Jonathan Weisman

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Executive Profile
Innovative Product Executive with proven ability to create highly profitable programs through marketing, training, and partner relationships.

Skill Highlights
1. 15+ years of hands on kitchen experience ranging from fast food to fine dining 10+ years financial management experience 7. 3. Excellent leadership and communication skills Bi-lingual, English and Spanish 9. Texas food management certification 8. Web & graphic design experience Computer literacy with most modern programming 5. 6. 2. Background in expanding product lines Small business development


Core Accomplishments
Restaurant & Bar Development 1. Established and managed partner and manager relationships on a daily basis. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Menu development, design, execution and training. Sanitation policy design, management, and training. Front of House, and Back of House relationship training. Marketing and P&L system management to secure maximum profits. Established and managed vendor relationships on a daily basis. Recognized by local media for excellence. Graphical advertisement design. Web Site set up design and maintenance. Marketing plan design and execution. General management. Video media development.


The Hub Sports Grill . 2. – Dallas TX | Corporate Executive Chef | July 2005 to December 2012 Twenty7 Sports Bar & Grill – Plano. TX |Executive Chef | May 2009 to June 2010 Industry Bar – Dallas. Business Completion.Dallas TX | Executive Chef / Manager | December 2011 to March 2013 LMS Investment Group .P.A. Advanced Diploma 3. 4.4 GPA 1995. TX | Executive Chef | September 2005 to May 2007 Education Albermarle Sr. 5.Professional Experience 1. President FBLA _____________________________________________________________________________________ Online Media. 3.Who’s Who Among American High School Students: Top 5 percentile G.S. 6. High School. TX | Executive Chef | May 2007 to May 2009 Vue / Nine7Two – Addison.A.foliohd. VA – U. Photography & Graphic Portfolio Available at: http://jonnytapas. 1996 Charlottesville. TX |General Manager / Chef | June 2010 to May 2011 Rugby House Pub – Plano.


’ “I don’t think I was on waivers for more than a day when the Detroit Tigers called and I was on the way to join them. he was traded to Chicago and then the Pirates. Monroe earned a spot in the starting lineup and even made the trek every kid with a bat dreams of: competing in the 2006 World Series. right off the bat. comes courtesy of Jonny Weisman. Craig explains. Weisman also brings his deft touch to spare ribs that should have a warning label on them: After one bite. he’s teamed up with some other industry veterans to create Twenty7. all Craig Monroe cared about was sports. however.” While bumped up to AAA Oklahoma City when he got the call to come to Dallas after Ruben Sierra was put on the injured list. Jonny has been making a name for himself since moving to the Dallas area a few years ago as one of the best pup chefs in the area.Recent Media References Former Texas Ranger Turns Restaurateur in Plano: Twenty7 – Best of Texas Growing up in Texarkana. “I decided I was going to do everything in my power to get myself a chance to be professional baseball player. Now a full time resident of Frisco.” As a hard-hitting outfielder. “I’m actually very proud that I managed to tie Hank Greenberg for most home runs by a Tiger in a world series. the number he wore in seven seasons as an outfielder for the Detroit Tigers. On the menu Weisman has created a number of unique dishes to augment the high quality traditional fresh cut fish and chips and burgers. in particular baseball. Monroe graduated from Texas Senior High 1995. formerly the kitchen wizard at The Rugby House. A standout in almost any type of physical activity. The food. Craig had to find a life after baseball. a baseball themed sports bar with quality food usually expected to be found at a higher-end Gastro-Pub.“I started in the minors in Tulsa as part of the Texas Rangers organization. Grins Craig. which is really quite amazing.” Weisman explains. that has some light items as well as the traditional bar offerings. but at the end of the season they needed a roster spot for a pitcher and I was put on waivers. In the end. Twenty7. I decided very early I was going to work harder and try harder than anyone else and I got a chance to play for my hometown team in the Texas Rangers. so make sure you lean over the plate and adorn .” As his career began to wind down. “We wanted to put together a menu.” Monroe recalls while sitting in the corner booth of his new Plano sports bar. Monroe eventually had to choose between football and baseball.” Monroe smiles with a professional athlete’s confidence earned in ‘The Show. the slow cooked meat literally leaps off the bone. bright and extremely tasty appetizer. Case in point: A mango-based bruchetta adorned with fresh mozzarella which is wrapped in panchetta and topped with a lime-infused mango salsa that makes for a wonderfully light. He’s also reached into his bag of tricks to create a Cuban fried rice served as a side and as the base of the Taco del Mar Fish Tacos. getting picked up by the Texas Rangers organization made the decision pretty easy. “I was up with the Rangers for three months.

the plan has been modified to bring more of a game room lounge to the location. Twenty7 also sports – no pun intended – another section originally meant to be a small ultra-lounge attached to the bar. This is the first real job I’ve ever had.your lap with a napkin. we want to expand on our theme and business center rather than trying to do the ultra lounge in Plano. “We just think this will work better in this location.” explains Chef Jonny who also operates as a General Manager. “My whole life has been about hitting. Rounding off the delights I experienced were lightly battered fresh cut haddock and multi cheese mac’n’cheese that was so sinfully rich. running and throwing. Taking the Sport-Bar+Gastro-Pub mixture. However. The bar itself is decorated with some of Craig’s own memorabilia from his years with the Tigers and other items from friends and other famous players. if successful could be the foundation of a multi location business. Twenty7 3100 Independence Parkway Ste 299 Plano Texas 75075 972-599-2000 . it darn near gave me heart palpatations. The official grand opening kicks off August 27th. adding in a pinch of “breastaurant” with the sexy outfits. The uniform worn by the young ladies working at the bar is a sexy variation of the “ball girl” uniform.“I really hope this is the first one…” he smiles with confidence again knowing the premise. Craig admits he’s a little nervous. and rounding it out with an additional side of non stop high-def televisions might just prove to be a winning combination.” His smile is rather electric and the anticipation of getting this bar off the ground is something that is really energizing him.


Belgian Lagers. The Rugby House. they decided to go distinctly British. 18 taps line the bar and he has hand picked the expected Irish Guinness’s and Texas Fireman’s #4. takes two days to prepare. Beers aside. and John Wolfe brought in Executive Chef Jonathan Weisman to create a menu featuring food that can only be called exceptional. When it comes to upscale dining. and even craft brews from an order of Trappist Monks in Europe. “I like to do things the right way. . local amber.” His corned beef. on the other hand. Dallas really is a hotbed for foodies. They have everything: 87 different beers on tap and in bottles. a transplant from the east coast. The level of commitment to quality this team has pulled together is seen in the product coming from the kitchen. then hand rubbing pickling spices and wrapping the slab of beef to stand at room temperature for over six hours produces a limited amount of the best tasting corned beef you will ever find. With the explosion of interest in soccer and rugby in the area. Diners will then have to switch to other choices like Shepherd’s Pie made with lamb. it is gone. Just look around at how many national chains are based here from Brinker. Trebel and Grand made by what might be the most famous order of Monks in Europe. Make no mistake.The Rugby House: Our Corned Beef Will Kick Your Mom’s Corned Beef Butt – Best of Texas When you see people raving about a pub’s Mac and Cheese on Facebook and hear folks in other bars talking about the food at a competitor. They also have tongue-twisting names like Delirium Tremens from Belgium and Chimay Dubel. Owners Sasha Kim. it’s Johnny’s kitchen. you know there is something strange going on.” John. including the required Guinness. After all when was the last time anyone praised the lowly Macaroni and Cheese. comes from the school of hard knocks of culinary. Brining a fresh Texas brisket in-house for a day. formerly of NAAN.” says Kim “We really want to feature local sports in the bar and have asked local soccer and rugby teams to bring us game shirts. “I think I have talked to someone involved in every league and team in North Texas. has really gone the extra mile to bring exceptional food to a bar environment. We will hang them on the wall. Plano’s newest gourmet pub. Once the day’s allotment of corned beef is gone. Each is decorated with colorful and entertaining tap handles to give patrons the ability to point at their choice if they can’t pronounce the cumbersome names of some of the draughts. the entire menu at the Rugby House has been created to highlight real food made the right way with real ingredients. TGIFriday’s and the new Twin Peaks chain have taken the US by storm. is a long time league and school soccer player and has spent over ten years behind bars and managing clubs across DFW. After starting in fast food and line cooking the semi self taught chef he moved to Dallas because of the Big D’s reputation for being an incubator of culinary excellence. Weisman. not beef. and actual Irish bangers. blending dark wood paneling and the polished brass of a traditional brew house while bringing in HD TVs for early morning live broadcasts and even American football like the Cowboys. Sasha and John have been working on the concept for the Rugby House for a couple of years now. for example.

Come in and try it and guess. I always use fresh pepper and herbs. the gravy is real gravy. If we tell you we will have to kill you. instead fresh Haddock both for the tacos and for authentic British ‘Fish and Chips’.Even the mashed potatoes come from actual hand peeled and parboiled spuds. I might suggest keeping an eye on this team. Every bar in the area is offering a fish taco.” laughed Johnny. well I don’t know what. and Johnny’s food is just the combination that will make the Rugby House a name to know. Sasha’s keenness for business. grab a uniform jersey and get it up on the wall or. There are a lot of places around here that you can go get a really good beer but no place has this kind of food. Rugby House Pub 8604 Preston Road suite 100 Plano. In the Dallas bar and restaurant incubator. World Market and the PGA Golf Store are. If you’re a member of a local soccer team or rugby team. onions and mushrooms.” After hearing all the raving about almost everything on the menu. It takes a special skill to offer British based pub food in a way that can be called near gourmet. British cuisine somehow seems to be an oxymoron as most people think of boiled flavorless grub. I am sure there is a spot for it. There has been a bit of an explosion of bars and eateries in that area as of late. a little off the road but well worth the search. Next to nothing in the place comes out of a can or freezer bag. Just down the street are the Grail. Tilapia is somewhat of a chameleon fish that really has little of its own taste but will take on the taste of spices and flavoring. frame up an 8×10 picture of your entire team. By the way. It’s also handmade in-house from pan drippings. On the other side of the intersection Frisco begins and their somewhat puritan liquor licensing laws mean that the Rugby House stays open a full two hours past when the northern competition has to close at midnight. John’s bar skills.” The Rugby house is located at the intersection of Preston and 121 on the southeast corner – in a location that used to be a sushi bar. for that matter. I had to try the Mac. The tacos are served with wild rice and flavored with a combination of delicious spices. “there is no reason that you can’t do things right. run don’t walk to the Rugby House so you can be the one in your crowd to “discover” it first. It’s in the same development where Petco. The Rugby House does not use Tilapia. Two Brothers and a number of others. not the white creamy stuff that some in the South call gravy. “Ya. Texas . which are then blended and served with gravy. it is brown. “I hate the term Pub Grub. most made with Tilapia. “We have bar owners coming in here from all over the area asking for what is in it. It’s a blend of four artisan crafted European cheeses with. I am not going to tell them. If you love being the “foodie” finding the newest place before it becomes a hit.” says Johnny.

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