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For Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industries


Our production facility has the space and infrastructure to build complete units. Our Highly experienced teams in design. Our production facility is subject to the highest standards of quality control and health and safety regulations.FACILITY ANDEL runs a dedicated production facility. Our emphasis on the importance of a high-quality production line is based on our long experience in working with fermenters and extraction units. faulty components and hardware/software incompatibilities before shipment. while eliminating production errors and identifying faulty components. QUALITY MANAGEMENT ANDEL Follows an standard Quality Management System to ensure complete traceability and complaince throughout the project cycle starts from procurement. manufacturing and automation work in tandem using advanced industrial tools and softwares to achieve a high end quality outputs. A high quality production line allows us to build and test a wide range of parameters. ANDEL TEAM ‘By mastering the latest Engineering tools we position ourselves for the most challenging and complex jobs. Our Products Fermentors I Bioreactors I Photobioreactors • Ultrapure Water Purification Systems • Extraction & Solvent Recovery Systems • Filtration Systems • Turnkey Fermentation Projects Our Services Project Consultation • Process Research • Automation . manufacture and testing. process of design. This allows us to fully test the final product and eliminate production errors.

RESOURCES Our capabilities and capacity allow us to deliver our products quickly in stipulated time and quickly commence a project and address it with adequate and appropriate resources. component. Cordially. instrumentation and electrical systems. We select the vendors for each item. We have long term. PROXIMITY Andel has its corporate office. sustained. We are pure equipment supplier as a manufacturer and process technology provider through our R&D portal and customer oriented consultants for pilot and production scale turnkey fermentation projects and are ethically bound to put your interest first. Our technical team is always available to assist in your projects Our business development team is available on any working day to meet and discuss your requirements more in detail.. We want to develop a long-term partnership with your research centres. long-term growth. We are particularly adverse to the "one size fit all" approach to project teams. modifying existing systems to foresee results of proposed modifi cations. FOCUS customer’s requirement and their satisfaction is what we do and the only thing we do. R&D centre in Mohali. organizations & institutions to provide professional services. continuous ongoing relationships with all our standard reputed vendors just as with our internal staff. TECHNOLOGY State-of-the-Art 3-D modeling Systems: ANDEL was one of the firms nationwide having this licenced 3-D designing and simulation software for building mechanical.We believe we are your best choice to lead your projects because of: EXPERIENCE Over 16 years of firm history and over decades of combined individual experience in equipment manufacturing and process engineering made the strong basement for our service . manufacturing facility.Message From M. Equipment manufacturing as well as process engineering having completed numerous successful projects in the past several years. Modeling capabilities are highly benefi cial for equipment design and designing complete plant setup and simulation. instrument or an equipment based on their particular strengths. COMMITMENT Andel views quality clients as a key element in our long-term strategy for continuous. Punjab with its operation through its dealership and service engineers network across the country almost in all states in major Cities. ANDEL INDIA Dear Biotech. ANDEL has developed an extensive knowledge of all the aspects in biotec h. Successful involvement in your project will sustain and build on our past successes serving other clients. I invite you to examine our qualifi cations and experience outlined in this brochure. Our 15-year track record and multiple years of repeated business with existing clients show we do it well.Professional.D. ANU BHUTANI . Thank you for your careful consideration of ANDEL.Scientists & dedicators.We maintain licenses and trained personnel for several high-end dynamic system modeling software packages that allow virtually designing new.

etc. Not Your Ordinary Mechanical Engineer PROCESS RESEARCH As a research organization we aim to serve our customers efficiently in process development. ENGINEERING As a Engineering company. We achieve this through integration and transfer of the latest knowledge and by leveraging our unique intellectual capital for our client's benefit. Research organization with core areas of expertise in biotechnology and Engineering. We are not "catalog" engineers specifying "black boxes". CONSULTANCY As a consultant. Process development provide an unmatched mix of practical high end engineering solutions. Our designing capabilities includes complete designing and virtual simulation of all equipments. We can support customdeveloped solutions and requirements for our clients' exclusive needs. Whether a segment of your project or complete commissioning of your plant is required. the company has continued to grow and expand. Founded in 1992 and incorporated in 1995. multiple methods of project delivery and our detail-oriented detail oriented design and project management process combined with a deep knowledge of manufacturing equipment and biotech. transparent business process. Our design and engineering teams are fully trained and comfortable with all of the challenging aspects of designing. Clients have their own distinctive expectations. We have designed complex. processes. we aim to supply world class fermentation and downstream equipments with the best possible reasonable price. track record of excellence. Many of the people who did a project 10 years ago are available today for your current project. By getting closely involved with the job from the early functional requirement stage through construction and turnover. We provide real. We cut to the heart of the matter and get inside our projects. cost effective and in compliance. we pledge to create long-term value for customers and transform our growth into high prosperity. process optimization and process refinement in the core area of fermentation and down streams through our R&D (contract research) Portal. plant layout designing.Vision & Mission Statement Andel-Overview Vision Critical to achieve our mission is cost-effective and timely delivery of high quality design and engineering services. the excellent quality of our products and services and our increasing list of esteemed clients make ANDEL one of the ideal partners to the biotechnology | Pharmaceutical industries. Indeed Profitability. Our Engineering expertise with blended passion for Biotechnology. through our solid business plans. . ANDEL is ready to be a part of your high performance project team! ANDEL is a leading Indian Biotechnology Equipment manufacturer and Biotech. We believe every project is unique. we strive to provide project delivery to our clients' exact level of expectation. ANDEL MISSION With our team of Engineers and Professionals. process pipeline designing. Our experience of working both with public and private clients. each of our project is real experience. one-of-a-kind systems. Because of our long-term employees. and machines successfully for over 15 years. we pledge to provide turnkey solutions that are reliable. not "paper" experience. We understand how the equipment we select really works particularly for your project. ANDEL provides complete Biotechnology solutions for the Biotechnology and Pharmacheutical industries. .

It allows to monitor the system and respond to alarms generated by the system from local or remote locations. – HVAC – Lighting – Security Process Scale-up Scale-up studies is a important segment in fermentation which ensure the commercial viablility of any process that has been developed in the laboratory.. Instrumentation & Electrical systems in all the major process plants like Petro Chemicals. Products need to be produced in large volume so that the process is economically viable. Chemicals & many more industries across the country. Listen to U.. our Instrumentation Engineering and Integration division. Fertilizers.Process Automation We Bring the Technology Faster. Process Development Developing a process in fermentation requires process expertise and hand on experience in operating the equipment..We do it for U We listen to you. Solve for U : ANDEL AUTOMATION. Building Management Systems We at ANDEL developed HVAC automation software with that more complex HVAC systems can be interfaced to Building Automation System (BAS) to allow the client to have more control over the heating or cooling units. We excel in executing Projects for Industrial Automation. . YOU CAN. You can partner with us and we deliver you the process of your interest in a short span of time which is assured by our fully equipped laboratory and qualified technical manpower. you'll find the answer by partnering with us.. Think for U. ANDEL Automation. Automatic control of sub systems through the use of central processor. INTEGRATION: ANDEL AUTOMATIONdifference comes from the unique combination of inhouse Mechanical and Control Systems Engineering. ‘ANDEL. is dedicated to providing the best solution for your next automation and controls project. Sugar. Andel Research Team Approach Differently. We do scaling up studies to ensure that the fermentation process is technically and economically viable to be produced in the end at a large scale. Steel. We offer a complete palette of solutions. We at ANDEL developed IndusdaQ.. Software Control And Data Acquisition DO you want all your process parameters to be on your desktop? DO you want to control the plant equipment by sitting in your office? DO you want to compile your old process data? YES. process optimization and process refinement in the core area of fermentation and down streams.WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU. Virtually any process plant where central controlling and Monitoring is required. This requires scaling up..Your complete solution partner’ With the benefits of a combined experience in advanced control techniques and state-of-the art industrial standards. results-based solutions. ANDEL Research team pledged to serve our customers efficiently in process development. This results in better integrated designs. then apply our resources to build cost effective. a Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) Software Developed to Cater Your Real Time Bio-processing Control And Monitoring Needs. Whatever is your automation requirement..

Industrial Area.ANDEL TEAM Quality.Commitment.Customer Satisfaction Our Key To Success Our Products Fermentors I Bioreactors I Photobioreactors Ultrapure Water Purification Systems Extraction & Solvent Recovery Systems Filtration Systems Turnkey Fermentation Projects Our Services Project Consultation Process Research Automation A NDEL Spearheading into Biofuture TM ANDEL EQUIPMENTS PRIVATE LIMITED #298.andelindia. Email Us:info@andelindia.3268298 Ph:+91-172-2213861. Phase-9. Mohali .