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0:00 [1] Intros

1:10 [1] {7} Letter to frustrated guy

"I thlnk you're here because you have a problem, a pain, a frustration that you'd
like to get handled. I thlnk that the problem of not having success wlth women is ilke a virus running on your mental computer system in the background ... everything runs through it and is corrupted by it... and it bogs the entire system down. I also suspect you're here because you're hoping for a technique ... a secret trick... something that's golng to magically fix everything and give you all the success you ever wanted ... and you have your fingers crossed that I or one of my guests is going to reveal it. In other words, I thlnk you want a quick fix, and you're hoping that its here. - - Further, I think that the REALITY is that you already probably know FAR more than the averagee guy, and probably know even more than most guys who are VERY successful wlth women. You already know the tricks! You already know what you need to do, but you're just not doing it. And actually I think you KNOW THAT THE PROBLEM ISN'T THAT YOU NEED MORE TECHNIQUES. I think that at some level you realize that the problem is something BIGGER, something more intense... and more difficult to face. I thlnk you know that you're using one or more "secret resons" to justify your inabllity to have success with women... and that they somehow give you a kind of depressing comfort... because If you fail at thls, you can always fall back on your secret reason: "I knew it. I knew that this wouldn't work for me..." I think that most people go to therapists so they can hear the words "I understand. I'd feel the same way if I were in your sltuation..." and so they can explain and justify the way they are... NOT to change, But I'm not going settle for that here I'm not going to settle for you walking out of here saying "Yea, I knew I wasn't going to learn anything that's going to help me. I'm just going to have to accept that this is an area that I wlll never have together in life.


3:07 [2] {3} Commit to yourself

• Before we get into the material, I want you to take a moment and consider the series of
events and the reasons why you're going through this program

• I know that you didn't just wake up one day, say "Hey, I think I'll get myself a program to
teach me how to meet women"

• If you're anything like me, you've spent a LOT of time, effort, and energy trying to figure out

the female of our species And if you're like me, then you've probably gotten to the point where you're ready to take your success to the level to the place we're calling "Mastery"

• I'd like to invite you to really reflect on the years you've spent in your life trying

things that didn't work, starting something then dropping it a few days or weeks later because you just didn't have what it took to stick with it, and beating your head against the wall

• I really want you to reflect on where you are, and, more importantly, on where you want to
go... now make a commitment to YOURSELF to spend at LEAST the next 90 days working with this program every single day

• Make a commitment to yourself that you're going to go through it at least three
times, you're going to implement what you learn, and you're going to take control of this area of your life I want you to say "yes" with me when I count to three - say yes with me and agree out loud that you're actually going to do it this time

Track 2 - Intro to mastery 0:00 [2] {3} Theories, Awareness, Change
• Many of the things I'm going to personally teach you in thls program are theoretical,
abstract, and complex

• Many of the concepts are outslde of the realm of "scientific" or "proven" • In many cases I'm going to pose ideas to you that have no "action step" or "direct
application" to your interactions with women

• Why would I say and do these things? • I've come to believe that the process of successfully attracting a mate is the single
most powerful underlying force in human psychology, behavior, and motivatlon.

• This drive is very complex, multi-dimensional, counter-intuitive and ironic. • In fact, it's so powerful and pervasive that one could actually view every thought,
communicatlon, and behavior, no matter how grand or trivial, as part of an intricate mating ritual

"I want you to start watching everything that happens around you and think of it as part of intricate complex mating ritual"
• I've made it my purpose to learn as much as I can about this particular process - first so I
can be succesfull myself, and secondly so I can teach other guys effectively

• In the process of learning the "secrets" of how to successfully attract women, I've realized

that by addressing some of these more abstract and conceptual levels a guy can not only learn how to attract women better and faster, he can also become more whole and integrated as a man

• I also believe that sometimes just having an awareness of something can trigger a snowball
effect - and lead to incredible change, development, and evolution

"Steven McCovey teaches that awareness itself can build momentum. Alot of my purpose
today is to just have you become aware of what's going on around you; Aware of some of the processes that are happenning in your mind. Aware of some of the emotional, psychological automated processes that are happening and you're not even aware of.


• I fully expect that the first half of this program is going to challenge your mind and
emotions, and it's going to make you think in ways you've never thoght before

• But stick with it - not only will this material change you on a more fundamental level, but it

will also prepare your mind for the incredible specific insights and step-by-step techniques you're going to learn in the second half - and these techniques are going to literally blow your mind

2:25 [2] {2} What We'll Be Covering
• Women and dating • Section one is about clearing blocks from the mind, body, and emotions • Section two is about learning the subtle dynamics of interpersonal interactions • Section three is about learning the strategies of Mastery • Section four is about learning the specific, step-by-step techniques in detail

Track 3 - [2] {3} Attraction still isn't a choice
I started my "Advanced Dating Techniques" program (which I hope you watched or listened to, because it's the foundation for this program) with the words "Attraction Isn't a Choice"

• Well, it still isn't... • But men are still acting like it is • Men are still acting like they can convince women to feel attraction for them • In this program we're going to go down deep inside of your mind to uproot once and for all
those programs that are leading to you chasing women, giving away your power, and ultimately ruining your own chances with them

0:57 [3] {2} - Mastery is about personal commitment

"I want you to notice specifically as you go thru the program how the meaning changes for you of things, how things become more meaningfull"
• This program goes deep ... very deep

• Mastery in this area of life comes from a deeper understanding of the principles, mindsets,
and strategies

• Techniques aren't the focus, although you'll hear a lot of them. • This program is meant to be reviewed several times - it's a reference • You'll start getting your best results after three, four, five or more times through it • Notice how the meaning changes as you evolve, and how it becomes more

1:42 [2] {2} - Taking control
• Mastery is about taking control • It's about getting to the point where you don't feel helpless or out of control in a

• It's about getting to the point where you control your own destiny instead of
feeling like it's controlled for you

• It's about moving from effect to cause... from watching things happen to making them
happen ... from hoping and wishing to realizing

• The commitment to Mastery is the commitment to take control of your [own] life

2:20 [2] {2} - The source of this program
• I spent a lot of time deciding whether or not to do this program, as it's not going to be for

• In this program I'm going to share a lot of concepts, theories, and ideas that it has literally

taken me my whole life to learn, refine, and understand - in other words, the source of this program is my own journey and experience of learning

• We're going to spend a lot of time doing personal work in this program • You've heard the phrase "You can't change other people, you can only change

• We're going to start with that idea, and work on ourselves ... knowing that by
improving the inside, the outside will take care of itself

"Once you have changed yourself you become much more effective at changing the things around you"
3:40 - [4] Mastery by George Lenard quote (good metaphor for skill mastering)

"As with all significant learning this is measured not in a straight line but stages. Brief spurts of progress separated by periods where you seem to be getting nowhere"

5:16 [2] {2} - Why Mastery?
• Why Mastery? Why not just leave It at the Advanced Series? • Because I thlnk that when we want to learn somethlng new in our lives, we go through a few

• First, we try to learn the tricks. We want the quick flx. We want magic techniques that will
instantly solve our problems.

• Then, after learnlng a few tricks, you realize that there's still something wrong - when

you're beating your head up against the wall and It's just not working you seek out more "In-depth" knowledge.

• This is when people usually get my Advanced Series. But then once you get some level of
skill in a particular area, you then begin to realize that there must be a DEPEER level of understanding. You realize that there must be something much bigger at work. You realize that maybe there are other areas that you can develop that will strengthen the area you are trying to develop.

"You begin to realize there must be a deeper level of understading, a deeper level that's
connected to other things. A deeper level that ties everything together; that ties not only the subject you're learning to itself, but also everything else in the world and in your life to each other"
• That's what this program is about. We're going to address many of those other areas... and
the first place we're going to start is with what I'm golng to call THE DEEP INNER GAME.

6:35 [2] {3} - The first step
• The first step on the road to Mastery may be the hardest.

"And this goes right to the heart of the DEEP INNER GAME, right to the heart of dealing with yourself. "
• The first step involves discomfort, anxiety, and even pain. • The first step on the road to Mastery is to admit that you do not want to do all the
things that are going to be required for you to REACH Mastery.

• It's to come to grips with the fact that there are going to be a lot of things that are
going to be physically, emotionally, and psychologically uncomfortable along the path, and that you're going to do them anyway.

• It's to make a personal commitment that you're going to do whatever it takes, no matter
how much you don't want to do it in the moment, to reach your objective.

• Can you take the hardest step?

"If you can't take this step, the others aren't gonna work for ya"

they hide. the most disoriented. the most vulnerable.Transition Vulnerability • When a butterfly is coming out of its cocoon. changing how you think and learning and trying new things. they close up.Development detour • Our thoughts. I want you to be aware of it. • Eventually the discomfort and feeling of vulnerability will go away. the most uncomfortable. We will talk about issues and then you're gonna go out there in the world and they will come up for you. or a baby is being born. Track 5 [9] {7} ... this will be the same for you. and new body language is somehow inauthentic and fake • I think that this attachment is one of the biggest stumbling blocks people face when wanting to improve • Design a branded process [brandedproccess.. Don't worry about it. • Remember that there is a long-term payoff to getting outside of your comfort zone and sticking with the process. What do most people do when they run into transition vulnerability? They go inside. • The transition period will be the one when you feel most sensitive and vulnerable. You're gonna try things that will freak you out. these are the times when they're the most sensitive. and spending some time learning techniques to become better with women is a detour "It's ok to do things that don't feel like you when evolving" . and you'll be enjoying a new level of success. "So what does transition vulnerability mean for you? It means you're gonna feel it. behavior. new ways of communicatlng.. the most afraid . you need to get aware of the enviroment.Track 4 [3] {3} . or a snake is shedding its skin . the room and soon it will be second nature to you. they go "you know what. i'm shutting that out" And repress it.. It means that as you're going thru these steps you're gonna get uncomfortable. and you will realize you're powerless and helpless in certain situations. and self image is mostly unconcious We humans llke to identify with these aspects of ourselves and become attached to them in a way that prevents change " • Many think that 'learning' new ways of] • Sometimes you need to progress from Unconcious to Concious to Unconscious again in order to learn • It's OK to learn and do things that don't feel llke "you" in order to get a new skill • The seminar is a detour.... (A cat entering a new room) • When you start learning new things about how to meet women. it's just a step you need to go thru. Just like the cat. feelings.

Clark Terry (Jazz Trumpet Player) 5:16 [3] {6} . then eventually lntegratlon wlth the rest of your life • Thlnk hub and nodes.. because the more you know. results.From focus to integration • Mastery requires intensive focus for a tlme. It looks ilke they're getting lucky far too often . • Learn to make finer and finer distinctlons until you can clearly see how and why each approach works in each situation • Learn how to asslgn higher and lower values to behaviors. From the Sun to a Planet • To MASTER something is to go from that thing having power and status over you.. to you having power and status over it • Don't make the mistake that a lot of guys make and become ADDICTED TO AN IDEAL • The better you get at something.[3]{6} . the more you realize you don't know • Don't become one of the guys who is a llttle "too into" thls stuff .Five steps to evolution • Imitate the best until you are gettlng consistent results.. [and] then integrate it ***2:51--->*** Track 6 [7] {6} .. the further you feel from the IDEAL. From the hub to a node • Thlnk Solar System.. • Learn to create variatlons of great ldeas and to combine great elements of great ideas to evolve improved versions • Learn to innovate. or do anything else . who can't thlnk about. mlstakes to create an internal system that wlll gulde you. who obsess over it and lose touch wlth the rest of reality • Don't attach your identity and self esteem to the Idea of getting to an unreallstlc level •Don't become addicted to this like a drug • Focus on it. design and create new things that have superlor value LAST • The mistake most people make is dolng these in reverse • "Imиtate Assimilate Innovate" . talk about..The formula for conssistent luck • Expertise + Experience + Great Mentors + Access to Great Advice = LUCK • Masters can walk into a situation and appear to create magic.

We're not looking to learn how to beat others here . " 0:49 [10] {8} .that's counter-productive and distracting in this context "Finally.• The counterlntuttive nature of wisdom and expertise. which leads novices to assume that what he is dolng Is easy and slmple • Don't be fooled Into beileving that it's not complex just because it looks easy • When you spend years cornbining expertise. I don't want you to use that. then take control of it in the future • Evolution means not onlѕ to evolve.Masters 1:27 . and then behave accordingly • The most important place to use this is your own life • Review your own personal evolution.[3] {2} Take control of your personal evolution • Seek the history of things you're interested in learning • Become a student of your interests • After learning how the current models evolved. you'll begin to have "future vиsion" and see how things will evolve • This will lead to situational predictive powers .Two Ways of Winning • Winning to beat someone else • Winning to succeed in reaching a goal or getting what you want --The objective here is to get to the point where you have the kind of success that YOU want for YOURSELF -.. and becoming'll be able to see possible scenario outcomes. I don't want you to win by beating others. experience. I don't think that strategy is usefull in this situation. you start gettlng lucky all the time Track 7 [2] . I don't want you to compare yourself to others. great mentors and access to great advice.. and how dolng the obvious thing doesn't always serve you • The best thlng to do in a sltuatlon isnt usually the OBVIOUS thing. Masters do counter-intuitive thlngs . but to transcend and include Track 8 [2] {2} . you need to move this from the center of your life to part of your life" "I want you to succeed. things that wouldn't be natural for others • The Master makes success look almost effortless.Improve the quality of your life and become more attractive to women .

I want you to think of that in terms winning for yourself.. Again I think too many people compare themselves to everybody else. Transcending this world (or LIFE) leads to the greatest quality of life • If your perspective is that giving of yourself is what improves quality of Ilfe. will improve the quality of their life and then increase those things.makes you a more interesting and attractive person • What does quality of life come down to? 1:18 [2] {5} . I want you to do whatever it takes to make your life great so that YOU feel good about it. make yourself happier. doing good • If your perspectlve is that attachment to reality is negative.• Humans "catch" emotions from others • If you're always down. then doing things that add joy to your life and keep you in the FLOW state is the answer • Choose the path that improves your own personal quality and enjoyment of life. I want you to improve the quality of your own life. people won't want to be around you because you bring them down • If you're always up. I want you to improve your own life. • This would involve having challenges and meeting them. " Track 9 [4] {7} . people wi!l want to be around you so they can "catch" some of that emotion • Improving the quality of your life . Stand out from the crowd. and then stick to it. They try to figure out "Ok how can I do that to make me happy" Instead of actually looking at the things that make them happy.which leads to being happier and more satisfied . then physical pleasure.Flow • Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi released a book called "Flow: The Psychology Of Optimal Experience" • Flow is the feeling of "being in the zone". It will make you more attractive ** (2:10) ** "I want you to be very selfish. If the quality of your life is good. of total immersion and involvement . receiving love. So I now want you to give yourself permission to improve the quality of your own life. looking at the things they feel. getting physical affection and sex.. then doing for others will improve your Iife • If your perspective is that joy or enjoyment is what Improves the quality of your Iife. you will feel better and you will become more attractive automatically. and mental pleasure would increase quality of Ilfe. emotlonal pleasure.Models of quality of life • If your perspective is that more pleasure improves quality of life. They're looking at what everyone else is doing. then detachment or mls-ldentlficatlon and losing your preferences is the answer.

Making the commitment to get what you want for yourself.Doubting that it's possible.It looks too big. Track 10 [7] {3} . and describing the kind of woman you want in your life. too complex.Choosing your ethics consciously . where time passes effortlessly • Elements: --The challenge is matched well with your skills --Compete and compare results only with and to yourself --Creates enjoyment or long-term satisfaction • The Flow zone chart visual High skill . too much . no matter what .Journey to mastery Step 1: Choosing what you want for yourself in this area consciously . Change Of Heart) . Rethinking (Fears. Stalling.Accepting that you might not impress others..Facing your "Secret Reason" for failure .Realizing that this isn't going to be easy.low challenge = boredom Low skill .Choosing your own path in life 2) Deciding To Get What You Want . etc. Self-Doubt. setting standards .high challenge = anxiety If you're feeling anxiety in your life it ussualy means that you need to get a skill..• It's a state that takes all of your attention.Choosing what you will and won't accept .Realizing that ultimately no one in your life cares whether or not you're successful 3) Hesitation. doubting that it's possible for YOU . relationship you want . that's the sign you need more challenge..Setting out on your OWN path.Deciding on. but it DOESN'T MATTER .. no instant results (bad experiences) . if you feel boredom. detaching from what others want and what others want for YOU . If you're bored.Choosing your values consciously .

"I'm not one of those guys" . smooth transitions. and you might disregard some of what you learn .Making mistakes you know you shouldn't make. crutches 5) Gathering Your Support Team .Taking steps.Counselor or therapist possibly 6) The Warrior Phase .Leveraging your strengths .. Logical. confusion..Mental rehearsal. and paying the price .Physical.Mentor ..Fears (fear of something is worse than the thing itself) .The Shadow. how they come up at critical times .Reference group of guys who are good with women .Your emotions.Getting out there and actually using what you're learning . self-image stuff.Learning how The Critical Moments and Bridges actually feel and work. reframing. and working on them .. techniques . staying strong. physical practice.Tests from Women . emotions ..Feminine distraction. knowing that you might keep some of what you learn. knowing what to do 7) The Tests . emotional rehearsal.Learning By Doing . Emotional . Permission issues 4) Preparing For Your Journey .Self Image .Learning DYD material.Accepting that you're going to need to step out of the situation mentally. and be willing to learn and try things that might not feel like "you" .Identifying the areas you need to work on. your dark side .Deserving.Learning to lead . composure .Female friends ... one at a time .

Can you stand the test.Moving this from the center of your life to an integrated part of your life 10) Giving Back .Teaching other guys to learn better yourself . you must let a part of you die. It Is a way of gohg lnslde and becoming grounded • Becoming the center is about moving women from the center of your universe to an lnterestlng part of your unlverse. and take what you want when it's in front of you? ..Once you do attract the right woman. will you turn into a wuss. will you take her. and drive her away? ..Being in the center / Living in the middle of your own reality • Find Your Center • Center Yourself • Become the Center • Finding your center is about getting in touch with what you really want for your life and for yourself. disregarding what isn't useful from the journey . It's about figuring out who you are and how you fit into your world • Centering yourself is about taking a moment to shlft your awareness into your own body. and screw it up? . and STAY a Real Man or will you doubt what has taken you this far. treat her "differently".Making the things that align with your values part of who you are permanently .Find your center .Sacrifice: Something must die in order for something new to live .Moving on to other journeys and adventures in your life Track 12 [6] {3} . "choosing your own path".Keeping what you want is far more difficult than getting what you want 9) Returning and Integrating . and let it go 8) Facing Your Ultimate Fear and Ultimate Desire . It's about "finding yourself".Continuing to be the Real Man that your woman wants into the future . give away your power. and then operating from that perspective.When you finally find the woman you want..Keeping what you like. It's about becoming so interesting and attractive that women make you the center of their universes 1:23 [8] {9} . pursue her. and "Iiving consciously". becoming aware of yourself and your surroundings.

stomach. then the present • Make your outcome here at this program unimportant for a moment • Release your identification with yourself and your identity 0:55 . and forehead as you exhale each time • Look up and to the center. what you do. where the imaginary crest is formed above your nose • Open your peripheral vision. as if a string were pulllng your head up • Notice how it's easier to stand thls way. the air rushing into your nose. whal would that look like? • What do you like aboul your life that you want to keep. and where you're going.. when you're not living half-way? • We're going to discuss moving your frame of reference inside later in this program (which is helpful when linding your center). maintain that attentlon to quiet your mind Track 13 .Mental centering • Accept everything exactly as it is • Detach from the past. and notlce both the feeling of air rushlng into your nose. pressure • Exhale any ill feelings toward yourself or others .. and operate from a place where you get to choose every aspect of who you are.. and what do you not like about yourself that you won't accept any longer? • Who are you going to be in the future. release emotional tension. use it as the bridge to begin with • Relax your shoulders. anxiety.. and requires less effort when balanced • Take three deep breaths with me. the future.•What is it that you really want for yourself and your life? • If you could start all over. taking in the edges of your visual field. and your stomach expanding and contracting at the same time • Pay attention to your vision. but for now I want you to think about finding your on center. jaw. deep into the stomach • The breath is the only vital life process that you can control elther consciously or unconsclousIy. Inhale slowly. and your stomach at the same time. so you can operate w from that place 2:15 .emotional centering • As you exhale.physical centering • Stand up straight.

and focusing it. allow that opening to envelop everything and everyone around you "When you learn to do those 3 things. and you learn to do them quickly. but for some reason you can't quite figure it out. It will have a profound effect on the way you come across. you'll often close your eyes. or try to tune out your other senses in order to "focus in" on the smell. from their body language to their communication • I did thlngs very early on that most men would conslder 'dumb" • I pushed them away. Something is going on here.. You can do them very quickly once you automate the process" 1:55 . and taste • Focusing one of your senses: If you smell something that is familiar. open up your chest and your heart. just CENTER. and to see what works and what doesn't Become The Center Of Her Universe • I've had the experience many times of meeting women and almost instantly feeling them become "trapped by my gravitational pull" and almost "captured in orbit around me" • It was like they were now in my orbit and I could FEEL it • I knew that they were hooked. pro-actively looking for things that will help you • Realize that learning a lesson by trying something is far more valuable than getting a short-term win Tuning Your Peripheral Senses • Peripheral Senses: Just like peripheral vision.. • Consciously use your Peripheral Senses to notice finer and flner details. touch. knowing that it would only make the "gravity" stronger . told them that they were in love with me. and that there was basically nothing that could change it • It was obvious on many levels.• In your imagination.Acting from a centered state • Notice everything around you.. smell. you have peripheral hearing. and told them to go bug other guys.. looking at the details • Consciously make meaning from these things • Look with an optimistic eye. It's as if you're automatically trying to use your brain's processing power for one particular task.

• Most men behave like the opposlte is the case. They have not learned how to become their own sun. but not too close. it must be close enough. The earth could be said to "belong to" the sun.Mental centering [2] {2} 3:05 [10] short run of centering ritual 3:46 [2] {2} why we center Centering To Eliminate Negative Mental/Emotional/Physical Distractions And Anxiety • Ongoing mental chatter • Worries of what others think about you • Figuring out how to get approval and recognition • Imagined negative outcomes of situations • The emotions of fear. it must exert less gravity than the central body it orbits. and is able to suppbrt life. you work to eliminate these things at the root of the problem . and keep her there .• Think of the relatlonshlp of the sun and the earth. but the thing that really keeps her "attracted" (feeling attraction) is the tension that comes from not qulte being "all the way there" The Power Of The Center • Find Your Center • Center Yourself • Become The Center Track 2/1 . anxiety. • A woman wants a man who is strong enough to attract her. most men behave like wandering planets who are looking for a sun to orbit. it wakes and sleeps. nervousness • Conflicts between physical/logical/emotional needs • Conflicts between past/present/future time frames • By finding your center and centering yourself.. Because of the sun... give themselves energy. hold her In his orbit.. someone to cling to. earth has day and night. a place to get energy from. and become powerful and attractive on their own.. • In order for a body to be in orbit around another. It must be MOVING.. a central figure in their Iives. In fact.. then becoming the center.. The sun is at the center of the earth's universe.

.. accept the situation... Center.. control your thoughts and emotions. What can I do to be proactive now. and then go into success"" 4:50 [4] {10} The First Law Of Success With Women: Accept Everything The Way It Is • A big fundamental mistake that guys make is not accepting things as they are • Not accepting: .. I forgot about that... we repress these important aspects of ourselves and put them into "the shadow" . Every time you're nervous. you know what she might not like. rightening thing • As we grow up. whatever.[2] introduction to dark side | reading quote by DeMelo 0000 [1] {4} the shadow (explained) • Carl Jung coined the term 'The Shadow' to describe a particular aspect of ourselves that is almost entirely unconscious • As the name suggests. you make yourself powerful • Center yourself.accepting them gives you power "Guess where you can use that.pushing against things robs you of power .. make you mad.Women .Situations • Another is letting things that are beyond your control frustrate you. victimize you. to get back on track "oh hmm i'm in control. By accepting everything as it is. then be pro-active to get what you want ."When you run into a challenge often what it takes is to just center yourself. we are confronted by parents and other authority figures who tell us that certaln things are 'bad' or 'wrong' and that WE are bad or wrong for even THINKING those things • As we develop. this part of our inner selves can be a dark. When you push against things it robs you of power. When you accept them. " Track 2/2 . elusive. Everytime you have a challenge.. it gives you power. upset you.Yourself . accept...

a feeling of envy about someone we want to be like ..The bright side of everything • Just like everything can have a dark side. only by including it will you be able to transcend it 3:30 {2} Reading from meeting your shadow Track 2/3 [7] {2} ..... from an objective side. the whole drawing with viewing people from the right angle... leading to "workaholism" • Don't take any strength too far .. welcome. where you see both the light and dark sides. it's important to embrace..• We can only become aware of our own shadow by watching carefully for it.. ....The Dark Side. every negative thing has a bright side • Arrogance can be toned down and turned into strong confidence • Liars are often fantastic at building rapport with people and persuading • A child that starts out breaking everything by taking it apart often grows up knowing how to fix anything • But use good judgment . its the place where your greatest treasure waits for you • As you get to know your Shadow.. then taking advantage of the fleeting momts when it sneaks up and rattles our world • The Shadow can only be seen by looking at its own shadow • A moment of intense irrational anger . and integrate it.. • Every virtue has a dark side. or a murderous thought . especially when taken to an extreme • Every strength can turn into a weakness • Confidence can become overconfidence and then Hubris • Hard work can become an addiction.... are all clues that your shadow is active • Carl Jung said that The Shadow is where your personal gold is ... too many people ONLY see the good in others. or it will turn to its opposite and posslbly destroy you 0:55 [5] {2} . and ironically allow this shadow trait to harm them[selves] over and over Includes the story about how to see people realisctially.

. beat yourself up. some are physical. and a girl that would make every other guy jealous? • Is it enough to win by getting what you want . and some are social • This is a complex topic..... it can be very negative.depending on how you do it • It's important to use your self awareness to constantly work toward evolving yourself and getting what you want.. or do you feel the need to win by beating other guys and getting the thing that THEY want? 4:38 [2] {4} (the shadow side of) self awareness • Self awareness is a double-edged miracle sword • Being aware of yourself allows you to see things you need to improve. see the progress you're making... etc.. and not to put yourself down. as all levels interact with each other . and insecure because you don't "measure up" • When you compare yourself to others. or very positive . or make yourself feel like less than others 5:37 [3] {2} other levels of the shadow • I've found that there are different levels to the concept of The Shadow • Some are psychological.. getting a girl that you wanted but no other guys seemed to want . or getting a girl that you know every other guy wanted . • But it also allows you to feel "self conscious". some are biological.~Also applies to use not viewing our own dark sides which makes them stronger~ 3:47 [2] {2} beating others (the two sides of winning in the shadow) • Does it bother you when another guy gets a girl that you wanted? • Do you like the idea of taking a woman from another guy? • Which would you enjoy more.. but becoming aware of the levels creates its own kind of energy toward understanding and integrating them 9:15 [5] {4} befriending your shadow ..

and a gunshot by another . perfect set of equipment we think of it as • A loud bang outside wlll be perceived as a car backflring by one person. acknowledge. write down three things about each of those people you disrespect or dislike most Track 2/5 [2] {3} projection • Our bodies. not the objective. and the reasons you desire them • Recognize these elements as parts of your own unconscious mind that you're not integrating into yourself. or admit to . and how you respond when confronted with them • Think of those things you desire more than anything. and review these things in your mind.because our minds are playing an active role in their "being there" • Projection comes up often in relatlonshlps between men and women .we often project our own negative aspects onto people we dislike and we project our own positive qualities onto those we are attracted to • This leads to many problems. a car accident by another.thls is why we often see things that aren't there.. and commit to integrating them in the future Track 2/4 [1] {5} .finding your own gold • Make a list of the three people you admire most in life • Next. instant. realizing that these are. overpowering emotional response to something that took over your mind and body • Think of the three things in life you fear most.• Think of the last three times you had a strong. and emotions are an actlve part of how we perceive the world and the meanlng we make OF the events around us . accurate. minds.. and the traits you disrespect most about them. aspects of yourself that you previously didn't want to accept. and miss thlngs that are . Think about YOURSELF.all projections • You can only perceive something relative to what is already programmed In your mind . to some degree. write down three things about each person that you really admire • Now make a list of the three people you disrespect most or hate most in life • Finally.there isn't an "objective reality" that "everyone can agree on • Most of our perceptive abillty is actually PROGRAMMING that is LEARNED. as we're not recognizing our own "dark slde" or seeing our own "light side" • Carl Jung: Perception is projection 2:28 [2] {6} explanation of the finding your gold excercise (shadow and projection excercise) • Read the list of people you don't admire.

you are programmed to do them . COMMUNICATE. and develoo these strengths more. I'd like to also suggest that you have chosen three aspects of yourself that are your OWN weaknesses that you don't acknowledge. loving friends and mentors about areas that you wouldn't normally ask about . and constantly that you aren't aware of. the strengths that you've projected onto others and haven't acknowledged in yourself. I want you to sit across from them.. lead with. develop. and that these three aspects of you are holding you back in life to an extent that you can't even imagine • Read the list of people you admire. and review these things in your mind.. and think that they're perfectly normal • And you probably WOULD think they were perfectly normal if you realized that you were doing them • You must actually learn to see your bllnd spots. capitalize on. dark traits you have that you have been projecting onto others • The story of the farmer who broke his plow. habitually.. that you unconciously went into your shadow and PROJECTED three things about yourself onto that other person.. come to grips with. all the better if you don't know the person you're getting to work with you. and: • 1) Confidently tell them about three of your strengths.yourself or others. but that you're now going to lead with. then list the three things you admire about them. and worse. and develop • I'd like to suggest that when I asked vou to imagine someone that you don't admire and that you disrespect. and actually CHANGE HOW YOU THINK. AND RESPOND • A good place to start Is by getting feedback from tough. allow your body and mind to relax. Then look into the mirror. If you do it. that you again UNCONSCIOUOSLY went into your shadow and PROJECTED three things about YOURSELF onto that person. emotional triggers.. instead of only projecting them onto others • Find one person to do the next part of this exercise with. and admowledge in the future as use more as the basis for your own success • 2) Authentically and directly tell them about three of the repressed.. instead of only projecting them onto oihers Track 2/6 [3] {2} unconcious blind spots • I'm golng to suggest to you that everything about you is an unconcious blind spot.. Affirm to' vourself that vou will lead with. As you think about yourself. realizing that these are your own personal greatest assets. and the traits you admire most about them. it's a blind spot • It almost has to be • You're dolng a thousand llttle things unconciously. and shadow issues as the guiding path to your own "Personal Gold" • I'd like to suggest that when I asked you to imagine someone that you admire. and of using personal challenges. and make a personal commitment to begin working with these areas of yourself more. I'd like to also suggest that you have chosen three aspects of yourself that are YOUR own strengths that you don't acknowledge enough. and confront in yourself .. BEHAVE.

Ask some people who know you. and because each eye covers the bllnd spot of the other • We also have *blind spots" when it comes to all other senses as well • [Demonstrate blind spot and unseen shape] • There are *holes* in our other senses. 2:20 [1] {2} . write it down. critical feedback from others if you want to continue to improve over time "By getting good tough loving critical feedback from friends and people who don't think you're that cool. Make it better. bodies. we have several "self deception systems built in to our minds. there are also events that are outside the RANGE of our "perceptual equipment" • There are movements too fast or too subtle to see or feel. think about it.. It sticks with you. Gaps in your own perceptions. just like the "holes" in our visual field • In addition to blind spots. You're the only one that can detect it... when you get a shadow issue. and scents that are too faint to smell "I'm showing you this. because there is alot of things like this in your life. When these things come up. I recommend keeping a journal. improve it..self-deception " Perceptual Gaps • As humans.perceptual gaps (upto blindspot demonstrations) 7:03 [4] {2} . and get an update • Continue to get honest.• Ask others to be honest wlth you and tell you about your weaknesses • After a month. Go to work on it. you'll get alot insight. And when you do detect it. we have "blind spots" • We're not aware of these spots because our minds compensate for them. work on it. talk about it.perceptual gaps (after the demonstrations) Track 2/7 [2] {3} . But how great do you think you are? When someone tells you you're kinda bastard. I can't tell you how valuable this is. you need to sit down. By spotting these . You know I think i'm pretty great. ask them again. and emotions • Where the nerve bundles connect to the back of each eye. that only you know about. just like I did and draw the shape so you can say wow there it is. sounds that are too high or low to hear. Programming that you have.

attend to it on an ongoing basis 2:40 . and assign meaning to things that are completely off-base • Self deception has a very Important purpose: It keeps us sane and functioning. you're not doing it. we assign responsibility for our lives to others. you must pay careful attention.... feel sensations in our bodies that came from our imaginations... our memory. and more "obvious" • One might be making an excuse for not starting a conversation with a woman you'd like to talk to • Another might be not cleaning up and preparing yourself to meet women before you leave the house because you're probably not going to meet any women anyway • Another might be not improving an area of your Iife because it SHOULDNT matter to the type of woman you want to meet anyway . there are gaps or holes in our thinking.things and taking them out of that place where they're. so it uses various tools to selectively distort and deceive you... our mental associations. they swear that they don't exist • We humans often have memories that aren't true.3:17 Negative self-deception habits intro [7] {2} • Doing something and not being aware that you're doing it leads to the perception that it's not happening. and you don't want a woman that cares about that thing because it would mean she's shallow .. but it also erases its own tracks • To become aware of your own negative self deception patterns. in order to make thlngs effcient and effective • But olten we deceive ourselves in ways that are NOT useful . because it is not only "transparent" and happening all the time. you then have power over them" • Just like there are gaps or holes in our perception. In a very complex world • There's just too much going on for your brain to deal wlth all of the information. recurring. in ways that actually wind up holding us back and harming us • We make up stories to justify our inability to succeed.. and our abilities • The problem is that many people not only don't perceive these gaps or're not aware of them. you didn't mean to do it so it's not your fault • If you're getting a "secondary payoff" from this particular habit pattern. and we become mental victims to imaginary oppressors • The process of self deception is very difficult to detect. then the chances that you will both keep doing it and keep repressing it are strong • The place to start is these "major" areas of self deception that are habitual. and if you did do it.

we can go to great lengths to "tune out" and "numb" ourselves so we don't feel their effects • One way we deal with issues we don't want to confront is called "Self Medicating" • We self medicate with: . trying to rescue a woman who you've idealized before hand is almost certainly a losing battle • You must first become brutally honest with yourself. or are broken • Unfortunately.[3] {4} addiction • Addiction is the Shadow side of habit . then learn to see women more accurately. and he ultimately winds up hurting himself badly (and often the woman as well) • Part of this recurring theme is the part of us as men that want to rescue women who are in trouble.Gullt from Others . are damaged.Complaining . the women always wind up being more imperfect than the man could have Imagined. and physical patterns that we use to avold it • Deal with the underlying issue.idealizing women (as self-deception) • One recurring theme with men is their pattern of idealizing women. then becoming emotionally involved with a woman and using her to fill in holes in their own character • Of course.Dissociation from responsibility (interesting concept) .Food .[4] {4} Avoidance and self-medication • We humans are incredibly good at avoiding even the THOUGHT of things that we don't want to face • When we do have to face things that make us uncomfortable.Sex .Excuses .Fantasy .Avoidance • The reality is that it's usually easier to deal with the actual issue than it is to deal with the negative psychological. the image that the man had turns out to be completely inaccurate.Sympathy from Others . deceiving themselves about her flaws. projecting positive qualities onto them that they repress in themselves.Attention from Others . emotional. and then choose your relationships carefully based on a more mature foundation of knowledge and understanding Track 2/8 .3:17 [1] the adaptation movie example 5:18 [1] {2} . and be aware when you're medicating yourself Track 2/9 .

[4] {4} [The] difference between imagined [feeling] and actual feeling • I'm fascinated by the concept of the difference between the way you THINK you should feel when something happens and the WAY you feel about something when the event ACTUALLY happens • Have you ever made yourself sick by worrying about a future event..... you enjoyed watching them in pain? • Have you ever watched someone win a great prize... and wisdom • Ignoring this reality and not reminding yourself of it constantly will only lead you to continue chaslng after imaginary good feelings that will probably never materialize.. or worse...... image. ideal. only to experience it and wind up saying "That wasn't bad at all"? • Have you ever had something great happen in your life that you've waited years for it to happen . but you hated it and them? • It's important not to get too attached to the idea of how something is going to feel when it happens. or win a competition . CONTENT) "Being addicted to your struggle gives you an excuse for why you never get anything done. missing someone) • Psychological Addiction (to a thought. purpose. physical pleasure) • Emotional Addiction (to love. and you felt GOOD about it ... always doing things" 1:24 .. receive a great gift. because it doesn't usually feel the way you think it will feel • Knowing this allows you to act with more restraint.. or the desire for love. • Addiction To Struggle • Addiction To Ideal • Addiction To Projection • Addiction To Story • Addiction To Self Image • Physical Addiction (to a substance. only to be disappointed when it was real? • Have you ever watched someone make a mistake or lose.• Here are a few commonly known and uncommonly known addictions.[4] {4} think big ("realistic" and pragmatic thinking) • Men often use the labels "realistic" and "pragmatic" to describe a mode of thinking that I'H label as "negative" • People who succeed in life to the greatest degree typically have "unrealistic" and "overly optimistic" thinking patterns . worrying about bad things that will happen in a future that ruin that future before it arrives Track 2/10 .

Many men believe that the concepts we're talking about here don't apply to them. bllndness caused by success. and try to see new things. arrogance. Put aside your hubris. Hubris leads not only to failure. Every time you prepire to improve.. •. .one for himself. Become curious.. Ask stupid questions • Learn to see the clues that hubris is staring within you. Many men believe that they are too smart to seek the help of. presumptuousness. Many men believe that they don't need to actually PRACTICE and PREPARE before using the things they're learning because they think that "understanding something" is the same as being able to "execute something" perfectly • Don't buy this line of thinking.. approach your skills as a beginner. The kind of overconfidence that leads to a fall.. They needed the wings to escape from a prison where they were being held.. and learn from a guy who's less intelligent than them (but who's also more successful with women). it's time to get away from trying to be overly "realistic" and "pragmatic" • Think big and you'll be more likely to achieve 2:12 . Create a system for yourself of centering. Put aside your pride. and he fell to his death. • HUBRIS: Pride. Open your mind. then watched his son die as a result. and unknowingly walking right into and causing massive failure. Teach the concept to others around you. • Icarus's father constructed two pairs of wings .Hubris [and humility] [1] {3} • There is a story In Greek mythology about a man who created wings for his san Icarus. • I've found that hubris is a leading cause of fallure for men in the datlng world.. and he flew too close to the sun. Put aside your overconfidence. instead choosing to spontaneously fall in love. but also to ridicule both BEFORE. and unconsciously ignoring important feedback and available information is called HUBRIS. but easy for everyone else around them to see clearly.from leathers and wax thread. and one for Icarus . Thиs combination of overconfidence. reevaluating. The sun melted the wax thread that held hиs wings together. It leads to people wanting you to fall. and hating you for success. and ask close friends to let you know when you're getting out of control.• People who are depressed and suicidal typically have the "most accurate" perceptions and outlooks on reality • If you want to succeed with women. and then do whatever you have to in order to stay there . and resetting your inner systems when you suspect that you might be becoming overconfident in an unhealthy way • The folly of hubris is typically difficult for a person to see in themselves. and AFTER failure. A blind faith in oneself that leads to ignoring important feedback or available information. • Overcome with the understandable confidence that must have come from being able to fly. becauseeventually they'll meet the ideal woman and she'll see no need for this stuff.. Find that "sweet spot" between neutral and conkient that lea& to consistent improvement. Icarus Ignored his father's specific and strict instructions..

avoid all confrontation.Stems from a weak self-image or distorted belief system .blind self-indulgent humility • The opposite of Hubris is what I call Blind Self-indulgent Humility • Blind Self-indulgent Humility: The habitual.Allows the person to feel superior to others while damaging themselves • Symptoms that you might have too much of it: • You avoid all conflict. and you harbor negativity to people who are confident and strong • Visual of the "sweet spot" between Hubris and Blind Self-Indulgent Humility Track 3/2 [3] {3} . avoid upsetting others and take all negative communications and events personally • Blind Self-Indulgent Humility: . testing • In most situations you have enough knowledge to go and apply some of it in order to learn from actual experience • If you only rely on the "Informational" way of learning.whlch Is often a way of "creatively avolding" • They think "I have to work through everything in my mind before I can act" • Ways of learning: • Knowledge .Track 3/1 [4] {5} 1:58 . seminars • Training .[1] {2} . they default to LEARN MORE before dolng .books.doing. neurotic wm ulsion to give others control. and you accept responsibility publicly before even considering things • You secretly feel better than others when you're humble.getting it in your head • Too many guys (myself Included) want to learn everythlng Instead of DOING to learn • When they have challenges gettlng started.Mentor • Experience . or approach sensitive situations by apologizing • You think that you're responsible for everything that goes wrong. you'll limit your success by probably 95% • A good model: Plan-Do-Study-Act .

.. their actions and their behaviors • Do what others want or would want them to do • Please others and make others happy • Not have anyone become mad. and instead makes a woman feel repelled by you • The Wussy tries his hardest to be sweet. sometimes you have to cut yourself off from learning more. or fear in others • Not experience any negative emotions themselves . Then act on what you learned. And its a circle. You have to go.. and accommodating .[The] psychology of the wussy • The Wussy Is the ultimate archetype or personiflcation of the combination of traits that add up to a man that women don't feel attraction for • The word is a combination of the words "wimp" and "pussy" • A Wussy has a combinatlon of low self esteem and a feeling of not deserving success • The irony of being a Wussy: • You can try your hardest. Don't use learning as a way of creatively avoiding" "Plan what you're gonna do. " Track 3/3 [2] {5} . Then make a new plan. but all of your effort actually works against you.. upset. and validate them. approve of. or disappointed with them • Not cause conflict. Learning can be creative avoidance. nice. Seeking Approval Or Validation • "Approval Seeking" or "Seeklng Validatlon" basically comes down to the approval seeker trying to accomplish the following: • Get others to like. Avoid them.. Go do it. wait I gotta stop what I'm doing. anger."It's important to be aware of this.. focus all of your energy. and do everything in your power to make a woman like you . understanding.. Then study what you did.. Then do it.. Plan do study act plan do study act plan do.. all he has to show for it is another woman he loves who isn't talking to him but in the end • Here are some of the elements that combine to create a Wussy.

no matter what the circurnstances • Nice guys don't draw boundaries.. you're being manipulative • Secondary Payoffs of Being a "Nice Guy": • Get to feel better than other guys • Get to do things you feel "owed" for • Get that selfish good feeling of doing "nice things" Track 3/4 [2] {2} . and understanding . when you're befng nice in order to get somethlng back. rather. and I can't do anything about it" • Victims tend to use their unfortunate situations to get pity and attention from others • Victims tend to not take personal responsibility for their own lives and situations • Victims often use unfortunate past events to attempt to make others feel bad for them • Victims often dramatize their stories in order to maximize the attention and pity that they get • Victims tend not to notice that their attitude does not bring healthy.types of wusses | the [yeah but] she's different wussy • I have watched one man after another screw up their chances with attractive women ..the nice guy • The *Nice Guy" Is someone who believes that he should go out of his way to always be sweet. but they always found ways to convince themselves that the particular woman they were dealing with was DIFFERENT . that..the victim • A victim is someone who feels that others are in control of their lives and destinies • A victim takes the positlon "Others are hurting me.. they don't stand up for themselves.. in many cases they were men who were very good with women .2:30 [3] {2} . nothing could be further from the truth ..because they just refused to integrate the "Don't Be A Wussy" mindset • These were sharp.and screw up their long-term relationships with attractive women .. nice.. intelligent guys. it drives them and keeps them away 3:56 [2] {2} .. successful people closer to them. generous.. and they don't say "no" very often • Usually Nlce Guys harbor a secret belief: That they're better than everyone else because they're so "nice" • Of course.

.. and I have GOT to have her .. you're probably right" look • There's usually some comment about "this girl is really special' or "I think that this one is different".it's a Wussy move 3:52 [5] . and It always ends up Ihe same way • When you let your Inner Wussbag out to roam freely.the "I want her to like me for me" wussy • Many guys I know (some that have been good friends for many years) will argue with me tooth and nail about my concepts • The basic argument is that they don't like the idea that they need to "learn" my "techniques" in order to meet a woman • They typically have an idealistic fantasy of meeting a woman who just falls for them and loves them for who they are. "But there's this ONE SPECIAL GIRL that I really want .• I can't help but confront my guy friends when I see them potentially screwing up their chances with a girl (or a girlfriend.evicting the inner wussy Center Yourself Stand up straight. without them having to actually DO anything • Most of these guys go months and months without dates........ only bad things will happen • Don't say l didn't warn you about this one 1:39 [3] {2} . or even a wife)....." and then they drop the bomb . fine .. and she hits the road or makes his life hell 2:49 [2] {2} . balancing perfectly on your splne .. how do I get her?" question • What's funny is that I often get emails that start with "I've been using these techniques to meet and date some amazing women ..Super Nice Guy..... right now I'm dating two models and a lifeguard . and I have to have her" • The only thing that this obsession says about you is that you're secretly a WORLD-CLASS WUSSBAG • If you really like a girl.. and they always give me that same shoulder shrug with the "Yea.. but don't get obsessed with her . and she realizes after not too long that she's dealing with a Wussy who wants lo kiss her ass and be Mr. which isn't at all surprising • The common ending to this story is that they meet a girl that they think is all kinds of fun. it's the 'There's this one special girl.there's this one special girl wussy • If there's one question I get so often that I wish I had a Tazer Stun Gun to use on guys who ask it..

and have the balls to use it when necessary • Tony Robbins has done a lot of work on this topic .Three deep breaths. the air rushing into your nose..Logical levels . then break each up into smaller tasks and have your coach ask you for personal commitments. allow that opening to envelop everything and everyone around you Track 3/5 [4] {3} . release emotional tension. and forehead as you exhale each tlme Look up and to the center. and I recommend that you read his books • To get started. • Have regular meetings with your coach.. Track 3/6 [3] {2} . try this: . Jaw. then make a deal with a friend that you're going to do one of those things If you don't accommplish a certain task by a certain time .. open up your chest and your heart. then commit to buylng it or getting it for yourself if you put in an hour a day at something for one hundred days in a row • Tell five people that are close to you that you're going to do something.Think of somethlng you have wanted for a long time. and your stomach moving at the same time . and if you don't accomplish it you're going to give each of them a hundred dollars in cash . and have your coach ask you point-blank questions about whether or not you're keeping your word • Spend some time thinking about what NATURALLY motivates you (both positively and negatively) and then use those things as tools to get leverage on yourself • One more way to get MASSIVE leverage on yourself is to understand and use what is called "Logical Levels". understand it.. and notice both the feeling of air rushing into your nose.. Send your coach a list of the things you want to accomplish.. and ill feellngs toward yourself or others In your imagination. and your stomach expanding and contracting at the same tlme Pay attention to your they make sure and ask you • Hire a personal coach to keep you accountable.List 10 things that you REALLY don't like doing. pressure. open and notice the edges of your peripheral vislon Inhale slowly.getting leverage • In any situation there is a place where you can use LEVERAGE to get magnified results • The keys to using leverage effectively are to always look for it. stomach. anxiety. maintain that attentlon to quiet your mind As you exhale. slowly taking control of your body and life Relax your shoulders.

let's say that we have a man who Is forty years old. and get some dates • If he were to work on "Situations" he might spend time trying to figure out where he should GO to meet women . unless you do that. but doesn't always The importance of adressing all the levels.. recently divorced. and has been out of the "dating game' for twenty years • He has decided that It's time to get back into the game..example of working with logical levels Examples Of Working With Logical Levels • Let's take three levels as an example. and if you can put these levels into a useful and meaningful structure. Skills..• Gregory Bateson and later Robert Dilts and others have discussed the concept of "Logical Levels" or "Logical Types" • The basic concept is that there are different levels of context and meaning in brain structure and perceptual systems.. you can accomplish amazing things for yourself and others • Spirit/Physics • Reality • Identity • Beliefs • Values • Understanding ~knowledge/experience~ • Skills • Techniques • Situations • Each of the "higher" levels acts as a context around all levels below it • Changing something at a higher level automatically changes all the levels below it • Changing something at a lower level can change a higher level. meet some women. and Situations • For our example. Identlty. it causes you to feel something's missing in your life 3:11 [4] {3} .

what do you think is going to happen? • If the higher levels affect all of the levels below them. you're going to wind up having something missing" ****5:12 on reality**** Track 3/7.9..Do you see yourself as a man who deserves success with women? Do you see yourself as a guy that women naturally want to be around? If you could change how you see yourself.Johari Window Track 3/12 [2] . Identity.. but you keep the self image and bellef system of a guy who doesn't deserve or have success with women. how would you change it? ..10. which one would be the best place to focus his energy and why? "ALL levels need attention" ~The model here is just a usefull map in knowing what to adress..8..• If he were to work on "Skills" he might spend time every day starting conversations wlth women so he could become comfortable introducing hirnself • If he were to work on "Identity " he might spend time hanging around guys who were natually good at rneeting women and doung exercises to cultivate a strong self Image of a man who has so many women around him that he doesn't have tlme for them all • If he could only choose one.11 [5] .. Beliefs • If you only focus on situations and techniques. then where do you think you should focus most of your energy? 1:19 . and how to prioritize them one to the other~ "Because Ithink that if you don't adress all the different levels in your life.Focusing on the level that will give you the most results • Most people are interested in getting instant results . Do you see your reality as a place where you are in control? In your reality do things go your way? How would you change the way you view reality if you could? • Identity ..Describe your outlook on yourself and your reality.we humans are wired to value results right now ..[2] {3} focusing on the higher levels (reading the slide) • Reality .not later • This leads most people to focus on the very lowest levels most of the time • Most men focus on situatlons then techniques • It's very rare to find a guy who's even Interested In skills and understanding ... never mind higher levels like Reality.

[4] {4} self-programming • It has only been the last hundred or so years that evolutlon has become conscious of itself • I consider evolution to be possibly the greatest discovery of all time • If you have evolved to the point in your life where you embrace the idea of taklng control of your own evolution.Self Talk . Lemme visualize it going right and the things i'm going to do the next time.Visualization ...• Beliefs .Conscious Attention to Levels "Something I do when something I want doesn't go well or a situation doesn't work out. and what do you need to make less important? • Understanding . then you must become an expert in prograrnrnlng and reprogramming yourself .. is I stop..Reference Group . what would it be? 2:37 . and it's important.Written and Rewritten Goals .[5] {3} focusing on the higher levels (explanation) Exercise: Comparing The Beliefs Of Success And Failure • Your beliefs and self-image determine your success level with women • If you don't believe you can. " .Reading . your belief will be a self-fulfilling prophecy • Compare the beliefs of success and failure Track 4/1 .Do you understand exactly how and why women become and stay attracted to men? Do you know the step-by-step process of how a man and woman go from first eye contact all the way to the bedroom? If there was one area that you should get a better education and understanding of. And I replay it in my mind and go ok let's fix that.Audlo/Video Education . what would they be? • Values .Do you have a clear set of values in your life that you live by? Do you value your time and yourself and accept no disrespect or wasting of your time? What do you need to make more important in your life.Do you believe that it's natural and easy to meet and attract women? Do you believe that women want to be around you? Do you believe that you're the very best choice a woman can make? If you could install some new beliefs in your mind that would increase your success with women and dating.Affirmations .

"Reflection Emotions" • Emotions about present events ."Response Emotions" • Emotions about future events . it can create quite a tangled mess • Many men allow themselves to live lives of quiet desperation.[3] {3} various emotional types Consider the following different types of emotions for this section: • Positive Ernotions • Negative Emotions • Emotions about past events .[2] a 1-10 scale of emotional control Track 4/3 .. same emotional response every time you think about It • Emotions responding to generalized concepts and judgments • Emotional prejudice.[2] {3} objectifying your demons Track 4/7 .."Anticipatlon Emotions" • Emotions about yourself • Emotlons about others • Emotions about relatlonship between yourself and others • Emotions about relatlonshlps between others that don't involve you • Emotional anchors. then playing mental games to avoid feeling the emotions they are triggering inside themselves by imagining bad situations and emotions! • If you want to have lasting success with women and dating...Track 4/2 .[2] {3} do we choose how we feel? 5:30 . worrying about avoiding the situations that caused the response.[4] {3} mastering your emotional life • Most people are controlled by their emotional responses and their emotional responses to anticipated events and anticipated emotional responses • As you can imagine.[3] {2} cultivating the pause Track 4/4 . wow I got an insight about myself! " Track 4/6 . You know why? Because it shows you a shadow issue! This is one of those moments when you go..[2] {2} shifting locus of control Track 4/8 . when you begin allowing your life to be a constant game of anticipating emotional responses. and dealing with the emotions that you feel in response to your anticipation.[1] {1} weapons of influence . responding to an idea or thought..[1] {1} encouraging independence in others Track 4/9 . constantly imagining horrible situations to avoid. not the thlng 2:53 . it is vital that you master your emotions 1:27 .[3] {5} emotional reframing "Being annoyed is great.

How many men have you known that were total package. but obvious when you take the time to think about it. from being in control of their emotions.[2] path or purpose Track 5/6 . Pick out the one right now.[5] {3} what we want What We Want We always want this: Return Reward Performance Security Action Instant Gratification Without having to do this: Invest Work Preparation Risk Plan Delay Gratification The reality is that each column is essentially the same thing. leaders and interesting conversationalist. Center of the universe misconception 2:10 [1] {3} . I need to go the right direction. 2:24 .. Return is reward is performance is security is action is instant gratification. I hope you wrote some of them down. Or you know what I just never even thought about it.. and how many physically attractive women have you .. A real man. Track 5/4 .[3] {2} instant gratification | 0-1:30 reading slides..[3] cognitive dissonance Track 5/5 . pick out the one in your mind right now that was the one that really stood out for you. Investment is work is preparation is risk is planning is delaying gratification. I need to go one way or other on. and they know it. close your eyes. The reality of the situation is rather shocking.[3] {3} a new context for life Track 5/2 .5/11.[2] {3} shifting time-frames 2:55 . to knowing how to dress and groom themselves.Women aren't the center of the universe either "Attractive women do have the power. to being great communicators.[1] {1} ..Track 5/1 . like "ah that's the one that I really need to. But I can tell that if I just do that one. But it's because we unknowingly give it away to them. BIG questions "So think about those for a minute. one that has his life together in every way is far more rare and desirable than an attractive woman. it'll make a big difference for me" " Track 6/4 .[2] [3] desigн time/run time Track 5/3 ..[8] {6} .. Once you begin to see the world through from the "invest first" paradigm your results tend to increase dramatically over time Think of the places in your life where you want the return without having to do the investment.5/11. to keeping themselves healthy. I'm on the wrong direction. meaning that they had all aspects of their lifes handled.

[4] bad beliefs Track 6/6 . and whether to feel attraction. It starts to break habit-patterns of thought and behaviour that put women in control of you. that doesn't feel very powerfull when you're a man and you've been doing that...known? Most people have known only a handfull of real men who had their lifes totally together..[1] {1} time travel 2:44 . Ask 10 attractive women about this and they'll tell you that beatifull women are everywhere..] is number.[1] {3} real man Track 6/7 . and you can be that something.[1] {1} does this picture require interpretation? "Women don't require much time to interpret logically whether or not you're a real man who has your act together. the timeless stories. You're pursing. " Track 6/5 -. What i'm gonna suggest is that. What we're talking about here (in this program) is other side of the coin" 4:57 . It helps you realize that attractive women are desperately seeking and competing for something. Now.. are the first one. emotions and results (that you're getting in the world) and it causes you to open your mind to the idea that there is a way for you to cultivate the skill and ability to make women feel attraction for you. summed up. It causes you to take responsibility for your thoughts... most. desirable and in high demand. But once you stop looking and treating attractive women as if they were rare and valuable and more important yourself. " Track 6/8 . every couple of years. it has all kinds of magical effects.. to its fundamental. Imagine what that must be like.[2] attractive women vs. Does that make sense? Do you get that? This is the male version. and you instead realize that they key is in yourself. that's the universal game broken down to the simplest. but they've met hundreds or thousands of attractive women. It's often uncomfortable and daunting to even consider changing a key belief and perspective like this and entertain the idea that you could have been wrong all your life. you're trying to get something you lack.2:41 . 99% of all the stories you're gonna hear [. That communicates that you don't have what you need.. you're not the center of the universe" . real men "Well imagine what it must be like for one of those attractive women who only meet a guy who really has his life together..[2] {4} "That's the first kinda game. stripped bare" "These are the 2 stories. but a real man is very rare. you're striving.

[1] {2} the secret of creating and maintaining attraction: status Track 6/10 . you know what it feels like. dominance 1:00 7/1 [1] {2} .... every little gesture.. conveys status. I'm just saying that if you can understand this second one. its gonna be this section right here" **1:56 .[1] {3} status & weakness *3:55 [4] quote from the improv book on the status realization* Track 6/10 .[1] {2} status and attraction Track 6/11 . no need for women (glover)** 4:31 .pleasing yourself.. concept. the quitissential. I'm not saying this is the best way. you can start to experience it in your real life.. you can hear when someone is trying to give you the 'i'm higher status than you' view. If there were one thing that you could just get at a deep level. the crux of this whole thing.Are you unconciously high status or low status 1:32 .quote from some book Track 7/1 [1] {2} -Status. If the gap gets too far."[story] number 2: that's what we're trying to do her" "Now i'm not suggesting that: she pursue you -> you run away.. all of it. thought.... everything you say. You can feel it. every movement.Where does status come from? . " 1:34 . You start realizing that when you communicate with people and you start writing letter back and forth. leadership. if you can get a feel for it... and you can tell what they want" "If your status.. And that there's a subtle motive behind even the most innocous or innocent gesture. you get the feeling of it. The way you see interactions will completely change.[4] impact of status "What I would like to suggest is that everything that you do.[1] . It'll change everything for you! " Track 6/9 .[1] {3} status & weakness "The topic that I feel is the center.. two people can't really relate to each other. all of it! " "Everything will change...

and you feel that twinge [.. And I can remember the distinct feeling of all the kids dancing [... it'd get kinda weird and' coz they identify with low status I went to my first school dances [. your value to yourself as a man.. And yesterday..] I don't wanna piss her off.. and I remember being at the dance.Are you unconciously high status or low status "It's actually a great strategy when you're learning this stuff and improving yourself as a man. just watching. you just do the high-status thing. is to find a bunch guys who are real high-status guys and hang around with them... It's just a part of what you're doing. It's much better to be the lower-status guy hanging out with the really high status guy. It was really clear that there was a huge barrier that I could not figure out how to overcome.Two approaches to status 1:26 [3] {2} . . its part of who you are. in the last sections.moving toward high status and away from low status "Identifying with high status. when you y'know walk in a social situation you're like [... they know they are not one of them.. you build-up your self-image.] and I just was not part of that group....Coz security is the foundation of a high-status attitude. we working on them.] in interactions with women.. than it is to be a high-status than it is to be high-status guy hanging around a bunch of guys who are low-status" 3:16 [1] {2} - "Most of these are unconcious" "This is a list of the things that the losers on the show TheApprentice do" 4:25 [1] {1} . hoping that something would happen for me. you naturally start to become higher status in your mind 7/2 [2] {2} .] and didn't really have that many friends. It's just a part of what you're doing.. self-esteem..and she does something. and the high-status people are hanging out and being cool and talking 'oh that's .Communicating high-status 7/3 [4] {2} . and you eliminate the insecurities. you gotta be kidding. and I wasn't one of the cool kids. They notice they feel uncomfortable. that's not me"" They know that when they're hanging out with people and the high-status people [are] over here..[…]. Coz when you uproot those. that's what we were doing. the quality of life.. coz you identify with it. standing up against the wall.. in your mind you 'that's the low-status thing to do. we were uprooting alot of those insecurities.

i do something stupid. you're gonna [..masculine and feminine polarity 0:55 [2] {5} . you're going to blow her out. this is it. I screwed up... and as soon as I do. what I realize is that I identified myself with low status. There's a way to do it without communicating lower status.. let's say you're dealing with a woman who doesn't have very high self-esteem.a principle to guide all your actions and communications 2:04 [2] {3} . never communicate lower status" Go back to everything you've ever done wrong.the reccuring theme 6:08 [1] {1} .stay on your course 1:20 [1] {3} ..David Deida and Ken Wilbur on the masculine and feminine energy .. When I say "always" "never" that's not what I mean.] freak her out a little too much.Back then it was.. It means it's a principle.] there's too much of a discrepancy. it semeed like it was very traumatic.. violated the prime directive 7/6 [1] {3} .The prime directive "If there's one thing you drill into your mind from this whole program. the zone... 7/4 [2] {2} . the prime directive.. Wanna maintain that healthy comfortable distance... That can be a problem too... Never communicate lower status. there it is. You can still say anything you want.. I'll do whatever it takes to fix it"" "Like I said if you get too far above somebody [.. everything [.] ever screwed something up.. And I disidentified myself with high-status..status ranges "Now everything i'm gonna share with you is a generality.. it's how you deliver it… ~ 1:20 [1] {3} . Your status is so much higher than a woman.a principle to guide all your actions and communications "There's a way to say anything and still not communicate lower status. There are sometimes when I screw up in life. from everything you've ever heard or learned from me. "~It's not the opener.. I could not even imagine myself in those situations.the ultimate mistake 7/5 [1] {2} . your status is too much higher. Unconciously that's who I was. [.] when I think back now I . or make someone's life hard because of my screw up. y'know what I just say "I am sorry. " 1:30 [1] {1} . they just can't identify with the person. the flow..

and the one I recommend the most is 'the art of speed-reading people' by Tieger" 7/10 [2] {2} . and yes I even use it when interacting with women" ~This also happens to automatically come out of "living an interesting life"… if you build one. I use it alot in bussiness.. Your relationship to life is your relationship to feminine energy 4:10 . And since the polarities kinda arch and attract each other. that most of this is genetic. that's a lesson. and myself. take you off-base.masculine context 7/9 [1] {2} ."We talked about being on your path or purpose.feminine assestment 7/8 [1] . you're born with.the temperaments . When you're on your path. thru studying this for years. psychology and alot of the tests that they've done about people. it's something for you to learn. I use it in family. I use it in interpersonal relationships. you're a "walking DHV". then that's about you..[4] Yin Yang sign 7/7 [1] {3} . Louis & Copeland cover it best in their mastery product under the "be building a life you love" section… ~ "I've come to believe. and reading alot of books about evolutionary biology. freak you out.myers-briggs type indicator "It's been one of the most usefull things that i've ever learned in my life PERIOD bar none! It's something that I use everyday. you're on your purpose.. and a lot of the proper subcommunication arises automatically. it will create the reciprocal energy from the woman... that's about your life. the attraction will be created" If women distract you. using it to interact with people. And I don't think that it changes much over time" 1:32 [4] {2} . masculine energy. That's a masculine energy thing. it manifest itself to a woman as strong masculine presence. I think that most of this 'personality-type' stuff is. when you communicate that strong masculine presence. That's a mirror for you. I really belive that. get you off track. for years..the four pairs "There's some books you should read.

.counteracting sexual currency "The quickest way to achieve this.the female psyche 8/3 [1] {1} . that suggests an internal locus of control "If you understand what someone is." [introverts] Sometimes they don't look very happy. and in the middle of these things. Hall. [. you will have alot more success communicating and interacting with other people" 2:32 [2] {2} . We're aiming toward eventually arriving at practical step-by-step techniques..] if you've got that masculine energy thing handled [. When you're constanly moving away from . than the woman you're communicating with" . Coz they're just sitting there in their head thinking about things.two unconcious approaches "We're gonna talk a little bit about female psychology now. It's a strategy that's not likely to get you what you want in your life. Bob Bodenhaimer~ Most people (i've found) move away from what they don't want. You'll notice that we started with the bigger contexts and now we're kinda narrowing it down..what does that suggest? External locus of control. toward.] women want sex too. we're gonna shift gears.metaprograms Some of my favorite metapograms ~Figuring out people .. They don't move toward what they want.. " 3:40 [1] {1} . when you're moving toward what you want. Introverted people are used to growing up with people saying to them "what's wrong?" all the time.using personality types 8/2 [2] {2} . if you understand your own. is to communicate that you have more value and a higher status.Michael G. we're gonna talk about female psychology" "Woman's gotta figure out if you get it..sexual currency 8/4 [1] {1} . They're way in their head" 8/1 [2] .

. or if they have considered. its not helping them. you're a "walking DHV".choice 1:28 [1] {1} .]Ok.The timeless common themes of male frustrations " Review these often [. How it is for you when you have one option. because they want to be around you. or you're trying to get an option. The most effective strategy in the world possibly. the ultimate "friend" 2:27 [1] {1} . they don't enjoy it. Think about what you're feeling like. they don't feel good. Think about how you feel when you're making a choice based on that.[] {} the secret formula to devauling yourself instantly 8/5 [1] {2} .Friendship. How do you make that choice? Just get how it feels inside. very high chance of success" . too many. They feel good! And [if] they don't wanna be around you [its] because they don't like the experience they're getting. 8/6 [1] {2} .. Close your eyes. they have never put into action. so you go ''uh! I'm doing it again. steady supply of attractive women with very little risk. women will spend time with you..Why she stays and why she goes The reason i'm dividing them up [is] because I want you to realize that. It doesn't have anything to do with how you feel about them 5:02 . for meeting a conssistent..[2] {2} the difference between what she wants and what she wants when she's with you 3:43 .. It could possibly be the highest leverage thing you can do. learn to recognize these things as they start to happen. your decision-making process.attractive female friends "I'm about to reveal to you an elusive-obvious strategy that most men have never considered... very little rejection. Feel it in your gut..the difference between friends and just friends 8/7 [1] {4} . and a lot of the proper subcommunication arises automatically. They like the experience that they're getting. ~ 1:09 . Now think about making a choice based on the idea that you have infite options. you don't have time for all of them. This is one of those ones we all do as guys" 2:40 [1] {1} .~This also happens to automatically come out of "living an interesting life"… if you build one.[2] {4} The theory of scarce and abundant choices Stop for a minute right now.

And yet they're consistently with one after another amazingly hot beatifull women. do it immediatelly.the structure of friendship You ever notice that some people who make friends with anyone and they make friends with all these people that you go 'wow.encouraging independance revisited 1:20 [1] {3} .] finish listening to this program... they're missing it entirely" 8/8 [3] {4} . It's not part of their model at all. social women. you gotta get them to the point where they are unconcious competent" ~Concious Evolution~ 8/12 [2] {2} .attraction and honest signals 3:36 [4] {2} .things that create that inner-bond 8/10 [3] . you gotta automate.honest signals list .make friends with guys who are masterzs 2:30 [2] {3} . 2:37 [7] {2} . and guess what? They never go out on the street."I know guys [. And they deal at a different level. they don't deal with this issue of 'is she or isn't she single'. Consider it. Do a little analysis on it. how did they ever made friends with that person?' Well they just walked into a relationshiop thinking 'i'm just gonna make friends with this person'.. what they're thinking is 'how do I get her? How do I get her?' And they're missing all this stuff she's talking about going out. Guess what? They have attractive interesting female friends who they are just friends with.] who date alot of attractive women. you need to do this immediatelly! This is the number one strategy when you [. 8/9 [1] {1} . having fun with her friend and parties that she throws and this and that and the other thing. they talk to people in a different way. Attractive. social women. Make some female friends. Start thinking about friendship. approach women.playfull antagonism 8/11 [8] {3} .the common denominators of disaster "You gotta understand these things.make friends with atleast 3 attractive women If you don't already have this going on. See what it's like. they never go get women's phone numbers. This is it. And what most guys do when they meet an attractive woman.. they hang out with other attractive. Alot of times they're the hub in the network. Think about the structure.

social skills / attraction continuum Aiigh. Don't try to get approval by giving it" 1:33 [1] {1} .the five foundations of success 9/5 [1] {2} .sexual ornamentation 1:11 [7] {3} . maybe sometime in the future :) 9/3 [1] .is she or isn't she [single] It doesn't interest me at my current level of development... He feels ok about complimenting women' it was an interesting discussion. There is this optimal kinda place to live in.. Not quite to slick and definetely not to cheesy..instant ewws 8/14. which I believe is very important. too much of anything becomes its opposite. And it's kinda right maybe a little past smooth... Quit trying to change women and learn magic techniques. Just think about that for a second [the continuum].9/2 [2] {2} . But i'll tell ya. last thing you're thinking about is your posture" ~step 1 of fidentia's method~ Centerdness is also mentioned later on as a "honest signal" 8/13 [1] {2} ..comedy mailbag 9/4 [1] . Or whether you're [. I don't give them a compliment so I can get approval from them."Posture's unconcious..inaffective approaches " Outside we had an interesting conversation about David X and somebody was saying 'well you know he kind of goes against what you said.] giving a compliment coz you just feel like saying it.... I don't have a problem complimenting women.. " Remember I said anything. Where are you right now? Where should you be.telltale giveaways 0:48 [1] {1} . we gonna talk about becoming more interesting in this section.communication and meta-communication . where would you like to be? " 1:07 [1] {1} . Make yourself attractive first. A woman can tell when you're trying to give her approval in order to get it back. Especially when you see a woman you're interested in.

. how its distracting. you understand how to use it... Or when they walk up and they say it. If you're distracted by it. blah blah' and then she's gone. I want you to become aware of it. how it works. They can take out the thing they said and plug in it. ok.."So communication (surface level) and then there's meta-communication (more complex levels of communication. " 2:50 [1] {1} Become a master of content. When you master content. They're distracted by their own.. You make something up right on the spot. And i'm not saying use it to distract or manipulate. I'm saying use it to distract. Me too' you don't know what's going on. They can make things up on the spot. rather like it.. But it's not the content. i need something creative. I have several of them myself..four levels of communication 3:08 [1] {4} .being distracted with content "Only after you become unconciously competent can you go back to 'ok now I can just kinda get back to the conversation and enjoy it!' Now that you know what's going on a deeper level" "You'll find that if you go out with some of the guys that [are] really good at approaching women...] They're distracted by the content.. Most guys are trying to think of something original and creative to say for every woman. they have certain themes. then you can be the one who uses it for distracting instead of having it used on you.. " Master the simple levels before moving to the complex levels [1] {2} 1:22 [1] {3} .. she's nervous.. certain things they use everytime to start a conversation. new. but because it's based on something you know.. brand new... oh really you're interested in that.comments on content 9/6 0:25 [1] {1} . because we're all distracted by it at all times. 'oh that's interesting. "You need to master it. don't let it master you" "If you are not a master of content..the story of content 2:04 [1] {3} . and get the same result. it's the idea around it. 'can't say something canned. Atleast you can be entertained by it.reverse rapport [usefull only for the flirting stage] .. coz they don't understand what's going on the deeper level [. Then you're gonna be focusing on the content.... " 9/7 [1] {1} . No one's ever heard before.. the content they are trying to make up. you know it's gonna work.

visual on above** [7] ** [The mastery pyramid] Now this would be a good generalised way of thinking about. What congruence comes from.on purpose and its fluctuations "Remember I showed y'know the hero's path [. 11/11 [3] . how much time.. effort... 11/10 [9] ..proper use of techniques 12/2 [10] . purpose... Actually about questions of the type content. **9/11 .. Can I bust her balls when I first meet her? Should I wait till later? How long should I wait to kiss her? If you're asking any of these what I'l call 'content' questions. 11/13 [3] she saying it for you or for herself? 9/9 ...experience 12/3 [9] .and eye contact. Spend more time on the deeper levels.AMBER!!!!! 11/7... ** [7] ** 0:53.Tari interview.discussion..11/6 [9] .justification on Amber. I would say that you probably need to work on the deeper levels first. energy you shoud be putting into each one.. on purpose finding. I don't know the answer. 11/12 [2] .9/8 [1] {1} .... Spend more time working towards amstery and those things will take care of themselves eventually.] that these things happen kinda predictably? In life there's a universal drama that plays itself out in different levels. aligning your identity. And I think that the idea of being attached to the ideal of 'i'm gonna get my life to the point where everything's gonna be handled and than nothing will be able to touch me. 10/1 [0] {0} .. path. on mastery. mastery & practices. it's really interesting to me how the tough things happen when everything seems to be going well.. self-image.. but all I know is that. values..... congruence..mindsets & relationship building [5] ** 10/2..hit it and quit it 12/1 [10] . nothing will be . in different scales. The mastery pyramid .

we're thinking of doing something. That something's gonna come up and WACK! And then you're really gonna be taken out.Get at least one professional. The metaphor that he uses is the horizon. and you see the horizon line... and you realize that y'know life is going to happen. focused. What he says is that...] and you just said.. some of them are gonna get sick.... they are the luckiest guys that like have run around on the face of the earth.. some of them are gonna die. self-hypnosis...12/5 [10!!!] . They allow us to imagine something that we would like to achieve. that's what we do all the time. The problem comes in when you become too attached to the ideal. Now ideals are usefull for some things. every day you will meet 2 or 3 interesting women 12/8.12/9 [2] {2} .. what you find is that. You can't time that stuff.] the problem with an ideal is that it can never be real. in a day you will meet. when the ideal becomes too important. 12/4. in front of your computer with your keyboard [. uninterrupted... we have ideal-making minds.. our mind creates an ideal about what that's gonna be like. You can never arrive at the horizon. The horizon is not a thing. Organize things so that you can achieve them.. what are some of the things I can do to be an incredible wingman for somebody? At the end of the two hours you would be sitting there going 'whoever these guys are that I make friends with. If you look at it.The gap and ideals " "Dan [Sullivan] shares a concept [.. And I think that if you. And you can add so much value to their lifes" ~ THIS is an AMAZING concept for getting ANYTHING… anything from "how do I become a great friend to female friends" or "how do I become a social hub everyone looks to for social circles?" ~ 12/7 [8] {4} .. it's an ideal....] he call it the gap. that it's not reality. You can never actually have an ideal come true. idealization and hubris that will create a huge Achilles's heel. I think that that's a type of.. Make steps toward to hurt me. If you know a lot of people.. .. You get there and you go 'it's still there'. if you structure your life a little more realistically.Add five things "If you sat down and you spent two hours.. humans. And especially when you kinda fall victim to the thing he calls the gap [. We create ideals... i'm gonna go over there.]" "Dan did a program with them called 'pure genius' and I highly recommend it" 12/6 [7] {4} .. how it's gonna feel [. You can't know when its gonna happen.Incorporate the following If you just start thinking about structuring your life a bit differently.

So y'know getting laid is fine.Getting laid "I talked about the evolution that guys go thru. try them in a year. and most guys eventually get to a point when they do start learning how to be succesfull with women. I go 'Ok why did that happen? What's going on there? I need to plug that one in and look for the answer' [.Attraction-centric model "This is going to be a little bit of a summary. try them again in six months.Juxtaposition 13/02 [1] {1} . it might as well become a law of the universe for most people. if you haven't had them."I think would be get atleast once in your life.. If it doesn't happen in a year. " "If you're learning stuff from people [. they generalize things very quickly. I call it the attraction-centric model" 12/12 [1] {5} .] and sometimes it literally takes years for me to figure something out. It's kinda just a new view that i've been taking to really clearly separate the two paradigms.] they know what they're doing [.. When you get quantity handled. quality starts becoming a more important issue.The 'all women are one big organism' fallacy "I already tried that on a girl. And you start reazling the quality isn't available to everyone. of highquality are in high-demand and they're typically alot more rare than the readily available version.. And maybe if they don't work now. I try to make a little mental note. therefore all girls must not like it. just so you know what's going on with it. when it doesn't add up. and she didn't like it. Something happens. triggers a chain of events. I personally think its good idea to get most of these regularily" 12/10 [1] {2} .. maybe a year and a half or two years" "There's something that I do that has brought a tremendous amount of value in my life [. And if they don't work in six months.. It just didn't fit together. Just like anything else. and I think about it.] and that is: when something doesn't make sense to me..Attraction-centric model 13/01 [1] {1} . " 12/11 [1] {5} . But think about improving yourself to the point when a really a fantastic woman shows up in your life. therefore it's a stupid idea and it wouldn't work" "Remember human minds generalize. Happens 3 or 4 times.. you go 'oh that's how it that works'." .. you'll know what to do to be able to keep her around.] its probably worth trying things more times than you normally would.. Things that are desirable..

. They're totally open to meeting anyone coz they haven't had a bunch of drunk guys drooling on them.4 steps of sexual communication "This is kinda the universal process that happens.. because: they are women! ~Cameron Teoni's attributes: emotional projection~. personally. If you go at 9:30. we're going start talking about techniques and communications. But if you get there at 11.. coz its not cool. nobody's there... probability and expectancy Get that book on risk rather. Anyway go out early. :) 13/05 [1] {1} ..Risk.Overcoming self-conciousness of going out alone ~ a VERYgood explanation of "nobody cares"~ " What I love in Hollywood: nobody wants to go to a club before 11.. They're happening sometimes with just eye-contact. they look good.. just to get over this issue myself"" "OK we're gonna start talking about. because they are happening on a subtle level.3:14 [1] {2} emotional vs. 99% of the time you're not gonna be ready 2:07 [3] {1} . 13/04 [1] {1} ... " 13/06 [1] {1} . nine maybe" "[on the going out alone excercise] I have done this a couple of times. and all the women start walking in alone. go out at 9:30. Or a conversation will be happening . in the next sections. there are a hundred people outside that have to wait 2 hours to get in. They will be able to receive those signals" 13/03.. this is the big-picture that is always going on behind the scenes.Sexual Communication 2:26 [1] {1} .. logical thinking Communicate with women on an emotiona level.. This is the meta-process.. now you'll be communicating with them on a level that the ywill understand. Because if you're not always ready. "Whereas if you communicate with their emotions and their bodies. You might not be able to see some of these things happening sometimes. y'know with their friends.Always be mentally prepared to meet women It's a very important mindset to have.

17/05 [4] {3} . " Mystery. and these things will be happening subtly.. Rick H 17/04 [10] {4} . then you're probably going to think. Practice what I call the reverse emperor's new clothes. When you can not see the new clothes you'll act more normal and you'll make her feel far more comfortable ~ Or in that David Deida. and do alot of stupid unproductive things.You can't get there from here 17/07 [2] {2} . she's got her shadow" "One of the things that really amazed me several years ago. there will be somebody in there that doesn't consider her to be more than a 6 or a 7. What does it do when you think about it? What happens to your. And they'll bee playing off their conversation with body-language. The little biology thing.The first few minutes "In 99% of the first ten minutes.. AuthenticManProject-like paradigm… where you are looking at the feminine beauty of a goddess INSIDE.. If you let it affect you internally. it's not about you. So it's a little anchor. What happens? Changes the way you think about it. that if there is a woman in there you consider to be a 10. ok? So don't let your little biology things take you off. its a little mental construct to put around it. and not the make-up masked creature on the outside… the exterrior. when you go 'oh its my little biology thing doing its thing'.. Remember she's projecting at the same time. This is the process not seeing the beatifull exterrior that is right in front of you.Don't change your approach because of one failure 17/06 [1] {1} . ~ ______________________________________________ 2:22 [6] {2} . that kinda thing.The little biology thing I love that word. objectifies it automatically.Reverse emperor's new clothes _________________the missing slide_______________ I guarantee you that if you put ten men in a room. Marie. say..with y'know 7 or 8 people and 2 of them will connecting... when I started going on alot first dates with women for like cofee. Little biology thing. her stuff. you're probably gonna make her nervous and uncomfortable. that anxiety and that automatic response. it's about her. The more kinda confident I . Here's the point: If you're acting like a woman is a 10.. tea. the little biology thing.

[... Rasputin 19/6 .] and as soon as I realized that I went 'omg she's nervous! It's a completely different game here.became... she knows she owns me. women become nervous often..... she's just sitting there going -when is gonna screw up so I can walk off---' When you get your game together.] when I could see the matrix. 17/09 [0] {0} .Perssistance RSD SPEAKERS 20/10.Principles for approaching women (key beliefs) 2:50... " 17/08 [8] {8} .. Or they're a little nervous... You notice a little hint.Starting conversations with women (opinion openers) 17/10 [7] ... [.Eric.Final thoughts . 19/6 [9] . as I was putting it all together in my mind.. I would sit down for a cup of cofee with a woman and I would see a lot of times they were like shaking. Hypnotica. This is not what I thought it was at all!' y'know coz unconciously i would always imagine it as 'she is totally confident.20/12 [10] {8} . and the more I started to understand what was happening and started to see these dynamics.Analyses of movies SPEAKERS 19/1. when you understand what's happening.