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Association of Indian Economic and Financial Studies (AIEFS)

AIEFS Program at ASSA 2013 San Diego January 05, 2013

AIEFS Executive Committee Meeting: January 05, 2013 4.45-5.45pm, Marriott Marquis and Marina, Room Encinitas Invitation: Executive Committee Members AIEFS Reception: January 05, 2013 6.00 - 8.00PM, Marriott Marquis and Marina Invited Speaker: Sajal Lahiri, Can the Most Favored Nation Clause of WTO be Welfare Improving Under Asymmetric Oligopoly? Vandeveer Professor of Economics, Southern Illinois University Carbondale Invitation: Members, colleagues, friends and others

AIEFS sponsored Sessions

Jan 05, 2013 10:15 AM, Marriott Marquis & Marina, Orlando Association of Indian Economics & Financial Studies (AIEFS) Is There a Policy Paralysis? (O2) Presiding: AMITRAJEET BATABYAL (Rochester Institute of Technology) India's Long Term Growth: 1900-2010
UMA KAMBHAMPATI (University of Reading) SIMON BURKE (University of Reading)

Is Your Government Closer to Its People? Worldwide Indicators on Localization and Decentralization
ANWAR SHAH (World Bank) MAKSYM INVANYNA (Michigan State University)

Can Rural Public Works Affect Rural Wages? Evidence from India
SAMBIT BHATTACHARYYA (University of Sussex) ERLEND BERG (University of Oxford) MANJULA RAMACHANDRA (Institute for Social and Economic Change)

Understanding Bank Runs: Do Depositors Monitor Bank Runs?

MANJU PURI (Duke University) RAJKAMAL IYER (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) NICHOLAS RYAN (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Do Curbing Corruption and Promoting Financial Integration Serve as Complements or Substitutes in Reducing Inequality?

SOURAV BATABYAL (State University of New York) ABDUS CHOWDHURY (Marquette University)

Food Inflation in India: Causes and Cures

PRADEEP AGARWAL (Indian Institute of Economic Growth)

KALYAN CHAKRABORTY (Emporia State University) KESHAB BHATTARAI (University of Hull) RAJA KALI (HEC, Montreal) ANIL KUMAR (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas) KUSUM MUNDRA (Rutgers University) DEBASRI MUKHERJEE (Western Michigan University)

Jan 05, 2013 12:30 pm, Marriott Marquis & Marina, Orlando Association of Indian Economics & Financial Studies Innovations, Currency, Exports & Growth (F4) Presiding: KUSUM KETKAR (AIEFS) A Multi-Region Model of Economic Growth with Human Capital and Negative Externalities in Innovation
AMITRAJEET BATABYAL (Rochester Institute of Technology) PETER NIJKAMP (Free University)

Currency Safe Havens during Global Financial Stress: India vs. Other Emerging Markets
VALERIE CERRA (International Monetary Fund) SWETA SAXENA (International Monetary Fund)

How Does Openness and Exchange Rate Regimes Affect Inflation? Evidence From Asia
AMIT GHOSH (Illinois Wesleyan University)

Understanding Foreign Direct Investment & Economic Growth in Export Oriented Economies: A Case Study of Fiji & Mauritius
RAJEEV SOOREEA (Dominican University of California) RUKMANI GOUNDER (Massey University)

Selection into Exporting, Market Size and Export Prices: Evidence from India and China
SUSHANTA MALLICK (Queen Mary, University of London) HELENA MARQUES (University of the Balearic Islands)

Private Equity Exits: Do Multiple and Foreign PE Investors Matter?

RAMA SETH (Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta) ROHAN CHINCHWADKAR (Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta)

RASIKA CHIKTE (University of Oklahoma) ARUN SARKAR (University of Wisconsin) CHANDANA CHAKRABORTY (Montclair State University) BASANTA CHOUDHRY (Rutgers University) MEENAKSHI RISHI (Seattle University) PARUL JAIN (Baruch College and Macrofin Analytics)