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TouChecker+ (TC-200


Full composition of TC-200 TouChecker+ is the most advanced Guard tour checking and monitoring system with reader module using the contact iButton™& RF-ID Tag. For user, they can select the data interface method case by case [Specific Features] Excellent waterproof & robust surface User friendly data interface and battery recharging Electronic power saving from auto power-on technology Easy control operating program on PC 100% reliability of the guard tour and time records through the regular data synchronization Vibration mode applicable for loud facilities Direct data transmission USB cable and automatic port searching

Composition of TouChecker+
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Checking Machine Data Transmitter & Charger Checkpoint Chip (i-Button), RF-ID Power Adapter Serial/USB Cable Operating Software (Windows) Leather Carrying Case

[Operation Flow]

TOUCH iButton or RF-ID Tag Patrol Spots Checking Points

Serial Number + Time Stamp Checking Machine

DATA RTC RS232 USB RX / TX Data Transmitter Report

[Operation Program]
Code Registration Patrolling


Patroller Patrol Spot Patrol Course Data Interface

Data Report Printout Uploading Registration on DB

[‘TouChecker+’ main screen and the applicable menu list ]
Data Registration Report System Configuration Data Management Code Registration Help A menu to transmit the data stored in the memory of a TCR-200 to the computer. A menu to select the format of the report and have it printed out. Provides various basic configurations for utilization of ‘TouCheker+’ . Provides functions to delete or back up various data stored in ‘TouCheker+’. A procedure to register Checkpoint Chips used to assign patrollers, patrol courses, patrol spots, and abnormalities. Shows the version of ‘TouchCkeker+’.

Patroller Registration Code Registration Patrol Spot Registration Abnormality Registration

Patrol Report(T) Course Report(C) Patroller Report(P) Patrol Spot Report(S) Abnormality Report(A) Exception Report(E) Report Framework(R)

Patrol Data Backup(B) Code DB(C) - Code DB Backup(B) - Code DB Restoration(R) Delete Registered Data(D) - Delete All DB(A) - Delete Patroller(P) - Delete Course(C) - Delete Patrol Spot(S) - Delete Abnormality(A) - Delete Patrol Data(D)

[Data Registration]
The procedure of registering patrol data in the TCR-200 to the computer is as follows. ① Click [Registration] button in ‘Data Registry’ window. ② A dialog box appears saying, ‘Plug the CHECKING MACHINE on the DATA RX/TX slot’. ③ Insert the TCR-200 upside down into the DATA RX/TX slot(refer to the figure in the below). ④ Click [OK] button in the dialog box. TouChecker+ will read in patrol data from the TCR200 through the TCB-200. When transmission is completed, the patrol data are shown in ’Data Registration’ window. ⑤ Review the data and click [Save] button in ‘Data Registration’ window for complete data saving into computer.

[Report Review]
The following reports available from ‘TouChecker+’ can be printed out to a printer or shown on the display screen. Types of Reports Course Report Patrol Spot Report Patroller Report Disorder Report Abnormality Report Content Consolidated report that sorts out patrol data for each patrol course. Sorts out patrol data for patrol spots. Sort out patrol data for each patroller. Features For overall information For information on each spot

For management of patrollers and their movement Finds patrol spots skipped and missing For information on diligence of by patrollers. patrollers Extracts problem areas only by sorting For information on out abnormalities. countermeasures

Choose the course presented in the [Course List], and specify the range of time by clicking the control buttons of [Retrieval Range of Time] column.

Click [Report Review] button in the Report window. And pops up Course Report in the Report Preview window by the filtering factors of report review. Click printer icon to print it out with paper.

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