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Top 10 Most Expensive Cities In The World

Ever wondered what are the most expensive places in the world to live? everyone knows that it costs more to live in some places than other people , but just what is the most expensive city in the world to reside in. This is a list of the 10 cities in the world where it's most expensive to reside in early '09 as based on the Economist, although this will in all probability change in line with regional economic changes and foreign currency fluctuations. Singapore is both a city and country located in south east asian countries. The city associated with just under 5 million people takes up most of the country associated with 710km2, leading to an extremely high population density of almost seven thousand people for each km2. It's located on a small island, that lies in one of the busiest rivers in the world that connects eastern Asia with south asian countries , Africa and Europe. The city first started to develop to dominance under western rule due to it's high strategic importance and the city has continued to develop in stature since selfreliance. The city comes with an extremely powerful economy dependent it's company friendly guidelines leading to many international companies having a bottom here. There is also a thriving high-tech manufacturing part to the economic climate , and the port of Singapore is one of the planet's busiest ports , particularly in the actual transhipment of goods. This flourishing economy coupled with lack of space for expansion leads to Singapore being the actual tenth most expensive city in the world to live. Geneva is a city nestled in between Lake Geneva and The Alps in switzerland. Although the majority of the city is in Switzerland, because of the high cost of residing in the city proper many people travel in from nearby france. Geneva is famous for being the location where the Geneva conventions were authorized , which control the dealing with of prisoners of battle. Geneva is also home towards the headquarters of the International panel of the red-colored Cross, and many United Nations sections are also dependent here. In addition to being a major city in humanitarian terms, Geneva is also the actual 6th the majority of important financial centre in the world. All of these factors , along with the wonderful location together with Lake Geneva and a policy to preserve the city, results in it having the ninth greatest cost of living worldwide. Frankfurt is actually joint 7th most expensive city to live in together with Helsinki. Frankfurt is a city in germany , and is located on the Main river , which leads to it's complete name Frankfurt am Main. Whenever Germany had been divided, it was located in west Germany, and so with berlin isolated became the economic 'ninja-like' of west Germany, and upon re-unification it maintained this position. It's the largest financial centre associated with mainland european countries , and both European and German central banks can be found here, as well as the Frankfurt stock exchange which is one of the biggest in the world. All this wealth results in Frankfurt being the combined seventh most expensive city in the world to live in. In terms of the cost of living , Helsinki is actually joint 7th most expensive together with Frankfurt. Helsinki is the capital city of Finland, and is located in the far southern of the country alongside the beach of Finland. Despite coming to the southern of Finland, it is still an extremely northerly city and

so can get very cold in the winter. Helsinki is the economic center of the Finnish economy, and this partly describes the high cost of living. Helsinki has traditionally had a large shipbuilding business and this is constantly on the this day, although there are now also more hi-tech industries for example Nokia that is located simply outside the city. Along with other Scandinavian countries, Finland has a fairly high taxes rate, and this combined with the large amount of wealth produced is probably exactly what results in Helsinki having the combined seventh greatest cost of living in the world. Located within Switzerland, Zurich comes sixth on the list of most expensive cities in the world by living costs. Zurich is to switzerland like ny is to the usa , it is the industrial capital of the country but not the actual political one. Zurich hosts many best educational institutions, and this helps ensure that the top thoughts in switzerland and additional afield arrived at live in Zurich, and it is likely that many of those will spend at least some of their operating lives right here. A large percentage of the switzerland economy is dependant on financial providers , and many multinational companies for example UBS, Zurich Financial Services and Credit Suisse are dependent here. In addition , the population associated with Zurich is extremely diverse, and this potentially describes why many international companies, for example IBM, google and microsoft have amenities here. Many of these factors mean that Zurich has a very strong economic climate , and this results in the 6th highest cost of living worldwide. The city in the world with the 5th highest cost of living is the Norwegian capital town of Oslo. Oslo is Norway's biggest city , both financially and by populace. Norway is among the most civilized world in the world, with a large income from a variety of sources. Included in this are the large just offshore oil and gas supplies , maritime engineering and insurance and travel and leisure. Norway has one of the greatest average wages for a nation in the world, and Oslo comes with an average actually higher than this particular national typical. Due to the high average wage , linked to the fact that many basic commodities for example many food products are brought in , leads to an extremely high cost of living. This is additional exaggerated through the very high Norwegian tax price. Finally there's large public opposition to both the growth and development of the city itself with high-rise buildings and the surrounding places , resulting in space becoming at a premium. All of these factors combine to create Oslo the 5th most expensive city in the world by which to live. Copenhagen is the 4th most expensive city in the world by which to live. Such as Helsinki and Oslo this appear in the top 10 most expensive cities when it comes to cost of living, this too is the capital town of a Scandinavian country. Within Copenhagen's situation the country is actually Denmark, and like both Oslo and Helsinki, it's not only the political capital city but the dominant city in the country economically and culturally too. Copenhagen is the location for many international mind and regional offices, for example Maersk which has mind offices within Copenhagen and Microsoft, for which Copenhagen offers the regional head office. Recently Copenhagen, and Denmark as a whole has seen substantial growth, both domestically and internationally. For example , the largest wind generator manufacturer, Vestas, is a Danish company. Many of these factors mixed lead to Copenhagen having an extremely strong economic climate , with the related high wages , which results in it being in fourth position on the list of most expensive cities when it comes to cost of living.

Paris is the capital city of france , and is available in third one of many most expensive metropolitan areas in the world. The city of london is a rather compact area , although the metropolitan area is a lot larger and includes many satellite towns. The central area of london , and the area with that this cost of living list handles , refers exclusively to the town of Paris. London is famous for tourism, and whilst this particular generates a large amount of money for that local economic climate , it does lead to demands for less development of the actual older areas of the city. As such this leads to much less modern space for both commerce and residences than many other metropolitan areas , and this forces up the cost of living. Another factor in the high cost of living is the strong economic climate of the london region, and for that reason high typical wage. Main industries within Paris range from the previously mentioned travel and leisure , as well as financial and high-tech manufacturing. Many of these factors mix to give the city of london the third greatest cost of living worldwide. The second highest cost of living is for two linked cities within Japan -- Osaka and Kobe. Just like many japanese cities, both of these have an extremely high populace density, which leads to expensive housing and other costs. Both cities are extremely large with populations in excess of 1 million. Within each city there are a number of various industries, with lots of large multinational companies having their head office in the particular cities. Examples of these include Mitsubishi, Mizuno, Panasonic, Sanyo and Sharp. There is also a relatively large financial business in both metropolitan areas , leading to high wages. The actual high cost of land , as well as high wages, mix to make the actual Osaka-Kobe area the second most expensive region in the world in which to live. The japanese capital town of Tokyo arrives first one of many most expensive metropolitan areas to live in. In addition to being the top of the list of metropolitan areas with the greatest living expenses , it is also the actual centre of the world's biggest metropolitan area by both population and economy. This is probably what makes it the most expensive city in the world by which to live. The actual Tokyo stock exchange is one of the planet's largest, and it is the largest one in Japan. Many international businesses are located in Tokyo, and yet more possess regional offices in the city which leads to a lot of highly compensated jobs. In addition , the large size of the population results in massive demand for space, and this is additional exacerbated through the fact that tokyo is encompassed by the these types of of tokyo and a lot of steep hills and mountains. Many of these factors mix to make tokyo the most expensive city in the world by which to live. Why not register for Hubpagesright now. It's quick and easy to complete , and you can make money for composing articles. You have nothing to get rid of and potentially lots to gain ! cost of living in costa rica