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A true rocker column load cell, Fairbanks' patented stainless steel

load cells are able to eliminate errors often fourd in other rocker cells. By precisely placing the gauges on the neutral axis of the load element, errors normally associated with side loads and tilting are eliminated. Using a patented technology to precisely calibrate each cell during production, you are ensured that all load cells are matched in performance as well as accuracy. lf a load cell is replaced, calibration adjustments are unnecessary. No oiher manufacturer can provide this type of load cell technology,

Fairbanks'patented stainless steel rocker column load cell, used in the Rodan RC Series truck scales, provides unmatched performance, accuracy and reliability,


All Fairbanks rocker column load cell cables come standard with braided, stainless steel armor. This protective metaljacket runs along the entire length of the load cell cable. lt protects the cable from chafing and other abrasions when it is run through conduits"
It is also a kusted detenent against EFUEMI interference and gnawing rodents. IMPORTATTI FEITURTS

HERm[rrcAtU SmmD



Hermetic sealing is critical to load cell perforrnance, making the

cell impervious to water and other damaging elements. Hermetic sealing is defined as a true, welded seal in all areas of the load cell. After the sealing process, the gauging cavity is held under
a vacuum and leak tested. Once no leaks are found, the chamber is filled with nitrogen gas. These processes are critical to the long life of the load cell. Fairbanks RC Series load cell is NEMA 6P
(1P68) rated allowing the load cell to be submerged for extended periods of time. The well-protected load cell means extended life and reduced downtime.




. Capacilies: 30 T or 50 T . High accuracy . Total stainless steel construction . Complete hemetic sealing . Protection lP 68 . High input resistance: 1100 A . Calibration in mVfflA
o Easy cable replacement

The element material used in these load cells is 174PH stainless steel. The body and the cable entry to the load cell are type 316 stainless steel. The body is passivated and electrochemically polished to bring more chromium to the surface achieving a level of conosion protection that exceeds anything previously offered in stainless steel lruck scale load cells. The load cell design virtually eliminates any concerns regarding corrosion and its potentially adverse effects,

. Complete range of loading hardware r Factory Mulual approved


Models and specilications subiect to chang€ without notice. Printed in the USA. @ Fairbanks Scales lnc.

Call toll-free for the Fairbanks representative nearest you:

(8m) 461-4107
Internet Address: hitp://



17o mV/V classified).90 153 1. .. ..i*0..Completehenneihsealirq........ 50T .... Calibration in mV/V/Q .+80'G (-40..... ...>5. 7g 10. 1.51.0@ ohrns Loadcelloutput. ..300%E^ Ultimateload.6RO Excitationvoltage....66 3...09 H4 H5 D1 D2 L1 R1 5J 2:ts 35 025 0.. ..... t5 ft. ..176'D load limit......RO Zero balance. SUU! T TO CHANGE WfiHOtJT NOIKE *aled lo metalheader I glass ..005)o..5. . cable entry TYPE{APACTTY RC3-30t* RC3-5otr H1 H2 H3 1.150*10Q (A.33 051 0.210. Inputresislance .. .z0lo/oE* Safe ...05(<t0..5" on the 30T(66$ Loadcellmaterial Load cell height.4548) .... Hated oulpul (=HO)*ffliJtrwir':ournotice 0ua7 100...$TIIITLE$s $IEEL ROGIffR GIITUMIU ttlffI GELI $PEHHGIIIllflS DrilrHISt0il$ ..1. ..2..15V s * 1.229 ttrz s]llvffe .. Load cell capacrty Overloadcapacity Max capacity (=Emax) Bating...000*1Q Operating lnsulationresistance ... .5.1P68(NEMA6P) ..98 7fi t33 RAIED OUTPUI: 2"0 mV/V *t=2200|bs Sealing NTEPCC#.1 Outputresistarrce... . .300% (7) . .1. 7'i on the 50T (110K) .rrtltt@ - Xfjf#li$trjj?l$f...0mvfu Load cell cable length ..0 T...2 t 0.97-078 Addrfacs- F}URBANKS -zas.. 15 foot .73 15ft...:. Load cell resistance .30t (66K) or50T (110K) 30t (5.Stainlesssteel 174 PH (1.. .18 3.000M() temperature ..