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The real super powers of the world are corporations written by A Truth Soldier

This article should be another eye opener for my readers. Thanks to the world wide web and all the truthers, the masses are waking up. For most truthers it is clearly known and understood that democracy is a complete illusion and fraud. Our governments here in Canada, the United States of America and all of Europe have all been corporatized. As well as all the G20 countries, such as Russia, China, etc. etc. We the peoples and this planet are in very serious jeopardy. Most peoples do not realize the these corporate superpowers are completely insane and out of control. The peoples of this planet also do not realize that the super corporate powers have all the wealth and that the governments that pretend to be the peoples democratic governments are all completely morally and financially bankrupt. So that means that we the peoples have no power at all. If you read my article entitled “Beware of the corporate mind” and my other article entitled “There is no reasoning with the insane” . You will come to the realization as to just how serious the problems are that we on this planet face. If you read about the Fukushima disaster at you will also find out about the world wide threat to all life on this planet that Fukushima is. If you keep going down that page about Fukushima you will find that the the Japanese tsunami and nuclear disasters were all man made and very pre planned and deliberate. Then if you go to you will find all the proof and evidence about who what when why and how 9/11 was done. You also find out about the nuclear devices that were pre planted under the world trade towers. Then if you read up on the corrupting of Canada at, you will get a very clear picture of what has happened to our democracy and once free common wealth of Canada. The evidence of the world wide corruption of this planet by secret societies members and the criminally insane financial elites is over whelming. What the peoples have failed to see or understand is that these overly huge corporate super powers are actually engaged in the third and final world wide war. The insanity that has been unleashed on this planet by the financial elite who produce their moneys out of thin air, is quite really unbelievable for the average normal person. The average person has been carefully socially engineered from birth to never ever be a critical thinker. The average person never ever questions anything that the official sources such as schools, governments or corporate medias tell them. A critical thinker is a truther.

A truther never assumes to know what truth is. A critical thinker will always go out and question everything, so to be able to get their on clear understanding of what is truth and what is just social engineering brainwashing. The average dumbed down person is known as sheeple or sleeples.. But thanks to all the brave and intelligent truthers all over the world on the world wide web, an awaking has begun. The peoples are beginning to learn to think for themselves and in doing so, the peoples are becoming empowered. For the knowledge of truth is power. Truth is absolute and the further you go from truth the sooner you arrive at the opposite absolute being complete insanity. So those who avoid truth and never seek or speak it are in reality very mentally ill with the affliction of insanity. You want to have a healthy and strong mind and body? Then the only way to do that is to always seek and speak the truths you discover. The more the peoples become empowered with pure truth the less power the criminally insane corporate minds will have over the common people. For once the masses of peoples begin to see and understand the corporate insanity at work on this planet, the sooner the peoples, be they Police Officers, Military, Teachers, Doctors, Judges and everyone else, will soon no longer listen to or follow the dictates of the insane corporate criminals. Only a world wide truth revolution will save our planet. I understand that many of you who are reading this, most likely have no ideas about what I am writing about. If you were to learn about why Monsanto is altering all life forms on this planet. If you were to learn about the chemtrailing of our skies for the past twenty years. Also the destruction of the gulf of Mexico. If you were to learn about the rat poison known as fluoride being put into our water to sedate and soft kill us. If you were to read my article entitled “They want you dead is written in stone” or if you read my article about the United State patents for the HIV Aids virus and also the Patent for the cure. If you read my article “Creation of first corporation” you would understand how all this world wide insanity has been able to grow and spread uncontrolled. If you were to read the many other articles of truth I have written over the years. You would then know and understand why I am now writing this article. Yes there really is an insanity at work and it is not me. There is a wise old saying, “The truth is always more bazaar then any fiction you will ever read”. So never assume or think that it is the messenger that is insane, for if and when you do some critical thinking for the first time in your life, and go out and do some of your own research about all this insanity I have revealed to you. You too then will come to the understanding as to just how difficult it is to wake up the sleeples.

But then you should also come to the realization that I truly am very correct in saying that only a world wide truth revolution will have a chance at saving this severely contaminated and corrupted planet. For if humanity is not guided into the future by truth then our very planet will be destroyed by the out of control corporate minds. All my research indicates that those who are destroying this planet are doing on purpose and as they planned it. The corporate minds have no self control, which is why they try to control everything else with their power of money. Please read my articles entitled; “The web of deceit” “The last piece of the puzzle” “A truth soldier” and many more at then please start sowing the seeds of truth into the minds of our fellow earthlings. “When the seeds of truth are sown. The grass roots truth revolution will blossom from the enlightenment”