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ASIC Verification
Hello Everyone, This is My first blog ever. I have created this blog to discuss about various topics in the field of ASIC. You'll find lot of useful information about verification. Keep visiting this site for more updates.

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MO NDA Y , A PR IL 21, 2008

Sequence Detector - Solution

The solution for the problem is given here.

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Posted by Suresh at 12:19:00 PM Labels: Digital, State Machine


About Me Suresh I did my Master of Engineering in College of Engineering, Guindy Anna University in 2001-2002 and currently working as a ASIC Verification Engineer. View my complete profile

FR IDA Y , A PR IL 18, 2008

Sequence Detector
Design a state machine, that outputs a '1' one and only when two of the last 3 inputs are '1'. For example, if the input sequence is 0110_1110 then the output will be 0011_1101. Assume that the input 'x' is a single bit serial line.

Posted by Suresh at 2:37:00 PM Labels: Digital, State Machine


T H UR S DA Y , A PR IL 17, 2008

Digital (18) Specman Tutorial (12)

Counter design using FSM Machine

Solution Sequence Detector Mod . 111. As long as m = 1. 100. 011. the counter advances through the Gray code sequence 000. State Machine Home Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) 1 comments chipverification. and two outputs. The first two state transitions (000->001->010) occurs in the binary counting mode. there is a reset input. 1. The machine accepts data on two input lines synchronously with the clock. This synchronous counter should go to the 000 state if asserted. 001. or A = 0 and B = 1) for the last three or more consecutive clock cycles. 010.. as indicated in the Gray code sequence.10 counter DAG Posted by Suresh at 12:04:00 AM Labels: Digital. This synchronous 3-bit counter has a mode control input m. the output will be 000. A and B. In this example. 110. depending on the values of a “mode control input”. 111. 001.e.12/11/12 ASIC Verification: State Machine Design a 3-bit counter that counts in binary or in Gray Machine 2/4 .blogspot. 100 and repeats this sequence. State Machine 1 comments CMOS (1) Clock divider (1) FIFO (1) FSM Problem Construct a synchronous moore state machine with two inputs. (That is. 011.. The output X is 1 if and only if the data on the two input lines have been identical (i.) Then. 110. Older Posts SOC Verification 3 Will we ever get a handle on SoC verification cost. 111 and repeats this sequence. As long as m = 0. assume that the mode input is 0 for the first two clock cycles but changes to 1 in the third clock cycle and stays at 1 in the fourth clock cycle. it is possible that the mode input changes at any time in any of these sequences. because m = 1 from the third clock cycle onwards. X and Y. 000 is the initial state. 001. 1.e. In addition to the mode control input. Then. 110. 010. SOC Verification 2 SOC Verification 1 Sequence Detector . However. A = 1 and B = 0. A and B are both 1. 101. or A and B are both 0) for the last three or more consecutive clock cycles. the state goes from 010->110->->111. 0. Verification (10) Verilog (8) Learn C (6) Timing (6) Synthesis (5) General (4) SOC (4) Specman (4) State Machine (4) DFT (3) RTL (3) FPGA (2) Gate level simulation (2) Low power (2) VHDL (2) VLSI (2) AMS (1) Posted by Suresh at 12:46:00 AM Labels: Digital. Reset (1) Archives ► 2011 (2) ▼ 2008 (86) ► Sep (5) ► Aug (1) ► Jul (5) ► Jun (6) ► May (10) ▼ Apr (15) Guidelines for improving the performance of synthe. 010.. Output Y is 1 if and only if the data on the two input lines have been complements of each other (i.. the counter steps through the binary sequence 000. 101. For example. m goes through the sequence 0.

in/search/label/State Machine 3/4 .12/11/12 ASIC Verification: State Machine Counter design using FSM FSM Problem Clock Tree Synthesis State Diagram Depth of the Asynchronous FIFO Functional Coverage vs Code Coverage ► Mar (27) ► Feb (17) BlogRoll Adventures in ASIC digital design ASIC Planet Cool Verification Digital Electronics Digital Verification Specman Verification Think Verification Introduction to VLSI design by IIT Professor pow ered by chipverification.blogspot.

12/11/12 ASIC Verification: State Machine Machine 4/4 .blogspot.