Cross-border cooperation programmes: financing options


Progrese de la TACIS CBC la ENPI CBC

III Generation: 2007-2013 The new European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument

Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme Program

II Generation: 2004-2006 Neighborhood programmes

Regional Operational Programme Romania – Ukraine -Moldova Neighborhood programme RomaniaMoldova

I Generation. 1996-2004 TACIS Programme

South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme

TACIS Cross- border Programme and TACIS Small Project Facility

TACIS CBC 1996-2003

Neighborhood Programmes 2004-2006

CBC ENPI 2007-2013

1 auction underway.
POC Ro-Ua-Md 2007-2013:

31 Million Euro Border Infrastructure Projects: Leuseni,
Ungheni, Giurgiulest, pod Radauti-Lipcani

5 million Euro budget request includes about 20 million Euro 64 funding requests received 13 implemented projects ( tourism - 2, environment protection - 5, Border infrastructure - 1, social services - 3, national assets -2) 75 involved partners

126 mil Euro Matching fundsd :

-11 mil Euro (1 auction)
-14 mil Euro (strategic bidding)
POC BMN 207-2013 24 mil Euro

CBC SPF 11 approved projects:
(environment, tourism, local economic development)

Matching funds :
- about 1 mil Euro (1 auction)

Promotion of euroregions (Lower

Danube & Upper Prut)

• • • •

Common budget: € 126.7 million Euro Three partner states: 1 MS and 2 SP Coverage: Romania (counties of Botosani, Suceava, Iasi, Vaslui, Galati, Tulcea) + adjacent region (Braila) Moldova (throughout) Ukraine (Chernivetska regions, Odessa) + adjacent regions (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopilska, Khmelnitsk and Vinnitska) Management structures: ACM (MDRT Romania) STC (Suceava and Iasi) Offices of STC antennas: Ukraine (Chernivtsi, Odessa)

• •

• • • • •

Republic of Moldova (Chisinau)


Joint operational programme RomaniaUkraine-Moldova 2007-2013

To a more competitive border economy

• Improving productivity and competitiveness in urban and rural areas (developing tourism potential,cultural, tourism, thematic) • Cooperation initiatives in transport and energy networks

Environmental Emergency Preparedness Promoting “person-toperson” activities

• Solving the environmental issues, including preparing for emergencies • Management of water resources and waste,

• Support for local and regional government, civil society and local communities • Cultural, social and educational exchanges

Joint Operational Programme Sea - Basin Programme Black Sea 2007-2013 2007-2013 Black Sea

EU funded project

• Common Budget : € 21 mil. Euro • Eight partner countries: 3 member states, 1 candidate state, 4 third states

• Eligible area: Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia,
• Manadgement structures: - ACM (MTDR România), - JTS Bucharest -6PNC in each partner country

Operational common Sea - Basin programme. Black Sea 2007-2013
Promoting economic • Strengthening accessibility and interconnections (transport, communication, trade) and social • Networking of regional tourism, handicraft production development in • Strengthening local development policies Black Sea Basin
• Strengthening the information base necessary to resolve problems of river basins and sea • Promoting research on preserving and protecting natural areas • Solid waste management and wastewater systems

Cooperation for solving the common problems

Promoting “person- • Promoting cultural networking and educational to-person” activities exchange

Eligibility: Who can apply?

Representative of the categories
• Public authority regional / local public institution nonprofit organization • Association of public authorities

Located in the program area

Responsible for the design and project management with adequate administrative and financial capacity
Note: private institutions and political parties are not eligible under the program. Exception: SEE PCT (Private structures may participate as partners or subcontractors on projects)


Number of applicants per country RO-UA-MD 2007-2013 Programme
1st call


No. of

Number of partners per country partners by country2007-2013 RO-UA-MD Programme -1st call


Success rate Success rate PC & MS -1st call (RUM) RO-UA-MD Programme 2007-2013

Current situation RO-UA-MD Programme 2007-2013

Second auction for projects proposal

1060 Projects proposals accepted
272 submitted by applicants from Republic of Moldova (637 – Ro, 141- Ua)

- launched:
november 2011

The financial envelope -36 million Euro


Current situation BMN Programme 2007-2013

First auction for project proposals

170 project proposals accepted

- 10 submitted - launched: june
by applicants from Republic of Moldova
- 64 partners from Republic of Moldova

The financial envelope is 5.3 mil Euro

Result: 10 implicated partners (budget 906.800 Euro )

Number of applications per country BMN Programme 2007-2013

Number of applicants by country Success rateof partners per country – BMN Programme 2007-2013 1st call (BSB)

Success rate of the applicants per country

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