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Open letter to the sons and daughters of Israel

Essay by Goym or Gentile Marian Nicolae

Dear All, I weighed for years the words I am going to address to you below: I have never been an Anti-Semitic, on the contrary, I worked with Jews and often very well, but only with some of you. Heavy words that I am going to address to you below, I will try to keep them at an objective level, so that the pain, frustration, despair, hatred and anger I feel after nearly a quarter century of underground work, loneliness and deprivation , would not blow against you. A true thing, it does not equals the 40 years of wandering in the desert, but still it hurts a lot. As for myself, I will try to remain objective, apart from my personal experiences. The Jewish Problem still exists and continues to exist in the world, after thousands of years of living together on this blue planet, which as only some of us know, it is not our home. A false problem maintained even by your teachers, even by your rabbis, indoctrinating your small children so that, once arrived at adulthood, they are the perfect weapon to destroy humanity, morality and good fit, as we The Goyms, or The Gentiles, have known even from our childhood, to respect and uphold ... A very strange statement, isnt it? Nowadays, in Anno Domini 2012, some of us I think are ready to learn some of the forgotten truth, hidden and buried under thousands of years of history on this beautiful third planet in the solar system, that some of us know it is not our true home. We humans, have an extremely tangled, twisted, full of erasures and additions ... history

Jewish problem it does not date from yesterday, or the day before yesterday but dates back to the time when we humans, made of stardust lived on the red planet, which at that time was NOT red, but blue as the earth we stand still the surface. A beautiful planet with water, air, mountains and plains just as is this planet we are walking on it right now. A planet that after a war very well thought out, did exactly what was supposed to to: You destroyed the red planet, that life is now only possible in its underground ... Fields of Mars are scattered with debris and pieces of machinery and technology, This is what remained after the Martian Great War. A war that you, Jews have planned and carried out !!! After the destruction of Mars, we found ourselves all here, alone, hungry, without the opportunity to produce the every day food. Over time and after many sacrifices we rebuilt our cities, civilizations and started all over again .... Poor Jesus, was betrayed by Judas from Judeea .... You children of Israel have always been the problem of human society, the black sheep of the sheepfold of any shepherd. After Sodom and Gomorrah you did not learn the lesson. Your passage through any country or society has left behind only blood and pain, in any space and time in recorded universally accepted history. Russia exiled nearly all of you in Germany. Germany a civilized state, adopted and fed you, not knowing what kind of snake was growing at its breast. With the first opportunity arising you did the best kind of job you know so well:: You betrayed the nation that received you so well, you betrayed Germany, with massive costs, both human and material to the Germans. Poland was the next one, the same recipe enforced by you, it will bring you nothing else but the public opprobrium from the Poles and then again ... The Exile.

You managed to conquer the real power in the U.S., by trickery, fraud and bribery. Other people would have been more than satisfied even with a slice of what you've got. Eventually, after two world wars you have your own country, Israel. This was not enough for you. You had to dominate and make everyone a slave .... THIS CAN NOT HAPPEN!! You already destroyed a planet ..... Ask yourself how long you will be welcomed in the U.S., after YOU have caused even to the Americans so much grief and material loss. Ask yourself seriously, how long will it still be accepted this behavior, to live in common with us on this planet. Ask yourself seriously the following problem: What would happen if all Jews around the world would be hunted down and destroyed at the same time???? What would happen if mankind would simply decide that it no longer needs you??? Just like a rabid dog you are getting rid of it, WHAT IF THE ENTIRE HUMAN KIND WILL DECIDE YOU ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED ON THIS PLANET. Maybe someday, humanity, for the common good will decide your extinction, YOUR PEOPLE AND YOUR RELIGION!
Children of Israel, in The Romanian House you are no longer welcome!!

You have destroyed our plants, our industry, our agriculture, our education, our health, our way of being and living for thousands of years. All of this only to steal our country!! Why would we Romanians need such a toxic nation in the middle of us?? I see no point in doing that!! The Jews, a people of men and women extremely beautiful and intelligent. A nation proud of being at the forefront of the human species.

But still a nation deeply anti-human and evil by preaching and implementing The Protocols of Zion Elders the entire world. A mistake that is transmitted for thousands of years in Jewish religion is to teach your children that they are the smartest race, most capable and even that will represent the Chosen People ... What some of your rabbis know, but they are not telling you is that YOU, the Israelites ARE NOT THE ONLY CHOSEN PEOPLE..YOU are not alone .... CHOSEN ONES have always been among us, regardless of what country or people they were chosen from.. They are chosen since an early age, elected to counter act certain situations in the future that would lead to the loss of many lives. Throughout life they are pushed into extreme situations in order to forge their courage and moral character, so that at some point in their lives, to put the common good above personal life and benefit. There are truths on this planet, some are just too hard to be known and not to affect your psychic health, if you come in contact with these truths ...... These things are known by your rabbis. You children of Israel, you were always the seed of scandal that led to countless wars and loss of human life in all societies, in any time and any geographical area. That's why you turned into human plague, instead of being what you were destined from the start to be: The Iron tip of The LANCE OF MANKIND, the lance destined to reconquer the space!! Instead of that, you use your energy and intelligence AGAINST all people, you lose what you have been given for destructive purposes .... You destroyed once again the World Economy, You destroyed NASA program. Space shuttle are no longer flying, they became museums .... Why?

Earth can support us all, even if we total now more than 7 billion people on the surface of this planet There are only Useless BRAINS and not Useless Eaters ..... ..... Consider well the above and radically change your behavior to mankind, not to end up to be eradicated from the surface of planet Earth, our everyday planet .... Live well!!