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Lycoming Alive

Lycoming Christian Church SEPTEMBER 2012

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on.” Robert Frost Where did the summer go? It seems I just unpacked my shorts from winter storage just last week! Kathy and I have typically taken our vacation in late August, and it seems the minute we return it’s officially “Fall”. The Little League World Series is over and school is back in session; I go to bed to a chorus of late summer katydids and tree crickets; I awake to the tell-tale fog of the cooler air mingling with the still warm waters of the Susquehanna and a darkness of sky that dared not show its presence a month ago. This time of year, I say aloud to no one in particular, “It was just yesterday the leaves turned green.” as I notice in the late evening sun a hint of crimson and amber on the maple and birch trees across the river. Yup, in the words of that great puritan of good times Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” This past summer however leads me more to the musings of Robert Frost. Have you ever read him? To me, he is the greatest of the American poets. Before you stoutly state you don’t read poetry, you should give him a try. We could call him the “everyman’s poet” because his poems were written in ordinary language about ordinary life. Nothing exaggerated, or overblown, no hidden agendas or mindless filler, just a man putting down in words the ordinary events and emotions of life that we all experience. He had a keen awareness of all the good our world offers, and yet the understanding of that which the world takes away. “I had a lover’s quarrel with the world” reads his epitaph, and within those words you find a sense of appreciation and acceptance. He loved the world and all it offered, yet understood that nothing (in this world) lasts forever. “In three words,” Frost wrote, “I can sum up everything I learned about life: It goes on.” In a way, that’s what this past summer has amounted to for LCC. We’ve had a few great losses take us by surprise. We mourn our loss, yet celebrate the victory of lives well lived for Jesus. We stand by helplessly as we watch time take its toll on others—and ourselves for that matter—as we perhaps long for part of the past, goes on. YES...LIFE DOES GO ON… thus there is joy to be found! In each of the past 4 months we’ve received great glimpses of a promising future. Babies Grace, Lexie, Ryan, and Teagan came into the world and into our lives this summer. What a blessing! What a joy! Yes indeed, Life does go on! (continued on page 4)

“To glorify Christ by serving Him together in love and unity”
SUNDAY SCHOOL 9 :15 AM WORSHIP 10:15 AM † † † Minister Donald Dennis ELDERS Fred Bryans David Gephart John Getgen David Lomison John Williams SECRETARY Suzanne Gephart



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And The Lord Added . . . Gail Rice by Transfer July 29

This fall we will be reading The Blessings of Friendship, a look back at the days when women honored one another and made a conscious effort to build up one another in righteousness. The goal of this series is to “help women identify who they are based on their unique nature and in light of God’s word”. Our ladies group spends time sharing prayer concerns and praises, then praying together. We have much laughter, some tears, and a time of looking into God’s word. Women of any age are invited to join us as we resume on Monday evening, September 10th, 7:00 at the Dennis home. For more information or directions, please call Kathy Dennis at 398-1809 or the church office at 322-9940.
Kathy Dennis



Looking for something different to do on Sunday evenings? Denny and Kathy would love for you to join them as they introduce some of the very best speakers in the Christian Church/Churches of Christ. We will start with a time of prayer, followed by an introduction to each night’s speaker topic. After watching a video, we will discuss the lesson. The theme of the first 8 weeks is “Grace”. Week one is entitled: “Grace That Feels”. The videos are educational, scriptural, and enjoyable to watch! Hope to see you on September 9th at 6:30 p.m.

There are so many exciting things happening in the Children’s Ministry I just don’t know where to begin! Let’s start with the older kiddos! Beginning September 2, children ages 4 through 6th grade will have their very own energetic time of worship in His Kids Clubhouse (formerly known as the Jr. Church Room). His Kids Clubhouse is designed for the kids to worship and praise God together in the clubhouse at 10:15 am. Then, they will split into age appropriate groups to learn their Bible Memory Verses and a lesson from God’s Word. There will also be games and crafts that tie together with the lessons. The 4’s and 5’s will be learning from the Heart Shaper Program - Unit One: God Made People, Unit Two: Moses and God’s People, and Unit Three: Joshua and God’s People. Kindergarten through 6th grade will be learning from the Kids Time Program about the Fruit of the Spirit. Let’s not forget the 2’s and 3’s! They will meet upstairs and will have their own time of worship and praise. They too will learn memory verses and have a lesson and a project each Sunday Morning. The 2’s and 3’s use the Preschool version of the Heart Shaper Program and will be learning simpler versions of the lessons mentioned above for the 4’s and 5’s. Not sure if you have noticed this or not...but since June we have had a baby boom! We are so excited to have each classroom full of children who are growing in God.
“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’” Matthew 19:14

Patsy Schmalhofer

Lycoming Christian Church 20 Chapel Hill Road Linden, PA 17744 (570) 322-9940

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Lycoming Christian Church



There are so many opportunities coming your way this Fall at LCC. You will not want to miss any of them. But what are these opportunities?
You will need to put September 8 at 4:00 p.m. on your calendar. We will begin our fun with games for all ages. At 5:30 p.m., we will have an old-fashioned church picnic. Bring your favorite dish(es) to share as people outdo each other with some great homemade food! Hot dogs and rolls will be provided. These picnics are never disappointing. Bring a lawn chair so you can take some time to sit and visit with the LCC family. Then join Caleb Getgen, Eli Getgen, and Bryan Gephart around the fire for some fun singing and an update from all of the Ministry Teams about the great fall events. Denny will close out our evening with a devotion. See you at the church for a great afternoon and evening of fun, food, and lots of fellowship!

Christmas Choir
Rehearsals for Christmas Music will be on Sundays at 5:30 p.m. We rehearse for just one hour, and we could use anyone interested in singing. Our hope is always to make the Christmas season more meaningful by telling the story in song, but I think that most choir members would agree that we are so blessed by joining our voices together each Sunday evening. Please give us a try...our first rehearsal will be on Sunday, September 16th.

Scholarship Recipient Announced
Eric Gephart has been selected by the Lycoming Christian Church College Scholarship Committee as the recipient of the Christian College Scholarship for the 2012-2013 school term. Eric will be completing his graduate work at Emmanuel Christian Seminary in Johnson City, Tennessee. The scholarship committee was very impressed with Eric in the interview they conducted in July. Eric has shown not only tremendous growth in his educational knowledge but also in his personal commitment to Christ. Eric expressed to the scholarship committee that he is currently pursuing a commitment with Christian Missionary Fellowship to minister in Kenya, Africa after his graduation from Emmanuel in May 2013. Eric has a difficult year ahead as he finishes his Master of Divinity Degree and begins raising support for his ministry in Kenya. We would ask that you lift Eric up in prayer and remember him daily.

Kathy Dennis

Robert Williams

Fall Service Projects are scheduled for September 15, October 6, and October 27. All service days begin at 8:00 am. Morning coffee, tea & snacks are provided, as well as lunch. If planning to attend a service day, please contact Chris Miller so that they can make food arrangements: (814) 355-5652 or

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May we as a church body celebrate the new lives among us. May we gather around to love and support those new lives as well as the parents endowed with the responsibility of raising these precious, new, young lives in God-filled homes. May we also cherish and remember those whose lives truly go on, not just in our hearts and minds, but eternally in the arms of our loving, gracious Father. We thank God for their time here when they loved, supported, and laid a firm foundation of faith upon which we continue to build the Kingdom of Christ here on earth. They were here for us, may we be here as well for Grace, Teagan, Ryan, Lexie, and all that follow, because “Life Goes On.”

(John, Mallory & Grace Markloff; Ted, Ashley and Teagan DuBois; Cody, Stacey & Ryan Lepley; Matt, Sheila & Lexie Daugherty)

You know, Life does go by pretty fast. Let’s not miss it! From Kennebunkport Maine, where George and Barbara Bush just asked me to dinner!


“The Invitation” Invited and Expected
West Branch Area Women’s Retreat 2012 Sylvan Hills Christian Service Camp September 21-22, 2012 Registration Cost: $15.00 (If postmarked by September 5) Registration: 4:00-6:30 pm Friday (Supper 5:30-6:45 pm) Registration: 8:00-8:30 am Saturday (Breakfast 8:00-9:00 am)

Women’s Retreat
Have you considered going to the “Women’s Retreat”? It is Friday and Saturday, September 21st and 22nd. The speaker is Nikki Knight from Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Brochures and registration forms can be picked up at “The Source”. The cost of registration is $15.00 if postmarked by September 5. Cost at the door will be $20.00. Sign up at “The Source”, if you would like to join the carpool.



This month the Mission Ministry team would like to focus on the changes and special needs affecting several of the Missions supported by Lycoming Christian Church. Unfortunately, our work team trip to Mountain Mission School in Grundy, VA that was scheduled this past August had to be cancelled due to conflicting schedules. However, another trip has already been scheduled for August 11-15, 2013. Please mark your calendars now and consider participating in this trip. No special talents are needed and you will be amazed by the success of this school, whose mission is to “reclaim the child” by providing refuge and relief to children in need. Mountain Mission School is presently going through a period of transition in which former President, Cindy Rodda, has resigned and Chris Slone is serving as Interim President. Todd Hardin, the Maintenance Supervisor, who our work teams worked closely with, has resigned to be nearer his family. Currently Richard Blakemore is filling the position while a replacement is being sought. A new Director of Education, Jared Miller, began his duties this summer. American Indian Christian Mission (AICM) in Show Low, AZ recently hired a new Executive Director, Leslie Solliday. AICM serves the Apache and Navajo people through a residential Christian School, summer camps and enrichment programs, counseling services for the families of their students and a bus ministry. The school has a special need for textbooks and library books for the present school year. Our Missions Team donated $1,000.00 to AICM in memory of Duane Bauman, as this was a mission that was dear to Duane’s heart. Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, in a recent Newsletter, stated a need for funds to equip their Birthing Center; a check for $500.00 has been sent to Haiti. Locally, the Williamsport Expectations Women’s Center (formerly the Pregnancy Care Center) has been struggling financially. The Director, Pam Burkholder, has also been experiencing a family medical crisis. There is also a need for more volunteers at the Williamsport center. Contact the LCC church office to find out more information about becoming a volunteer. Our Missions Team sent $1,000.00 for general expenses to this important Pro-Life Ministry. Please be in prayer for the special needs of these Ministries, as well as all the Missions supported by Lycoming Christian Church.

Nancy Swan



JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH YOUTH GROUPS AND SUNDAY SCHOOL It is hard to believe that the start of the 2012-2013 school year has begun for our youth and with it comes the new year of youth groups, Sunday school, and activities at Lycoming. Beginning on September 9, the youth will meet for worship and study at 6:30 p.m. each Sunday evening in the senior high classroom. The sponsors for the youth group this year will be Tammy and Sam Smith. They have a lot of great ideas for fun and great times for an hour each Sunday evening. If you are a youth, in grades 7 through 12, this is the place for you. Each Sunday morning at 9:15 a.m., the junior-senior high youth meet for the study of God’s word. We meet in the senior high classroom for a study entitled That the World May Know written by Ray Vander Lan from Focus on the Family ministries. It is a series of DVD clips filmed in the country of Israel so that you can see what the county was really like geographically and socially where God chose His people and leaders. We will be starting from the beginning on September 9 in the book of Genesis. Robert Williams will be teaching the study.

Robert Williams

Celebration ‘12
November 9 and 10 will be here much faster than imagined. The Youth Ministry Team is quickly making plans for this year’s event. The speaker, Curtis Booher from Milligan College, worship band Mark Imboden from Indiana, and workshop leaders are all in place and eager to share at Celebration. Now we need your help. Please start thinking ahead in your willingness to house youth and sponsors, help with physical needs of setup and cleanup at the church, preparing food for meals, donating cookies, fruit, and vegetables, and so much more. In the near future, we will be asking for all of the above and more. It takes an entire church, Lycoming Christian Church family, to host and put on Celebration. PLEASE consider what you can do for the future of God’s kingdom through your help with Celebration ‘12!

Youth Ministry Team