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HAMID ALI BALOCH CELL NO: 03325337818 / Office: 081-920321

To learn more and more from a competitive environment and to face the challenges of time and transfer my knowledge to the forthcoming generations. To create an energetic and informative literature, for the students of the Balochi Literature. . Personal Bio-data: Name: Hamid Ali Baloch Computer Skill: MS Word, MS Excel and Power Point Qualification: M. A Balochi, M.A English, M.Phil in Balochi (Dialects of the Balochi Language in Pakistani Balochistan), Designation: Lecturer Department of Balochi, University of Balochistan, Quetta. Field of Specialization: Balochi language and Literature. Balochi Dialectology and Lexicography Experience: five years Language: Balochi (Mother tongue), Pashto, Hindi, Urdu, English, Brahui and Persian Permanent Address: Department of Balochi, University of Balochistan, Quetta. Home Address:Room No. 14, Teachers family Hostel, University of Balochistan, Quetta.

Academic Career:
Qualification: Matriculation -1994 Intermediate -1996 Graguaduation-1998 Master Degree: Balochi-2006, M.A English: 2011

1. Zubnn bindi jah (fundamental issues of different languages) Balochi, August 2006, Quetta. 2. Balochi Glband (Balochi idioms), Mahtk Balochi, 2008 (in five parts). 3. Balochni r gnagn Rhdarbar (the lion-like leader of the Baloch), Mahtk Balochi Zind, 2006. 4. Balochi o Nkn Frsi ay Rjdaptar Arzit ( Historical importance of Balochi and New Persian), Mahtk Balochi Gwnk, 2009. 5. Balochi Zubn e nibita rahband (Orthographic System of the Balochi Language), Annual Research Journal Hanken,from the Department of Balochi, Fa culty of Languages and Literature, University of Balochistan, Quetta. 6. Balochi Glwr o tawr znt (the Balochi dialects and Phonology) Translated from the Book Standardization and Orthography in the Balochi Language, Mahtk Balochi Gwaank, 2009 7. Mazan Diln Mardum Sakkn Shatn Ham Gwaazen ant (tough time never last tough time do), Monthly Balochi Zind, 2006 8. Balochi o Sanskrit ay hamgnagi (similarities between the Balochi and Sanskrit), monthly Balochi, Gwnk April, 2011. 9. Socio-linguistic contact and the Providence of the Balochi language in Modern Times. Annual Research Journal Hankn from the Department of Balochi, Faculty of Languages and Literature, 2011. 10. A phonological study of Modern Persian and Balochi Journal of Balochistan Review, Balochistan Studies center, University of Balochistan, Quetta. 11. Swstika: A symbol of Peace and Enlightenment in the Baloch Society " Annual Research Journal HANKEN, from the Department of Balochi, Faculty of Languages and Literature, University of Balochistan, Quetta. 12. Nako Faizuk: A renowned Singer of the Balochi musical world. and 13. Noor Khan Bezenjo: A renowned Balochi Singer. and Mahtk

3 14. My heart simmers up like a Cauldron:A backdrop of Elegiac poetry in the Balochi Literature. Annual Research Journal Hanken,2012. Faculty of Languages and Literature, University of Balochistan, Quetta. 15. Balochistaniyat 2011:"The Balochi Phonology" , Annual Research Journal, From Balochi Academy, Quetta.

1. Student Workbook and Vocabulary Templates in Balochi, Transpartne language, 2012.USA. 2. Co-principal Investigator, "Balochi Folk Literature and Translations" Department of Balochi, University of Balochistan, 2011, sponsored by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. 3. Text translator of Balochi-English from the University of Maryland, USA, 20092010. 4. Video Learning Object Templates Project (VLOTP) for Balochi, 2011, the University of Maryland, USA. 5. Balochi Language Course, Student Workbook and Vocabulary Templates, Transparent Language, Nausha, USA. 6. Text, Translations, and Glossary Reviewer of the Brahui Project, 2011-2012, the University of Maryland, USA.

1. Balochi- English Dictionary (yet to be published) 2. Pahlavi-Balochi Dictionary( yet to be published)

Translated Books:
1. "Standardization and Orthography in the Balochi Language" Carina Jahani, translated into Balochi, not yet published. 2. " The Balochi Language: A Dialectology with Texts, Josef Elfenbein, translated into Balochi, not yet published

Conferences/ Seminars and Workshops:

1. Member of the Organizing Committee, One Day Seminar , Research Project for " Balochi Literature, Anthology and Translation", 27th November, 2012. 2. 3. Seminar on the inauguration on the Balochi Novel shaal e gulen Bazaar by Muneer Ahmad Badini at Idara e- Saqafat, Quetta 4. Seminar on the inauguration of the SulaimanBalochi Acakemy Quetta. Book Shepherds of Koh-e-

4 5. Seminar on the travelogue of Kifayat Karar ab j e- ke man bdam at Noshki, Balochistan, 2010. 6. 2nd International Balochi Language Conference July, 2011, at Quetta Hotel Sarina. 7. Seminar on the "Baloch Culture" 3rd March, 2011, at the University of Balochistan. 8. Two Days Workshop on " The Balochi Orthographic system and spelling issues" 5th March 2011, Karachi, in Co-operation with National Institute of Applied Linguistics Karachi. 9.

1. NCS Training during College 2. One week training from the Higher Education Commission, 2009

3. Two months training from the Higher Education Commission Pakistan, 2010. 4. English Language training from FTDC University of Balochistan, Quetta. 2011 5. One Day Training Workshop on " GENDER SENSITIZATION" with Teaching Faculty Members of the University of Balochistan, Nov.8th,2012, in co-operation with Gender Equality Program of Aurat Foundation and USAID.

Member of Academies:
1. Member of Balochistan, Academy, Turbat (1996-1999) 2. President of Balochistan Academy Smi Branch (1998-2000) 3. Member of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Turbat Branch (1996-1998) 4. Member of Society for Iranian Linguistics 5. Member of the Balochi Academy, Quetta 6. Member of the Academic Council, University of Balochistan, Quetta

Teaching Experience:

1. Senior Subject Teacher (1998-2000) at Tameer e- Millat Public High School, District Kech, Mekran 2. Senior Subject Teacher (2002-2007) in Government Schools. 3. Lecturer Department of Balochi from 2008 till date.

Gold Medals and Awards:

1. Gold medal obtained from the Government of Balochistan, getting the first position in the Middle Schools exam throughout Mekran. 199 2. Best teachers prize in the Government High School Sami, district Kech, 2004. 3. The third prize of a debate conducted in Government Degree College Turbat in1997

Editorial Board:
1. Sub-editor, Annual Research Journal Balochistaniyat, Balochi Academy, Quetta. 1 Sub editor, Annual Research Journal Hanken, from the Department of Balochi, Faculty of Languages and Literature, University of Balochistan, Quetta. 3. Member of Editorial Board, Monthly Magazine Gidrosia Quetta. 4. Member of Editorial Board, Monthly Magazine Gwaank Gwadar.