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Home for the Holidays
Great gifts for new homeowners
Toast the Host
Gift ideas for your
holiday host or hostess
Tips when buying a
natural Christmas tree
Tips when buying a
natural Christmas tree
December 12, 2012
Buyers Guide
Traditions & Lifestyle
December 12, 2012 • Buyers Guide 2
04 | EASY WAYS to be ‘green’ for the holidays
with holiday lighting
06 | MAKE-YOUR-OWN holiday ornaments
gift wrapping station
08 | GREAT GIFTS for new homeowners
11 | KEEP KIDS ENGAGED and occupied
during holiday shopping trips
12 | TAKE THE HASSLE OUT of gift returns
13 | TABLET COMPUTER shopping tips
of the holidays to save time
15 | CHRISTMAS TREE sap clean up
15 | TIPS when buying a
natural Christmas tree
15 | HISTORY of Christmas Trees
on your holiday gift list
17 | GIFTS for your host or hostess
18 | TIPS for getting greeting
cards out on time
20 | TIPS for families
dining out for the holidays
of popular Christmas movies
22 | ROCKEFELLER Christmas Tree
to ring in the New Year
2928 Hammonds Mill Road, Hedgesville, West Virginia 25427
Church Office: 304-754-8211 •
From I-81 take the Spring Mills Exit (Exit 20) Go West on
Route 901 three miles. The church is on the left.
Sunday Evening, December 16
at 6:00 p.m.
Christmas Cantata, The Winter Rose
written by Joseph M. Martin
will be presented by the
Falling Waters Presbyterian Church Adult Choir
There will be a reception in the Fellowship Hall following the presentation of the cantata
It is our sincerest prayer that as Christ, the Rose of Sharon, opens
before you this Christmas, your spirit will be encouraged by the
beauty of God’s greatest gift. Let the words and music of this
cantata remind you that even in the deepest winter, we are people
of joy and life...children of the garden.
So, COME! Bring all of
your friends and relatives to
Falling Waters Presbyterian
to hear the Good News
of the Birth of Jesus Christ.
Buyers Guide • December 12, 2012 3

Get on the ball. . .
with your Christmas List!
Put some creativity in this year’s gift list . . . get
on the ball and give the gift of good health
with a Wellness Center Membership or
Massage. The Wellness Center offers a
levels to enhance their health and well-
being. And a massage is a treat for
anyone on your list! So, this
holiday season, treat someone
to the “gift of good health”
. . . we bet it will be the best
gift they receive this year!
Cal l 304.264.1232
Located in the Dorothy A. McCormack
Center on the campus of City Hospital,
Martinsburg, WV
2137 Williamsport Pike Martinsburg, WV 2137 Williamsport Pike Martinsburg, WV
304-262-8500 304-262-8500
Gold & Silver Coins
We Stock Left & Right Hand
Leather Holsters
Accessories, Ammo, Knives And More
Large Selection of Gold and Silver
Jewelry! Diamonds, Bracelets, Rings,
Pendants, Earrings & Necklaces
With a special selection of unique
coins for the Holidays
New & Used Long Guns,
Handguns and Silencers
December 12, 2012 • Buyers Guide 4
Easy ways
to be ‘green’ for the holidays
Get a live Christmas tree. Christmas trees are
planted expressly for the purpose of being cut down
and turned into holiday decor. Responsible tree
farms will plant many more trees than is needed for
the purpose of Christmas trees. Be a good steward
for the environment and recycle your tree once the
holidays are over. Some recycling centers will pick
them up free or for a small fee.
Consider giving food as a gift. Food is consum-
able and doesn’t take up space, and locally grown
food does not require shipping or wasteful packag-
ing. It’s an ideal gift for those who already have
Cut back on holiday décor. Most people love show-
casing their Christmas spirit with decorations.
However, many decorative products are produced
overseas and shipped to North America on large
vessels that require a lot of fuel. Think about reduc-
ing your decorations or replacing plastic and metal
decorations for all-natural options. Branches of holly
or twigs tied with ribbon to form a natural wreath are
just as decorative as store-bought plastic decora-
Don’t leave lights on for extended periods of
time. Homes and businesses bedecked in holiday
lights are staples of the season. However, extra
lights, inflatable lawn Santas and other accessories
consume substantial amounts of energy. Instead of
leaving lights and other decorative items running for
hours each night, turn them off after a little while to
save energy.
Donate money in lieu of gifts. Choose environ-
mentally responsible charities and donate funds to
their efforts in the name of people who do not need
another package of pajamas.
Use decomposable shipping peanuts. Shipping
peanuts are environmentally friendly packing prod-
ucts that are made from cornstarch. When they
come in contact with water, they dissolve, making for
easy clean-up and less trash.
Donate unused gifts. Nearly everyone gets an
unwanted gift come the holiday season. Instead of
putting items in the trash or taking them back to the
store, donate gifts you’ll never use to a charity or a
thrift shop.
Wrap gifts with wrapping paper alternatives.
Wrapping paper is a luxury item that tends to be
wasteful. There are many items around the house
that can be recycled into decorative gift wrap. Sew
scraps of fabric together for a patchwork bag or use
glossy photos from a fashion magazine to papier
mâché a box. When you think creatively, you’re
bound to come up with some very usable and eco-
friendly ideas.
Although many people tend to go overboard for the
holidays, getting into the holiday spirit does not have
to be unfriendly to the environment.
While the holiday season is a time of joy,
giving and religious reflection, it also can
be a time of excess. Holiday parties, meals
brimming with more food than the average
person can consume, wrapping paper
tossed aside after minimal usage and
shoppers venturing for miles in cars in
search of presents can all prove wasteful.
For the environmentally conscious, the hol-
iday season is a great opportunity to put
your ideals to use. Although it may seem
like a challenging task, going green for the
holidays is easier than you might think.
Travel makes
a great
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Schrock Travel
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Buyers Guide • December 12, 2012 5
Holiday lighting displays are a beloved
holiday tradition. Many families enjoy
illuminating their homes with decorative
lights, and some communities even
reward the household that goes above
and beyond with their holiday lighting
But as enjoyable and eye-catching as
such displays can be, they also can be
equally as dangerous. Hanging lights
carries a certain degree of risk, and it’s
best for homeowners to be as cautious
as possible when erecting their holiday
lighting displays.
Start with the lights. Inspecting the
lights is an important part of creating a
safe holiday lighting display, and this
inspection should occur before you
begin decorating. Examine each string
of lights for damaged wires, including
any loose connections or broken sock-
ets. Discard any damaged sets before
decorating. If your inspection turns up
any burned out bulbs, always replace
the older bulbs with new bulbs of the
same wattage. In the past, a good rule
of thumb was to limit each extension
cord to no more than three sets of
lights. However, if using LED bulbs,
which consume as much as 90 percent
less energy than traditional incandes-
cent bulbs, you can have more sets
connected to a single extension cord.
After inspecting the lights, inspect the
other tools you will be using. Make sure
the ladder is sturdy and that your staple
gun and other tools are ready to be
used. If any tools fail your inspection,
delay the decorating until you can find
adequate replacements.
Only decorate in the daytime.
Sunlight can be sparse during the holi-
day season, when the sun goes down
before many working men and women
leave their offices much less arrive
home. But decorating at night is asking
for trouble, so make time to decorate
during the daytime. Decorating during
the day makes it easier to see poten-
tially problematic power lines, and the
weather likely won’t be as harsh during
the daytime as it will be at night, reduc-
ing your risk for injury.
Never decorate alone. When decorat-
ing, always have someone nearby in
case of emergency. Falling from a lad-
der can cause serious harm, but having
someone there to hold the ladder can
reduce your risk of falling. In addition, a
decorating partner can contact emer-
gency personnel should you suffer an
injury and become unable to reach the
Trim trees before decorating. Winter
might not be the ideal time to trim
trees, but streaming lights on over-
grown trees could pose a significant
safety risk. A tree that hasn’t been
trimmed might have grown close to
power lines. When that tree is covered
in holiday lights, contact with the power
line could electrify the tree, potentially
causing property damage or personal
injury to anyone within close proximity
to the affected tree. If you’re worried
about trimming a tree outside of its rec-
ommended trimming season, do not
decorate that tree with any lights.
Strategically place lights. Lights
should never conceal a window, and
the cords should never be run across
walkways or steps. Lights that are
strewn across a window pose a safety
hazard should a fire occur at the home
and window escape is needed. Cords
that have been run across walkways
and steps pose a tripping hazard, espe-
cially if a light snowfall makes it difficult
for family members or guests to see the
cords on the ground.
Make sure the lights are not on when
no one is home. Lights should never
be on when no one is home. This
poses a significant safety risk, and no
homeowner wants to arrive home to
see their house has burned down or
suffered damage from a fire. In addi-
tion, turn the lights off before you go to
sleep at night. This makes the home
safer at night and will save you a sub-
stantial amount of money.
Safety First
with holiday lighting
Your Home Decorating Center
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December 12, 2012 • Buyers Guide 6
Berkeley Springs. . .149 N. Washington Street / 304-258-4343
Martinsburg . . .1700 W. King Street / (304) 264-4500
Martinsburg. . .420 South Raleigh Street / 304-264-4510
Martinsburg. . .255 Administrative Drive / 304-264-4520
Inwood. . .14 Sader Drive / 304-229-0400
Charles Town. . .1034 S. George Street / 304-725-9787
Ranson. . .75 West Virginia Way / 304-724-9155
Celebrating 20 years
of Serving the
Eastern Panhandle!
for the Next Generation.
146 N. Queen Street 304-267-8061
holiday ornaments
Holiday decorating is a big part of the
holiday season. Bins are taken out of
the attic or garage, and decorations
are once again given their opportunity
to shine for several weeks before
being packed away again.
Among the many decorations families
use to deck the halls are ornaments
that were made by hand. This year
creating homemade ornaments can
be a crafty project that helps families
make new holiday memories.
Christmas tree ornaments come in all
shapes and sizes and often tell the
stories of holiday traditions. There are
several different ways to create per-
sonalized, do-it-yourself ornaments
and leave the cheap, easily broken
ornaments from the dollar stores
Photo ornaments
Fun photo ornaments showcase how
a family has changed and grown over
the years. Experiment with different
ways to create these ornaments. You
can glue a photo to a ceramic orna-
ment and cover it with decoupage
glaze to set it permanently. Try pur-
chasing clear, glass ornaments, then
remove the top of the ornament,
which is usually spring-loaded, before
slipping a photo inside and replacing
the top. You also can laminate a
photo, punch a hole in the top and
affix a ribbon.
Ceramic ornaments
The popularity of paint-it-yourself pot-
tery has led to an increase in ceramic
and crafts shops across the country.
During the holiday season such
shops offer many holiday items that
can be painted. Often the store will
then fire the pieces after they are
painted so that they are shiny and
hardened for display.
Those who want to do their painting
at home can visit their local craft or
hobby shop, where typically there are
unfinished ceramic ornaments that
can be painted with acrylic paints
found right in the next aisle. A finish-
ing coat of clear glaze will help pro-
tect the ornaments from year to year.
Wood crafts
Many of today’s craft centers have
expanded to include sections devoted
to unfinished wood items. Everything
from letters to animal cutouts to
boxes and rocking horses can be pur-
chased and finished. Turn keepsake
boxes into painted and ribbon-
adorned gift boxes. Stain a treasure
chest that can be used to store rein-
deer snacks for Santa’s crew. Turn
small decorative pieces into orna-
ments for the tree. Paint and affix
wood initials onto stocking holders to
identify to whom each stocking
belongs. Crafty individuals also can
turn plain wood plaques into signs
with clever sayings, such as “Park
your sleigh here.”
Scavenge around the house
Young children can use any medium
for making ornaments. Garlands
made of macaroni or popcorn are tra-
ditional. Fabric scraps can be sewn
and stuffed with potpourri for home-
made scent satchels. Hand-drawn
pictures can be made and laminated
and hung on the tree.
The only obstacle with regard to DIY
ornaments is a limited imagination.
Homemade items can add whimsy
and a personal touch to the holiday
Buyers Guide • December 12, 2012 7
Create your
own gift
Messy wrapping paper
and ribbon can make
it a chore to wrap gifts.
Santa’s workshop likely devotes an
entire floor to gift wrap, ribbon, bows
and bags. Intricately wrapped pres-
ents sustain the suspense of the
treasure beneath the paper. In addi-
tion, there’s something special for
recipients when a gift is adorned in
ribbon and bows. However, the aver-
age gift giver cannot recreate Santa’s
wrapping room when the time comes
to wrap gifts. But a person may be
able to fashion a compact wrapping
station in a seldom-used corner.
Many people long to have an area
where they can create wrapping
magic for holiday gifts, birthday pres-
ents and other tokens of appreciation
throughout the year. However, with
limited space, tall rolls of gift paper
may have been stashed in the back
of a closet or tucked under a bed,
making them inconvenient to use
once it is time to wrap gifts. With just
a few feet of space, anyone can cre-
ate a compact gift wrapping station
that, while free of fancy bells and
whistles, has all that’s needed to get
the job done.
The first step in creating your wrap-
ping station is to find a spot that is
out of the way but enables you to
easily keep inventory of paper and
ribbons. The back of a door or behind
the door often provides adequate
space to store supplies, and the
width of a door might be the right
size for the average roll of wrapping
paper. If the door is too narrow, the
rolls can be hung vertically instead of
horizontally. Fortunately, gift wrap is
narrow and doesn’t take up much
space on its own. Therefore, it usually
can be tucked into a corner. Also, you
just may have enough scrap materi-
als around the house to use to build
your wrapping station. If not, a trip to
the hardware store or home improve-
ment center can generally yield what
you need.
Wooden dowels are an inexpensive
yet valuable supply. Rolls of wrapping
paper can be slid on the dowels and
hung horizontally on hooks protruding
from a door or wall. For a vertical
installation, make a wooden frame
the width and length that will be
needed. Drill holes in the frame on
the top and bottom through which the
dowels can be fed. Then drill small
holes on the ends of the dowels. Use
cabinet door handles or drawer pulls
on the end that are wider than the
holes made in the wooden frame.
This way the drawer pulls can be
unscrewed at the top to remove the
dowels and refill with a fresh roll of
paper. Then the knobs can be
screwed back on to prevent the dow-
els from falling through the wooden
Those who are a bit more handy may
want to paint and attach a piece of
plywood to the door on hinges that
can be folded up and locked into
place with a hook when not needed,
but then put down to serve as a shelf
on which the wrapping can be done.
Be sure to have a shallow ledge that
protrudes somewhat under the shelf
to offer support when the shelf is in
the open position.
A separate dowel can be used to
keep rolls of ribbon neat and within
reach. A scissor hung on a hook or
attached to a string will ensure that
you’re never hunting for a scissor
under rolls of wrapping paper. It also
keeps the scissor safely out of reach
of young children.
If desired, a tape dispenser can be
mounted on the wall or door as well,
enabling one-handed measuring and
cutting of the tape.
Get creative with your homemade
wrapping station and then enjoy how
efficiently you can wrap gifts.
December 12, 2012 • Buyers Guide 8
Start the
year off with
a new career
as a Cosmetologist,
Esthetician, or Nail Tech!
Financial aid is
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qualify. Classes
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a Spa Pedicure
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Great gifts for new homeowners
Buying a home can be one of the most
rewarding experiences in a person’s life. It
also can be one of the most stressful.
New homeowners are faced with many
expenses after buying a home, and the
holiday season is a great time to help
them out with a thoughtful gift for the
place they now call home. The following
are some great gift ideas for the new
homeowner on your holiday shopping list.
How-to books: Owning a home presents
many opportunities for repairs and reno-
vations. Oftentimes, this is a homeown-
er’s initial foray into do-it-yourself projects,
so consider giving a library of instruction-
al books that walk homeowners through
some basics, like plumbing, electrical
work or basic construction.
Personalized key chains: A new home
means a new set of keys to the front
door. Have key chains monogrammed
and gift with a bottle of champagne to
toast the new residence.
Welcome mat: Welcome mats can be
customized with the owner’s last name,
and some customizing services also can
print an image on a door mat or a quirky
Door knocker: Although door bells have
replaced door knockers for practical use,
a nice metal door knocker still makes a
decorative statement on the front door.
Have the door knocker engraved with the
family name.
Gift certificate: A new home means new
projects large and small. Homeowners
will be making frequent trips to the home
improvement center, and such trips can
get costly. A gift card will help lessen that
financial burden.
Home warranty: Third-party companies
sell home warranties that can cover the
costs of repairs on major home systems.
To new homeowners, the peace of mind
of knowing the HVAC system or a major
appliance can be repaired or replaced at
minimal cost could make this gift invalu-
Portrait: Give the gift of memories by
setting up a photo session with a photog-
rapher that enables the new homeowners
to have a print made that can be hung up
and enjoyed.
Tool gift basket: Homeowners can
always use nails, screws, hammers, pic-
ture-hanging kits, painter’s tape, and the
other odds and ends that go into making
Furniture: Ask the homeowner what
room needs furnishing and offer to pur-
chase one or more pieces for the space.
Linens: Guests might be stopping by to
see the new house, so a gift of sheets for
the guest room or hand towels will ensure
the place is stocked for anyone who
drops by.
Dining out certificates: People who
have just moved into a home may be so
busy with projects that they don’t have
time to make sit-down meals. Therefore, a
gift card to a favorite restaurant can pro-
vide a welcome respite from takeout.
Security system: Homeowners who
want to protect their new asset may
appreciate a home security system.
Money: Buying a home is an expensive
endeavor, and new homeowners may be
feeling the pinch of an overextended
budget. Sometimes cash makes the most
thoughtful gift.
New homeowners are faced with many
situations that can be both exciting and
stressful as they move into new homes.
Many gifts can make the process of set-
tling in that much easier.
Buyers Guide • December 12, 2012 9
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December 12, 2012 • Buyers Guide 10
Now Celebrating Our 26th Anniversary!
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offering a very special discount to you because you’re so-so-so special.
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® Craft fairs and flea markets are a sta-
ple of the holiday season. Not only
are they ideal places to find one-of-a-
kind gifts for anyone on your holiday
shopping list, but they also are great
opportunities for small business own-
ers to broaden their client base while
making a relatively small investment.
Each year schools, churches, senior
clubs, and other organizations open
their doors to holiday fairs in an effort
to raise money for their respective
organizations. In some towns, fairs
have expanded into temporary shop-
ping markets where shoppers can go
from booth to booth to find the per-
fect gift.
Being a part of one of these events
can be as simple as paying the
entrance fee and setting up a table.
Individuals who have never sold
wares at events such as these could
find that they do quite well with such
a captive audience. You do not have
to be a professional sales person or
event organizer to get involved.
Research opportunities
Community resource pages or Web
sites are often good sources of infor-
mation about events the city or town
will host. Church bulletins and notices
sent home from school may also list
such announcements. Make a list of
the events that are being held and
see where they are located, what the
cost is for being a part of the event
and how much of a crowd the event
figures to draw. These deciding fac-
tors will help you to gear your efforts
toward the fairs that stand to be the
most beneficial to you.
It is adviseable to begin your search
early so that you will have ample time
to prepare for the fair, including con-
forming to the fair’s requirements.
Know the rules and regulations
Each fair asks different things of its
vendors. Some events will have
booths or tables provided for you, but
many will require you to bring all the
essentials and simply allot you a
space. Fairs that are held outdoors
could necessitate the use of a pop-up
tent, particularly if inclement weather
is on the horizon.
Electricity may be provided with some
events, or you may be allowed to
bring a generator. The event organiz-
er also may have specific rules about
table sizes, configuration, use of
tablecloths to hide storage boxes or
materials, decorating options and
Carefully read over the guidelines for
the event before you send in your
registration fee. This way you know
what you’re getting involved with and
won’t risk losing your deposit for can-
Set the scene
Although shoppers will be there to
select among products, and those
products should be able to sell them-
selves, the atmosphere surrounding
your booth should be designed to
attract customers. Sometimes a little
window dressing makes a person
more inclined to make a purchase.
Keep this in mind as you design your
If you are selling crocheted blankets
for babies, set up a rocking chair or
bassinet with a doll and display the
blanket as it would be used. Those
selling body lotions or other toiletries
may want to create a spa atmos-
phere at their boot, complete with
some aromatherapy candles and a
Holiday craft
fair how-to
Buyers Guide • December 12, 2012 11
A Little Something
For Everyone!
The Gift That Makes
Good Things Happen!
Gift Certificates and Gift Cards
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• Eagle School Road - Martinsburg
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may want to create a spa atmosphere
at their boot, complete with some aro-
matherapy candles and a cushioned
seat in which shoppers can sit down
and try some free samples.
In addition, decorate with a holiday
theme that fits the season.
Be mindful of budget
Your goal is to make money when
attending this event. So spend minimal-
ly and invest in display items that can
be used again or customized for other
uses. You do not want to break the
bank decorating your booth or table,
only to find that your sales are minimal.
When setting up the display, be con-
servative with how much stock you set
out. You want your display to look like
you have enough offerings, but you
don’t want to be left with too many
extras at the end of the day. Offer
options to shop online or for custom-
ordered items so that you do not have
to have 200 Christmas tree ornaments
made for that day. This allows you to
spread out your costs.
Offer a freebie
Who can pass up a free item? A bowl
with candy or samples of your product
may be all that’s needed to draw cus-
tomers into your booth. Another idea is
to have potential customers fill out an
entry form that will be drawn for a
prize. Not only are you encouraging
people to come to the table, but you
also are collecting valuable marketing
information that can be used at a later
date to follow-up with customers and
help you make future sales.
Participate with a pal
Many fairs stretch on for hours, so it is
adviseable to do it with a friend or fami-
ly member so you will have someone
to talk to and also to man the booth
while you step away for a bathroom or
snack break. The hours will pass by
much more quickly when you have
some conversation going.
Be friendly and smile
A warm smile can entice people to
stop by. Talk up your products but don’t
be too pushy. If you are enthusiastic
about what you are selling, there’s a
good chance others will be enthusias-
tic, too.
Holiday shopping with kids can be fun.
Kids enjoy giving gifts, and bringing
them along on shopping excursions to
offer their input can make the season
that much more special for youngsters.
But bringing the little ones along on a
holiday shopping trip also can be tricky,
as kids can easily grow tired or bored at
the mall. The following are a few tips to
ensure kids and adults enjoy their holi-
day shopping trips together.
Bring backup. Kids might find shopping
enjoyable at the outset, but visiting store
after store can drain them of that enthu-
siasm. To quell the inevitable boredom,
bring along some backup, such as a
handheld video game or a tablet or e-
reader on which kids can watch a
favorite film or television show.
Choose your shopping destination
wisely. All malls and retailers are cer-
tainly not equal, especially when kids
will be accompanying you for a day of
shopping. Some malls offer attractions
for kids, such as a merry-go-round or a
live performance with a holiday theme.
Such attractions provide some balance
to a shopping trip, giving kids something
to look forward to between store visits.
Don’t be a Scrooge. An ice cream
cone, some holiday cookies or a hot
chocolate might not be the healthiest
fare for youngsters, but such items can
make a shopping excursion that much
more enjoyable. When shopping with
kids in tow, relax a youngster’s dietary
restrictions so they can enjoy some holi-
day treats while shopping till they drop.
Give kids some spending money.
Kids are more likely to engage them-
selves in a holiday shopping trip if they
have some spending money of their
own. Offer children some money before
leaving the house, and tell them the
money is theirs to spend on gifts as they
see fit. Kids might just enjoy looking for
the perfect gift and hunting down a holi-
day bargain as much as Mom and Dad.
Keep kids engaged and occupied
during holiday shopping trips
December 12, 2012 • Buyers Guide 12
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Happy Holidays
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Take the hassle out of gift returns
The magic of the holiday season is
hard to replicate. Gatherings with
friends and family members can put
smiles on many people’s faces, espe-
cially for those people who only see
their loved ones once a year.
But the smiles and laughter may dim
when faced with the prospect of return-
ing unwanted gifts. Few people haven’t
had to return a holiday gift once or
twice in their lifetimes. In fact, a survey
from Consumer Reports indicates that
1 in 5 Americans will return a holiday
present this year, while retail merchants
expect about 10 percent of all holiday
purchases to be returned.
Part of the difficulty of returning items is
a result of stores cracking down on
merchandise fraud. While there are
scores of honest customers simply
looking to exchange that paw print set
of pajamas for something a little more
stylish, there are plenty others who are
interested in taking advantage of the
holiday season to return items that may
have been used, such as a cocktail
dress that livened up Christmas festivi-
ties just as much as the spiked egg
nog, only to be returned December 26.
With the desire to curtail fraud, retailers
have tightened the reigns on return
Keeping this in mind and being pre-
pared for a conversation with a store’s
customer service employee can make
the return process go more smoothly.
Know the store’s return policy. It
pays to go online or call the store to
find out about its specific return policy.
Being armed with this knowledge could
help you avoid a trip to the store and
waiting in line only to be turned away.
Return policies may vary depending on
the item being returned, so be sure to
check about the item you have.
Requirements often are more stringent
on electronics.
Use a receipt whenever possible.
Receipts speed up the return process
considerably. Whether it is the actual
receipt or a gift receipt, this small slip of
paper is evidence that the item being
returned actually was purchased at the
particular store on a particular date.
Bring identification. Stores will some-
times honor a return for store credit
when you present your driver’s license.
Keep in mind that there may be a strict
limit on how many items you can return
without a receipt, and many stores
keep track of this information by utiliz-
ing the unique scan code on your
license. If you are a serial returner, you
may find your efforts are for naught.
Keep boxes closed. Restocking fees
are charges exacted for items returned
that have been opened. Generally they
are applied to electronics and appli-
ances — sometimes 15 to 30 percent
of the total purchase price. To get the
most value for your return, be sure to
keep the box closed.
Cut down on the stress and hassle of
holiday returns by knowing store poli-
cies and only returning items that are
unopened and unused. And whenever
possible, bring a receipt, even if it’s just
a gift receipt.
Buyers Guide • December 12, 2012 13
Tablets are
the must-
device of
them a top
holiday gift.
In just a few
short years,
the number
of people with
tablets has increased dramatically.
Within a year of the iPad’s introduction
into the technological lexicon, 11 per-
cent of Americans already owned one.
As other tablets and upgraded versions
of the iPad entered the market, tablets
became more and more popular.
A study from the Pew Research
Center’s Project for Excellence in
Journalism in collaboration with The
Economist Group found that the majori-
ty of tablet owners (77 percent) use
their tablets every day, using them for
an average of about 90 minutes.
When shopping for a tablet, there are
many different features to consider.
Tablets come in different sizes, weights
and screen offerings. When the iPad
was released, it set the standard
screen size at around 10 inches, weigh-
ing slightly more than a pound. Tablets
made by other manufacturers range in
sizes from 12-inch screens to 5-inch
screens, giving shoppers the ability to
choose a device that is as mobile as
they need it to be.
Battery Life
Many tablet users are interested in the
portability of the device. Battery opera-
tion makes that portability possible, so
it makes sense that battery life is a big
draw for consumers. Many tablet
reviews cite Android products and the
iPad as the best for battery life.
Flexibility is also important to prospec-
tive tablet buyers. Tablets that are only
able to connect to the Internet via a Wi-
Fi service will be much more limited in
use. Many tablets now come with 3G or
Wi-Fi capabilities, enabling the device
to work even when you are away from
home or a Wi-Fi connection.
Some consumers are interested in the
amount of data they can store on their
tablets. Some reviewers have com-
plained about the inability to add more
storage space to the Apple iPad, forc-
ing consumers to purchase a more
expensive device just to add more stor-
age. Android and Windows-based
tablets have removable storage options
and may be better buys for those who
need to save a large number of apps or
photos and video.
As with any purchase, price is often a
big component of decision-making.
Therefore, the tablet that offers the
most features at the most affordable
price may win out.
Happy Holidays!
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Tablet computer
shopping tips
December 12, 2012 • Buyers Guide 14
Cook ahead
of the holidays to save time
Holiday hosts and hostesses may want
to put a storage freezer on their wish
list this year. Having the ability to pre-
pare meals in advance and store them
easily for later use could prove invalu-
able — especially for those who are
opening their homes for the holidays.
Food and celebrations are unequivocal-
ly intertwined. While presents and dec-
orations may be important parts of holi-
day festivities, food is just as important
for hosts who want to throw a success-
ful holiday party. Those who are wel-
coming guests to their homes for the
holidays may fret over what to serve
and how long preparation will take,
especially when they’re busy with other
tasks. However, stretching out food
shopping, preparation and cooking over
a few weeks can make the process
much more manageable.
A freezer can be a party host’s best
friend come the holiday season. Many
foods can be prepared in advance and
then frozen until the celebration. Also,
having small portions of pre-made
foods can be helpful when visitors pop
in unexpectedly and may be hungry for
a meal. Just take something out of the
freezer and heat it.
Certain tips can ensure foods made in
advance are stored properly and heat
up quickly.
Casseroles, baked pasta dishes and
vegetables can be prepared in advance
and frozen. Be sure to consult with any
recipes to see if items can indeed be
frozen if you are unsure how they will
fare in the freezer.
Instead of preparing food and storing it
in one large container, separate it into
two smaller containers so dishes
defrost quickly and dinner time isn’t
Use packaging specifically designed for
use in the freezer. These products will
offer extra insulation against freezer
burn, which dehydrates food. Keeping
air out of the packaging will help to
alleviate cases of freezer burn and
potential waste of good food.
Mark packages with the date the foods
were packaged as well as what is
inside. This makes it easy to keep
inventory of what is in the freezer.
Defrost foods in the refrigerator the
night before the holiday meal will be
served. Heating foods that aren’t still
frozen considerably cuts down on cook
If food cannot be defrosted before
cooking, keep in mind that you may
have to cook foods longer than normal.
Many desserts also can be frozen.
Freeze pies before they are cooked.
Cakes can be frozen if you freeze the
layers separately. Then assemble and
frost the cakes before serving.
Cream pies cannot be frozen, but you
can use pudding in place of cream in
many recipes and be able to freeze
them. Brownies and other “bar” recipes
will freeze and carry well.
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Buyers Guide • December 12, 2012 15
Decorating is one of the many traditions
associated with the holiday season. The
family Christmas tree is arguably the
most prominent decoration. Having a live
tree inside the home can be awe-inspir-
ing, but it can also be quite messy.
The idea of bringing a formerly live tree
inside a home as a decoration may
seem odd, especially when individuals
are faced with the aftermath, which is
often a trail of pine needles and very
sticky sap. A freshly cut pine tree will
ooze sap, which tends to be quite sticky
and messy and notoriously difficult to
remove. Even a Christmas tree that is
average in stature can generate a fair
amount of sap, and it takes just a few
drops of sap to make a mess.
If sap has you stuck for clean-up ideas,
consider these home remedies.
On clothing:
• Use rubbing alcohol on the sap stain.
Allow the alcohol to sit on the stain for
30 minutes and then wash as usual.
• Make a paste of laundry detergent and
water and apply it to the stain.
• Ammonia also may remove a sap stain.
Just test an inconspicuous part of the
clothing to determine if applying ammo-
nia changes its color.
On carpeting:
• Freeze the sap with ice cubes and then
carefully pick out the hardened pieces.
• Try vodka as an adhesive remover on
the sap stain.
• Rubbing alcohol also may be able to
break up sap in carpet fibers.
On hands:
• Any greasy, oil-based product can
work, such as olive oil or even veg-
etable shortening. Rub on the skin, and
the sap should come right off.
• A lubricant like WD-40 has also been
known to remove sap.
• Hand sanitizer, which is comprised
mainly of alcohol, can help dissolve
sap so it can be rinsed off.
• Make a paste of mineral oil (baby oil)
and baking soda. This should help dis-
solve the sap and make your hands
soft in the process.
In hair:
• Sap can be notoriously difficult to get
out of human hair or animal fur. Try
coating the sap in natural peanut butter
or mayonnaise, both of which have a
high oil content. Allow to sit for a while
and then comb out the sap with a fine-
toothed comb.
• If tree sap cannot be removed, cutting
it out may be the only option.
tree sap
clean up
Wrestling with a Christmas
tree can mean getting
covered with sap.
Tips when buying a
natural Christmas tree
Many people harbor strong opinions
with regard to which type of
Christmas tree they want to pur-
chase. Some cannot live without a
natural, freshly-cut Christmas tree,
while others prefer the convenience
of artificial trees. Those who insist
on a natural tree might want to con-
sider the following tips when buying
what’s likely their biggest decorative
item of the holiday season.
Ask when the tree was cut down.
Precut trees may be cut down
weeks before they’re sold. So if
you’re buying a precut tree, chances
are the tree was cut down much
earlier than you think. This doesn’t
mean the tree won’t make it through
the holiday season, but a tree that
was cut several weeks ago should
have some of its bottom trunk
removed before it’s placed in the
stand. This will make it easier for the
tree to consume water. This step
likely isn’t necessary if the tree was
cut down the same day you bring it
Have the tree shaken before tak-
ing it home. A tree should be shak-
en in a shaker before you put it in
your car and bring it home. A shaker
removes any debris or dead nee-
dles from the tree, which can save
you the trouble of cleaning up all of
those dead needles from your living
room floor later on.
Have the tree wrapped before tak-
ing it home. A tree should also be
wrapped in twine before taking it
home. The twine should be tight
enough to keep the tree’s branches
from blowing in the wind when you
attach the tree to the top of your
vehicle. If possible, keep the tree
wrapped in twine as you place it in
the stand. This makes the tree easi-
er to control.
Choose the right location. When
looking for the right place to set up
your natural tree, it’s best to choose
a spot that’s cool and free of drafts.
The tree should not be placed near
heat sources, including appliances,
fireplaces or vents, because such
heat sources create a safety hazard
and can make it difficult for the tree
to retain moisture. There should also
be ample space between the top of
the tree and the ceiling.
Place some covering on the
ground beneath the tree. Even a
freshly cut natural tree will shed
needles over the course of the holi-
day season. Before placing the
stand in the location you’ve chosen,
put some type of covering, such as
a tree bag, beneath the stand so it’s
easier to gather all those needles
once the holiday season has ended.
Remember that natural trees are
thirsty. Men and women who have
never had a natural Christmas tree
in the past might be surprised at
just how thirsty natural trees get.
The stand’s reservoir should have
lots of water, which should never dip
below the stump. If the water dips
below the stump, you might be
forced to cut a little more off the bot-
tom of the trunk to ensure the tree
will make it through the holiday sea-
son. That can be a hassle once the
tree has been decorated, so be sure
to check the water in the reservoir
at least once per day to maintain
adequate water levels.
History of Christmas trees
Christmas trees have a storied history. In the
ancient times before Christianity, many people
celebrated the wonders in nature. The sea-
sons were believed to be controlled by gods,
and when it was winter, the sun god was said
to be sick and weak enabling the cold season
to arrive. The winter solstice, or the shortest
day of sunlight was actually celebrated
because it meant that the days would be get-
ting longer — that the sun god was on the
Trees and other plants that could remain
green throughout the harsh winter were
thought of as special. Individuals often consid-
ered these plants to have magical powers and
boughs of evergreens were hung over win-
dows and doors in homes to ward off bad
spirits and also to remind them that the bene-
ficial summer season — when all things were
green and full of life — would soon be back.
Other ancient people celebrated the majesty
of evergreen trees and branches, such as
Romans and Celts. Druids decorated their
temples with evergreen boughs as a symbol
of everlasting life.
Originally the concept of a Christmas tree,
which is thought to have been established in
16th century Germany, was shunned by the
religious because of its ties to pagan rituals.
But as with many Christian celebrations, some
of the customs evolved from pagan rites of the
past. According to “Christmas Tree Traditions,”
by Diane Relf, (Virginia Cooperative
Extension), erecting Christmas trees was a
German practice. The trees were called
“Paradeisbaum” (paradise trees) and were
brought into homes to celebrate the annual
Feast of Adam and Eve on December 24.
They were first brought to America by
German immigrants about 1700. Christmas
trees became popular among the general U.S.
population about 1850. Today Christmas trees
have been accepted by most Christians and
they are often a symbol of rebirth and hope for
the new year by people of other religions as
History of Christmas Trees
December 12, 2012 • Buyers Guide 16
Tools for the Big Jobs
Rockwell Sonicrafter X2 3-Amp with Hyperlink —
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ton of clamping force.
KREG Toolboxx™ Master Collection — The
Toolboxx Master Collection is a complete pocket-
hole joinery solution for materials from 1⁄2" thick to
11⁄2" thick and larger, including four Kreg jigs, a host
of accessories and 1,000+ Kreg screws. Use with a
saw and a drill to create beautiful furniture, build
custom cabinets, or maximize your interior space
with custom closets and built-ins.
PULY 12V Li-Ion Two-Speed

" Drill Driver —
Lightweight and ergonomically designed, this drill
driver features two speeds (0-300 and 0-1,050
RPMs) and 203 inch-pounds of torque to handle just
about every drilling/driving task at home or in the
Earlex SprayStation Gemini HVLP Sprayer —
This innovative HVLP Sprayer is capable of spraying
fine finishes, stains (with 1.5mm needle available
separately) and paints with the enclosed 2mm nee-
dle from the standard gun/cup configuration or latex
paint directly from the gallon can, utilizing an
onboard auxiliary pump that pushes the paint up to
the gun.
Products That Make Work Easier
Festool Syslite LED Worklamp — Six high-effi-
ciency LED bulbs provide 170° of even light in this
portable light source that is perfect for under a cabi-
net, in a crawl space or attic or anywhere.
Beginner’s Marking and Measuring Kit — Before
cutting, drilling or joining begins, these handy
helpers will likely be in demand: standard/metric 12"
measuring tape, 2", 4" and 6" all steel, precision
engineer’s squares, and 6", 12", 24" and 40" stain-
less steel cabinetmaker’s rules.
Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener — This hand-
held, motorized tool sharpens any knife, as well as
scissors, garden shears, and a host of other tools.
Shop Stool with Adjustable Height — This stool
has a molded “tractor-style,” high density polymer
seat and back, and chrome foot ring and base. Seat
height adjusts from 22" to 32"; overall height is 41
Stocking Stuffers
Woodcraft Gift Card — Gifting made easy — the
recipient selects his or her own gift!
Woodcraft Magazine Subscription — Give a year-
round gift — six issues packed with woodworking
projects, techniques, and products.
Restore-A-Finish — This unique finish-penetrating
formula restores the original color and luster to
wood finishes while blending out minor scratches
and blemishes. It comes in neutral and eight wood
O’Keeffe’s Working Hands — Two key ingredients
— glycerin and allantoin, a comfrey derivative —
enable this revolutionary conditioner to assist the
healing of dry, damaged skin.
Ideas for the
on Your Holiday Gift List
Giving gifts is a holiday tradition, but sometimes friends and family who main-
tain, renovate and build can pose special gifting challenges. To find gifts for
these folks and others on your gift list, check out the suggestions below.
Earlex designed this SprayStation Gemini HVLP Sprayer with new technology that
allows for traditional use of the cup fed gun to spray fine finishes and paints or use
a pump that enables the user to spray large areas quickly.
Buyers Guide • December 12, 2012 17
A hostess gift can be as simple or as
extravagant as your budget allows.
Many people tend to gravitate toward
food-related gifts because of
their simplicity and the idea
that they can be served at
the gathering of friends and
family. But conventional eti-
quette suggests that hosts
and hostesses are not obli-
gated to serve the beverages
or foods guests bring and
should not feel ashamed to
reserve them for their own
private use. So guests may
want to think outside the box
when gifting holiday hosts this season.
Here are some ideas to consider.
Flavored dipping oils: Herb-infused
oils lend a different taste to prepared
foods and also can be used as a bread
garnish in lieu of butter. Pair a flavored
oil with a loaf of gourmet bread and
include a decorative, shallow bowl that
can be used for the oil.
Wine caddy: The number of restau-
rants that enable you to bring your own
beverages has multiplied. This means
that diners can benefit from practical
ways to transport their favorite vintage
from home to the table. Wine caddies
and holders come in many different
designs, from some that resemble a
woman’s clutch to suitcase-inspired
After-dinner treat: Put together a bas-
ket of foods that can be served after
dinner. A citrusy palate cleanser, like
lemon-infused butter cookies, fresh fruit
and a sparkling beverage may fit the bill
perfectly. Specialty stores often sell gift
“towers” this time of year that package
together delicious treats.
Scented sugars: Oil isn’t the only
condiment that can be infused with
aroma and additional flavor. Purchase
canning jars and fill them with your
favorite brand of granulated sugar. Add
flavorings, such as cinnamon sticks,
vanilla beans, mint leaves, or hazelnuts,
to give foods a subtle essence of flavor.
Tie a bow around the jar and present it
as a thoughtful gift.
Garden gift basket: Although the cold
weather is here, a garden gift basket
can still make a welcome gift. Include
flower seeds, fertilizer sticks, a garden
trowel, a pair of gardening gloves and
any other essentials you can think of.
Spa gift certificate: Entertaining is
hard work and a hostess may enjoy
some time to recuperate once the holi-
days have come and gone. A gift certifi-
cate for a facial or massage will provide
at least an hour of pampering.
Homemade treats: Much in the way a
hand-written thank-you note can con-
vey how much you appreciate a gift, a
handmade gift can tell a host that you
were thankful to be invited to an event.
If you prepare a signature dish, whip it
up and bring it along. It’s also easy to
create some simple garnishes and
package them in a decorative tin or jar.
Think homemade salsa or a home-
made chocolate ganache sauce.
Breakfast in bed: Enable the host and
hostess to sleep in the next day by hav-
ing breakfast all ready to go. Put
together a basket or tray with individual
bottles of juice, packets of tea or instant
coffee and some gourmet muffins or
scones. Add a jar of jam and some
small spreading knives so breakfast
can be served with minimal hassle.
There are many gifts that can treat a
host or hostess to something special as
a token of appreciation for opening up
his or her home during the holiday sea-
Gifts for your holiday
host or hostess
No Better Gift Than the Gift of Look Good ~ Feel Great!
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Entertaining is part of the hol-
iday season, when hosts and
hostesses open their homes
to many friends and family to
celebrate a time of giving and
togetherness. Gifts for the
host and/or hostess can
show appreciation to the men
and women who go above
and beyond.
December 12, 2012 • Buyers Guide 18
Tips for getting
greeting cards
out on time
Millions of greeting cards are sent out
each holiday season. Estimates sug-
gest that 85 percent of the United
States population, or roughly 250 mil-
lion people, mails out greeting cards.
That adds up to billions of cards going
through the postal system — and all in
a relatively short period of time.
Men and women who hope to send hol-
iday greeting cards must purchase, pre-
pare and mail the cards early enough
so they are received prior to the holi-
day. It is never too early to begin greet-
ing card preparation and assembly.
The majority of cards are bought in
boxed packages or groupings of photo
cards. Gone are the days of hand-pick-
ing individual greeting cards for every
recipient. This trend toward general-
theme cards has streamlined the
process and can help senders start
their tasks earlier than ever before.
Some people like to take advantage of
post-holiday sales to stock up on greet-
ing cards for the following year at a
deep discount. This means they can
write the cards out at their leisure and
then simply toss them into the mailbox
at the appropriate time.
Much in the way people begin their hol-
iday shopping or decorating right after
the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers have
been stored away, a good majority of
people also begin their greeting card
writing after Thanksgiving as well.
Those who want their cards to arrive
first will mail them within a few days of
Thanksgiving. When sent domestically,
it is safe to assume that cards mailed
out up to 2 weeks before Christmas will
arrive on time. After that point, you may
be risking lateness, particularly for rural
delivery addresses unless cards are
sent priority. For those who need to
mail cards internationally, sticking close
to the end of November will ensure they
arrive in a timely manner.
People who want to make a statement
and not have their greeting cards get
lost in the crowd may intentionally mail
them late and lean toward wishing
health and prosperity for the new year,
rather than sending a card tied to a
specific holiday. This gives extra time
for mailing and will set cards apart from
the many others.
Photo cards have grown in popularity,
and people interested in having a pro-
fessional photographer shoot their holi-
day card photos would be wise to make
an appointment as early as possible.
Popular photographers often start holi-
day photo shoots in October. Keep in
mind that the photographs can take a
while to be processed and arrive. For
those who are on borrowed time, taking
a photo with a personal camera and
having prints made up at a pharmacy
or retail store can save time. It is unlike-
ly that professional photos taken in
December can be printed and mailed
and still arrive on time. Also, be sure to
heed copyright laws concerning photo-
graphs. It may be illegal to scan an
image from a photographer or photo
studio and have prints made without
written permission.
Postage is another thing that will have
to be considered when mailing out
cards. While many cards fall under the
weight and size limits of a regular first
class postage stamp, unusually shaped
envelopes or heavy greeting cards may
cost more. Rather than have them
returned, it is a good idea to have at
least one card weighed at the post
office to ensure the right amount of
postage is affixed. Some cards will be
packaged with envelopes that state
“Additional postage may be required”
right on the box.
Greeting cards are an important com-
ponent of the holiday season. Ensuring
they arrive on time requires planning
and sending them out with ample time
to spare.
For those who need to mail
cards internationally, sticking close
to the end of November will ensure
they arrive in a timely manner.
Buyers Guide • December 12, 2012 19
Tractor & Equipment, lnc.
20927 Le|tersburg P|ke, Hagerstown, MD 21742
S01-791-1200 º 800-SSS-67S1
www.ant| Mon-Fr| 8-5, Sat 8-noon
©Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2012
¯S0 doWr, 0º A.P.R. lrarc|rç lor lerrs up lo ê0 rorl|s or purc|ases ol se|ecl reW Kuoola Z0, Z0, ZP, 8X, 8, L, V, ard TL8 3er|es lror ava||ao|e |rverlory al parl|c|pal|rç dea|ers l|rouç| 0clooer 31, 2012.
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|l ro dea|er docurerlal|or preparal|or lee |s c|arçed. 0ea|er c|arçe lor docurerl preparal|or lee s|a|| oe |r accordarce W|l| slale |aWs. 0r|y se|ecl Kuoola ard se|ecl Kuoola perlorrarce-ralc|ed Lard Pr|de equ|prerl
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|rslarl reoale (C.l.R.) ollers. F|rarc|rç |s ava||ao|e l|rouç| Kuoola Cred|l Corporal|or, u.3.A., 3101 0e| Aro 8|vd., Torrarce, CA 90503, suojecl lo cred|l approva|. 3ore excepl|ors app|y. 0ller exp|res 10/31/2012. 3ee us lor
dela||s or l|ese ard ol|er |oW-rale opl|ors or ço lo WWW.|uoola.cor lor rore |rlorral|or. ¯¯Cuslorer |rslarl reoales (C.l.R.) ol S300 lo S2,500 are ava||ao|e or cas| or lrarce purc|ases ol e||ç|o|e Kuoola equ|prerl l|rouç|
Kuoola Traclor Corporal|or. S500 lrslarl Kuoola 8uc|s app||es lo prorol|ora| rale lrarc|rç. 0ea|er suolracls reoale lror dea|er's pre-reoale se|||rç pr|ce or qua||ly|rç purc|ases. 3uojecl lo dea|ers||p |rverlory. 3a|es lo
çoverrrerla| açerc|es, |rdeperderl rerla| cerlers, ard dea|er oWred rerla| leels do rol qua||ly. 3ore excepl|ors app|y. Cuslorer |rslarl reoales are rol ava||ao|e aller corp|eled sa|e. C.l.R. ava||ao|||ly erds 10/31/2012.
0pl|ora| equ|prerl ray oe s|oWr.
$ 2
5ĄĄ INS1AN1 ku801A 8uCkS**
INS1AN1 ku801A 8uCkS uF 10
o\o¡RoÔ ä³c êĄ³êÂ
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Meadow Lane Plaza • Martinsburg, WV
OPEN: Tues 9am-3pm; Wed. 9am-5pm; Th. 9am-8pm; Fri. 9am-6pm; Sat 9am-2pm
Formerly Sandy’s Magic Mirror Hair Salon
Pictured from left to right: Donna Reddick,
Vicky Jones, Tina Placino, Michael Smith
Merry Christmas from all of us!
Service or
Cannot be combined with
other offers or discounts. One
per person. Expires 12/31/12
Tips for families dining
out for the holidays
Dining out for the holidays is a tradi-
tion for many families. Dining out has
many advantages, including no
cleanup once the meal is over and a
more varied menu that provides
guests more choices than the stan-
dard holiday fare.
Dining out can also prove less expen-
sive for the holiday host. The tab at
the end of a night on the town can be
split among the guests, whereas the
food bill when hosting a holiday din-
ner at home is often left to the host
and the host alone.
But dining out for the holidays does
require some work, even if none of
that work involves scrubbing dirty
dishes or finding extra seats for
guests. When planning a holiday din-
ner at a restaurant, consider the fol-
lowing tips.
Do your homework. A favorite
restaurant might be tops on your list,
but do some comparison shopping
before settling on a restaurant. Prices
can vary greatly when it comes to pri-
vate parties, and some might not
even be capable of accommodating
the kind of large party that might
accompany you for a holiday dinner.
Start shopping well before the holiday
season to see who offers the best
menu, the most affordable prices and
the best accommodations.
Choose a restaurant that’s accessi-
ble to everyone. Guests can stay
overnight when a holiday dinner is at
a relative’s house. However, guests
will almost certainly be driving home
after a holiday dinner at a restaurant.
Make everyone’s post-meal commute
home as easy as possible by choos-
ing a centrally located restaurant
that’s equidistant from everyone’s
home. Consider the proximity of public
transportation to the restaurant as
well, as some guests might prefer to
avoid holiday traffic by taking public
Inquire about a restaurant’s pricing
flexibility. There might be room for
negotiation regarding the menu,
including choices on the food and
beverages being offered, but you’ll
never know if you don’t ask.
Traditional holiday fare will likely be
available, but discuss alternatives to
such menu items, including if there is
anything for vegetarians or if there is
a gluten-free meal option. In addition,
some restaurants might be willing to
negotiate price, especially for large
Sign a contract if your party will be
especially large. Contracts can
ensure that especially large dinner
parties don’t go awry. This may
require a deposit in advance of the
holiday, but the contract should spell
out the menu, including food and bev-
erages that will be offered, and the
final price of the meal.
Be an early bird. If the responsibility
of planning or hosting the dinner has
fallen on your shoulders, then get to
the restaurant before your guests.
This gives you time to ensure every-
thing is ready and increases the
chances your holiday dinner will go
according to plan.
Don’t forget invitations. Treat the
holiday dinner like you might treat a
wedding reception or a birthday party,
inviting guests several weeks in
advance so everyone has time to plan
their trip. Include directions to the
restaurant in your invitations, and
remind guests that holiday traffic
might require they leave earlier to
make it to the restaurant on time for
the start of the meal.
From Our Family To Yours
The Buyers Guide
Buyers Guide • December 12, 2012 21
Test your knowledge
of popular Christmas movies
What would the holi-
days be without
snowflakes falling
outside, a mug of hot
cocoa in hand and a
favorite Christmas
movie on television?
Television is full of
feel-good movies
come the holiday sea-
son. Choose from
among classic flicks
you have watched year
after year or new movies
vying for spots as soon-
to-be favorites.
Watching Christmas
movies is a holiday tradi-
tion for many families. So
much so that lines from
popular movies are easily
remembered and recog-
nized. Those who can recite
movies verbatim might
enjoy testing their mettle
with the following Christmas
quiz loaded with memorable
quotes from some holiday classics.
Movie Quotes Quiz
1. “It came without ribbons. It came without tags.
It came without packages, boxes or bags.”
2. “Uh, since the United States Government
declares this man to be Santa Claus, this court
will not dispute it. Case dismissed.”
3. “If TV has taught me anything, it’s that miracles
always happen to poor kids at Christmas. It
happened to Tiny Tim, it happened to Charlie
Brown, it happened to The Smurfs, and it’s gonna
happen to us!”
4. “I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action,
200 shot range model air rifle.”
5. “Bless this highly nutritious microwavable macaroni
and cheese dinner and the people who sold it on
sale. Amen.”
6. “Iris, in the movies, we have leading ladies and we
have the best friend. You, I can tell, are a leading
lady, but for some reason, you’re behaving like the
best friend.”
7. “Who gave you permission to tell Charlie there was
no Santa Claus? I think if we’re going to destroy our
son’s delusions, I should be a part of it.”
8. “I want to wash my hands, my face,
my hair with snow.”
9. “We’re not just doing this for us. We’re doing it for
the kids. For every kid who ever sat on Santa’s lap.
For every little girl who left cookies and milk for
Santa on Christmas night. For every little boy who
opens a package Christmas morning and finds
clothes instead of toys. It breaks my heart.”
10. “We all know that Christmas is a big commercial
racket. It’s run by a big Eastern syndicate you know.”
11. “I fear you more than any spectre I have seen. But
as I know your purpose is to do me good, and as I
hope to live to be another man from what I was, I
am prepared to bear your company, and do it with
a thankful heart. Will you not speak to me?”
12. “Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real
things in the world are the things we can’t see.”
13. “Light the lamp, not the rat, light the lamp, not the
rat! Put me out, put me out, put me out!”
14. “Tell me something, Billy. How come a cute
little guy like this can turn into a thousand
ugly monsters?”
15. “Wanna see some magic? OK, let’s watch
you disappear!”
16. “That’s not ‘my’ Christmas! ‘My’ Christmas is filled
with laughter, and joy... and this: my Sandy Claws
outfit. I want you to make it.”
17. “That’s neither pig nor pork, it’s beef.”
18. “I passed through the seven levels of the Candy
Cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly
gum drops, and then I walked through the
Lincoln Tunnel.”
325 W. Boscawen St. • Winchester, VA
540-662-2263 •
Mon-Sat: 9:30 - 8:00 • Sun: 12:00-5:00
2 For
1 . “ T h e G r i n c h W h o S t o l e C h r i s t m a s ”
2 . “ M i r a c l e o n 3 4 t h S t r e e t ”
3 . “ T h e S i m p s o n ’ s C h r i s t m a s ”
4 . “ A C h r i s t m a s S t o r y ”
5 . “ H o m e A l o n e ”
6 . “ T h e H o l i d a y ”
7 . “ T h e S a n t a C l a u s e ”
8 . “ W h i t e C h r i s t m a s ”
9 . “ J i n g l e A l l t h e W a y ”
1 0 . “ A C h a r l i e B r o w n C h r i s t m a s ”
1 1 . “ A C h r i s t m a s C a r o l ”
1 2 . “ T h e P o l a r E x p r e s s ”
1 3 . “ T h e M u p p e t s C h r i s t m a s C a r o l ”
1 4 . “ G r e m l i n s ”
1 5 . “ B a d S a n t a ”
1 6 . “ T h e N i g h t m a r e B e f o r e C h r i s t m a s ”
1 7 . “ B a b e s i n T o y l a n d ”
1 8 . “ E l f ”
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Number One
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The first Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center was erected in
1931, two years before the opening of Rockefeller Plaza, where
the tree now draws thousands of tourists each year. The tradition
began when construction workers hard at work on building Rockefeller
Center decorated a roughly 20-foot tall balsam fir tree on Christmas
Eve in 1931. Strings of cranberries and tin cans were among the
items used to decorate the tree. While there was no tree in 1932, the
first official tree was unveiled in 1933 in Rockefeller Plaza, and the
lighting ceremony was broadcast over NBC Radio. The 1933 tree, at
50 feet tall, dwarfed the 1931 tree. However, the 1933 tree paled in
comparison to the 10-ton Norway Spruce erected in 1999, which
measured 100-feet tall and remains the tallest tree ever erected at
Rockefeller Center. The tradition of the Rockefeller Center tree contin-
ues to evolve to this day, but the evergreen it is no longer lit with
incandescent light bulbs. LED bulbs that consume a fraction of the
energy of traditional bulbs are the bulbs of choice now. In addition, in
2007 Rockefeller Center partnered with Habitat for Humanity, who
used the tree after it was taken down to furnish lumber for home con-
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ake This
205 Eagle School Road • Martinsburg, WV • 304-263-6969 • Next to Gold’s Gym
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as shown
A new year is on the horizon and men and women
across the globe are readying their New Year’s resolu-
tions. In recent years, more and more men and women
have resolved to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle in
the year ahead.
But you don’t have to wait until the new calendar year
to go green. In fact, New Year’s revelers can turn their
New Year’s Eve party into an eco-friendly affair in a
variety of ways.
Forgo paper products. New Year’s Eve festivities typi-
cally feature lots of food and beverages, and hosts can
use this to get a head start on their resolutions. Instead
of serving food on paper plates and beverages in dis-
posable paper, plastic or foam cups, use reusable
glassware or even plastic cups and plates that can be
washed and reused. In addition, replace paper napkins
with cloth napkins that can be used more than once.
When forgoing paper products, don’t forget to abandon
traditional invitations for e-vites. Invite guests via e-mail
or through social networking sites instead of sending
out traditional paper invitations that needlessly use
paper and need to be transported.
Embrace eco-friendly beverages. Adult beverages
are a big part of many New Year’s Eve parties, and
even these beverages can be eco-friendly. The growing
popularity of craft breweries, or microbreweries, has
made it easy for party hosts to serve eco-friendly
drinks. Purchase your party’s beer supply from a local
microbrewery to cut down on the beer’s carbon foot-
print. Buying locally reduces reliance on transportation
to get items from the manufacturer into your refrigera-
tor, which in turn reduces fuel consumption and pollu-
But beer isn’t the only way to make your beverage
menu more eco-friendly. Hosts can replace traditional
vodka with organic vodka and traditional wine with bio-
dynamic wine. When the time comes to toast the past
year and ring in the new one, do so with champagne or
sparkling wine made from organic grapes.
Encourage guests to recycle throughout the night.
When guests arrive, explain to them that the night will
be an eco-friendly affair. Set up a separate trash recep-
tacle for recyclable items, including bottles and cans.
Think of ways to use discarded wine and champagne
bottles as decorative items, be it for table settings or
vases to hold fresh flowers. And when recycling, don’t
overlook the smaller items. Corks from wine bottles can
be recycled and reused for a variety of products,
including flooring tiles, building insulation and sports
Donate food at the end of the night. Hosts often
have food leftover at the end of the night. Rather than
discarding all those leftovers, donate them to a local
food bank or homeless shelter. Make these arrange-
ments in advance so the following morning you can
donate the leftovers before they spoil.
New Year’s Eve is one of the most festive nights of the
year. And with a few simple steps, hosts can make
their gathering as eco-friendly as it is enjoyable.
Eco-friendly ways
to ring in the New Year
Replacing traditional champagne with an organic
alternative is one way for hosts to throw an eco-
friendly New Year’s Eve party this year.
December 12, 2012 • Buyers Guide 24
2525 Valley Avenue,
Winchester, Va. 22601
Bring This Ad
For An Additional
Any New or Used Car In Stock
(present ad prior to test drive)
Are A
*On Select In Stock Models. Parsons Kia and the Buyers Guide are not responsible for typographical e rrors. Ad must be brought in prior to sale. Sale price not valid after purchase. See Dealer for Det ails. Prices include all rebates, owner loyalty or competitive rebates and KIA financial incentives for
qualified buyers with KMF 506 program. Prices do not include taxes, tags, freight, a $199 processing fee.
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