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ANC’s government aims to forcibly replace Christianity with Satanism .

We have reached appoint where Creator of heaven earth has failed to tolerate wickedness and bloodshed of innocent people that is going in the countries world -wide worst part of which is South Africa. Kindly be advised that Christian organisations and other stakeholders have forwarded concerns and complaints to the ANC government with regard to this continual massacre and wickedness in South Africa and they were ignored. The proof lies in the fact that, there is no change in all things which Christians’ organisations complained and keep on complaining about. Given a fact that the all these problems that pertains to bloodshed and wickedness continues, God almighty requires a change and repentance from them in order to withhold His anger which He is ready to pour down at any time in any form possible. Awareness about this issue need to be made to the public as they continue to affect them in various forms while there is a solution which is actually resting with ANC government. Therefore the ANC government have to give motivation as to why it withholds solution for wickedness and bloodshed of people in South Africa. Some of the complaints and concerns are as follows: Drugs and alcoholism The most of problems that affect the people’s lives negatively in various ways and forms are authorized or given the right do so by the ANC government. These problems always result to bloodshed straight away or they first a torment before they reach a point of being blood shed to people. The only kingdom that is sustained by continual bloodshed is the devil’s or religion which is referred to as Satanism. Therefore we have reached a point where the things can be clearly defined as : what you see is what you get, which means that the end results of your action is exactly what you meant or intended in the first place. Before we can even proceed, The centenary celebrations of the ANC and their determination to dedicate the country to the ancestral spirits is supposed to tell you all about the plan to do away with Christianity in order to pave a way and a platform for Satanism.
This also serves as a leak of truth that the reason why it was said religions are equal is not actually for the sake of democracy, but so that Christianity might be eradicated. And the following piece of scripture, they never forwent in their time of study at school. You shall not have no other gods before me. You shall not make yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow down to serve them, for I the LORD your God am jealous God..Exodus20:3


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1. ALCOHOL DEATHS The detrimental effects and fatal consequences of alcohol consumption which is legally licensed and sold in South Africa have all existed for a long time and are well known, And out of these detrimental effects and fatal consequences are the diseases from which the most of the people die year by year. Some of those diseases are: Wernicke's Encephalopathy, Korsakoff's Syndrome or 'wet brain', Serious Mental Disorders, alcoholic fatty liver, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome; Cardiomyopathy; ulcers, and cancers of the intestines and colon, Osteoporosis, and so forth. This tells us that the most people that are hospitalised with and die from these conditions are purposely, and deliberately killed as this is surely avoidable and preventable thing. Besides the fact that alcohol produces severe dependence it is also known to be a depressant to some parts of the brain which are responsible for: Judgment (the result of which perpetuate and increase criminal offenses like murder, suicide, and rape ); Emotional control (the result of which perpetuate and increase a number of domestic violences ,divorce and deaths); Vision, hearing, balance (which lead to unnecessary road accidents, poor performance at work, dismissal, suicide (self murder) When people take alcohol, it does not matter the age, they lose their mind and control and become the victimisers or victims of rape and end up contracting sexually transmitted infections mostly hiv/aids and die from it. This brings us to the fact that the people are purposely, silently and serially killed year by year through this continual production and sale of alcohol and alcohol containing beverages or drinks. There are on going cases of people who are losing their jobs, marriages, their future and finally die from alcohol consumption, and all that is known by the government, but up to this moment it has never been abolished, and this serial murder of people through alcohol describes the government as bloodthirsty. And the only way ANC government can come out of the fact that it is involved in Satanism is to : completely withdraw and condemn the laws that authorize production and sale of alcohol. Apart from all these, the researchers find the facts that associates alcohol with Satanism such as the one pointed out in the following diagram:
Freedom to die under the mercy of mockery in forms of awareness campaigns. When they buy it, our economy goes up, When they die, they leave wealth to us, therefore give them licences to sell and freedom to drink alcohol. When they get hooked to it, and die in it, our kingdom grows. They are under our control forever we will drive them wherever we want.. If they drink commit a lot sexual immoralities and through the process, they contract aids.


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in the above diagram which is upside down, there are 3 e’s which are suspected to be represent triple six ( 666), as well as a star which is also use in worship of Satan. The negative response from the ANC government which is obviously not withdrawing laws that authorize sale of alcohol in south Africa will be proves and is declaring its participation in the SATANISM and awareness to people about the fact that they are sold and sacrificed to SATANISM will have to be made while awaiting God’s anger to pour down as a promise for no repentance. 2. CIGARETTE AND DEATHS RESULTING FROM SMOKING. Continual manufacture, advertisement and sale of cigarette in South Africa regardless of its fatal consequences gives more evidence that the ANC government is a part of the kingdom of darkness. Continual sale of cigarette even irrespective of complaints and detrimental consequences associated with its use, tells a lot about ANC government’s intentions of putting peoples’ lives in the following risks: Many types of cancers, lung and prostate cancer, lung infections, COPD, Asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, ear and throat problems, stroke, angina pectoris, impotence, DVT and many more like drug induced psychosis or mental illnesses. Let’s keep them under our captivity. It does not matter how they complain about it, but we have to continue selling it, so as to get them addicted to keep them in our kingdom. We rather increase price than phasing it out in order to raise our wealth through them because they are addicted already. When they are addicted, make them to desire harmful drugs so that they suffer mental illnesses and end up dying in our kingdom.

A nude man in red to promote pornography

3. Banning Corporal punishment ( creating a conducive atmosphere for Satanism) We have reached a point where actions speak louder than words, which means that the spoken words by ANC government completely lost its credibility and reliability, which is supposed to mean that: the end results of whatever have been or being done is exactly what is being intended. The indefensible facts about corporal punishment being phased out, are that: Foolishness in a child should remains with him in order to destroy his life and future in any form possible at any later stage of his growth. .( Provebs23:13,14; 22:6,15; 13:24). 3

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Provision of sweet hatred to the children in the expense of their lives and future. Our kingdom cannot operate in the presence of Christianity, therefore, let’s make all possible efforts to phase out every pieces of information that talks about their God. Get rid of all Christian holidays, they hinder our operation. Set the people, especially the youth free from the laws of God so that we gain control of them for us use in our kingdom. Divide the churches, allow them to meet in conferences , but when conference is over let them go back to operate as churches instead of CHURCH. If so many complaints have been raised regarding phasing out of corporal punishment and were ignore, then the following should give you a clear picture of the intended results by ANC government:  Learning and education becoming voluntary to the youth who are unable to make sound decisions about their future or rather working towards meeting and making their future plan possible due to removal of enforcement facilities, which all results to leaving school before matriculation and hence shortage of skills in South Africa the end result of which is poverty, crime and incurable diseases and hell. Flooding of weapons and drugs in to learning institutions which results into bloodshed of learners and educators whereby bloodshed is associated with Satanism.

4. Phasing out prayers at learning institutions. ( creating conducive atmosphere for devil worshipping) Christians used to conduct prayers and church services at learning institutions which was helping in driving out and away the demons, and to establish successful and peaceful environment for everyone who does not believe and work for devil’s kingdom. Praying at learning institutions are now prohibited by ANC government for obviously the following intended results:      Learners possessed with demons or evil spirit. Teachers impregnating learners. Learners impregnating one another. End of respect for teachers by learners and learners by teachers. Supply of condoms to learning institutions to pamper and indulge youth to promiscuity.

When the Church principles and laws were applied at learning institutions all the above demonic practice could be lessened and stopped. The ANC government does all in its efforts to keep it regardless of all complaints and concerns, therefore this is supposed to tells us that; its main vision and mission is to pave a way for the operation of Satanism and extends it in short time possible

5. Teenage family planning.
4 Sexual immorality is against God’s will and Word, but on the other hand it is entertainment in the kingdom of devil. And as much as God works through people to manifest His Kingdom, the devil is currently working through the ANC government in South Africa to enforce it by force in order to extend Satanism in preparation for the last days. ICA striving towards lifting up the Body of Christ! | Alternatively visit:

6. Abortion.
Termination of pregnancies is precisely, a direct blood shedding, whereby the blood is a daily meal in Satanism, therefore, this act of shedding blood of children when they are still in the wombs of their parents, is a proof of participation in the devil’s kingdom. This is also to create evil hearts in people so that their conscience die and see no problem when they feel like committing murder. The participation of the ANC in spreading satanic kingdom is in other hand recruiting clients for the same kingdom through evil laws enforcement.

7. Child support grants.
The payment awarded to pregnant youth which is called, child support grants, indulged and ensured that all the people at all ages from 9 years of age engage themselves in promiscuity which has achieved ANC government high rate of pre mature pregnancies as well as a high number of aids death and its prevalence in South Africa. All that wickedness belong to nobody else except Satan and his kingdom, but it is carried out by ANC government through crafty and cunning political words to mask or back it up. There are so many ways people may be supported financially except supporting them out of evil sources, but in order to carry out orders from the kingdom of darkness, this continues to be done regardless of complaints and concerns raised with the ANC government. Therefore what you see is what you get.

8. Prostitution
Even though prostitution is not yet legal in South Africa, but signs do show that it is embraced. Calling the prostitutes; the sex workers do show that, it is right thing to do. That it goes to happen in South African street is that it cannot be stopped, but it for evil purposes. Recently ANCWL issued a statement that they will fight for it to be legalized in Mangaung conference. Out of all people who died from aids and those who are infected and affected, this act of ANCWL shows clearly that the target number of people needed to be killed by aids are not yet enough and that, the time to get them infected is no more that is why they feel compelled to hasten the process. This is obviously leading a country to a time where the children will be backed by the law to emotionally abuse their parents by using homestead for their parents for legal prostitution. This will obviously happen the same way as they give birth to children as young as they are and out of marriage, just for child support grants.

9. Male medical circumcision.
Male medical circumcision campaigns is one of the masks used by the ruling party to hide behind while in process of pampering and indulging youth into promiscuity in order to keep them in Satanism as well as increasing statistics for devil’s kingdom. The motive for male medical circumcision has been clearly defined as; not as an attempt to help the youth to refrain from sexual activities, but to invite more people and encourage them to sleep around more than before because: the chances for hiv contraction are now less than before if you have done circumcision, and that level of enjoyment is higher if you have done circumcision. There is no other meaning for this other than that, ANC government is creating a conducive environment for Satanism while it extends its territories as well. ICA striving towards lifting up the Body of Christ! | Alternatively visit:


10. Child protection and Justice act.
The ANC has been successful in creating a conducive environment for operation of Satanism. In nowadays, under age children are committing serious crimes and it is not easy to imprison them because they are young. And devil is using them a lot to fulfil his evil schemes and ANC government will protect them while they continue to commit serious crimes which involves bloodshed which is the main necessity for devil worshipping.

11. Sixteen days of activism.
Sixteen days of activism campaign of no violence against children and women is nothing else but a mock directed to the weakest vessels. It is a plan to create enmity among the members of the families with the aim of fatal destruction of families. Children and women are protected by law when they are being used for evil purposes and as a result, they think government is on their side. There is no one else except the government who destroyed the godly principles and sure foundation for the growth of youth. The current leadership and role models are the product of corporal punishment which enforced and ensured a brighter future which they have now, but when they got into participation in Satanism, corporal punishment was banned in order to ensure the posterity grows being groomed under and for Satanism. The lack of respect for people of all ages by youth, unruliness, drug and alcohol addiction, skills shortage, various crime including murder and sexual immorality are the intended results by the government for Satanism. The continual reports of crimes of learners killing one another at learning institutions and killing the educators at learning institution are just the minimum desired by the ANC government for the smooth operation of Satanism. There was nothing wrong when the youth was grown and groomed under the KINGDOM of the living God through godly activities including prayers and church services, but it proves that it has worried the ANC government a lot if people grow under safety and security of God’s principles, that is why it has done all it can to eradicate anything that pertains to Christianity, the Kingdom of the living God. A lot has been achieved in a process because, the government has managed to establish in this country an environment where Satanism operates almost completely. The full operation demonic spirits at learning institutions, in families and everywhere is not a surprise to government, but an achievement. When you see campaigns being made against anything , you must know that it is nothing but just a mock. People’s blood is made a sacrifice to devil every day in this environment conducive to the operation of demons. Alcohol is sold to people with its detrimental consequences being known so that they get drunk, cause domestic violence, murder their partners, cause car accidents on the roads, come to work drunk because they are unable to stop because of its addictiveness which result to their dismissal from work. The young girls drunk or not; sleep around get pregnant and commit murder of their young ones. Evil hearts and loss of conscience to people is ensured day by day through television programmes that instils or impart violence and sexual immorality in their minds so that promiscuity and bloodshed for sacrifice to the kingdom does not stop. The heart of the government is getting inflated of happiness when it hears about the increase of incidents of children not respecting their parents, committing sexual immorality in front of them, ICA striving towards lifting up the Body of Christ! | Alternatively visit:


drinking alcohol right in front of them, demanding more than they can afford for them and end up killing them and physically, emotionally and sexually abusing them because the main intention of phasing out Christianity and its principles was just that. Violence is rooted in peoples’ hearts even in the laws that operate the country. It is established in peoples’ hearts and minds that they have right to go on strike if they feel unsatisfied. People would be paid peanuts purposely so that they go on strike, and when people go on strike, their complaints are not attended to in time so that, the result will be bloodshed which is a sacrifice made to devil to keep the kingdom standing.

12. Development and services used as mask for evil purposes.
Demonic spirits have already hold people captive through ANC laws that is why they keep it ruling because they think government loves them while it gives them sweat hatred. Services and developmental activities provided by ANC government are in most of the cases contaminated with evil intentions. The child support grants is mainly designed for evil purposes and sexual abuse of the posterity. When child support grants is paid out, it encourages promiscuity. Promiscuity is nothing else but sexual abuse if it occurs outside marriages; and the people would think government care for them if they are paid to offer themselves for sexual abuse. There are some parts of the country that are dominated with service delivery and development when other parts of the country are completely deserted so that people go on strike, and when they go on strike blood is shed as a sacrifice. Children are treated indulgently so that they leave school before matriculation, commit various crimes and end up shot dead, or end up in prison where further impartation with evil spirits will be done in to their lives.

The main of ANC government is to do away with God’s Kingdom from Christians in order that Satanism may take over. The deep end of the heart of ANC is to change the people’s lives not for the better as it would declare, but for evilness. ANC government is not happy if in its speech have not spoken good of evil activities in the expense of Christianity. There is a proof which shows that ANC is in the process of destroying Christianity for Satanism. The proof lies in the way the laws are made and enforced such as in the following instance: In the following quotation, the highlighted text indicate that all the laws ANC are firstly designed to eradicate Christianity for Satanism, secondly , they are passed by force. This also is supposed to inform the nation that Mangaung is like a worship house where evilness and anti-Christianity activities are cooked.

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ANCWL treasurer and Higher Education Deputy Minister Hlengiwe Mkhize

The ANC Women‟s League has a plan of action aimed at decriminalising prostitution in South Africa, notwithstanding expected opposition from churches. According to a report in City Press, ANCWL treasurer and Higher Education Deputy Minister Hlengiwe Mkhize, said the league had planned its approach carefully because it expected resistance. The ANCWL reortedly has its sights on the party‟s December conference in Mangaung, where it hopes to pass a resolution decriminalising sex work. City Press writes that the league has authored a discussion document on gender in preparation for the Mangaung conference. The document notes that the South African Law Reform Commission is investigating new prostitution laws. It argues that the law treats prostitutes as criminals but does not treat their male clients “with the same heavy-handedness”. It says the ANC should “support a position that will embrace the dignity of women”. Mkhize told City Press: “As we move to the policy conference, we want to put the facts before people and build buy-in that way.” Asked how the country‟s churches were expected to react to the proposed change in legislation, Mkhize referred to abortion legislation that government signed into law in 1996. “Churches were saying no, but we still passed the law. The problem with churches is that churches prepare people for heaven, but not for life on earth. They are not supposed to condemn, they are supposed to educate.” Reacting to Mkhize‟s remarks about churches, Family Policy Institute director Errol Naidoo said the league‟s proposal was “preparing people for hell on earth.” “Decriminalised prostitution does nothing to help women and children trapped in prostitution. It only institutionalises and legitimises prostitution making it more socially acceptable,” he says in a newsletter today. “The people who benefit most from a decriminalised sex industry are the pimps, brothel owners, crime syndicates and traffickers. They become legitimate business people and can ply their evil trade with impunity. Decriminalised prostitution is the worst scenario for corrupt prone SA,” he says. In a report on the ANCWL and prostitution today, Daily Maverick says that “while the Women‟s League says the Commission is „investigating new prostitution laws‟, it is worth noting this investigation began in May 1996 and has not yet returned any report”. The online newspaper also presents some other points of view on legalising prostitution, including the view off former police commissioner Jackie Selebi, that it would reduce the incidence of rape; and a view that it would facilitate more effective HIV and public health management.


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