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GSM Network Based Z-axis Position Control System A Remote Measurement and Control System for Greenhouse Based on GSMSMS

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Automobile Anti-theft System Design Based on GSMA Effective remote control of electric motors using GSM technology A Pc Based Remote Industrial Device Access And Control Using GSM. SMS Based Weather Report. GSM Based Home Automation And Control System Using SMS. Prepaid Electricity Billing System Using GSM Mobile. Power Monitoring And Intimation Through Mobile.

10. Intelligent Overload Protection Through Mobile. . 11. Real-time Monitoring and Pre-alarm System for Dangerous Mountains in the Railway Line 12. SMS acknowledgment system for student attendance to parents 13. Intelligent system for hazardous Gas or Human detection or and temperature monitor control using GSM Technology 14. Vehicle Gaseous Fuel Leakage Detection with Automatic Safety warning & alerting system Using GSM 15. Electricity billing through GSM modem 16. GSM High Performance ATM Card Security System 17. GSM Based remote measurement of electricity and control system for home 18. Railway Security Management System using GSM 19. GSM Based Wireless Motion Detection System Using PIR Sensor. 20. Wireless Based Remote tank level monitoring System using GSM

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21. GSM based Real Time monitoring of server rooms for IT firms 22. Vehicle Speed Alert System using GSM network 23. GSM based digital Notice board with display on Monitor or LCD display. 24. GSM control for Street Light Control applications 25. GSM based Highway vehicle traffic monitoring system. 26. Security For RFID Application In Home Environment. 27. Hospital Automation System RFID-Based: Technology Embedded In Smart Devices (Cards, Tags) Intrusion Detection In RFID Systems 28. Electronic Voting (E-voting) System 29. A Blind Navigation System Using RFID For Indoor Environments. 30. Bus Detection Device For The Blind Using Passive RFID Application 31. Automatic Control Of Students Attendance In Classrooms Using RFID. 32. RFID Based Library Management System 33. A RFID-based Material Tracking Information System 34. Implementation of RFID Technology in Parking Lot Access Control System 35. Unmanned Railway Gate Control 36. RFID based banking system 37. Highway Toll Collection System 38. Bus Fee accounting using RFID 39. RFID based Library Automation System 40. RFID based Airport Luggage security system 41. Implementation of Bank Locker System 42. RFID Billing System For Super Markets 43. Self Check-In Hotels using RFID enabled embedded system 44. Bluetooth remote control 45. Bluetooth based car security system

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46. Home automation by using bluetooth protocol 47. Industrial devices control using blue-tooth 48. Navigating robot using blue tooth 49. Blue-tooth based data logger 50. Robotic control through bluetooth security system development using bluetooth technology 51. Wireless bluetooth enabled digital energy meter with data transfer 52. Module intelligent fire monitoring using blue tooth technology 53. Wireless secured data transmission system using bluetooth communication 54. PC to PC Communication using RF Modem 55. RF Based fire detection system from highly secured areas 56. Development of RF based street light control system using I2C communication 57. RF based intelligent traffic light system for emergency vehicle and optimal Routing for conventional vehicle 58. Microcontroller based vehicle safety system (theft deduction and alarm) RF Based. 59. RF based automatic energy meter and measurement system 60. RF based temperature control system 61. Smoke Detection System for domestic applications using RF 62. RF based Controlling of Appliances 63. RF based Multi Parameter Monitoring System 64. Microcontroller Communication for Remote Control of Devices using RF Technology With Interactive LCD 65. Wireless stepper motor control system using RF 66. Real Time Passenger Information System using Wireless RF Communication

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67. RF based ICU Care Taker - Life Support System 68. Real time Remote Patient Wireless Heart Beat and Status Monitoring using RF Technology 69. RF Based Home and Security System 70. RF access monitoring and control system based on digital door lock 71. RF Wireless Network of Sensors for Continuous Monitoring of Vital Bio signal 72. Embedded system based RF attendance register 73. RF communication for Class Room Monitoring with notice board display 74. Advanced Wireless Electrical Appliance Control System using PC and Coded RF Protocol for industrial Application 75. RF Based surveillance tracking system using motion sensor 76. RF Based vehicle speed information system 77. Street Light Control/Monitoring System Wireless RF Based 78. Design of Greenhouse remote monitoring system based on LabVIEW 79. LabVIEW-Based Automatic Control Systems for secure Laboratory 80. DC motor control using labview 81. ROBOT Control via Labview 82. LABVIEW based data acquisition system 83. Implementation of a PID controller for process control in LabVIEW 84. Load flow monitoring using LabVIEW 85. LabVIEW based Authentication and Tracking System using RFID 86. Boiler Automation and Control using LabVIEW 87. Vehicle dash board using LabVIEW 88. JPEG Image compression using DCT 89. Circuit tracking using edge detection

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90. Parameter measuring using image feature 91. Stegnography using LWT/DCT 92. Image compression using black truncation 93. Cascaded PID in MATLAB Simulation 94. DC motor simulation using PID 95. Message encoding in images using lifting schemes 96. Automatic School Bell with user defined time schedule using I2C protocol 97. EEPROM Based Prepaid energy meter 98. Priority based Bank Token Counter Display System using MCU 99. RTC based Digital Clock with Seven-segment Display 100. PC based Appliances control in a plant 101. Electrical Apparatus Control System using IR communication 102. Hospital Announcement System 103. Heart Beat Monitoring System 104. Automated electronic weighing machine. 105. Automatic street light control system 106. RTC based Traffic light control system 107. Density based traffic control for intelligent transport management. 108. Automated Railway station information for passengers in train 109. Home automation system. 110. Microcontroller Based Home automation system 111. Temperature measurement system. 112. Implementation of PIR motion sensor application for security system. 113. Humidity & temperature measurement system 114. Blood pressure monitoring system. 115. Lamp brightness control system

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116. RS232 Communication with PIC Microcontroller 117. PIC Microcontroller via SPI ADC Interface 118. PIC Based greenhouse monitoring system 119. PIC Based body temperature monitoring system 120. Current measurement system. 121. Password based ignition control systems for vehicles 122. Real-time obstacle rear-end collision accident system 123. Energy meter measurement system 124. Electronic Voting Machine 125. Password Based Access Control System 126. Microcontroller Based Automatic Room Light controller with person counter 127. Embedded environment for data acquisition system. 128. Digital Temperature Controller 129. Home Appliances ON/OFF control System 130. Microcontroller based LPG gas Detection and Alarm system 131. Microcontroller based Automatic Flush System 132. Microcontroller Based Annunciator system in Banking System 133. Real Time Clock using Microcontroller 134. Pressure Monitoring System 135. Heart rate Monitoring System 136. Obstacle Avoiding Robot 137. Automatic water level sensing and over tank filling system 138. Line Follower robot 139. PIR based Home Security System 140. Automatic college Bell 141. Automatic Plant irrigation System

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142. Biomedical Monitoring System 143. PC based Autonomous Robot 144. PC and Microcontroller Communication with LCD , KEYBOARD 145. Time Operated Electrical appliances controlling System 146. Traffic light indicator System 147. 12C Based Weather Station monitoring system. 148. Time based college alarm system 149. An evaluation of Antifall detection system 150. Research of traffic signal light intelligent control system based on microcontroller 151. PC-based 7-segment rolling display 152. Wiper speed controller 153. Ready-to-use Object Counter 154. Dual Transistor Multivibrator Circuit 155. Square Wave Generator Using Op-amp 156. Saw tooth Wave signal generator Using 555Timer IC 157. Mill volt (0 to 1)to High voltage converter(1 to 5v) 158. Voltage doubler using 555 IC 159. Lamp & Fuse tester 160. Three siren sound generator using UM3561 161. PC based stepper motor speed control system 162. Multi ADC Measurement using UART Serial Port Communication 163. Embedded System Based Moving Message Display 164. Microcontroller based energy meter 165. Temperature monitoring using Microcontroller. 166. IR based Access control system.

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167. Multi channel multi function system for Power quality monitoring system. 168. Industrial temperature controller 169. IR Based Traffic Light Control / Monitoring System Using Microcontroller 170. Password based Access Control System using I2C protocol 171. Temperature based motor Speed Controller 172. Real Time Clock based industrial automation using RTC and I2C protocol 173. Electronic Notice Board with LCD Display 174. Touch activated alarm 175. Prepaid EB billing system. 176. Design of intelligent lift control system. 177. Automatic wheel chair automation. 178. Water level control system. 179. Position measurement system using Accelerometer. 180. Micro stepping for position control system Using Microcontroller 181. Pic16f877a-based temperature monitoring system 182. Simple analogue-to digital converter 183. Power-supply failure alarm 184. Automatic room power controller 185. Speed control of dc motor using pulse-width modulation 186. Numeric water-level indicator 187. Fire alarm using thermistor 188. Automatic school bell 189. Smart Clap switch 190. Power supply failure alarm 191. Sound operated switch with a relay driver 192. Single-zone automatic burglar alarm system

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193. Electronically lock for door by keypad 194. Greenhouse monitoring and control system 195. Bipolar transistor tester 196. Accident prevention at road turnings 197. Blown fuse indicator 198. Brake failure indicator 199. Fire alarm using thermistor 200. AC Induction Motor Parameter Monitoring 201. Automatic Electricity Billing through PC 202. Automatic Load sharing Transformer 203. Automatic Three Phase Changeover 204. Digital RPM Indication Using Proximity Sensor 205. Embedded System Based Pressure Monitoring 206. Energy Meter with Pre-Paid Card 207. Lift Control System with Position Indication 208. Mains Frequency Monitor 209. Motor Speed Control through PC 210. Multiple Temperature Monitoring and Control 211. PC based Electrical Parameter Monitoring 212. Position Control for Stepper Motor using Microcontroller 213. Thyristor based AC Motor Controller 214. Power House Data Monitoring 215. Power Station Automation Using Microcontroller 216. Solid State Power Controller 217. V, I Frequency Monitoring thru PC 218. Variable Speed DC motor Control with Digital RPM

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219. Watt Hour Meter Using Microcontroller 220. Exploitation of Pulse Width Modulation for DC Motor speed control 221. Variable power supply using a fixed-voltage regulator IC 222. Stabilized power supply with short-circuit indication 223. Short-circuit protection in DC low-voltage systems 224. Over-/under-voltage protection of electrical appliances 225. Digital speedometer 226. Remote controlled FAN Regulator 227. Current and voltage measurement 228. MOSFET based buck converter 229. MOSFET based boost converter 230. MOSFET based buck-boost converter 231. MOSFET based forward converter 232. MOSFET based fly back converter 233. Controller based dedicated PID controller for temperature 234. RF based electrical device control 235. Closed loop speed control for DC motor using microcontroller 236. Design and implementation of push pull converter 237. Microcontroller based substation monitoring system 238. Design and implementation of DC to DC converter 239. Illegal power consumed identification system 240. Power supply failure Alarm 241. Solar based energy storage system 242. Design and implementation of fly back converter 243. Design and implementation of forward converter 244. Active power management of electric power system using microcontroller

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245. Lamp control using DIAC and TRIAC 246. Prepaid EB billing system 247. Single and multiple output SMPS trained 248. Solid state DC circuit breaker 249. DC series resonant converter

PROJECT TOPICS - (Department of CSE , IT )

250. SQL Database for Storage of Fingerprint Data 251. Travel Management System – Travel Manager 252. TCP & IP Stacks Configuring and Monitoring System 253. Mobile to PC Communication & Vice versa 254. Hiding text in audio by audio stenography technique 255. Finger Print Analyzing & Biometric Access Control System using Finger Print 256. Employee Scheduling Software & Attendance Tracking System 257. Online shopping 258. Online voting system 259. On-line examination 260. Intelligent student mark system using ASP.Net with SQL Server 261. Consultancy management system 262. Synchronous File Transfer (FTP Communication) 263. SOPMS – Sales Management System & Order Processing 264. Hotel management system 265. Patient monitoring system using web services 266. A Design of Laboratory Information Management System

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267. Pharmacy Management System 268. Vehicle Security System Simulation using GPS 269. Data Encryption and Compression System 270. Car Rental Software / Car Sale Assistant 271. SMTP - Integrated Design & Implementation 272. Online deactivating system for missing ATM CARD 273. Digital Steganography: Hiding Data within Data 274. Remote Activation through another PC, Over the Network 275. Online Library Management System 276. Institute Management System 277. Payroll System 278. Online Hospital info System with interactive services 279. Online VRS – Vehicle Reservation system 280. Inventory Management System 281. Online Crime Reporting 282. Online railway reservation 283. Water making 284. Text-to speech synthesis 285. Order processing system 286. College attendance system using 287. ATM Management system 288. Call centre management system 289. Electronic fund transfer(EFT) 290. Furniture administration 291. Civil supply management 292. Jewelry shop maintenance

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293. Computer spare parts system management 294. Online banking 295. Courier Management Service 296. Tech skills(An online Examination system) 297. Online matrimonial portal 298. PC Based Home Automation System 299. PC based Industrial Automation System 300. Online Car Rental & Car Booking System


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Design & Development of a GSM Based Vehicle Theft Control System SMS-based Reconfigurable Automatic Meter Reading System SMS Alert system using GSM with FPGA Home security using GSM and FPGA Monitoring patients remotely using GSM network & (VLSI) technique GSM network positioning and communication GSM-Based Remote Sensing and Control System Using FPGA GSM Based Motion Detection System Using PIR Sensor. FPGA Based Send and read SMS through GSM modem using AT Command

10. Real time industrial process control and monitoring using GSM phones 11. RFID-based Hospital Real-time Patient Management System 12. RFID-based Material Tracking Information SystemRadio frequency identification walking stick for blind 13. RFID based fully automatic railway gate control system 14. Implementation of RFID Technology in Parking Lot Access Control System

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15. FPGA Remote wireless automatic meter reading system based on Bluetooth 16. Bluetooth Data Acquisition System Based on FPGA 17. Wireless bluetooth enabled heartbeat monitoring system 18. A Bluetooth-based industrial monitoring using FPGA 19. Bluetooth Wireless monitoring of heart beat measurement system. 20. Bluetooth Wireless control of Robotic control applications 21. A low-cost Biomedical signal transceiver based on Bluetooth wireless communication 22. RFID Based Unmanned Railway Gate Control 23. FPGA Implementation of automatic control of students attendance in classroom using RFID 24. RFID Security Access Control System 25. FPGA Implementation of RFID Based Electronic road pricing (ERP) Syatem 26. RFID based prepaid energy meter 27. RFID based Employee Id and Attendance Register System 28. RFID based Library Automation System 29. FPGA Design and Implementation of I2C Controller Core 30. Design and Implementation of QPSK 31. FPGA Design of Home Electrical Appliances Control 32. Implementing SDR FSK Modulation 33. VLSI Based Room Temperature Controller Implementation 34. FPGA based Serial Port interface controller using VHDL 35. SDR PSK Modulation techniques 36. Design and Implementation of Digital Modulation Technique in ASK 37. FPGA Based power measurement system 38. Smoke Detection System for domestic applications

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39. VLSI Based Stepper Motor Controller 40. FPGA Implementation of multi-category human motion recognition 41. FPGA Position measurement system using Accelerometer 42. VLSI Intelligent vehicle automation & control 43. FPGA Based data acquisition system 44. Real time clock Implement in FPGA 45. Object counter using FPGA 46. Humidity & Temperature control system using FPGA 47. Street light control system using FPGA 48. Design and implementation of embedded application for counting people in retail outlet 49. VLSI based frequency measurement system 50. FPGA Implementation of data acquisition system using LABVIEW

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We have available the following hardware platform for the above project applications are,

 NXP 89C51 – 8 Bit Microcontroller  LPC2148 – ARM7TDMI – 32 Bit RISC Microcontroller  Microchip PIC16F877 – RISC Microcontroller

We also any sensor application can be integrated with the above boards for making applications in the following areas,

 RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)  GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications)  Bluetooth  I2C (Inter Integrated Circuit)  RF  LABVIEW  MATLAB

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