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Re: Agni Posted By: pvr108 pvr108 Offline Send Email Fri Feb 13, 2009 3:30 am | Options View Source Use Fixed Width Font Unwrap Lines

Namaste friends, You ask a very good question. Agni is the element of transformation. It symbolizes absorbing and digesting experiences. As you make offerings in fire and they burn in fire, various spiritual experiences are processed and

Spirit of confusion (could also be resolution of confusion) controls how you absorb your experiences. Each tongue of fire stands for a spirit that controls how you absorb spiritual experiences. when you are offering in that tongue of fire. Sulohita. * * * As you keep performing homam and a relationship is formed between you and fire. being and bliss controls how you absorb your experiences. Spirit of detachment controls how you absorb your experiences. Vishwaruchi is the bright fire. flickering and unstable flame. Spirit of wavering (could also be flexibility) controls how you absorb your experiences. knowing. Sphulingini. Karaali. Sudhoomra-Varna. Kaali is the dark and black/blue fire. the external fire in . Sphulingini is the fire with sparks. when you are offering in that tongue of fire. and Vishwaruchi. Spirit of focus. when you are offering in that tongue of fire. when you are offering in that tongue of fire. Spirit of aggression and haste (could also be a great intuition/insight) controls how you absorb your experiences. Manojava. Spirit of attachment and desire controls how you absorb your experiences. when you are offering in that tongue of fire. * * * The seven tongues of Agni are: Kaali. Karaali is the monstrous. when you are offering in that tongue of fire. It symbolizes the spirit of detachment. Spirit of determination and strength controls how you absorb your experiences. Sulohita is the (copper like) dark red color flame. Tongue is that which allows one to taste things that one is going to accept inside and digest. Manojava is the swiftly moving. Sudhoomra-Varna is the greyish/purple/smoke-colored fire. when you are offering in that tongue of fire.digested by your internal fire. dreadful fire that looks like a wide open mouth.

org/tarpana Spirituality: Do Pitri Tarpanas Yourself: --------------------------------------------------------------------. the fire will automatically burn bright.VedicAstrologer. Narasimha ----------------------------------------------------------------Do a Short Homam Yourself: Sri Jagannath Centre (SJC) website: http://www. which tongues of fire are active right now and hence guess the state your mind is in. looking at the fire. Though external can be used to manipulate the internal (within some limits).com/group/vedic-wisdom Free Jyotish lessons (MP3): http://vedicastro. trying to pay too much attention to this technicality and becoming over-conscious of the nature of fire is Free Jyotish software (Windows): http://www. It may take time. That in turn decides which tongues (tasting agents) of your internal fire are receiving food right now. Without thinkiing much. Neither is the cause and neither is the effect. The rest will happen automatically. The state of your mind will decide how you will taste the spiritual experiences you are going to absorb from around you.the homa kundam will reflect your internal fire. When your mind is well-focused and blissful. They just happen together. The external fire is a mirror to your internal state. Best just make offerings in the fire with the *firm belief* that god is in fire.VedicAstrologer. That in turn decides which tongues of the external fire are receiving offerings right now.Original Message ----- . * * * Of but it will happen by itself. The reality is that the two change together. An adept may be able to detect. it can become a distraction. Whether internal follows external or external follows internal a invalid question.home.

From: Narasimha P. Narasimha P..V..From: "rajarshi14" < . 2009 1:27 pm Re: Agni Namaste friends... 2009 3:30 am Re: Agni Classic mail.. 2009 3:49 am Re: Agni Namaste Narasimha Good .de .> To: <vedic-wisdom@yahoogroups. February 11. Agni is the element of transformation..Insightful Free Psychic Reading Online! Free Psychic Readings www. The upsurge (of consciousness) is Bhairava Shiva Sutra . rajarshi nandy rajarshi14 Feb 12.V.... The upsurge (of consciousness) is Bhairava -.. 2009 1:13 pm Re: Agni Someone please shed some light on this.Get three minutes free with your choice of Psychics = and more Expand Messages AuthorSort by Date Agni Namaste What do the seven "tongues" of Agni mean? -Regards Rajarshi.R... As you make offerings.R.. is it agni puran? .> Subject: [vedic-wisdom] Re: Agni To:. Thanks for the definitions What is the source of the definition of fire. 2009 8:13 AM Subject: [vedic-wisdom] Agni > > > > > > Namaste What do the seven "tongues" of Agni mean? -Regards Rajarshi SPONSOR RESULTS Girokonto Vergleich www. rajarshi nandy rajarshi14 Feb> Sent: Wednesday. What is the spirtual/mystical significance of the seven tongues of agni. It symbolizes absorbing and digesting experiences.. Rao <pvr@. You ask a very good question.banken-auskunft. rajarshi14 Feb 11.. Rao pvr108 Feb 13.Top Konditionen & Zinsen jetzt Girokonten vergleichen! Free Psychic Reading thefreepsychicreadingonline.

. I may disappoint some with this answer. digesting. m540i98 Feb 15... 2010 1:46 pm Re: Agni Dear Veneet. rajarshi nandy rajarshi14 Sep 17. ears.. Narasimha P.. Veneet kveneet Sep 16. Rao .. rajarshi nandy rajarshi14 Sep 16. 2010 5:07 am Re: Agni Dear Narasimha.. vedic_pathak Sep 17. Veneet Kumar kveneet Sep 16. It has given a very encouraging account of Agni worship. 2010 6:34 am Re: Agni Namaste.. As I said.. destroys the village & country and its most of the tongues are.. 2010 9:09 am Re: Agni and few thoughts on Homam Namaste: I agree with Utpalji's comment below: *2) If Homam causes diseases... Doing homam in the eyes. I am not aware of the specific external source of some things I know. Thanks for the interesting email. I encountered the following interesting shlokas related to fire of the Homa.. 2) If. Few thoughts on the topic: 1) One of the best read on Pavaka is in Rigveda. but I have to be honest. If you really want to be systematic and draw a conclusion. Narasimha PVR Rao pvr108 Sep 16.V. Where the flame... Of these five SPACE... 2010 5:33 am Re: Agni and few thoughts on Homam Namaste.Best Regards Mitesh . 2009 5:38 pm Re: Agni Dear friends While going through Parashara Pancharatra Samhita. I found a noteworthy explanation about Agni: "The great elements starting from Space to Earth are grosser than the former ones. hyperbole is a common. 2010 1:44 pm Re: Agni (Sending again since last message did not display Devanagari properly) ठठॠनिरठठानि हॠमदॠरठॠà¤‾ाणि. 2010 7:14 pm Re: Agni Namaste.. try homam for many days while making *most* of the offerings on the unburnt wood or. These lines are. causes suffering.R... Some other books though differ slight in the way the define the different body-parts of fire. vedic_pathak Sep 17.. 2010 10:37 pm Re: Agni and few thoughts on Homam Namaste Friends. I know some. hair and tongues of fire is defined in the same way in a few other scriptures.. Hemanth Srinivas babu_hemanth Sep 18. nose... .

.. laugh atleast 20 times a day and most important make others laugh too. utpal pathak vedic_pathak Feb 18. Narasimha has gone to an emotional zone where he thinks about. 2009 3:12 pm Re: Agni Dear Brothers. i am sure he would also have a good laugh. 2009 7:26 pm Re: Agni . what a mess! Dear RJ I suggest you need to be a silent reader in both priase and lighter moments or exchange of.. . 2009 4:52 pm Re: Agni . m540i98 Feb 16.. I feel that when we put things out on internet.. utpal pathak vedic_pathak Feb 16. I just did a google search.. m540i98 Feb 18. 2009 3:26 pm Re: Agni Dear Mitu Bhai. utpal pathak vedic_pathak Feb 17. m540i98 Feb 16. be joyful."His thinking is crystal clear".. they should be backed up .. My goodness. I saw the names and definitions and asked him for scriptural reference and he gave a very defensive answer that created.. We. 2009 2:10 am Re: Agni Dear Narasimha Namaste Yes I am little disappointed. rajarshi nandy rajarshi14 Feb 16. I am sure you are not blaming Narasimha but your way of expression clearly shows that you are not familiar with his writings.. my Guru. Jitendra Trivedi trivedijv Feb 18.. 2009 8:23 pm Re: Agni Dear RJ Namaste Interesting. 2009 4:22 pm Re: Agni Namaste Mitesh  The Mandukya Upanish mentiones of the seven tongues of Agni. i have said this in my message some 6/8. a_k_r_j Feb 17. 2009 6:59 pm Re: AgniDear Mitesh.... I had the good. I liked your message very much. I think this group and our discussion is a "Nimmitta" as this topic is AGNI and not doubt AGNI/Heat is spreading more or less to each and every... Actually. Also I had asked Narasimhaji for his views on the.. 2009 7:46 pm Re: Agni Namaste Mitesh.(See this Agni is burning lot of impurities) Namaste RJ Bhai.. Naaraz Shu kaam thao chho? [ We need to enjoy the moment.. I share one sentiment completely .. 2009 4:36 pm Re: Agni Namaste Rajarshi I am not blaming him. in my opinion.pvr108 Feb 16. I did not expect this from you.

In view of Narasimha s mail in this connection and Mitesh s personal email to me. RJ a_k_r_j Feb 18. It is.Copyright Policy . what Mitesh meant (if i understood correctly) was not about. 2009 4:53 pm Re: Agni (Homaagni .. . 2009 5:10 am Re: Agni Thanks for the excerpt from parashara samhita it answered few of my questions about how those who misuse fire. K K kk889123 Sep 17.R. Narasimha P. Praise and criticism are both merely a set of words . utpal pathak vedic_pathak Feb 18. All rights reserved.. 2009 5:27 pm Re: Agni Namaste.. 2010 2:22 pm Re: Agni Dear rajarshi.V.. it is saying how people with wrong intentions can use homam to their selfish does. Rao pvr108 Feb 18.... Narasimha P.R. Probably final words from me as i just wanted to correct your misunderstanding. 2009 7:51 pm Re: Agni Dear Mitesh. I will restrain from responding to this.. K K kk889123 Sep 16.. there is another way of looking at the verses. Privacy Policy ..Terms of Service ... Personalities come and go and let us not waste time and energy discussing personalities.Poornahuti-->PoornatApurna Mudachyate) Namaste Janak Bhai.Guidelines NEW Help .Dear Mitesh and Friends. I may have confused you a little. 2010 6:01 am < Prev Topic | Next Topic > Copyright © 2012 Yahoo! Inc.. Sorry.. The names of the tongues of fire were not "coined" by me. Rao pvr108 Feb 16. As i see it . They are actually quite well-known.V.