - for an individual that would enter into meditation for self, for others: 23. Cleanse the body with pure water. Sit or lie in an easy position, without binding garments about the body. Breathe in through the right nostril three times, and exhale through the mouth. Breathe in three times through the left nostril and exhale through the right. Then, either with the aid of a low music, or the incantation of that which carries self deeper - deeper - to the seeing, feeling, experiencing of that image in the creative forces of love, enter into the Holy of Holies. As self feels or experiences the raising of this, see it disseminated through the INNER eye (not the carnal eye) to that which will bring the greater understanding in meeting every condition in the experience of the body. Then listen to the music that is made as each center of thine own body responds to that new creative force that little by little this entering in will enable self to renew all that is necessary - in Him. 24. First, CLEANSE the room; cleanse the body; cleanse the surroundings, in thought, in act! Approach not the inner man, or the inner self, with a grudge or an unkind thought held against ANY man! or do so to thine own undoing sooner or later!