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The Year is December 12, 2012.

The United States and its allies have been almost decimated by the forces of the evil dictator Leon Craven. His Ruthless Campaign, which started in Israel four years ago, allowed to gain full autocratic power, and united all of the nations of the Middle East under his banner. Now known as Leon the Great, he has created a movement against democracy and the UN. His Confederation of all the Middle Eastern nations was called Hadea, and Jerusalem was the capital city of this new nation. The UN immediately imposed sanctions on this unholy nation, and the third world war soon began. World War 3 started when Hadea invaded the Balkans, and one after another, each European nation fell to the Hadean armies. Then Germany dissolved all ties with the UN and merged with Hadea. This gave the empire of evil even more power. By March 6, 2009 France, Spain, Portugal and the UK were decimated by the bombs of Hadea. On June 27, 2009 All of Europe, including Russia had become part of the Hadean Empire. Setting his sights east, Hadea then began a massive military campaign toward Asia known as the Dragon Offensive. At the same time Hadean scientist were working on new biological weapons, they succeeded in creating the chimera virus, a biological agent so potent that it could infect an entire population in mere days. It converted the infected people of a nation into a horde of zombies, which were then fused with a cybernetic device, which gave the Hadean forces control over the horde. With all this, the HAF (Hadea Air Force) started their offensive into Asia and by December 22, 2009, the Offensive had been won. The United States, Canada and Mexico, launched a naval attack on the Hadean Empire that now stretched from Europe to Japan and back to Africa,

which was soon invaded by the Hadean armies. Our Allied Naval Attack was thwarted by an air strike, which completely annihilated the naval fleet before it could reach the Red Sea. Two years later, the entire continents of Africa, and South America had been conquered by the Hadean Empire. Now, the nations of Canada and Mexico have been destroyed by multiple nuclear barrages and the US is virtually the last nation left fighting. You have been frozen in a cryo chamber since 2006 and are USSF (United States Special Forces) lieutenant Jack Briggs. We have initiated our last-stand military preparations and are anticipating the Invasion of The US homeland in less than 28 hours so we are sending you into Jerusalem to strike at the heart of this Evil Empire. If you succeed, we can increase morale in the occupied nations and launch a counter strike against the Hadean Empire, if the leader is defeated, we will be able to quickly destroy the leaderless remnants of the Hadean army and win this war. Good Luck! -USSF Command HQ