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ro/L0/20t2 Ms.Hampton
Essayon the PoemHarlem was a cultural movement; It led many African In the 1920's the Harlem Renaissance Americans to standup for themselvesand try to break away from the white people who were them. The poem "Harlem" is about how African Americans were struggling a lot in segregating he America. In Langston Hughespoem "-F,I'i{F{em", talks about how many African Americans they werenlt white. The beliefs during that time period were were treatedawful just because America was not for the 'opeople"but fsr-"white people". Langston Hughes used many multiple

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makeyou fqel shouldneverlet anyone poem.Hughes is message that African Americans just up your skin color andthat everyAfrican Americanshouldstand for their worthless because equal. rightsto be treated the message literarydevicewereuseto showsocietyhow it felt to be Based Hughes on easyfor manyof them.It reflectsthe time period African Americanduringthat time"itwa.s.g] voice shouldbe heard. the because beliefsthey hadat the time wereall African Americans how states of on in uses Metaphor line oneooHere theedge hell". Hughes Hughes Langston how they felt they were shows African Americanmenfelt like their life's weremiserablqthis in unfairly that they believeit's almostlike hell. He alsousedmetaphor beingtortureandtreated and all means the rejections line 3 which states "The old kicks in the back".The speaker in to reason feel like +hey're hell. from the white peoplegivesthemanother mistreatment

Harlem".Whichis in literarydevice line two "Stands Hughes usedanother also attention makehim/her and personification, usedthis literarydeviceto catchthe reader's he

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Questionthemselvescan Harlem really standby its self? He gave Harlem human characteristics it symbolized how the people who lived in Harlem which were African Americans.just stand there not doing anything to defend their rights they let them self s feel and be tortured by white people. He also used Hyphen in line two "Stand Harlem" to purposely slow down the audience and to get the audiencefocus and attention on the isolated word. Another literary device he used was Line Breaker Type 2 in stanza3 line 16-23 when he says "so we standhere on the edge of hell in Harlem and look out on the world and wonder what were gonna do in the face of what we remember". The speakerused line breakertype two to force the readerto find the meaning behind eachword by itself before finding the meaning behind the sentenceas a whole. He states that their waiting for someoneto be brave enough and start to standup for African Americans equal rights. Hughes also usesLine Beaker type2 in starua 3 lines 12-15 when he says"we rememberthe job we never had, never could get, and can't have now becausewe're colored". He statesthat their dreamsare being taken away it shows frustration how none of their dreamsare being accomplished,also how they're not Getting paid enoughthat they can't even buy food for themselvesor their family members or also they're not gettingjobs just because their dark skinned. The intention Langston Hughes had when he wrote the poem u'Harlem"was to show people how it was injustice back at that time period. When the speakermentioned "Be Patient ". He probably meant how people keep telling them that one day they will be treatedas equal as everybody else but they have to be patient and never give up on their dreamsbecauseat the end they will be seenas equal as everybodyelsein America,

Karla Gradilla Period 5 to/Lo/20t2 Ms.Hampton

Essay the PoemHarlem on In the 192A's HarlemRenaissance a cultural the was movement; ledmanyAfrican It Americans stand for themselves try to breakawayfrom the white people to up and who were segregating them.The poem"Harlem" is abouthow African Americans werestruggling lot in a America.In Langston poem"Harlem",he talksabouthow manyAfrican Americans Hughes weretreated awfuljust because weren'twhite. Thebeiiefsduringthat time periodwere they Americawasnot for the "peopleo'but "white people".Langston for Hughes usedmanymultiple literarydevices suchasmetaphor, personification, hyphenandline breakertype2 in his and poem.Hughes message thatAfrican Americans is shouldneverlet anyone makeyou feel just worthless because your skin color andthat everyAfrican Americanshouldstand for their up

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because beliefsthey hadat the time wereall African Americans the voiceshouldbe heard. Langston Lansston Hushes uses Metanhor in line one "F{ere nn the edoe nf hell" cfqfac hnrrr Hughes usesMetaphor line one"Here on the edgeof hell". F{rrohec states in Hughes how
African American men felt thin line earfhanrt"hell" this showshow they felt they $frican Americanmenfelt a thin line between



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werebeingtortureandtreated unfairly thatthey believeit's almostlike hell. He alsoused

-merapnorin llne J wnlcn sEtes "The olo KlcKsln the back". I he speakermeans the rejections metaphor line 3 which states I ne old kicks in the back".The speaker ln meansall the rejections F

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Hughes used also another literary device linetwo "stands in Harlem". Whichis
personification, usedthis literarydeviceto catchthereader's he attention makehimftrer and

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question themselves Harlemreally standby its self?He gaveHarlemhumancharacteristics can it symbolized how thepeoplewho lived in Harlemwhich wereAfrican Americans.just stand there not doinganythingto defendtheir rightsthey let themself s feel andbe torturedby white people.He alsousedHyphenin line two "StandHarlem"to purposely slow downthe audience andto get the audience focusandattention the isolated on word. Anotherliterarydevicehe usedwasLine BreakerType2 in stanza line 16-23 3 whenhe says'oso stand we hereon the edgeof hell in Harlemandlook out on the world andwonderwhat weregonna in the faceof whatwe remember".The speaker do usedline breaker typetwo to forcethe reader find the meaning to behindeachword by itself beforefinding the meaning behindthe sentence a whole.He statesthattheir waiting for someone be braveenough as to and startto standup for African Americans equalrights.Hughes alsousesLine Beakertype2in stanza lines 12-15whenhe says"we remember job we neverhad,nevercould get,and 3 the can't havenow because we're coiored".He states their dreams beingtakenawayit that are showsfrustration how noneof their dreams beingaccomplished, how they'renot are also Gettingpaid enough they can't evenbuy food for themselves their family members that just or because their "dark skinned" The intentionLangston Hughes whenhe wrotethepoem"Harlem" wasto show had people how it wasinjustice backat thattime period.Whenthe speaker mentioned Patient,,. "Be He probablymeanthow peoplekeeptelling themthat onedaythey will be treated equalas as everybody else.

Karla Gradilla Period5

t0/t0/2ot2 Ms.Hampton TheAuthorsmessage reflectshis/herbeliefsof the time periodbecause believed they that all African Americans shouldstandup for their equalrightsfor what'sright, andto always believein their dreams because cometo Americafor a betterlife sinceAmericais the "land they of opportunities" theyhaveto stand to makethat opportunity up possible.

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