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Ok I ask you. What is a Jew?

by A truth Soldier This is a very fair and legitimate question. As I know. Anyone can be a Jew. You can be a Chinese, Black, Indian, white, Arab, Lebanese, even a Palestinian etc etc Jew.. So being a Jew is not a race. So what is a Jew? If it is not a race... The only place (of all places) that I ever found an answer was from Hitlers own words... He said that "A Jew is a race of the mind" So this explains why so called Jews (Zionists) have an identity complex and why they are so aggressive and controlling... They have an identity complex and like to blame their being banned from countries all through history.. They claim that being banned has caused them to lose their identity.. What Identity is that.. Researchers now know that almost all so called Jews are actually kazars (Russian) and not true blood Arabic jews.. If you check out orthodox Jews (True Torah Jews) that believe and practice Judaism.. You will discover that they are real Jews and are completly united against the Zionist so called Jews that everyone thinks of as Jews.. So real Jews do exist..they are the honourable ones that follow the respectable Judaism religion. So a Jew is a follower of Judaism like Christians are followers of Christianity.. Therefore a Christian is also not a race.. Zionist so called jews only follow the hate filled Talmud... A Zionist is not a true Jew...A Zionist is not even a Jew.

The Talmud is not part of Judaism.. Check out the websites (below) to learn the whole truth about how Zionism is really the enemy of true blood Jews.. Real Jews actually always lived in peace in anyt community they lived in, Like in Germany.. It is the Zionists that created the belief that Jews were hated.. That was never true. Even in Iran the Jews are very happy and do not want to go to Zionist Israel. Before the second world war there were 50,000 jews living very happily with the Arabs and Christians in Palestine.. Then came the Zionists from England.. So after the second world war there were now six million zionist living in Palestine.. Where did they come from? And after this real Jews became very threatened and almost disappeared. Now real Jews are fighting for their identity and recognition. Below you will find many links to sites about Jews against everyones enemy.. Which is Zionism... So many researchers and writers today on the Internet incorrectly identify humanities plague as being caused by Jews.. It is not Jews.. It is Zionists that pretend to be Jews... Zionism was created by the money masters and their secret societies.. The Money Masters are hell bent on total control by creating their New World order. These Zionist do their evil and hide behind the anti-semitism cover. First of all a semite is an Arab..All Arabs are semites..that is why true Jews are Arabic. So antisemitism means you are against Arabs.

The whole story we are fed that Jews were hated is not true and has never been true. It maybe true that the Rothchilds were called Jews..But remember one can only be a Jew if they are practicing members of the Judaism religion. Which the Rothchilds were not.. Their only God is Money. The money has made them and all Zionists totally insane with the power of unlimited money. The international banksters are all insane Zionists.. Definition of Insane: Truth is absolute and Insanity is absolutely the opposite. Truth is an action and insanity is a complete inaction. Seeking and speaking truth is an action. The insane have no action as they seek nothing... So the insane can only exist by their control of money. The money has given them the ability to create a false reality.. Which most people today are living in. For most people today are under the Zionist influence and as such most today do not value truth. Do not seek truth, do not speak truth. And do not want to know any truth. The Zionists have turned the people into sheeple and sheeple well only say BAHHHHH when fed some truth. Most today only want to live under the false illusion of reality that their pursuit of money gives them. Whereas Christians, Muslims, Jews, and every other true religion only seeks truth as they know from their pursuit of truth that God of heaven is the truth. That is why Zionists have been actively and covertly destroying all religions and religious peoples.. So you all need to wake up and realize our enemy is the Zionist

Banksters... The peoples of this planet need to take back the control of the creation of money.. We need to shut down all secret societies for they are the organizations that are destroying all truth... Without truth there well only be doom...... We will all be doomed to eternal death.. The insane NWO want us all dead.. Read this for more proof. Zionists Have Hijacked Jewish Religion VIDEO

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