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How To Clean The Air Cooling System - Figure 'J.V mm.

i!,,,. become extremely hot. Model Displacement

Engine Specifications

• M i
400000 40.03 ci (656 cc) 2.970 in (7 2.890 in (7: 41 mm

JUU. Combustible debris, such as leaves, grass, brush, etc. can catch fire.

Oil Capacity

62 - 54 oz

Engine Specifications NOTICE: Do not use water to clean trie engine. Water could contaminate the fuel system. Use a brush or dry cloth to clean the engine.
This is an air cooled engine. Dirt or debris can restrict air flow and cause the engine to

Model Displacement


3.1 20 in (76 2.890 in (?: 41 mrr

overheat, resulting in poor performance and reduced engine life. Jse a brush or dry cloth to remove debris from the finger guard/rotating screen (A).
Keep linkage, springs and controls (B| clean. Keep the area around and behind the



Fire or explosion can cause severe burns or death.

Tune-up Specifications *

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n Storing Fuel Or Equipment With Fuel In Tank


SjSateWlion lou^^uselhCT can'imit?!ueTvaK.* ' "^


Spark Plug Torque


uel System uel can become stale wher i stored over 30 days. Stale fuel causes acid and gum Bposits to form i- the W = ystem or on essential carburetor parts. To keep fuel fresh.

Intake Valve Clearance Exhaust Valve Clearance

0.004- 0.006 in (0.10-0 15 mm) 0.004 - 0 006 in (0.10 - 0.15 mm)

teie is no need to dram ga nefor2 minutes to circ., =10 !' e -"a:. Ii7^' :n, -oil ghoul the fuel >slem. The engine and fue can then be stored up to 24 months. not been treated with a fuel stabilizer, it must be drained into i approved co-tame Rin the engine until it stops from lack of fuel. The use of a fuel abilizer in the storage cent ainer is recommended to maintain freshness. igine Oil hile the engine is still warr i, change the engine oil. See the How To Change Tne Oil

• Engine power will decrease 3.5% tor each 1 ,000 feet (300 meters) above sea level and - • - - : - ssc^ -0 F i 5 6 C: above 77 F |25 Ci The engine will operate satisfactorily at an angle up to 15° Refer to the equipment operator's manual for safe allowable operating limits on slopes.

Service Part




mmon Service Parts (•"•

Pan Number
4994SS 27363S 792105 792303 1 00028 492932 691035 5041.5058 491055 5066 19374

Air Filter, Flat Air Filter Pre-cleaner, Flat Air Filter, Oval Air Filter Pre-cleaner, Oval Oil - SAE 30 Oil niter Fuel Fitter

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