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Chapter 18 - “Discipline & Endurance” Hallerin Hilton Hill

Last week...
Forgive. Shut up.

This week’s main point(s).
If you are lax in your discipline; you contribute to your own destruction. If your are faithful in your discipline; you contribute to your own success.

Returning to a life of reverence Falling in love with the God and surrendering to the wisdom of that love until it changes you.

Improving all of your relationships Transforming your walk with God. Enjoying a faith-grounded relationship with God. Creating a better relationship with yourself…treating yourself better. Developing the habits and character skills that help you function and serve more effectively in all of your relationships.

Thinking and acting in ways consistent with producing the kind of results you want. Learning how to respond to life instead of reacting to life. Learning to make right choices. Learning to think backwards, with the end result in mind Discipline “If you are lax in your discipline; you contribute to your own destruction.” Proverbs 18:9 There have been many times when I’ve felt like my world was falling apart. Truth is when I’m brutally honest with myself I can always find a place where I’m not being disciplined. Greatness is a function of hard work and discipline. You don’t have to be born with it. You can learn. You can become. Research shows that 10 years of deliberate practice moves you towards mastery. If you work hard you can get better. Period. Are you?

Are the struggles you face on a daily basis somehow linked to your lack of discipline? What are some areas of your life that need more discipline? If you were being disciplined in those areas what would that look like? Endurance “Surrendering to God is the key to endurance; this way you will finish the course.” Proverbs 18:10 Some days it seems like I’m not going to make it. Ever felt that way? I can’t see how I’m going to take another step. I used to do these grueling workouts with Vince Martin. The kinds where you throw up and keep going. My muscles would be so fatigued I couldn’t see how I’d do another rep. But there was one decision that I’d made that trumped my feelings. I had agreed to surrender to and submit to Vince’s leadership. If he said keep going then I kept going. Somehow I finished every workout. I got stronger through surrender. The way to build spiritual capacity is through surrender. Have you fully surrender to God? Words Again! “The satisfaction of your soul depends on the quality of your words.” Proverbs 18:20 The repetition of this theme tells me something. This is a major issue. The book of Proverbs is attributed the wisest man to ever live, Solomon. The power of words in your life cannot be overstated. Think about it. In an effort to transfer the wisdom on the science of awe-inspired living what’s being used? Words! It is my belief that when we learn to harness the power of words in our lives we will unleash the true power God wants us to display in the world. Let’s look at several texts from chapter 18 and see the power of words. “The mouth is like the source of a great river; its words can irrigate or flood.” Proverbs 18:4 Irrigate: v. to supply water to help growth. To supply a continuous flow of water or liquid medication to an organ or wound.

I look at the flowers around my house and I stand amazed at their beauty. As the rain waters the soil around them they absorb the nutrients they need to only to live but to blossom. They make manifest the glory of God through their beauty and their fragrance. As long as the water is the right amount…not too much not too little. But think about Katrina. Look at water and wind unbounded. Look at the power of the water to devastate and destroy. Our words have the same power. Used with discipline and wise intent they nourish. Unrestricted, words have the power to create death and destruction. Look at verses 6 & 8, Shapiro clearly related that foolish words attract contention and bring disaster. The law of attraction is at work. When your words are not wisdom filtered they work against you. They bring drama. They attract a dark spirit. Verse 21 is so bold as to say that “death and life lie in the power of words”. Check the drama in your life. Maybe the words you use are attracting the very thing you say you want to avoid. Are your words helping you and the people around you grow or are you flooding out your future?

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