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>Final Year Project 2 <


The solar sprinkler is part of the final year project required in the electrical engineering course.The idea starts with the possibilities of implementing innovation in water sprinkling system used mainly in agriculture and so as other applications.The normally manual and unpowered system can now be improved by using electrical system in the hope to create a product that could help revolutionize agricultural methods.The sprinkler is operated automaticaly using combinations of different electrical circuits.The system reacts to light,moisture and time which it is intended to do.The automation in the system is hoped to be able to provide a reliable system to raise the standard of agricultural sector in Malaysia. Solar energy has been proposed as an alternative energy in modern day industries.It is a clean source of energy that does not polute the environment.Solar energy is also cheap and easy to generate especially in Malaysia where this country receives lots of sunlight all year long. OBJECTIVES. As students in the course of electrical engineering (electronic) we feel the responsibility to applicate the knowledge of what we have learnt for the past few years here in UiTM Dungun.In this project we use different types of electrical components to realize the project that we have dreamt of which is the solar sprinkler. Advancement is a key factor for our project until now.Solar energy,which is the most proactive alternative energy and the most efficient in energy saving in today’s world.We implement it in the system that we have designed as a source of energy. Working electronically hence ruling out the conventional manual method which is not so relevant anymore.Human intervention usually cause errors and mismanagement.Furthermore,the system can reduce all this and at the same time being able to lower electrical energy consumption as well as reducing working time making it efficient and relevance in this age. Day after day,the society nowdays are more alert to the changes that are happening around them that demand saving in all aspects to fullfil the need of life of today that are increasing.Therefore,the electrical energy saving solar sprinkler will be able to assist the owners to reduce cost and so on. LITERATURE REVIEW. There have been some other projects that were made regarding sprinkler system.Each one is unique in its own way.Some are basic and simple unpowered system which purely use the water pressure from the supply pipeline and fully controlled by man.

The agricultural sector is one of the largest contributor to Malaysia’s GDP (KDNK) which is about 40% from the overall value.The Malaysian government is actively encouraging more Malaysian to get involved in agriculture as major source of income and it can help to provide more job opportunity for many people regardless of their background. The growth in production of agricultural products will decrease the need for import of agricultural products from other country to fullfil the local demand.It is not only about agriculture only but also production industry related to agriculture. The solar sprinkler is the pioneer to technological change in realizing the government objective to promote modern agriculture.The implementation of modern technologies will speed up our agricultural growth,improve efficiency and reducing cost and manpower.These are the challenges that need to be overcome,as people in agricultural sector continue to look for ways to make improvements for the benefits for all.

>Final Year Project 2 <


Our sprinkler system utilizes solar energy which makes it a little different from the others.Long term usage of solar energy in the sprinkler system will assist in saving a lot of money in the use of electricity.Since solar energy is abundance in country like Malaysia where the sun shines all year long and best of all,it is cheap.The saving in electricity will reduce the production cost of agricultural products. Our solar sprinkler uses system that reacts to light,moisture,and time to produce an efficient sprinkling task that maximizes the usage of electricity and water.This combination makes it a more effective system compared to others.

CIRCUIT OPERATION. The current that flows from the battery then divided into two smaller circuits which are the LDR and water detector.The current that flows to the LDR and IC timer works to activate the watering system at night where the sun is absence at the time.While the IC timer will limit the watering time to avoid water waste. The sprinkling (watering) process will be stopped automatically in any presence of rainfall that make the soil wet,where the water detector will work to detect to soil moisture level. The current flowing out from any circuits (LDR & IC timer) or water sensor will provide the input to motor pump to function to start the sprinkling process.The process will stop after a time which has been set earlier to save water.

Fig.1:Circuit flowchart.



>Final Year Project 2 <


Fig.2:Solar sprinkler inner view.


The light detector circuit shown above works to detect sunlight.The presence of light will turn the sprinkler on at daytime and it will only work in the day.At night,without the presence of sunlight,the system will be turned off.

Fig.3:Outer casing.

Fig.6:Timer circuit. The timer circuit above is responsible to set the time duration to a determined period where the sprinkler should operate.After the time limit is reached the solar sprinkler will stop working automaticly.
Fig.4: Water detector circuit.

The water detector circuit as shown above is responsible for detecting the presence of water on the planting area.If the soil is wet,the circuit wil detect it and signaled the water sprinkler to stop functioning.This feature is usefull in rainy condition where the crop is already watered.This will prevent unnecessary use of water and prevent water wastage.

RESULTS. Table 1: Water detector.

>Final Year Project 2 <


No water (off) With water (on)

Output Voltage (V) 9.0 90p

Output Current (mA) 9.0 8.182
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Table 2: LDR circuit.
LDR Light on Light off Output Voltage (V) 0.885 0 Output Current (mA) 0.8 0

The solar sprinkler made here have been finished and tested to work using the most possible way and the available components.All the learned knowledge were applied to this project to make it as good as possible.It is hoped that this system can be furthermore improved so that it can be mass produced at lower cost to make it more affordable and accessable for the masses.The system is expected to be able to work for a long time with proper care and maintainance.

We would thank Allah because with His permission and blessings,we manage to complete our project as we know it is a path of our syllabus in part 1& 2.We would like to take this opportunity to express lots of thanks to all people that had been involved in order to complete our project.Without whom this work would not be possible. We also wish to acknowledge the advisor of the project team,Ms. Nurul Huda Hafiza Harun for the encouragement,comments,advices and support that has been given for the project.We wish to thank our parents who gave lots of support both in financial and moral.Also,thanks to the management of Electrical Engineering Faculty for allowing us to use the facilities in the labs.Beside that,thanks also to our friends who always willing to share ideas which might be usefull for our project until it can be done so far.Lastly thanks to all who had helped us to finish the project.We really appreciate it.