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” “ We are extremely flexible and can always find a solution to meet our customers' needs.“ Companies can find themselves temporarily out of action due to staff shortages or not having the right specialists to hand. electronics. They bring their expertise with them. an engineering and project consultancy. Top quality at a reasonable price Our goal is to deploy the right professional quickly and affordably. creating the right profile and filling the position require expertise. EngiPro staff must adhere to strict quality control standards. Our staff are experienced project professionals with 10-15 years in the industry and offer efficient. ” When you need technical expertise EngiPro.Thorough screening for technical ability. professional and top-quality technical support for our customers' existing project teams. flexibility and interpersonal skills prior to recruitment combined with years of experience in a specific area of technical expertise are two of the key components in our selection process. Place your trust in EngiPro's experience ir Marleen Vermeersch Managing Director Assessing a situation accurately. food and environmental sectors. EngiPro has the solution. Marleen Vermeersch has 15 years' experience as a project engineer/manager in the petroleum. She knows where problems might lie and how to solve them. is the missing link between industry and outside professionals offering technical expertise on multidisciplinary projects. “EngiPro's experienced staff hit the ground running.” .

steel and auto(motive). commissioning. start-ups and more. steps are taken to find a professional within the EngiPro network who offers a more specialised skillset. There are many reasons why companies call in EngiPro: lack of in-house expertise. top-quality solutions. food. An in-house EngiPro specialist is then assigned.” might require external know-how from a project consultancy firm. Multidisciplinary project engineers Mechanical engineering. we are proud of our ability to provide our customers with rapid.Your partner for EngiPro . piping. project management. How we work A thorough situational analysis is conducted with the customer in preparation for each project. or. project coordination. including chemicals. pharmaceuticals. “EngiPro is with you every step of the way: we speak the customer's language and the engineer's language. The experience and professionalism of all EngiPro staff are such that we can react rapidly to our customers' specific needs. electricity and instrumentation. automation and more. an urgent assignment or a new project. .a specialist in your market hi-tech added value EngiPro focuses on SMEs and international companies in a wide range of sectors. where necessary. special technologies. petrochemicals. At EngiPro. on-site support. Any of these situations Areas of activity Process and project engineering. Successful cooperation is critical in ensuring that the profile of the EngiPro professional assigned to the project perfectly matches our customer's needs.

your personal partner We understand the needs of customers and engineers. EngiPro . België Email: info@engipro. Our staff hit the ground running. • Website: http://www. EngiPro . 7850 Edingen. We have years of experience in managing industrial projects. pharmaceuticals. We select the right person from our own network of experienced project engineers. and at the right price!” EngiPro – a specialist in your market We deliver technical support. expertise and know-how to SMEs and international companies in a wide range of sectors. steel and auto(motive). We screen candidates thoroughly for technical knowledge. they bring the expertise the customer Tel. EngiPro . flexibility and interpersonal skills. at the right time. in the right place.“The right person. We thoroughly analyse customer requirements and seek out EngiPro staff with appropriate technical expertise and experience.engipro. including chemicals. +32 (0)2 395 63 52 • Fax +32 (0)2 395 65 92 • Mobile +32 (0)475 31 77 21 stockmansvision • creatieve totaalprojecten .the missing link for your project We find the right engineer for your project. Wachthuisdreef quality at a reasonable price We deploy the right person with the right technical expertise quickly and affordably. We are flexible and can always find a solution that meets our customers' requirements. petrochemicals. We deliver staff with top-quality technical skillsets and more than five years' experience.