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Dukinfield East Residents’ Association (DERA) Minutes of Public Meeting, 27th June 2012

This fourth public meeting of Dukinfield East Resident’ Association (DERA) was held at Astley Sports College, Yew Tree Lane, Dukinfield. This followed a leafleting of approximately 700 addresses within the boundaries and posters in local shops and libraries. The committee thanks New Charter for printing the leaflets; a printing problem resulted in a reprint by DB, distribution starting on the Thursday and continuing up until the Tuesday prior to the meeting. Committee members present were: John Heywood (JSH) David Bottomley (DB) Steve Fisher (SF) John Bevan (JB) Angela Carr (AC) Dorothy Cartwright (DC)

Interim Chairman, Secretary Treasurer Committee Member Committee Member Committee Member Honorary President

Invited Guests present were: Stuart Phillips (SP) Assistant minister St. John’s Church Caron Sweeney (CS) Director of Resources, Astley Sports College Zad Latif (ZL) Neighbourhood Beat Office Sgt. Stephen Lovatt (SL) GMP Tameside Division Louise Robertson (LR) Patroller Joanna Nike (JN) PCSO Karen Swindells (KS) Stalybridge, Dukinfield and Mossley Youth Team Apologies Kathy Inglis, committee member, who was ill. Ben Buckley, New Charter, due to a calendar mix up was unavailable, meeting with committee to be arranged week commencing 2nd July. M. Harrison, Deputy Headmaster, Astley Sports College JH opened the meeting, committee members introduced themselves and the guests were introduced. JH gave an update on our association since the last meeting, the team has now gelled together and we have an initial Minibus project in progress. Thanks to CS for providing the refreshments. ZL spoke about his role; he took over the Dukinfield/Stalybridge ward in April 2012, attended PACT and Home Watch meetings. Visited Cromwell High School with the PCSO’s as part of their industry day, showed the pupils a police Audi and let them try on the uniform.
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Joint visit with Tameside council licensing staff to local off-licenses, resulted in some illegal items being seized. His 2 year vision is a home watch on every street. JH advised all present to contact crime stoppers or use the 101 number if they see anything suspicious. SL said that it was vital for people to provide them with information. A question was asked about parking on Lyne Edge Road, suggested removing the banking and install parking spaces. DC advised her to contact the councillor Peter Robinson or raise it at the district assembly. SP St. Johns provides various activities on Sunday and throughout the week; their new centre will open in September, which will contain a coffee bar. They run a friends and neighbours group on Thursday morning for anyone who is at home during the day. They have plans to run a course helping people manage their finances, through an organisation called Christians Against Poverty, a nationally recognised debt counselling agency. They also run a depression / stress support group and parenting groups. They also have an allotment off Lodge Lane. KS Her team covers Stalybridge, Dukinfield and Mossley and manage the Blocksages Youth Base (Age 10 -19), Youth and Family Team, Children Centres (0-5), Youth Forum and various other courses alongside Barnardos. They work with youths and families, who are referred by other agencies or self referral, with complex needs. Youth Forum includes Youth Choose, a system that allows young people access to funding for activities and events. Detach Workers work with young people on the street to engage with them. Under revised funding Blocksages will probably close and service changes are expected. JH suggested that KS and CS discuss cooperation opportunities. CS There is a Community day at Astley Sports College, Sunday 29th July. Summer camps are planned, Monday to Wednesday, 10:00am - 2:00pm, 30th July and 6th August, for a small fee. Also, there are plans for an outdoor play area with table tennis and basketball facilities. SF ‘The Circle’ area between Chester Avenue and Greenbooth Close is a project we are working on; he has contacted Beazer Persimons regarding ownership and possible usage as a neighbourhood facility and is awaiting reply. DC The loss of a play area on Yew Tree Lane, is subject to a ‘106 agreement’ with Bardsley Construction over development on the golf course, requiring them to put something back within the community. The council will have received money in respect of this. A Freedom of Information request is to be lodged to find out what has happened to this money. JH The litter problem on the passageways between Chester Avenue and Cheetham Hill Road is still ongoing, LR advised the Tameside patrollers have done plain clothes work in the locality. A resident complained about dog mess in the area. LR requested that, if residents have a problem then to please contact them on 0161 342 3010, Monday – Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm or

CS Astley College Year 10 students are designing our web site and it is planned for completion in September.

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Review and Update of Issues Raised at February Public Meeting JH Nigel Clark, Moravian Church Youth Club advised that rooms are available for hire or community groups can book a room for free. JH Mike Wardle spoke about Street Watch, an extension of the Home Watch scheme. To date there has been no interest shown. JH The issue of litter bins at the Yew Tree shops was on-going. The have been some new bins and a janitor, which has improved the tidiness of the area. But talks are still ongoing with the residents of the flats about relocation of their bins. DC advised contacting Councillor David Sweeton. AC Plans for a Jubilee party on Coronation Avenue were scrapped due to the bureaucracy involved JH The cameras at Yew Tree shops and in other areas have been removed; it was too expensive to replace with new. The question was asked about putting up dummy cameras. No update New Business JH We have put forward an application for funding under the You Choose scheme for the minibus project worth around £2,000, contributing to an expect final cost of around £15,000. We are through to the presentation stage of the scheme on the 14th July. JH Resident’s award winning garden, pictures and map were shown at the meeting. There are proposals to turn it into a communal garden or nursery when he moves home or when the maintenance of the plot becomes a burden to him. Annual General Meeting The committee will organise our first AGM in September this year. Written notice of the date, time and venue of the AGM will be provided at least 21 days before the meeting, inviting committee nominations and resolutions. All nominations for committee members must be sent to the Secretary in writing, by e-mail, by telephone or in person to arrive at least 10 days before the AGM (Contact details shown below). The Secretary will issue the following information at the AGM: • The agenda • The names of those nominated for committee positions. • Any proposed amendments to the constitution. • A copy of the DERA accounts At the AGM the committee will: • Report on its work in the last 12 months • Present a verified statement of accounts

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Stand down to allow the membership to elect a committee for the next 12 months.

The AGM will also: • Consider any resolutions or proposals put forward by its members. • Vote on any amendments to the constitution.
The A.G.M. is to be held on Wednesday 12th September 2012 subject to confirmation at Astley Sports College, at 7:00pm.

Nominations and/or resolutions contact details: John Heywood Secretary DERA C/o 20 Kingsway Dukinfield SK16 5BP Tel: Mobile: Email: 0161 338 7499 07999877102

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