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Sage Bhrighus Blessings

Dr. Arjun K Pai is a Marketing Strategist

by profession and holds a PhD from United Kingdom. He started studying astrology whilst in school. However, since 2008 Arjuns interest in Vedic Astrology was rekindled in an intensive way. He is interested in research of techniques detailed in ancient scriptures and testing them to understand better this Divine Science.

By Saptarishis Astrology Mumbai Club

Technique: Saptarishis Astrology
Readership Level: Basic To Advanced Software Courtesy: Jagannatha HoraVer 7.51

SA Editor: Dr Arjun Pai

ith Obeisance to Lord Ganapathi and to the Soul Karaka Lord Sun we submit this technique at the holy feet of Sage Bhrighu, the founder of Bhrighu astrology.

B S P - 23
Sage Bhrighus Easy Methodology (Bhrighu Saral Paddathi) 23
BSP- 23 Postulates: i) Sun implements its energy in the 6th house from itself in the 10th year. ii) Sun implements itself in the house it is seated in the 25th year. This BSP is broader in a sense and can be taken largely at the micro-level considering other factors of the astrological acumen. These two postulates of the Sun method are to be very carefully applied as in most of the cases the event in the 10th year is not remembered. In most of the cases the events in the 10th year are not remembered properly or even people have attempted to guess illness, accidents, etc. Unless the native is certain of an event the 10th year postulate of this technique cannot be verified. The younger members can help here by contributing chart of young friends and relatives. Help of parents and family members can also be sought to test this technique. In some cases the events of 25th year may be recollected but at elder age also it is not possible to recollect unless and until the native is in his late 30s / 40s. Also at the age of 25 chances of love affairs, some serious relationship and its breakage are also very bright so also job, occupational issues, etc. In the later part of this article we have also included a couple of charts using the Kakshya principles to predict the events related to this BSP. The kakshya method of prediction has been explained in previous articles of the BSP series (BSP-7 and BSP-12) published by Saptarishis Astrology ( Further research is required to validate the efficacy of the kakshya principle. Chart 1: Sun in 3H DOB: 2-Jun-1991; TOB: 02.45.49 Hrs; POB: Gandhinagar, India 72 E 41, 23 N 13 (+05.30 east).

a) 10th Year: Sun posited in the 3H of courage with Mercury the 4L of mother. So Sun will gather energy of Mercury and 3H and karaka of father of 9H and transfer it to the 8H which is 6th from Sun in the 10th year. 8H is the 12th from the 9H of father indicating separation of father (pitru viyog), so also secret sexual activity of father and 8H in generally known as detaching and disgrace/infamy. 8H is also the 5H from 4H and indicates mental balance and prudence of mother. b) Mercury the 4L is with Sun and will relegate its energy to 8H (5H from 4H) which is very heavily afflicted by aspects of Mars-Saturn-Ketu and in result the mental balance and prudence of mother will be considerably infected and disturbed in 10th year of the native. Now, when the native was running his 10th year, the mother (Mercury) who had found out about his fathers (Sun) secret love affair filed a legal case against the father & with the mistress with whom the father was having an affair. The father lost the federal courts decree to attain custody of the child and had to permanently leave the family and the child. The native is not yet 25 years old so the effects of the 2nd postulate of the Sun BSP cannot be verified. Chart 2: Sun in 12H DOB: 2-Aug-1985; TOB: 09.07.49 Hrs; POB: Mumbai, India 72 E 50, 18 N 58 (+05.30 east).

a) 10th Year: Sun is with Mars in the 12H, Mars is the 9L of father and 4L of mother sitting in the 12H of sexual secret affairs, so Sun will take the energy of this Mars and 12H and throw it to the 5H of love affairs and mental balance or imbalance. The natives father had an extra-marital affair in her 10th year. Observe, Sun implements its 12H energy in 5H so things happened around It and note Mars is dispositor of Rahu (sexual scandals/ scams).

b) 25th Year: Mars the 4L of mother is with Sun in the 12H of hospitalisation. In the natives 25th year her mother got hospitalised due to mental imbalance, note the 8H is the mind of the mother (5th from 4th) and its lord is Jupiter who is retro in the 6H of diseases and aspects this Sun-Mars directly in 12H, causing the mental imbalance. Chart 3: Sun in 5H DOB: 1-Dec-1990; TOB: 21.41.00 Hrs; POB: Mumbai, India 72 E 50, 18 N 58 (+05.30 east).

a) Sun which is 2L occupies 5H which is the natural position of artistic talent, dancing, singing, etc. Sun is with Venus in 5H and is mutually aspected by Moon-Mars from 11H of gain of karma. 5H is seen for dance, theatres, artistic talent, etc. (also 5H is 3rd from 3H). b) 10th Year: 6H from Sun is Aries indicating awards, vigour and enthusiasm. Sun transform this energy to its 6H, i.e. 10H. In the 10th year this native stood first in sports in Maharashtra State and also got prize in dancing. Chart 4: Sun in 9H DOB: 15-Jan-1980; TOB: 14.30.00 Hrs; POB: Mumbai, India 72 E 50, 18 N 58 (+05.30 east).

a) Sun occupies 9H and implements itself in the 2H (i.e, in Gemini Sign 3H of natural zodiac) in the natives 10th year. Note that 2H is vyaya sthana (12th position of loss) from 3H (significator of right hand). Also, note that 2L Mercury is in the 8H of accidents, chronic physical ailments, etc. Apart from this Mercury as a karaka stands for mobility. b) 10th Year: In the 10th year the native had a compound fracture of his right hand. Observe that the 2H is also aspected by the lame planet Saturn which is also the dispositor of Sun. c) 25th Year: In the 25th year Sun implements in the 9H which stands for dharma/dharmic marriage/religious ceremony at house etc. Also one can note that 9H is 7th of marriage from 3H (signifying younger sister) and 11th from 11H (signifying elder sister) indicating fructification of marriages of his sisters which is what happened in the 25th year. Chart 5: Sun in 2H DOB: 24-May-1981; TOB: 05.00.00 Hrs; POB: Mumbai, India 72 E 50, 18 N 58 (+05.30 east).

a) Sun the lord of 5H (9th from 9H of foreign travel) is in 2H with 7L Venus. 7H significations include foreign tour /marriage settlement in foreign land / foreign visits for business, etc. b) 10th Year: In the 10th year Sun implements its energy in the 6H from itself which would be the 7H of foreign travel. The native went on a month long foreign tour for the first time with her parents. One must note that the Sun is the 5L and the 5H is the bhavat bhavam (arudha) of the 3rd house of travels too. c) 25th Year: In her 25th year the native got married and went abroad for 9 months before returning back to India the same year. Sun implements itself in the 2H of family life and is with Kalatra Karaka Venus, also lord of 7H.

Chart 6: Sun in 7H DOB: 7-Jul-1971; TOB: 19.05.00 Hrs; POB: New Delhi, India 77 E 12, 28 N 36 (+05.30 east).

a) The 6th from Sun is the 12H in this chart where 4L of education retro Jupiter is sitting. Note Jupiter is also karaka of education (apart from Mercury). As Sun is a separative planet plus from 4H it acts as the 6L of separation it can separate the native in his education field. Note that Jupiter is 4L of mother and home and Sun is karaka of father. b) 10th Year: In the 10th year the native had to stop his education due to his fathers transfer to Burnpur (India) where there were no schools. He was sent back to Nagpur to study in his old school, and had to stay with a known family where he was put to too much trouble for a year by the boy of the family. His mother joined him after a year and 1 then both of them had to undergo much discomfort for want of accommodation. c) 25th Year: The 25th year would be from July 1995 to July 1996. Sun is the 9L of Bhagya and foreign travel. From 4H of home Sun is a separative planet (4th from 4H). Sun is with 6th of job Venus. In the 25th year the native went abroad for work. We may also use Kakskya method for prudent prediction along with BSP-23. The theme of kakshya is as under.
(Kakshya-Slot) Degrees 1. 0 00" to 3 45 " 2. 3 45 " to 7 30 " Lord of Kakshya Saturn [Slowest Planet] Jupiter

One must note that in normal nadi astrology when Ketu is trines to Mercury or with Mercury it is generally believed to give break in education as Ketu is karaka of break or new beginning. SA

3. 7 30 " to 11 15" 4. 11 15"to 15 00" 5. 15 00" to 18 45 " 6. 18 45 "to 22 30 " 7. 22 30 " to 26 15 " 8 26 15 "to 3000"

Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon [Fastest Planet] Ascendant

1. One should be thorough with the Karakatwas (significations) of the Planets and the Houses. This becomes the most important factor in BSP method of prediction. 2. If there is a planet located exactly at the same degree as Sun in the 6thfrom Sun it will be influenced by Sun in the 10th year of the native. It means the significations of the planet will be activated along with the house for which it is lord. 3. If there is no planet as in point (2) above then Sun would activate the Kakshya lord and his significations as also the significations of the house(s) for which he is lord in the chart. It is reiterated that the basic premise of the above kakshya method is tested for BSP-23 i.e., Sun implements in 10th year in its 6H and in 25th year wherever he sits. Chart 7:Sun in 6H DOB: 7-Oct-1982; TOB: 19.20.00 Hrs; POB: Mumbai, India 72 E 50, 18 N 58 (+05.30 east).

a) Sun the Naisargik Karaka (Natural Significator) of father, and lord of 5H of money power is in 6H with its kakshya lord Mercury (from 18.45 deg to 22.30 deg Mer is

kakshya lord). Sun is also having trine relation with exalted Moon (4L of properties) & Mars is in Vipareet Raj Yoga in 8H of sudden gains is boosted by Moon (who is in same kakshya of Sun) and 4th aspect of Mars is on 11H of gains. b) 10th Year: In the natives 10th year Suns energy is implemented in 11H (6H from itself) of gains. The natives father (Sun) gained a lot of money in the stock markets, and bought a new residence (property) in a good location. c) 25th Year: In the natives 25th year the Suns energy is released in the house where it sits (i.e., 6H in this chart). The native had taken a loan for his father in 25th year as we can see that the Sun is in 6H of debts and loans and with 6L retro Mercury. Chart 8: Sun in 10H DOB: 21-Jul-1982; TOB: 13.25.00 Hrs; POB: Mumbai, India 72 E 50, 18 N 58 (+05.30 east).

a) Sun is in 10H aspecting 4H (7th aspect of Sun) and is with 4L Moon who is Naisargik Karaka (natural significator) of mother, home and heart. b) 10th Year: In the 10th year, the natives mother had heart problems and was hospitalised. Note that Suns energy is dissipated in the 6th from itself (i.e., 3H in this chart) which is 12th from 4H (for mother, home) indicates hospitalisation of and expenses on mother; also devoid of home. Kakshya lord of Sun is Jupiter the lord of 3rd and 6th the functional malefic posited in 1H of self, made the native devoid of happiness in general. c) 25th Year: In the natives 25th year Sun implements itself in the 10H. Observe, Sun (which is in kakshya of 6L of service and job Jupiter) is with 10L Moon; fructifying the job in 25th year of the native as 10H is also the house of Aajivika-Karma i.e. occupational house.

In total we had received around 30 charts where this Sun BSP was working from the Saptarishis Astrology Mumbai Club members but only 8 have been posted here in this article for brevity of space. Readers must rigorously test these methods and can write about their findings in the Guest Book section of Saptarishis Astrology or send mail to