The Powerful and Effective Pots And Pans Peoples Protests

written by A Truth Soldier June 15 2012 The huge continuous students protests in the French province of Quebec in Canada has become a full fledged revolution against tyrannical government oppression. The student protests began in February and continued on till this day, every day and night. The Charest government has tried heavy handed tactics to bring in police brutality and oppression. This has only made the students even more determined. The protests have shut down all universities and colleges in Quebec. The new oppressive tyrannical anti democratic laws enacted in May, has turned and students protests into an all out citizens revolt. The students got more attention when they did a bare truth naked protests walk through the city of Montreal. After the government passed these oppressive laws in May, the people of Montreal gave the government their response by doing the biggest civil disobedience protest in Canadian history and possibly the world. These protests are now called The Maple Spring, to signify the red maple leaf on the Canadian flag. From the online truthers reports and videos it appears that will over 500,000 people were involved. From the peoples medias videos it seems that possibly will over a million people brought Montreal to a complete standstill. A new type of protests has been born. It is the pots and pans random city wide protests. These pots and pans banging protests are very loud and very effective.

Unlike other protests that are either marching through the cities or are at specific gatherings. These protests are uncoordinated. They start at seven pm after everyone has had a chance to get home after work. At seven pm peoples from all walks of life all over the city start coming out of their homes at seven o’clock banging pots and pans in protest against the anti freedom laws the Quebec government has enacted. They continue all night long. The French people will never let anyone take away their freedoms. The French people will be defiant until these laws are struck off the books. The Quebec government has now announced that it will consider bringing out the military against the people. These protests are now getting recognition across Canada and the world, thanks to the truthers independent medias. The corrupt corporate medias are not informing the peoples of Canada and the world of the huge continuous protests going on in Montreal Quebec. After seven pm the pans and pots bangers numbers grow quickly. The more that come out, the more people hear them and join them. These protests gather at all traffic intersections. Eventually these protests bring the whole cities traffic grid to a halt. The police can not possibly respond to these spontaneous protests. One reason they can not respond, is that all the traffic of vehicles are effectively blocking the streets intersections so that even the police can not get to the thousands of separate protests, since these protests are all over Montreal. It makes it completely impossible for the police or even the military to respond as they

can not move on the blocked streets. It would be and is also impossible for the Police to arrest everyone. I am writing this information from bits and pieces of many different articles and videos I have watched or read online. So I am describing the scenario that seems to be developing and growing in Montreal. One thing I know for sure is that the governments of today are no longer the peoples governments. Instead they are now (corrupted) corporatized governments that only respond to the wants of corporations whose only interests are profits. These protests in Montreal that have occurred everyday and night since February are just getting bigger every day. The corporate governments and medias do not want this type of very effective pots and pans protests to be known or understood by anyone else in Canada or the world. For I see that this really scares the governments and the corporations. For these protests are causing the corporations to loose control and to loose alot of profits. The Truth Revolution is NOW! “When the seeds of truth are sown. The grassroots truth revolution will blossom from the enlightenment” Soooo sow your seeds of truth. The truth revolution will not be televised. It will be seeded one seed at a time by all we truthers..... Then, and only then, will we see the tree of life get planted in the minds of all the peoples of this planet. Then with all those trees producing all the fresh healthy fruits and fresh oxygen, the peoples minds and bodies will become stronger and healthier.

The only thing that will save this planet, is if we are guided into the future by truth. Corporatism and not capitalism is the problem. Capitalism empowers the individuals as corporatism only empowers the money hungry corporate criminally insane. Corporations and their pyramid scheme run by secrecy and secret societies needs to be criminalized and outlawed now. We need to bring back our governments into the control of we the people and we need to bring back the company way of doing fair business. Plant your seeds of truth into your fellow earthlings. Only the seeds of truth will nurture the minds of the severely weakened and disempowered peoples of this planet. The peoples of this planet are starving for food for thought that was grown by pure seeds of truth. When you plant those seeds, they will have no choice but to grow on their own. The wonderful thing about these seeds, is when they grow into a plant and then a fruit tree. The trees produce wonderful pleasant smelling beautiful flowers which then will drop its fruits to the hungry and they will also drop more seeds of truth that will keep spreading in the winds of life. It is time for the truth revolution to bring the peoples minds back to health. So are you now A Truth Soldier?