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Below are systems for browsing subject names. These can be used to quickly become familiar with topic areas, their scope, their structure, and their vocabulary. They can also help find a subject even when its name is unknown to the reader.

Overview basic outline of knowledge divided into 12 major subject branches Outlines each breaks its subject down into branches and levels. Together they form a massive outline of knowledge. List of academic disciplines outline of knowledge divided by field of study

1 Overviews 2 Lists 2.1 Alphabetical indexes 2.2 Outlines 2.2.1 Timelines 3 Featured content 4 Spoken articles 5 Wikipedia books 6 Portals 7 Categorical indexes 8 Glossaries 9 Most popular articles

Wikipedia has thousands more topic lists; some even are lists of other lists. Lists of related items Category:Lists Two of the broadest list collections are:

Lists of countries and territories and many lists by country

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Portal:Contents - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lists of people including by nationality and by occupation

Alphabetical indexes
Alphabetical indexes are the exceptions to the topical section rule. Indexes Indexes of articles, by subject, alphabetized Category:Indexes of topics Complete alphabetical index pages sorted by the first two letters of the title, e.g., "Aa Ab Ac Ad..." Special:Categories every category listed alphabetically

Outlines are subject overviews in structured lists that show how topics are related to each other. Outlines Category:Outlines Timelines Timelines list articles chronologically. The top-level timelines and timeline sets are: List of timelines historical timelines, arranged by subject. Find more in Category:Timelines List of centuries (e.g., 20th century) List of decades (e.g., 1910s) List of historical anniversaries (e.g., today) 2012 major events this year Portal:Current events featured current events and related project activities Recent deaths lists notable people who died not long ago Category:Graphical timelines graphical timelines in the category and subcategories, arranged alphabetically

Featured content

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Portal:Contents - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Featured content is the best Wikipedia has to offer, via vigorous peer review. Presented by type: Featured articles Featured lists Featured pictures Featured portals Featured sounds Featured topics

Spoken articles
Growing collections of Wikipedia articles are available as spoken word recordings. Spoken articles Category:Spoken articles

Wikipedia books
Wikipedia books are collections of Wikipedia articles that can be viewed, downloaded, or printed into a book. They provide a roadmap for a course of study in a particular subject. Category:Wikipedia books (community books) alphabetical list of the books Category:Wikipedia books categorized by topic

A portal introduces the reader to a subject by presenting images, categories and excerpts of key articles. Portals also guide editing by providing to-do lists. Portals Category:Portals

Categorical indexes
Wikipedia's category system is generated from category tags at the bottom of articles and other pages. The top-level pages are: Categories an index of major categories, arranged by subject (because
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Portal:Contents - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

this page is crafted by hand, it is an exception to the category autogeneration rule) Category:Articles the category in which all article category systems are located Category:Wikipedia categories pages and categories which themselves specifically relate to categories Category:Contents the highest level or "root" category in Wikipedia its subcategories contain various types of encyclopedic content, content that assists with the navigation of the encyclopedia, as well as pages related to the maintenance of the encyclopedia its autogenerated entries are listed at the bottom of the page Category:Fundamental categories the category containing the most fundamental ontological categories, such that every article category system can reasonably be expected to be within it Wikipedia's other broad categorical indexes are: List of Dewey Decimal classes top two levels of this library classification system, linked to Wikipedia articles Library of Congress Classification LCC subjects linked to Wikipedia articles Outline of Roget's Thesaurus articles organised into a system based on six classes, with thousands of branches, following Roget's system

Glossaries are lists of terms with definitions. Glossaries Category:Glossaries

Most popular articles

Wikipedia:Top 5000 pages

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Portal:Contents - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Content listings
Featured content Overviews Portals Lists Outlines Glossaries Indexes Reference Culture Geography Health History Mathematics Nature People Philosophy Religion Society Technology Academic disciplines Anniversaries (today) Countries and territories Current events People (deaths this year) Timelines (centuries decades)

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