Young Indians Eastern Regional Summit

December 8, 2012: The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kolkata The Young Indians Regional and National Summits are the flagship events of Yi providing an opportunity for Yi members and Yi Net Students to converge on a common platform to discuss and debate on issues of importance to the development of the country. The summits have been setting high benchmarks each year in making the youth aware of their responsibilities, by engaging with thought leaders who continue to influence the country's growth and whose wisdom is what sets Yi to create more impact each passing year. More than 50% of India's current population is below the age of 25 and over 65% below the age of 35. It is expected that in 2020 – and that’s only eight years away - the average age of an Indian will be just 29 years! With such energy and skill at her disposal, a transcendent India has become much more of a possibility. As an organization of young people between the age group of 25-40 with 27 chapters across the country, Yi feels that this is an opportunity to stand up and salute those who have stood tall and set an example for the others to follow – this summit and its theme “standing tall” truly sums up the need for more such people amongst us and celebrate their work and journey and in the process, promoting the “We Can, We Will” attitude amongst the others. With this background, CII and Yi organized the Young Indians Eastern Regional Summit: "Standing Tall Celebrating those who have..." on Saturday, 08 December 2012. The theme was decided to bring forward the reality of today's youth in India being the torch bearers of change and the need to celebrate them, so that inspiration from them catches on to many others to achieve. An interesting array of speakers was lined up for the Summit which included Ms. Alokananda Roy, Classical Dancer & Social Worker, Ms. Nisha Singh, Councilor (Ward 30), Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon and Anand Kumar, Founder, Super 30 amongst others. With an electrical failure gripping the summit soon after its inception, the words of the speakers, who braved the conditions to speak without a microphone, seemed liked the rays of light making its way through the cloud of misery – starvation, disease, exploitation, the brutal indifference of great wealth side by side with appalling poverty, the enmity between man and man – that is hovering over us. The summit was flagged off with Mr. Shankar Vanavarayar, Chairman, Yi Eastern Regional Summit and Immediate Past National Chairman, Yi throwing light on the history of the country, the democracy and most importantly, the young strength that makes India the most energetic market. He emphasized on two eminent personalities of our country – Rabindranath Tagore and Swami Vivekananda – sighting them as examples of perfect mixture of simplicity of thoughts with minds strong enough to shake the world and the inner willingness to develop the country even in the absence of high technological support in old India. He went on to add that it was these eminent personalities who also prove that the strength of the mind is much stronger than physical strength. He concluded by saying that building internal determination is very important for any individual to stand tall and ultimately help the nation to stand tall. Ms. Anupama Arya, National Chair, Young Indians followed Mr. Vanavarayar and gave the most simple solution to remove all or most of the fallouts in any nation – through the enthusiasm and determination of

the youth of the country. Ms. Arya added that the youth of India must plan with passion and merge it with a larger vision to make it a much better nation to live in. She concluded by emphasizing on team work where every enthusiastic youth must join hands with other enthusiastic people to uplift the nation on a whole. In today’s India, we rarely come across people who devote their lives to the betterment of others. And, here betterment is not a synonym of material and financial help but, providing internal peace. Ms. Alokananda Roy, Dancer and Social Activist, is one such person. Ms. Roy has used danced therapy to transform the lives of those living behind the high walls of the jails (or as we now call them, correctional homes). She works with the inmates of various correctional homes and visits them often as she believes in emotional attachment that can only be created by physically meeting and creating oneness with them. She threw light on how wrongly the society perceives these souls, some which are condemned for life. She concluded by saying that, these prisoners are victims of situation and deserve love, affection and a second chance to life. Politics, they say is not for the good and filled with the corrupt. But, if we don’t take it in our hands to improve the system and be the change how can we expect the change to happen – this was one message that we comprehended from the words spoken by Ms. Nisha Singh, Councilor, Ward No 30, Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon. Ms. Singh explained the importance of the youth of India being in politics to exercise power and improve the structure of the country. She stressed that the most important responsibility of any Indian is to cast his/her vote and choose the right person to exercise the power. The factors which must be present in an individual to exercise politics effectively, she added are, cleanliness of intentions, competency, commitment, capability to understand people, physical strength, innovations and most importantly love for nation. What better way can be there to conclude such an amazing summit than to hear the words of Mr. Anand Kumar, Founder, Super 30 spoken in rustic Hindi, filled with humor but, yet grounded enough to bring tears to the eyes of the listener. An orator who has no comparison, Mr. Kumar started off by saying, it might become news that the summit was held in darkness but, from where he comes it is news when there is light. The man, who can be termed “the maker of lives,” hails in Patna, where he provides free classes to the underprivileged, not to get them through primary education, but to provide them a sustainable living. He prepares the children for IIT entrance exam and has near 100% success rate. These children are not only given free classes, but are also provided with shelter and food by Mr. Kumar and his family. He shared the story of how he wanted to become a mathematician but, could not go to Stanford to pursue his education due to monetary problems of his family. This set back led to the formation of Super 30 through which he intends to improve the life of others who share similar plight. Mr. Kumar also shared the stories of some of his students, who had come to him in tattered clothes and slippers but, now dawn a suit and tie while working in distant parts of the world. He is a firm believer of the fact that good education comes with the strong intentions to learn; thus he supports all such needy children to nurture their dreams and become the bright educated future of this country, though they are not backed by any financial resources.

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