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Leesville 171 General Rules 2013 LIABILITY 1.

All decisions, judgment calls, or interpretations of rules by track officials will be final. 2. When competitors enter track or pits they agree to abide by all officials decisions. Officials and management reserves the right to amend rules or regulations in order to provide a better quality or safer program. 3. No driver, car owner, or mechanic shall have any claim for damages, expenses, etc. against promoter, track operator, track, or officials, by reason of disqualification, damage to car or driver, or both and they agree by entering the event that the track is in a safe and usable condition. 4. All drivers, car owners, mechanics or any other persons assume full responsibility for any and all injuries sustained, including death and or property damage, any time that they are on the racetrack premises, or in route to or from track. 5. Management or officials reserve the right to inspect any race car at any time. Failure to allow inspection will result in disqualification without refund of money. PITS and CONDUCT 1. NO ONE Allowed in Pit without visible arm band, with the color used that night. 2. No driver or crew will be allowed to enter pits or race track until he/she has signed the release sheet. No person will be allowed to sign for anyone other than themselves. 3. Alcoholic drinks allowed in designated areas in the east end of the stands, drinking is not allowed by any driver at any time. Alcoholic drinks are not allowed in the pits during program. 4. Car registration is $30.00 per year Reserve pit spot is $100.00 per year. 5. Driver sign-in/draw time ends 30 minutes before race time, after that time all cars will start at the back of the last heat or feature race depending on the night’s events. A. For regularly scheduled races, if the field is not full (less than 24 cars and No “B” main or LCQ was run to establish the “A” Main), late drivers will be allowed to race as long as they can take the track with the “A” Main for their class. B. For special events (Events announced prior to race night with increased purses), late drivers will allowed to race as long as they can take the track with the last heat race for their class. C. Late arrivals (after draw ends) will not be eligible for “Hard Charger” Awards or Incentive Money if offered for that event. 6. Driver or car owner is required to draw a number. There will be no drawings before car gets to the track. 7. If a driver change is made the pit steward must be notified, if after heat race the car must start in the rear. 8. Car owner or driver will be required to attend pit meeting. 9. No competitor shall subject track official to abuse or improper language at ANYTIME. Any violations will be subject to fine, suspension or both. Drivers and car owners are responsible for 1

will be subject to disqualification and/or suspension. If the rules don’t say you can then you cannot! FLAGGING/CAUTIONS 1. 12. yellow laps do not count. 11. 13. warming up or in the infield. unattended children in the pit area may cause disqualification or suspension. Children under age of 18 will be allowed in pits with adult and signed waiver. loss of prize money and championship points and/or suspension. All races will be conducted under green flag conditions. 2. A Car causing a caution before the 1st official lap will get their position back. Any complaints must be presented to pit steward. during or after the race shall be subject fines of $100. One 3” visible numbers will be placed on the front and rear of each car to assist with lineup. fire suits.000) mandatory and in working order. their pit crew and family members’ actions. 5. The option will exist to start a race single file if necessary. 6. No one. No Vehicle or crew member will be allowed to accident scene until signaled by flagman and or on track official. After one lap is completed rule (5. the pole man sets the pace. they may be moved to the rear of the field. No Exceptions. mechanic. will confer with owners and officials. Raceceiver (Channel: 000 Freq: 454. or t-shirts. No mirrors are to be in any car in any class. trailers. 2 . Idle speed in the pits only. Any competitor (driver. All cars must be clean and neat in appearance upon arrival at races. 7. 4. the flagman starts the race. etc. the caution flag will be thrown and the field realigned. All Drivers. 4. owner. The inside pole man must give the outside pole man racing room. the car will be charged with the caution. If an unfair start is ruled. 8. 2. in civil manner (preferably written) who. All races will be started/re-started by the flagman.10. or pit crew must maintain control of their children in the pit area and the grandstands. 3. Remember. going on the track.00. THE FLAGMAN HAS ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY OVER RACETRACK SURFACE. No two way radios in any class. owners. under any circumstances is allowed on the flag stand or the scoring tower or in its areas. No Traction control devices of any kind in or on any class car. No “Off Color” Drawings or slogans on cars. All cars must start and move in reverse/forward under their own power. Each car will have min of 20” high numbers. neatly displayed on each side and on roof (visible from tower as you pass under the flag stand).) who takes part in demonstrations or fights on the track premises before. It is up to the outside pole man to keep pace with the inside pole man. in all classes every night. GENERAL CAR RULES 1. signifying the start will be the signal for the front row to fire. If a good start is not delivered by the front row. below) will apply. Except Sprint Cars. not the drivers. The green flag. 3. Drivers operating their cars in a reckless manner in the pit either coming off.

Any Car causing two (2) cautions will go to the pits. All funds will be paid to the person that is listed on driver information sheet to receive funds and 1099 will be issued to this person. Drivers who fail to move into their position in the field after the line-up is announced will be moved to the rear of the field (1st offense) or sent off the track (2nd offense). until told to move by track officials. The remainder of the field will line up accordingly. after the first complete lap. any car leaving the racing surface to change tire or any reason must restart in the rear of the field. When race is called because of weather and half of the program.5. Second offence will result in the same plus driver points accumulated for the year. WEATHER/RAIN CHECKS 1. then double file behind. 11. There is NO racing back to the flag under a yellow. and will not receive any money or points for the event. When the yellow is displayed. Any intentional bumping. stop racing and continue at a very reduced pace and fall into a single file line to facilitate line-up. Tires can be changed in the feature race only. white. No working on race cars during the race. In addition to the car that caused the Caution. 9. any car(s) sitting still when the yellow or red light comes on will be placed at the end of the restart order. checkered” finish to the race (exceptions may be made for special events). premiums and taxes payable for any funds received as a result of their participation in any event at race track. spinning. Cars appointed to stop at tech area are to report directly there after the race is complete. Race participants are responsible for all charges. will be Diamond Starts with the 1st place car out front. The 2nd place car will have to option of inside/outside. Restarts. third offence will result in driver’s suspension for Six (6) completed weekly racing events. changing tires only. If less than half the program is completed a rain check will be given and the remaining races will be made up the next scheduled racing night. stop as soon as possible. is completed this will constitute a complete program and no refunds. after that we will go with a “green. If you are needed to line up for another event. Pulling on to the track to purposely cause a caution will be grounds for a Black Flag. Returning to your pit area will automatically disqualify the car. If a car is found to be illegal in post-race inspection they will be disqualified. Any car with parts hanging off or damage that may cause a danger to other drivers or track will be sent to pits. Any car with excess smoke will be sent to the pits. Only drivers of the appointed cars are allowed in the tech area. 8. TAXES 1. In the event of a red flag. 13. or un-sportsman-like driving will be black-flagged. 3 . 12. 6. Feature races are scheduled for a time limit of 30 minutes. 7. notify the Tech Official and one (1) person (Owner or Pit member) can stand in for the driver. or the heat races. 10. safely.

filed after the ten` minute time limit. All ends must be bolted to roll bar or frame with minimum of 3/8th grade 5 bolts. and points for the night. no soldering. Refusing to honor protest would result in all actions of (F. I. Leesville 171 Speedway. D. Failure to wear full fire suit will cause disqualification and will be checked at end of race. If the car is Illegal $500.00 cash within 10 minutes of completion of event. If the car is legal then $500. H. with gauge mounted securely within reach of the driver when belted in the car. All cars must have a plate of at least 1/8” welded on the driver’s side with ½” holes cut to for strapping roll-bar padding. DRIVERS: Any driver in the same race on the lead lap may claim one of the top three finishers immediately (within 5 minutes) after the “A” feature in the tech area.00 goes back to the protester.00 goes to the car Driver/Owner and 50. 2” straps surrounding it. 1 piece or 2 piece racing fire suits are required for all drivers. Cells must have roll over flap. B. Fuel Cells must be mounted in the trunk with a minimum of 2. No driver may protest on their first event of the season.) above plus loss of all points year to date. No Driver can protest more than 4 cars in 1 season. You must have finished in the top 5 and on the lead lap of the race in order to file a protest. The protested car must have finished in the top 5 to be protested. PROTESTS 1. Camshaft. E. track owner and Pit Steward reserves the right to protest any car. No electric fuel pumps except in Stinger when factory fuel pump only can be used. 7. ENGINE CLAIM (PURE STOCK ONLY) 1. $50. F. J. Pistons. 4 . 8. All cars must have a fire extinguisher no less than 2lb.SAFETY 1. Window Nets are mandatory on driver side window in all classes with hardware. trophies. All welds must be complete. K. 3. 5. C. with the Pit Stewart in writing along with $550. or is not filed in accordance with above. To file a formal protest of another competitor you must follow the following procedure: A. Claim must be made in writing and the claim money must be in cash. Only one item can be protested at one time. 4.00 goes to the drivers point fund. CID. no aluminum parts in roll cages. Heads etc. A quick release 5 point racing belt harness no less than 3” wide at most 2 years old is mandatory.00 goes to the point fund and the car is disqualified resulting in loss of any monies. Item to be protested must be filed confidentially. 2. The Pit Steward will not accept protests that they feel that is done in an un-sportsman-like manner. and car would be checked before able to race again. L. G. No Driver can protest another driver more than once in one season. No dual fuel cells. You must have competed in the event you are protesting. 6. All cars except Stingers are required to have a fuel cell. one race suspension. Snell approved full face helmets and.

carburetor. fuel pump. water outlet/restrictor. track officials. 1st Claim) Any driver refusing claim will be disqualified and lose any purse money any points for that event. Any driver refusing a second claim at subsequent events will be disqualified and lose any purse money from that event. this is used when the leaders are coming up on a lap car. line up single file and watch out for emergency vehicles. carburetor. 2. Red Flag: Extreme Danger on track. B. water pump. 5 . Green Flag: Starts or restarts the race. That driver will also lose all points accumulated for the year. 2. fuel pump. NO WORK allowed to vehicle. wires. D.A. water pump. motor mounts. clutch/assembly. oil/temp sending units. B. Driver’s may not claim more than two (2) engines per calendar year. Any car making a lap under red will be started in the back of the next restart. C. and be banned from the pits for the remainder of the season. Pit crews are not allowed on track. fan. be banned from competing at 171 Speedway in any class. motor mounts. FLAG RULES 1. Swap claim on engines only (no cash). D. A.Flywheel. B. breathers. wreckers. pulleys. starter. TECH/PROMOTER: 171 Speedway Promoter or Tech may claim any of the top (10) ten finishers immediately after the “A” feature. bell housing. 3. That driver may not compete in any class at Leesville 171 Speedway for the next (3) three scheduled events. The track’s motor will be in running condition on an engine stand in the tech area. We do not race back to the yellow! 4. fan. That driver also waives his right to claim any engines for the remainder of the season. CLAIM REFUSAL: A. The car that gets this flag is required to move to the top of the track letting the leaders pass by. pulleys. dip stick. Stop where you are. Claim does not include . Claim does not include . dip stick.00 ($900 for the claimed driver/$100 to the driver’s point fund) and swap claim on engines. distributor. all restarts will be diamond restarts. distributor. fuel pump plate/rod. 3. fuel pump plate/rod. Driver may NOT claim another driver finishing in a position behind them and may not claim the same driver more than once per calendar year. Yellow Flag: Caution! Hazard on track Slow down to pace speed. 1st place alone out front and 2nd on back double file.Flywheel. clutch/assembly. Build sheet will be available to driver being claimed. The track’s motor cannot be claimed. oil/temp sending units. C. bell housing. $1000. Drivers are not to get out of the cars unless directory by track official. starter. breathers. water outlet/restrictor. wires. and debris on the track. Blue with yellow stripe: Move over flag.

No express or implied warranty or safety shall result from publications of. do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant. Their Decision is final. See corner worker for reason. Disclaimer: The rules and regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. in their opinions.5. 7. When crossed with the checker flag denotes half way. and when parallel with the checker are 2 laps to go. these rules and regulations. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of these specifications. 6 . spectator or official. These rules shall govern the condition of all events and. White Flag: One lap to go. Checkered Flag: Signals end of Race. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. or compliance with.The track owner and promoter shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that. Black Flag: Go directly to the pits. all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. 6. and by participating in these events.