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Ricardo Ojeda MR.Scott ENGL, 1A.

In one chapter '' What doctors owe '' The author states that the average of doctors have a high-risk practice like surgery and sometimes obstetrics are sued about once within every six years. Therefore, I believe that doctor should be sued for malpractice and I believe that doctors should have more protection against the cases that are not serious or people that are just suing for the sake of the money. Moreover Suing a doctor might cause interruptions on his work. According to Atul Gawande '' The average doctor in a high-risk practice like surgery or obstetrics is sued about once every six years" (PG 61). Of course many of the people that sue do not have harsh conditions, many of which side effects are unavoidable. '' One involved an arthroscopy that he performed on a you woman with torn cartilage in her knee from a sports injury. Several years, he said, she sued because she developed arthritis in the knee-a known, often unavoidable outcome'' (PG67). Moreover this shows that doctors need and should be more protected from unavoidable outcomes that surgeries and obstetrics have. Moreover there're many cases and doctors that do deserve to be sued. In the book Lang quotes " i could have done more,'' (PG67). More important this is a doctor that is admitting that he has committed malpractice , Therefore he should be punished for his malpractice. According to the author Atul Gawande " The patient was a man in his sixties whom Lang had scheduled for a knee replacement. A few days before the surgery, the man came to Lang's office complaining of pain in his calf. Lang considered the possibility of a deef- vein thrombosis- a blood clot in the leg- but dismissed it as unlikely and ordered no further testing. The patient did have a D.V.T, though , and when the clot dislodged two day later, it traveled to his lungs and killed him'' (PG68). Moreover this is the kind of cases that does deserve to be in in the court room , Furthermore doctors treat thousands of patients therefore the gap for a medical complication is greater, I would like to call it diligence which it's different then criminal. In addition not only does the doctor has to worry about getting sued for malpractice but he or she also has to worry about getting sued for touching a patient's or genitals. Which in some cases might be difficult , a doctor might be doing it's job correctly but if a patient feels uncomfortable and doesn't tell the doctor, and later on he or she sues it complicates everything to the doctor which was only trying to help. Moreover as the author Atul Gawande states is the book, '' The federation of state medical boards has spelled out that touching a patient's breast or genitals for a purpose other than medical care is a sexual violation and disciplinable offense'' (PG57). According to the quote how does the quirt decide who to believe? What happens when a doctor is charge when he or she's innocent?. In addition weather a doctor is sued for malpractice or sexual harassment, they should pay for their mistakes and also they should be getting more protection against unavoidable side effects. In court the doctor will win most of the time, the process will mostly only affect the doctor in many ways, like leaving him out of work for a long

period of time it will also cost him thousands of dollars in court fees. More important most of the people that sue doctors will do it because they only want the money.