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The Old Boys Club Is Finished

and their evil covert tyrannical corporate empire of the criminally insane. They can no longer hide behind the Robe of the corrupt church, nor can they hide behind the fake paper laws they have created in their fake governments that are nothing but Corporations. They can no longer hide at the top levels of Military or Police giving out training and orders to the innocent young people to go out and do evil against beautiful innocent peoples of this planet. They can no longer attack the natural environment with military weapons or corporate creations without everyone knowing what they are doing. The World Wide Web was actually created by truthers also known as activists for a means to get the world wide truth revolution going. They can no longer hide in the top levels of their insane corporations giving out orders to depopulate the world with their chemicals, chemtrails, soft kill vaccines, fluoride, Genetically created organisms and everything else they do. A side note here; The only thing over populating this world is corporations. One is to many. Remember the first time the word Corporation came into existence was when they combined the two words of their actions. One being cooperation and the other being corruption. For they knew exactly what they were doing. That brings to thought the false line in the Bible. “God forgive them for they know not what they do” The line was actually “God forgive them not for they know what they do” End of side note. They can no longer unknowingly control the one dimensional screens that they use to socially engineer and brainwash the young and the stupid sheeple. They can no longer hide behind the walls of secrecy in their Masonic Halls or any other secret societies dwellings. They have no place to hide in the dark, for the light of truth is upon them. Their Zionist Fake Kazar Jewish cells that are all over the world are now understood and are surely being sought out and dismantled. They think they are masters of deception. Will they truly are only deceiving themselves. Their Zionist Rothchild (Rotten child) created financial empire of evil is also finished, it is being dismantled NOW. The privately owned Federal Reserve and its fake money is now worthless. We the peoples of planet earth no longer value that fake money nor the corporate empire of evil it has unleashed on the beautiful trusting peoples of planet earth. I warn everyone reading this that, when the rat is cornered. As all rats will do, it will try and jump for your throat. It will unleash all its might in one last desperate attempt at survival. They will try to unleash all their insanity on humanity. We are in the final days and the Godly peoples of the world now have to do good or Gods work.

The world wide truth revolution is (needed) now. For if humanity is not guided into the future by truth then we are all doomed to the criminally insane corporations doings. Truth is powerful, the truth of goodness or God is powerful. The rats hide in the dark.. But you need not corner them. You only need to take their shelters away. Do not forget they bought those shelters with fake money. The same money they used to create their weapons of mass destruction and the military to deliver them. When their shelters built on lies and deceptions are removed, all that will be remaining is a shivering starving rat. Rats can only survive in the darkness of their evil structures. The same structures where they molest innocent beautiful children like the Catholic Childrens Aid of Montreal did to me repeatedly when I was a child. I very clearly remember the residential school also known as an orphanage that I was at. I envision that so many good people who do no good are also going to starve to death as the rats empire collapses. All those who deceive themselves into believing they are good. Had better look deep into their souls, if you have one, and see if you have been doing positive good on this planet by giving your goodness to others. Judgment day is coming and Jesus, the worlds first recognized activist, a truth soldier for God, never went to church nor did he promote any churches or religions. He also never said he was God. He said he knew God as in knowing Good... O God just means Good with an O taken out. So that every time you learn enlightening truth. You will say “O” as in O I did not know that, or anytime you say “O” at the beginning of a sentence. It means that you have just learned some pure truth from God. That is the story of “O” I can hear you saying “O” now... Remember Jesus was a human being just like you. He never said that the way to God is through the walls of a building that brings you into a dark place. He never ever told us that we need to go to a church to know God. Jesus came and showed us the path to be saved on Judgment day. The churches twisted his words around and said that he died for our sins so we would be saved. That is illogical and not true. He died because of our sins. He never told us to follow him. He came and gave us his example of what to do to be saved.

He wanted us to do as he did. He wanted us to expose the evil deeds of the evil doers to the light of truth. He wanted us to share the love we can freely receive from God, and go out and give your love to those who have never known a kind word or deed. He showed us how to be beautiful loving human beings. He came to teach you how to empower yourselves. He told us that the power of God is just the power of Good. So whether you love God or Goodness and do good or Godly things, it is the same thing. You need to love goodness and share it with everyone. So that on judgment day your positive energy will continue into the light of the power of God. For if you do not put out a positive energy then you will have no light energy, but only darkness when you die. You will end up in a black hole of nothing. God does no evil. God never created hell or Satan. Those are only the manifestations of the insane. For Satan only exists in the minds of the insane. For the insane seek no truth, nor do they speak any truth. The only God the insane have is money. The insane have no self control so they seek to control everyone else with their power of money. Only the insane do evil, as they call it, but the true word is not evil it is doing bad. Truth is absolute and the farther you go from truth. The sooner you will arrive at the opposite absolute being insanity. So do you seek truth or nothing but insanity? Share the LOVE of life and not of money. Love can not exist in the absence of truth. “When the seeds of truth are sown. The grassroots truth revolution will blossom from the enlightenment” I love you God for you are the truth....... written by Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier