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Intern Presentation

John Cooley Manufacturing Engineer Department of Mechanical Engineering, IUPUI Summer 2006-Spring 2009 Advisor: D Ji Xi Ad i Dr. Jian Xie

May 1, 2009

2 Outline Background Information Rolls-Royce Corporation Myself My position and responsibilities Project Example j p Achievements Summary John Cooley May 1. 2009 .

3 Background Information Rolls-Royce Founded in 1906 by Henry Royce. and Charles R ll Ch l Rolls Produced cars first Developed aircraft engines for WW1 Headquarters in Bristol England q g US headquarters in Chantilly Virginia John Cooley May 1. 2009 .

4 Background on Indianapolis Facility Acquired Allison Engine Company in Indianapolis-1995 Plant 5 and plant 8 AE2100. 2009 . AE1107. T56 and Model 250 engines John Cooley May 1.

5 My Background Information Hired as flex-intern in May 2006 Manufacturing Engineer for power gears cell Transmissions and structures T56 and AE2100 Turboprop engines p p g Manager-Nathan Harris John Cooley May 1. 2009 .

2009 .6 Roles of a Manufacturing Engineer Own how the part is processed Reduce waste Scrap Rework MRB Setup and cycle times Support Team Leader with day to day pp y y problems John Cooley May 1.

7 Day to Day Tasks Missing gauging or tooling Machine Tool Routing Verifications Rework tickets Meetings with quality. inspection. design and production p g p John Cooley May 1. operations. 2009 .

2009 .8 Tools of the Trade Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP) SAP AutoCAD Stack Program g Gage Insite EASEworks John Cooley May 1.

2009 .9 Some of My Projects Intermediate drawing updates Stress relieve commonization Glass bead clean table Schenk horizontal balancer Journal in source Journal J l reprocessing Gear train data Green spec print outs Flange shot peen mask Pinion Process Improvements p John Cooley May 1.

10 Project Example Room for improvement 4 similar pinion gears processed differently Heat treat distortion on locating surfaces Runout reworks and MRB John Cooley May 1. 2009 .

Previous Process John Cooley May 1.11 Project Example. 2009 .

2009 .12 Project Example.My Modification John Cooley May 1.

2009 .13 Project Achievements Reduce setup and cycle times Improve quality Reduce scrap. rework. and MRB Shorter lead time +200 parts this year 200 John Cooley May 1.

14 Summary Enhanced problem solving skills Green belt GD&T fundamentals Gear basic Importance of teamwork and my role within a team Helped connect school work with real p world problems John Cooley May 1. 2009 .

2009 .15 Questions? Q i ? May 1.