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Customer Relationship Management Assignment – 1 Methods of CRM
Note : Some names of the examples are software products from Sarjen Systems pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad. I have worked there for 8 months as a Business Analyst/Project Co-Ordinator. So, I am aware of company’s all products and services. The company was making ERP softwares for pharmaceutical companies and other softwares as well. Its above 80% clients were from pharmaceutical industry. I have also included some examples from my Summer Internship Company, that is Webosphere Inc., an IT company.

1. Sales Force Automation
 Any telecalling, BPO or KPO industry can use it. E.g. AZURE, MOTIF..The sales person or telecaller can have records of prospects and can add information accordingly.  Any E-commerce website or B2B, B2C,C2C websites can also use the same. E.g. Flipkart, E-bay, Onlinecatalogue Portal. They can send mails or messages in timely manner for the prospects’ catalogues or new products.

2. Sales Management
  E.g. Kemchho website for providing phone numbers. They are storing all historical data of callers. E.g. Fieldforce Reporting (FFR) software from Sarjen Systems Pvt. Ltd., especially designed for Medical Representatives. They can manage their visits and reporting to authorities from this software  E.g. Any matrimonial sites, job portals. They can also use historical data and geographic details for sending messages and mails to subscribers.

Amrut Mody School of Management, Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad University.

are managing their regular customers’ information and data in documents. They can also view records that how much money is coming from market for the same. However. Ahmedabad. Heads of many departments can send mails for marketing any new things to all users. . Marketing Management  E. Divyabhaskar newspaper is the best example for this tool.Nirav Dave (B-13) Trimester . It had taken interviews of all people with the campaign named “Have Amdavad Ma Chalse Aapni Marjee” and then started its newspapers service accordingly. Save Trees Campaign by ITC (Classmate). Document Management  E. Ahmedabad University.  Croma.  Shiksha Abhiyan by P & G. Google Docs are common tools used by most of us. Biomedical (BM) departments. BizNET-CTM software from Sarjen Systems Pvt. The software manages all documents for various departments and it auto generates the documents from entered data. it is declared as a fraud company now. Amrut Mody School of Management. Speakasia. 5. Every marketing event and its notifications can be seen in this software.g. Appolo Pharmacy etc. Ltd. Knowledge Management    Google can be come in this category. departments can manage their all documents for their respective clients and future prospects in the software itself.g. Quality Check (QC). The Quality Assurance (QA). The software keeps noticing about all campaigns run by Contract Research Organizations (CRO). BizNET-CTM software from Sarjen Systems Pvt.4 2012 3. They are also giving lifetime membership clients to customers. Ltd. Clinical Pharmacology and Medical Affairs (CPMA) etc. 4.

Especially for Clinical Trial Management (CTM) studies. BizNET-CTM software for entering data online from sites. dealer who uses such tool for sending messages and mails to their customers for upcoming services. and yellowpages are those.4 2012 6. They are paying enormous amount to the employees just for the sake of retaining clients by giving live support and regular marketing activities. Ahmedabad University. Customer Self-service Capabilities   Any automobile company. who used to filter and mine data according to the persons requirements PharmaNET software from Sarjen Systems Pvt. Anatech Insights. Amrut Mody School of Management. 9. They are having such tools for their customers so that they can do reverse auction if they want and portal is providing. It gives flexibility to any pharmaceutical company to find its client according the criteria and it is also helpful for marketing. Both IT companies are having Software Specialists for supporting their clients from USA and other countries.  Any life insurance. . 8. 7. oil changing and last service data Online shopping portals again. Telemarketing Management  Eclinicalworks. Ahmedabad. Data Management   Justdial. Project Management   Fieldforce Reporting (FFR) from Sarjen Systems Pvt. Ltd.Nirav Dave (B-13) Trimester . mutual funds and other banks which are consistently being in touch with customers for making them aware of their new products and services.

. .Nirav Dave (B-13)  Trimester . Ahmedabad. Amrut Mody School of Management. Ahmedabad University. which are also giving the flexibility to clients that they can enter data from different sites.4 2012 Easyfinance software and Inventory Management Software from Webosphere Inc.

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