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dance | performanceS | claSSeS | ScreeningS | workShopS | profeSSional development

dance | performanceS | claSSeS | ScreeningS | workShopS | profeSSional development

pavilion dance South weSt iS
generouS paSSionate inSpiring incluSive freSh

pavilion dance South weSt
Spring SeaSon 2013
Bournemouth’s national Dance centre
supporting Dance across the south West


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Cover Photo: Brian Slater

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02 pavilion dance South weSt | welcome

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contentS | pavilion dance South weSt



dance: create, enjoy, participate
Pavilion Dance South West celebrates and encourages dance nationally, building strong local and regional partnerships to connect it to a diverse and broad public through excellent performance and participation opportunities. I am proud to lead an organisation with a distinctive and respected national voice, an organisation that leads the sector across the region from Cornwall in the west, to Gloucestershire in the north and Wiltshire in the east and an organisation with an extraordinary offer to make to local people in Bournemouth. we are here for everyone: People who create dance, teach dance, watch dance and participate in dance. We are also here for people who do none of these things yet ... but will or should or could or might! As a team we all share a common set of values centred around a desire to welcome you towards us. We aim to be: Generous, Passionate, Inspiring, Inclusive and Fresh. Our beautiful art deco venue, Pavilion Dance, overlooks Bournemouth Pier and Pleasure Gardens and offers a state-of-the-art, 200-seat theatre, two spacious dance studios and plenty of opportunities to engage with dance and movement as audiences and participants. This spring season sees the continuation of our world-class “Thursday Night is Dance Night” performance series and the development of our Bolshoi Ballet presentations, live from Moscow, with performances including The Rite of Spring and Romeo and Juliet. The season also illustrates our role in supporting young people and professional development for dancers and teachers. There are masterclasses, syllabus support for teachers, dance careers advice and a celebration of youth dance from across the south west. Whatever your interest in dance and performance, we look forward to getting to know you!

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Bolshoi live


Page 16 rapunzel

Page 17 moko mix

Page 19 XoXo with protein Dance

Welcome from the artistic Director December and January shows thursday night is Dance night Bolshoi live cabaret & exhibition all ages, all stages Family Friendly performances schools professional Development take part supporting artists across the south West use our spaces creative community parties Who is Who Find us & Book tickets events calendar page 2 page 4 page 5–11 page 12–13 page 14 page 15 page 16–17 page 18–19 page 20–22 page 23–27 page 28–29 page 30–31 page 32 page 33 page 34 page 35 page 36–37 page 38–39

Page 20 motionhouse teachers’ cpD

Page 21 art of Displacement – parkour symposium

Deryck Newland, Artistic Director

Cover photo from Out Of His Skin (see page 10)

04 pavilion dance South weSt | decemBer and january

t: 01202 203630

t: 01202 203630

thurSday nightS | pavilion dance South weSt


thingS not to miSS in decemBer and january
hatch & Scratch
thursDay 6 DecemBer 2012 7.30pm £5 Dance artists Karla Shacklock, Sioda Martin and Neon Dance will present work in development and discuss it with the audience. A fantastic opportunity to be involved in the creative process!
Photo: Karla Shacklock by Irven Lewis

thurSday night iS dance night
pavilion dance South weSt preSentS the BeSt profeSSional dance from acroSS the country and aBroad On six Thursday nights during February and March at 7.30pm. All performances are followed by a post-show chat with the company.

flamenco intimo

By AMARITA VARGAS FriDay 14 DecemBer 2012 7.30pm £10 (£8/£6 groups) hurry, only a FeW ticKets leFt! An evening of pure Flamenco packed with the energy and expression of the South of Spain! PLUS! Join us for a Flamenco and Figure Drawing workshop on Saturday 15 December, 10am–4pm (ages 16+), £15.

£10 £8 £6 £35
Photo: Judie Waldmann

pavilion dance caBaret


Full price For groups of 5+ For groups of 15+ and 16th ticket is free Golden Ticket (gets you into all six Thursday night performances for only £5.80 per show!) Student* stand-by tickets: available on the day, on the door, from 7.15pm

sunDay 16 DecemBer 2012 6pm £5 Kick off the Christmas festivities with a sparkling evening of performances, live music and partying!

*Please show a valid NUS card or other student ID


By TrAveLLING LIGHT THeATre COMPANy AND BrISTOL OLD vIC thursDay 3 anD FriDay 4 January 11.30am & 3pm £5, babes in arms free A Christmas show with a difference for ages 3+, with acrobatics, breakdance and comedy by one of the UK’s leading b-boy companies, Champloo Dance Company.

Book online at or phone 01202 203630 Spread the word and join the conversation #thursdancenight
Photo: Farrows Creative
Photo: Ordinary Courage by Pari Naderi (see page 8)

06 pavilion dance South weSt | thurSday nightS

t: 01202 203630

t: 01202 203630

thurSday nightS | pavilion dance South weSt


Be like water
thurSday 7 feBruary 7.30pm
expect: humour, Spoken word, dance and live muSic with video projection

recommended for Secondary Schools, colleges, he

thurSday 14 feBruary 7.30pm
expect: indian kathak dance and live muSic, Some Spoken word and video projection

By hetain patel company
See page 5 for prices

Hetain always wanted to be Bruce Lee ... and sometimes he wanted to be just like his dad. For his new production he has also learned some Chinese and Kung Fu from the movies. Following his acclaimed theatre debut TeN, visual artist Hetain Patel returns to Pavilion Dance in a double act with dancer yuyu Rau, live music from Ling Peng and digital artist Barret Hodgson to answer the fundamental question: “What determines our identities?”

By Sonia SaBri company
See page 5 for prices

A celebration of past and present, this show highlights some of Sonia Sabri’s best known productions from the last ten years. The first half traces her artistic journey, with live performances linked by previously unseen archive recordings and a personal voiceover by Sonia. The three pieces selected for the programme are audience favourites and will make those new to Sonia’s work fall in love immediately: extracts from visually stunning Red and energetic Nisbat alongside the slick, urban solo Neon Dream, choreographed by Shobana Jeyasingh. The second half looks forward to the next stages of Sonia’s creative journey, with a new, specially commissioned work made with acclaimed guest artist and performer Ash Mukherjee. Sonia Sabri will be leading a masterclass on 14 February – see page 22 for details.

“have you ever wanted to be somebody else?”

Photo: Hetain Patel Company

“Dancers and musicians beat out a powerful rhythm using movement, voice and their own bodies. the combination of traditional indian dance with contemporary is spot-on.” the stage on red
Photo: Rabiyah K Latif

08 pavilion dance South weSt | thurSday nightS

t: 01202 203630

t: 01202 203630

thurSday nightS | pavilion dance South weSt


ordinary courage
a douBle Bill
recommended for Secondary Schools, colleges, he

30 cecil Street and
thurSday 21 feBruary 7.30pm
expect: emotionally intenSe phySical theatre and contemporary dance
See page 5 for prices

run thiS town
recommended for Secondary Schools, colleges, he

“Dan canham raises ghosts in spinetingling dancetheatre piece 30 cecil street ...” the guardian

thurSday 7 march 7.30pm
expect: energetic and phySical comBination of Street dance and free-running

By the urBan playground team
See page 5 for prices

Who runs the town? The highest office has the best view but it’s a very long way up from the street and the quickest way down is to fall … Combining dance with free-running in spectacular choreographies on complex scaffold sets, The Urban Playground Team bring Bournemouth a world-premiere show that tells the story of a day in the life of a group of city workers as they fight for promotion, attention, the elusive bonus and ultimately survival. Join The Urban Playground Team on 8 March for Art of Displacement, the first Performance Parkour Symposium for practitioners and teachers. see page 21 for details.

30 cecil Street
By dan canham Dan’s solo performance is a love letter to an abandoned theatre in Ireland, with a soundtrack of voices, everyday sounds and ambient noise. An eloquent, heartbreaking elegy blended with gentle humour, the piece mourns the passing of a building and celebrates the life it once had. Dan Canham will be leading a masterclass on 21 February – see page 22 for details.

ordinary courage
By theo clinkard Where do we turn when words are not enough? Theo Clinkard’s rousing new group work for six dancers and live piano follows a community in repair in an emotionally charged and breathtakingly physical performance. It explores the capacity of movement and touch to communicate where other methods fail.

Photo: Ordinary Courage by Pari Naderi

Photo: Matthew Andrews

“extreme sport and cutting edge theatre … this is free-running as you’ve never seen it before …” BBc

10 pavilion dance South weSt | thurSday nightS

t: 01202 203630

t: 01202 203630

thurSday nightS | pavilion dance South weSt


out of hiS Skin
recommended for Secondary Schools, colleges, he

refugeeS of the Septic heart
thurSday 28 march 7.30pm
expect: integration of contemporary dance, digital animation and electronic muSic

By tom dale company
See page 5 for prices

thurSday 14 march 7.30pm
expect: intenSe, athletic fuSion of urBan and contemporary dance

2faced dance company
See page 5 for prices

Bored with life, the monotony of the everyday and trying to find his place in the world, one man searches for the next high, the next hit, the next big thing … Unpredictable, fierce and tender at the same time, all-male 2Faced Dance Company are using their trademark urban contemporary language to connect with audiences and strike at the soul. They return with their new full-length group work, choreographed by Artistic Director Tamsin Fitzgerald. 2Faced Dance Company will be leading a masterclass on 14 March - see page 22 for details.

refugees of the Septic Heart reflects the heartbeat of a nation as it perches on the brink of change. At times philosophical and provocative, five dancers search for a society freed of greed, manipulation and control. Gritty physicality and decaying urban sounds evolve into an optimistic undercurrent of mischievous, spirited and irrepressible movement. Inspired by music producer Shackleton’s undulating rhythms, snaking percussions and hypnotic melodies, Tom Dale Company unites digital animation, spoken word and inventive choreography in a feast of visuals, movement and music. Tom Dale will be leading a masterclass on 27 March – see page 22 for details.

“eloquent, moving, and just downright cool. 2Faced Dance is one of the UK’s finest male dance companies.” the stage Photo: Brian Slater

Photo: Tom Dale/Mopic/ Commissioned by DanceXchange and supported by Curve, Leicester, Lakeside Arts Centre, Deda, Laban and using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council england.

“exhilaratingly beautiful and simmering with danger”
the British theatre guide on rise

12 pavilion dance South weSt | BolShoi live

t: 01202 203630

t: 01202 203630

BolShoi live | pavilion dance South weSt 13

BolShoi live
Sunday 27 january – Sunday 12 may

live ScreeningS direct from ruSSia to Bournemouth ... with love ... from pavilion dance South weSt! preSented By pathé live in partnerShip with picturehouSe entertainment
£15 £12 for groups of 5+ people

la BayadÈre Sunday 27 january 3pm original choreographer: maurice petipa new Stage version: yuri grigorovich One of the truly great ballets in the Russian tradition, La Bayadère presents the fate of doomed lovers, temple dancer Nikiya and warrior Solor, in a sumptuous production based on the original sets and costumes from 1877. the rite of Spring Sunday 31 march 4pm choreographer: wayne mcgregor Originally created in 1913 by Igor Stravinsky and vaslav Nijinsky for Serge Diaghilev’s Ballets russes, The rite of Spring has been entirely rechoreographed by Wayne McGregor for its 100th anniversary. The contemporary British choreographer revisits the themes of the Russian Spring, The Adoration of the earth and The exalted Sacrifice, applying his characteristic energy and fluidity to this new creation. romeo and juliet Sunday 12 may 4pm choreographer: yuri grigorovich Based on Shakespeare’s play, romeo and Juliet is one of the world’s most popular ballets. The rivalry between the Capulets and Montagues brings bloodshed to the city of Verona. When Romeo, heir of the Montagues, meets Capulet’s daughter Juliet at a ball they fall instantly in love. They are overwhelmed when they discover they belong to rival families.

enjoy the exquisite beauty of classical ballet, performed live by one of the world’s most renowned ballet companies. Our Bolshoi Live spring season features three of the most iconic ballets in history, filmed in high definition by ten cameras, and beamed live directly from the Moscow stage to your seat in our Ocean Room theatre. As an added bonus, the screenings include backstage footage and interviews with the cast during the intervals.
Photo: Damir yusupov

14 pavilion dance South weSt | caBaret & exhiBition

t: 01202 203630

t: 01202 203630

all ageS, all StageS | pavilion dance South weSt


pavilion dance caBaret

Sunday 24 march 6pm

letS have a party!

start the easter holidays with a colourful mix of performances created by guest artists, our regular class and workshop participants, our youth dance company, 2Bu and our adult contemporary dance company, coevo. see page 26 for details.

Spring exhiBition
please visit our unique gallery space during our opening times. the three-part spring exhibition will focus on young people engaging in dance:

pavilion dance South weSt

Super SelveS
animation undergraduates from arts university college Bournemouth have graphically transformed our youth dance company 2Bu into super heroes!

all ageS, all StageS
performances and events for families and young people. classes and workshops for all ages and abilities.

members of Dorset Visual arts will capture a three-week collaboration between luca silvestrini’s protein Dance and the Quay school (see page 19 for details).

portraitS of urBan worldS
a series of revealing photographic portraits of young people who inhabit the worlds of parkour, hip-hop Dance and skateboarding.
Portraits of Urban Worlds is one part of a larger project, funded by the Cultural Hub, that will also see a new short film created, featuring young people from The Bishop of Winchester Academy, St Peter’s School and Bethany Junior School. Image by Jack Sleeman

for schools bookings, please contact our youth and education coordinator: for family/individual bookings, please book online at or phone the Box office on 01202 203630

16 pavilion dance South weSt | family friendly

t: 01202 203630

t: 01202 203630

family friendly | pavilion dance South weSt


rapunzel moko mix
moko dance preSentS
suitable for ages 3–7

Sunday 17 feBruary 11.30am & 3pm

an exciting double bill of dance for young people and their families
suitable for ages 7+

By tutti frutti and york theatre royal
£5 per person, babes in arms free duration: 60 minutes

monday 8 april 11.30am
the SuitcaSe Story By chriStopher marney the rock By tamSin fitzgerald
£5 per person, babes in arms free duration: 60 minutes. free foyer activities before and after the show.

This classic fairytale has been re-written by leading children’s playwright Mike Kenny. It is a story about a girl who is taken away from what she knows and protected from all the things that she loves. Placed high-up in a tower above the world and faced with the challenge of growing-up, she is found alone, dreaming … Told in an inventive, visual and physical style with live music and magical design, Rapunzel is a delightful new production for children about the curiosity and joys of growing up, taking risks and discovering who you are.

the suitcase story A poignant and uplifting dance show about friendship and love. Lonely and caught in the middle of her parents’ divorce, a little girl seeks comfort in a dream world. From inside her magical suitcase she conjures up an imaginary friend that no-one but her can see.

the rocK A tale full of thrilling adventure and magic. A group of friends from a sleepily remote town meet up regularly at a mysterious place called The rock. Set in a dark, eerie clearing, The rock is a place where strange events unfurl and secrets spring to life ...

MOKO Sphere dance workshop 1.30–2.30pm. Open to everyone aged 7+. Free for the first 50 bookers! For more information, visit or call 01202 203630.
MOKO DANCe is a national dance partnership dedicated to opening the eyes of young people and their families to the power of dance. Led by Danceeast (Ipswich), MOKO Dance unites Dance City (Newcastle), Lakeside Arts Centre (Nottingham), Pavilion Dance South West (Bournemouth), Sadler’s Wells (London), South east Dance (Brighton and Kent) and Theatre Bristol in their shared vision of bringing bold and innovative work to young audiences across the UK. Working with emerging, established and internationally renowned companies and choreographers, the MOKO Dance experience will be fresh, interactive and adventurous. MOKO Dance is supported by Arts Council England.
Photos: Peter Byrne Photography by Farrows Creative

18 pavilion dance South weSt | SchoolS

t: 01202 203630

t: 01202 203630

SchoolS | pavilion dance South weSt


SchoolS xoxo
luca SilveStrini’S protein and the Quay School preSent

give your students the opportunity to work with professional dance artists

We like to tailor some of our shows and workshops for local Primary, Secondary and Higher Education institutes in Bournemouth, Poole and the surrounding area. During our spring season, we will be providing a range of workshops from a wide range of artists. Students will participate in a technique class, learn repertoire and work on creative tasks to produce a mini-performance piece. This could then be developed, rehearsed and submitted for our Spotlight Showcase in June 2013. if you’d like to know more about the workshops available and would like your school to take part, please contact our youth and education coordinator:
Photo: Schools workshop with White Caps and St Luke’s Primary

friday 22 march 7.30pm

£3 4 tickets for £10

A three-week collaboration between Luca Silvestrini’s Protein and The Quay School reaches its climax with this performance of a brand new piece of dance theatre performed by the young people. XOXO explores the themes of life, love and connections in the online age, based on LOL (lots of love), Protein’s latest award-winning touring production. Come and enjoy this transformational experience as the students rise to the challenge of forming their own company, showcasing newly acquired creative and performance skills. The Quay School supports young people who are at risk of exclusion from school and those who have medical needs. It offers an exciting and innovative curriculum and is committed to working in partnership with students, families, schools and communities to create positive futures.

Photo: LOL by Nuno Santos

artS award Arts Award is a great way for children and young people to be inspired by and enjoy the arts. That’s why we’ve become an Arts Award Supporter. young people can watch a dance performance and review it for their friends, take part in a class, workshop or masterclass or do work experience and volunteer. For more information contact

Protein’s residency is part of its real Life real Dance participatory programme, supported by The Monument Trust, Pavilion Dance South West, wave arts education agency and The Quay School.

“our students can achieve the impossible with their commitment, the dancers and the staff.” a teacher about a previous real life real Dance project

20 pavilion dance South weSt | profeSSional development

t: 01202 203630

t: 01202 203630

profeSSional development | pavilion dance South weSt 21

dance teacherS’ cpd
By motionhouSe dance theatre

the urBan playground team and pavilion dance South weSt preSent

art of diSplacement
the firSt performance parkour SympoSium

friday 8 march 9.30am–5.30pm
£30 price includes ticket to see the urban playground team’s show, run this town, on 7 march

monday 4 march
for profeSSional dance teacherS
£50 (price for one session, sessions are identical) afternoon Session: 1pm–3.30pm twilight Session: 4.30pm–7pm

Parkour began 23 years ago with a group of friends playing games in a Parisian suburb. It is now recognised as the fastest growing urban discipline of all time with practitioners on every continent. A household word, viewed on screens big and small, its influences are being seen in a range of contemporary performances from large scale movie stunt work to small scale dance and theatre.

In the first of our three sets of Continued Professional Development for dance teachers this year, Motionhouse Dance Theatre join us to give a fresh insight to the GCSe set work, Perfect. For school dance teachers and freelance artists alike, come and experience a new way of teaching the piece from the perspective of those who created it. Price is inclusive of a resource pack on Perfect.
Photo: Chris Nash

Photo: Matthew Andrews

The Urban Playground Team coined the phrase “Performance-Parkour” to describe the discipline’s presence in choreography. This symposium will bring together key practitioners, including Parkour co-creator Malik Diouf, Being Frank’s Dave McKenna, Trinity Laban’s veronica Jobbins and Storror Athletes’ Sacha Powell to discuss and present their work. How can Parkour be taught in an artistic context? What does the future hold for this new form? With interviews, discussions and a masterclass from Malik Diouf, this event is aimed at dance practitioners interested in working with Parkour, ‘Traceurs’ interested in creating performances, and teachers of both disciplines interested in utilising Parkour to engage with young people’s creativity.

24 pavilion dance South weSt || profeSSional development 22 pavilion dance South weSt profeSSional development

t: 01202 203630

t: 01202 203630

take part | pavilion dance South weSt


14 feBruary – 23 april
Take part in a series of masterclasses led by some of the artists performing in our Spring programme. Develop your skills and ability, gain a deeper understanding of choreographic techniques, and learn company repertoire from a wide range of renowned performers and styles. Masterclasses are for dance students aged 14+, undergraduates and professional dancers unless otherwise stated. All classes £8.
regional youth dance england platform
Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 march
final performance: Sunday, 4pm

South weSt 2013

Sonia SaBri

thursday 14th February, 10.30am – 12.30pm a technical and expressive Kathak class that will give participants a chance to learn repertoire from the current performance of Kaavish.

2faced dance company

thursday 14th march, 12pm – 2pm A fierce class from one of the country’s leading all-male dance companies in their trademark visceral contemporary Dance style.

dan canham

thursday 21st February, 10.30am – 12.30pm. For ages 18+ a dance-theatre based class that explores some of Dan’s visually poetic techniques that have been used to create his performance of 30 cecil street.

tom dale company

tuesday 5th march, 3pm – 5pm a chance to explore protein’s approach to dance-theatre making. employing their blend of contact-based physicality, voice and text, emotions and humour, the class will mirror some of the company’s creative processes and practices.

luca SilveStrini from protein dance

Wednesday 27th march, 10.30am – 12.30pm tom will be exploring the inspiration behind his choreographic language alongside some of the techniques and contemporary repertoire from the performance refugees of the septic heart. tuesday 23rd april, 10.30am – 12.30pm sadhana Dance will explore the procedural and emotional resonances of surgery through contemporary Dance and Bharata natyam.

Sadhana dance

We invite you to the final performance of the U.Dance South West 2013 weekend. Watch the culmination of this regional youth dance festival, with participating schools and youth dance companies from across the south west. The performers come from a variety of different dance backgrounds; from Street Dance to Ballet, from Tap to Contemporary Dance. These final performances will be judged by the U.Dance Panel and two lucky companies will go through to youth

Dance england’s National U.Dance 2013 platform, which will take place in Leeds in July. The U.Dance South West 2013 participants will have taken part in a two-day intensive prior to their final performances. They will stay overnight at Pavilion Dance, work with professional artists and share their skills and styles with other young people. Our weekend will involve workshops, sleep overs and will take over the entire building, the terraces, the Gardens and even the beach!

all masterclasses have limited spaces and so please book early to avoid disappointment. please start warming up 15 mins before each class. wear comfortable, loose clothing. Black-soled shoes aren’t allowed as they damage our floors.

24 pavilion dance South weSt | take part

t: 01202 203630

t: 01202 203630

take part | pavilion dance South weSt


moving in circleS
recommended for ages 5–13

7 january – 28 march
we have two spacious studios and over 40 weekly classes for all ages (0–100) and all abilities (so that includes you!). ask for a classes leaflet, visit our website for full details and descriptions or email for more information.

half term fun: monday 18 & tueSday 19 feBruary 9am–5.30pm


Learn how to freestyle in a Street Dance cipher, spin and twist with rock’n roll, and whip a hula hoop around your middle! This February Half Term Pavilion Dance are offering a two-day long dance school, teaching young people in the fields of Street Dance, rock’n roll and Hula Hoop Dancing. you will also have the opportunity to work with a visual artist who will teach you how to draw moving dancers as they spiral across our stage. Options are available for those aged 5–8 years and 9–13 years.
for more information contact

pilates Burn to Beats tap Basic /Basic plus new wave tap intermediate/advanced hip-hop all Styles

6pm 6pm 7.15pm 7.15pm 8.30pm 8.30pm


40+ fit hip-hop Stomp african dance irish dance caribbean carnival contemporary advanced

6pm 6pm 7.15pm 7.15pm 8.30pm 8.30pm


dance and new media

Photo: Roswitha Chesher

mini Ballet under 5s yoga Ballet advanced dance the musicals contemporary intermediate 1940s Social dance Ballet intermediate

10.30–11.15am 6pm 6pm 7.15pm 7.15pm 8.30pm 8.30pm

mini african movers under 5s diving, flying, catching 9–15 yrs martial movement Ballet Basic pilates Ballroom Basic t’ai chi Ballroom intermediate


10.30–11.15am 4.45pm 6pm 6pm 7.15pm 7.15pm 8.30pm 8.30pm


10.30am 11.45–1.15pm 1.30–2.30pm 2.45–3.45pm 3.15–4.45pm 6pm 6pm 7.15pm 7.15pm 8.30pm 8.30pm

thurSday 21 march
4pm – workShopS and career StallS 7pm – performance
£5 for workshops and performance

ever wondered what it would Be like to do thiS for real?
If you are looking to pursue the performing arts as a career, then FUSeD is the event for you. Featuring practical workshops, stalls from various further and higher education institutions and a set of performances and films by universities in the south west it will give you plenty of food for thought about how to plan your career.

mini movers under 5s professional dance class tap Basic / Basic plus oap – older and perfect parkinson’s dance Salsa fit Ballet Basic plus Belly dance contemporary Basic Burlesque jazz

funky performers Breakdancing parkour Basic parkour intermediate

5–9 yrs 5–9 yrs 10–15 yrs 10–15 yrs

9.30-10.30am 10.45-11.45am 12-1.30pm 1.45-3.15pm

drop-in classes are £5. for passport options (longer validity – reduced ticket prices) please contact the Box office on 01202 203630. under 5s classes are 45 mins long and £2.50 per child. these classes are participatory, so parents get to join the fun (only one parent per child, please). the 5–9s are happy to have their classes without their parents present – just like the grown-ups!

26 pavilion dance South weSt | take part

t: 01202 203630

t: 01202 203630

take part | pavilion dance South weSt


parkinSon’S dance
with Sophia hulBert and aimee Smith
fridays, 11 january – 22 march 3.15–4.45pm, followed by 30min social in foyer £3.50, free for carers to watch or join in

Dancing is a stimulating, social activity, offering you the opportunity to meet others, move and share experiences. The Parkinson’s Dance class is fun and therapeutic to ensure you gain the best overall experience. Both teachers have extensive experience of working with people with Parkinson’s. They will help, support and guide you, using movement that is specifically designed for the symptoms of the condition. We appreciate that carers can play a vital role and encourage you to invite them if you wish, to watch or join in free of charge. The class will be followed by an optional social gathering.

For ages 20+

with arturo roBleS and Sioda martin

tuesdays, 15 january – 26 march 7.30–9.30pm £75 per term

Coevo is our adult Contemporary Dance company for the dance enthusiast interested in professional dance training and wanting to continue developing technical and creative skills. The term will end with a performance in the Pavilion Dance Cabaret (see page 14).

arturo robles teaches contemporary, Ballet and Jazz Dance, and, together with sioda martin, runs coevo, our adult contemporary Dance company here at pavilion Dance. Born in mexico city, he has worked and toured widely in latin america, the usa and europe as a dancer, actor, choreographer and teacher, before he started working with us in 2010. Arturo didn’t become a dancer straight away. His first degree was in Social Anthropology and Psychology, but life led him down a different path and he subsequently studied drama, theatre and dance in Mexico City, New york and London. His dance training covered a wide range of styles, from Contemporary, Ballet and Jazz Dance to Contact Improvisation, African Dance, Butoh, yoga and T’ai Chi, all of which find their way into his teaching – and he could probably teach all these styles in several different languages, too! His students love his exciting choice of music – from Björk to Dead Can Dance – as well as his humour. Arturo is a very careful and enthusiastic teacher and, when he demonstrates movement, he enjoys showing his students how not to do it, which leads to quite a few laughout-loud moments in class – and a great learning experience!

with Sioda martin
For ages 14–19 tuesdays, 8 january – 26 march 5.30–7.30pm £60 per term


2BU is our youth dance company for dancers aged 14–19 who want to create new innovative work and break the mould. you’ll develop new dance works as well as explore your own choreographic style. you’ll perform all over the country as well as in our termly Pavilion Dance Cabaret. audition for 2Bu on thursday, 3 january 2013, 5.30–7.30pm

28 pavilion dance South weSt | Supporting artiStS

t: 01202 203630

t: 01202 203630

Supporting artiStS | pavilion dance South weSt 29

Supporting artiStS
Karla Shacklock by Maggie Farmer

For us supporting dance artists and companies is all about taking time to develop meaningful relationships, understanding each other and sharing a vision.
We want to support and present work which people will want to watch and want to keep watching. it is therefore likely to be visceral and exciting to be in a space with. it is likely to connect with audiences and be about something relevant to them. We recognise that each artist and company is unique and always try to create a bespoke package of support that responds to their needs and enables them to test out new ideas and take creative risks in order to develop exhilarating and compulsive experiences for audiences.

as an example of this relationship building here is the story of how we are working with Bristol-based dance artist, Karla shacklock, who featured on the front of our autumn 2012 brochure:
2008/9: We first encounter Karla and her work at the edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2008 and then touring as part of the creative team of Precarious Dance Theatre Company in 2009. Feb 2012: We see Karla’s first solo performance, 31 years, at a work in progress event in Bath. may 2012: We meet Karla in Bristol, drink hot chocolate and chat about her new idea, The Buttercup. July 2012: We agree to co commission The Buttercup in partnership with Swindon Dance, The Tobacco Factory (Bristol) and Bristol Ferment, each committing a small amount of money, rehearsal studio space, organisational support and critical feedback. september 2012: Karla spends a week in our Seafront Studio researching and developing The Buttercup, playing with grass seed, yellow rubber gloves and garden groundsheets! During the week she leads company class each morning for local professional dancers and at the end of the week she shares her performance ideas so far with those dancers and with our staff who offer honest and thoughtful feedback from an audience perspective.

When artists are in residence with us we often offer them the opportunity to have a professional visual artist in the studio to observe and create new art work in response to the dance being developed. Karla jumped at the chance and Maggie Farmer spent the week with her, capturing the emotional and physical qualities that Karla was exploring through The Buttercup. These artworks were then exhibited in our Autumn 2012 dance inspired exhibition. october 2012: A more developed version of The Buttercup was presented at Tobacco Factory in Bristol and we were there, offering critical feedback, celebrating what was strong and striking and suggesting ideas for further development. november 2012: More hot chocolate was shared in Bristol as Karla outlined development plans for her company and pitched ideas of how our partnership could be most valuable. December 2012: The Buttercup was presented at Hatch & Scratch, our platform for performance in development to be shared with public audiences and useful feedback was offered in a facilitated post show chat. 2013: Pavilion Dance South West has committed to being a partner to support the organisational development of Karla Shacklock Dance Company across the next two years, to co-commission a new piece to accompany The Buttercup on a national tour and to engage in a dialogue to support her dance practice and creative collaborations.

“i could feel myself physically reacting and responding emotionally to both sound and vision as i worked and i thought Karla might like to be aware of that – so i told her afterwards.” maggie Farmer

Photo: Karla Shacklock by Irven Lewis

“it was wonderful to meet with local dancers and share practice and having Maggie, working in a different medium alongside me, to bounce ideas off, was fantastic!” Karla shacklock

30 pavilion dance South weSt | acroSS the South weSt

t: 01202 203630

t: 01202 203630

acroSS the South weSt | pavilion dance South weSt


Photo: Cscape Dance Company photographed by Steve Tanner

acroSS the South weSt
“...this project is proving to be an example of how one thing just keeps leading to another.”
the dance matters South west action network is building a strong coalition of individuals and organisations who share a passion for dance and its development, facilitated by pavilion Dance south West. We all try to ensure that as many people as possible from all walks of life have the opportunity to practise, watch and learn about dance and to develop their skills and interests. We meet regularly to share information and ideas. one of our key objectives is to support innovative partnership projects which work with children and young people through our co-investment initiative. as a result of this scheme there will be four fantastic opportunities across the south west for dancers, dance practitioners and dance teachers to come together to discuss and develop dance in 2013, called Dancenet. What we didn’t anticipate was the added value arising out of this project – we now also intend to bring Cornwall-based Cscape Dance Company’s fantastic 2010 outdoor performance, venus Flower, back to the two properties at the same time. This works brilliantly because at least four of our dance artists were also performers in the original production, so it all joins up rather well! And as if that were not enough, Trelissick has now asked if we can put together a team of professional dancers for their Christmas celebration events. So this project is proving to be an example of how one thing just keeps leading to another. The project kicked off on 23 November with a ‘sandpit’ enquiry day at University College Falmouth provocatively titled Would it Matter if Our Children Stopped Dancing?, with speakers Siobhan Davies MBe, Professor Mick Waters and Marie McCluskey MBe.” For more details contact

one of our co-investment initiatives is hothouse dance project in cornwall, designed to nurture dance in primary schools:
“Our project focuses on the challenge of re-invigorating the presence and profile of creative dance in primary schools in Cornwall. The core idea is pretty simple: to bring experienced and talented dance artists into schools, working with interested teachers and focussing on making inspired performance work for interesting places.

We now have 32 schools working with us and a team of ‘shadow’ dance artists, who want to develop primary dance skills, working alongside the lead dance team. The ‘interesting places’ are two fantastic National Trust gardens – Cotehele House near Liskeard and Trelissick Gardens near Truro. The gardens and their back stories become the creative driver for the making of dance and allow the schools to build the properties into their curriculum plans for the summer.

Photo: Laura Martin

Project Partners: University College Falmouth, KeAP, The Works, Hall for Cornwall, Cscape Dance Company, Dance republic 2, Pavilion Dance South West.

keep your eye on the website for more information in the new year:

32 pavilion dance South weSt | uSe our SpaceS

t: 01202 203630

t: 01202 203630

creative community | pavilion dance South weSt 33

uSe our SpaceS

creative community
independently promoted eventS
the following events are being hosted at pavilion dance by people hiring our spaces. Book tickets and find out more via please note that student stand-by tickets are not applicable for these performances.
candlelight productionS preSentS the artS univerSity at Bournemouth preSentS

andré rieu (diverSe programmeS) ScreeningS

a midSummer night’S dream By william ShakeSpeare performance

Saturday 19 January, Saturday 23 February, Saturday 30 March 3pm £9.50
craft, coffee & cupcakeS preSentS

Thursday 25 – Saturday 27 April 7.30pm, Saturday matinee 2.30pm £10/£6 (concs)
Beat preSentS

deSign your career conference & workShop

Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 February 10.30am–5pm £140/£112 (students)
the artS univerSity at Bournemouth preSentS

Beat: aSSault on the SenSeS performance

Saturday 4 May 2pm and 7pm Sunday 5 May 2.30pm and 6pm £12/£8 (under 15s)

taleS from ovid By ted hugheS performance

Thursday 28 February – Saturday 2 March 7.30pm, Saturday matinee 2.30pm £10/£6 (concs)

other professional dance performances in Bournemouth and poole this Spring that might be of interest...
lighthouSe poole or 0844 406 8666 Saturday 23 february, 7.45pm BalletBoyz: the talent 2013 tickets £16.50 wednesday 27 and thursday 28 march, 7.45pm jaSmin vardimon: freedom tickets £16.50, Schools £10 thursday 2 may, 7.45pm henri oguike dance triple Bill tickets £16.50 Bic & pavilion theatre or 0844 576 3000 thursday 10 to Sunday 13 january Beauty and the BeaSt on ice Bournemouth pavilion theatre tuesday 15 to thursday 17 january uk dance championShipS and riSing StarS Bic windsor hall wednesday 27 march moScow Ballet – la claSSiQue: coppelia Bournemouth pavilion theatre

direct theatre School preSentS

Bare BoneS theatre performance

Sunday 3 March 7pm Saturday 23 March 5pm and 8pm £10/£8.50

Studio one, dorSet’S centre for performing

venue hire
If you’re looking for a unique venue to hold your performance or any type of event then look no further. With two bright and airy dance studios and state-of-the-art theatre and performance space all situated right next to Bournemouth’s beautiful sandy beaches and gardens, this flexible venue can be tailored to suit your needs. To find out more and to create your bespoke and memorable event, please email or call 01202 203630.

artS preSent

Strictly muSicalS performance

Wednesday 3 – Saturday 6 April 7.30pm, Friday and Saturday Matinee 2.30pm £14
deja vu entertainment preSentS

Breakout the SoloS performance

Saturday 13 April 6pm £10.50

Blackwell dance academy preSentS

Scan this code for a virtual tour of our spaces

letS dance 9 performance

Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 April Saturday 7pm, Sunday 1pm and 4.30pm £10.50/£8.50 (cons)

34 pavilion dance South weSt | partieS

t: 01202 203630

t: 01202 203630

who iS who | pavilion dance South weSt 35

Here at Pavilion Dance South West our private party packages are a great way to have fun. From hen parties and children’s birthday parties to corporate team-building sessions, we can tailor a package to suit your needs. Prices start from £8 per head and include a minimum one hour dance class of your choice in our spacious studios, led by one of our professional dance teachers.

at pavilion dance

who iS who
our Box office and front of houSe team
claire al-issa, charlotte carosin, aimee symes andrew christie – speak to Andrew if you want to become a volunteer louise moody – speak to Louise if you want to hire our spaces

our artiStic team
Deryck newland ian abbott – speak to Ian if you want to present work gemma connell – speak to Gemma about projects for schools and young people Zannah Doan – speak to Zannah about projects happening accross the South West region michaela shaw – speak to Michaela about our classes and projects around Bournemouth Joanne collingbourne (university work placement)

our technical team
cally Black – speak to Cally about your technical requirements chris carr (apprentice technician), alex Welch, matthew gardiner, Jordon cooper, ryan Dell, marcus Ventham, ashlie hayes (casual technicians)

our marketing and admin team
helga Brandt, Judy hooper, marianne lucken, Jo o’connell (on maternity leave), Beverley Wass (marketing intern)

our current teacherS
ruby adams (Dance The Musicals, Burlesque, 1940s Social Dance), anthony Biela (Breakdance, Funky Performers), Tony Birdfield (T’ai Chi), Keith grant (yoga, Martial Movement, Diving, Flying, Catching), sophia hulbert (Parkinson’s Dance), scott Jackson (Parkour), Fred & sheila Kendall (Ballroom), rachel King (New Wave, Hip-hop All Styles), ceri mak (Pilates), stella mavris (Funky Performers), teresa moretti (40+ Fit), Becky murphy (Hip-hop Stomp), clare nicholas (Salsa Fit, Burn to Beats), nelly evans (Bellydance), Kate o’leary (Irish Dance), chanti porter (Ballet, Mini Ballet), natasha Z player (African Dance, Mini African Movers, Caribbean Carnival), Kiarnah rait-mcDonald (Tap Dance), arturo robles (Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz), aimee smith (Mini Movers, Parkinson’s Dance), natasha tobin (Ballet), Jane White (Professional Dance Class, Contemporary) We also would like to say “thank you” to our team of dedicated volunteers, without whom we would not be able to operate.

For more information or to make a booking email or call 01202 203630.

36 pavilion dance South weSt | find uS & Book ticketS

t: 01202 203630

t: 01202 203630

find uS & Book ticketS | pavilion dance South weSt


how to Book
address: online: telephone: Box office hours: in person: credit / debit cards access: Pavilion Dance, Overlooking Lower Gardens, Westover road, Bournemouth, BH1 2BU 01202 203630 Mon–Fri 10am–5pm (10am–9pm during classes); Sat 10am–5pm only. Check page 25 for class times visit us and book your tickets at reception. There is a 50p transaction fee. We welcome visitors with disabilities to all our productions and events.

how to find uS
Pavilion Dance is located at the back of Bournemouth’s Pavilion Theatre and is accessed through the Lower Gardens or via Pier Approach, underneath the flyover. By train: 20 mins walk from Bournemouth Station. South West Trains T: 0845 6000 650. Close to major bus routes. Main bus stops on Westover road and Gervis Place. yellow Buses T: 01202 636000 or more (Wilts & Dorset) T: 0845 0727 093 Lock up your bike outside, or on Westover road and Pier Approach. Dorset Police recommend D-locks to ensure your bike is more secure. Parking is available nearby at several car parks. Town centre parking can be very limited during busy times and so please plan accordingly. We recommend Central Car Park, Hinton road; it’s not so busy and a short walk away. The taxi rank is by the Tourist Information Centre, Westover Road. By bus:

By bike:

wheelchair users: We have a lift and accessible facilities, including backstage. Level access is via the seafront entrance of the Lower Gardens. If you are a wheelchair user please advise us when booking so we can ensure seating is available for you and a companion. companions: For audience members who are unable to attend a performance unless accompanied, a seat is available for a companion free of charge for performances presented by Pavilion Dance. Please ask when booking. We have a hearing loop system. Please ask when booking.

By car:

visitor information: Find out where to stay, eat and have a good time T: 0845 051 1700 W:

hard of hearing:


let’S get to know each other Subscribe to our e-newsletter to keep up to date with news and events. Sign up online, in person, or by calling us on 01202 203630. Scan this code with your smartphone

pavilion theatre lower gardenS pavilion dance South weSt

p p

Bournemouth pier

38 pavilion dance South weSt | eventS calendar

t: 01202 203630

t: 01202 203630

eventS calendar | pavilion dance South weSt


eventS calendar
Thursday Night is Dance Night Masterclasses Take Part More Performance Screenings Family Friendly

march Day Date
Fri sat sun mon tue thu Fri thu thu sun thu thu Fri sat sun Wed thu sat sun 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 14 14 17 21 21 22 23 24 27 28 30 31

7.30pm 2.30pm & 7.30pm 7pm 1pm & 4.30pm 3pm 7.30pm 9.30am 12pm 7.30pm 4pm 4pm 7pm 7.30pm 5pm & 8pm 6pm 10.30am 7.30pm 3pm 4pm

33 33 33 20 22 9 21 22 10 23 24 24 19 33 14 22 11 33 13 tales from ovid tales from ovid Bare Bones theatre Dance teachers' cpD with motionhouse luca silvestrini masterclass run this town art of Displacement 2Faced Dance company masterclass out of his skin u.Dance south West 2013 – performance Fused – workshops and career stalls Fused – performance XoXo Bare Bones theatre pavilion Dance cabaret tom Dale masterclass refugees of the septic heart andré rieu – i lost my heart in heidelberg Bolshoi live: the rite of spring

january Day thu Fri sat sun Date 3 4 19 27 Time 11.30am & 3pm 11.30am & 3pm 3pm 3pm Page 4 4 33 13
Boing! Boing! andré rieu in Wonderland Bolshoi live: la Bayadère

sat sun thu thu thu sun mon tue thu thu sat thu 2 3 7 14 14 17 18 19 21 21 23 28 10.30am 10.30am 7.30pm 10.30am 7.30pm 11.30am & 3pm 9am 9am 10.30am 7.30pm 3pm 7.30pm 33 33 6 22 7 16 24 24 22 8 33 33 Design your career Design your career Be like Water sonia sabri masterclass Kaavish rapunzel moving in circles moving in circles Dan canham masterclass 30 cecil street / ordinary courage andré rieu – romance tales from ovid

Wed thu Fri sat mon sat sat sun tue thu Fri sat 3 4 5 6 8 13 20 21 23 25 26 27 7.30pm 7.30pm 2.30pm & 7.30pm 2.30pm & 7.30pm 11.30am 6pm 7pm 1pm & 4.30pm 10.30am 7.30pm 7.30pm 2.30pm & 7.30pm 33 33 33 33 17 33 33 33 22 33 33 33 strictly musicals strictly musicals strictly musicals strictly musicals moko mix Breakout the solos let’s Dance 9 let’s Dance 9 sadhana Dance masterclass a midsummer night's Dream a midsummer night's Dream a midsummer night's Dream

ongoing eventS
mon 7 jan – thurs 28 march Spring term of weekly classes – p. 25 every friday 11 jan – 22 march Parkinson’s Dance – p. 26
dance companieS

introducing new classes Including OAP – Older and Perfect, Hip-hop Stomp, Burlesque, Caribbean Carnival, Diving, Flying, Catching and Martial Movement – p. 25

every tuesday 15 jan – 26 march Coevo: adult Contemporary Dance company – p. 26 every tuesday 8 jan – 26 march 2BU: youth dance company – p. 26

sat sun sun 4 5 12 2pm & 7pm 2.30pm & 6pm 4pm 33 33 13 Beat: assault on the senses Beat: assault on the senses Bolshoi live: romeo and Juliet