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Human Capital Advisory and Execution Services

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Our Founding Beliefs

Human Capital Advisory


Our founding beliefs Jim Collins Built to last. Good to great. Chinese and Greek Philosophy Andy Grove: Intel Collaborative Optimization Flexible Paranoid Long term view Focused Confidence Dhirubhai Ambani Aggressive Growth Detail oriented Fair play Humility Creative Big Picture Symmetry Learning Innovative Discipline Balance Sustainable . Great by choice Ratan Tata Sustainable Growth Golden Balance Buddhist.

Combinations Our Founding Beliefs Human Capital Advisory Team .

CIO’s and CMO’s who actively engage in Talent acquisition jobs Right people on and wrong people off the bus Talent acquisition is not a standalone job. Assumptions and Experiences that shape us The secret sauce of our Human Capital practice’s successful recipe is the collaboration between the Human Capital Team and the rest of Ubika/Hetu while working on projects Theory Jim Collins Empirical Data Surveys and White papers from Economist Intelligence Unit Accenture and the High Performance HR function Own Experience Mix of Specialists and Generalists Two HR heads who are the specialists and direct the OD and PMS practice Five ex CFO’s.Beliefs. disciplined and persistent Strong processes Innovation . its part of OD and PMS No big bang. but steady.

an IT or Process problem. biggest source of revenue for consulting firms 3. This is not one of the 1. most valuable MBA specialty . Therefore clients and consultants spend time fixing the latter and not the former. managing and developing people is the most important job Of the notion that people as a resource can't really be worked on like a Strategy. highest paid jobs in a company 2.What do we as Human Capital Advisors believe Acquiring.

The Human Capital Value Chain Leadership We take over and deliver as a full fledged HR function with a combination of our team. Employee Portal . your team and third parties Processes Sourcing Talent Organization Design Learning & Development Compensation & Benefits Performance Management Infrastructure Payroll Computation and Disbursement Software.

or the HR leadership or a part of it by providing advisory services or doing the work ourselves • • • Acquiring talent without reference to the culture. we prefer to involve ourselves with the organization structure to ensure a structurally sound solution We can be the HR function. skewed incentives and external pressures . organization structure Acquire reduces the chances of a Talent good hire Organization structure in • many emerging companies is ad hoc at the outset and then sometimes becomes more Evaluate Organize adhoc or moribund Talent Talent Performance Management systems • [PMS] are easy to set up but difficult to manage due to bias. as this increases the probability and effectiveness of our advice While setting up the PMS for a client.The building blocks of our Human Capital Practice Conceptually simple • Execution is key IT enabled process We like to source talent for our consulting clients ourselves.

Finance and IT team. We could continue as Virtual Leaders for another six to 18 months. grow it by hiring and developing front line staff In a span of 3 to 9 months we would pull out and leave the execution to the team.Virtual Leadership | Virtual Organization • For small organizations we can step in as the HR. Our big company leaders know what it takes to work in an emerging company environment and they then make themselves slowly redundant • . • • • Mid sized organizations trying to make the leap to the big league need big company leadership which is costly besides the almost inevitable incompatibility of a big company leader and a mid sized company set up. set up the function.

Another differentiator: We like to keep track of candidates we placed. did they get a good deal? This helps us get the feedback loop working on our placements • Most recruitment firms are managed by HR generalists who moved into recruitment owing to people skills etc.Sourcing Talent: Philosophy • • This is one of our focus areas and so we have put a lot of thought and development work here We believe that recruitment at middle and above levels is best done by a functional specialist. recruit for our clients because they can see a good hire from a mile off. Did they perform well. So for example ex CFO’s search for Finance candidates Only those of our line managers who have a proven track record of creating and maintaining good teams. did we make a mistake. • .

Specialists for specialist jobs ii. availability bias We use: i.Sourcing Talent: Methodology We Avoid: Treating the candidate like a seeker Three common interview biases: i. confirmation bias ii. organization Structure ii. Assessments. Diligence in getting the right candidate . predefined checks iii. immediate 360 degree We believe in: i. We insist on: Understanding the: i. Own databases and extended Social Media and Linked in database iv. similarity bias iii. Post hire evaluation of candidate for own improvement and better servicing of client next time. organization culture iii. Ethics over rewards ii.

Co develop the best case for each of the contextual variables 4. direction has to come from the new school of thought ie concepts like Dis-aggregated Company. Analyze current organization structure 3.Organizational Design Conceptual base: • Nitin Nohria. “The new organisation: a survey of the company . Bartlett and Ghorshal • There is merit in the old school of Command and Control structure and the Organization man theory • Old school can only be the platform. Individualized Corporation. Networked Person . Network Structure. Cluster Organizations. Converge the current structure with the best case to arrive at the optimal and feasible Organization Structure Organizational innovations. when properly applied. Max Weber. Service Oriented Organization to enable organizations to be nimble yet disciplined in a fast changing world Technology Size/Phase Contextual Variables – characteristics that influence the organization’s design processes Strategy & Goals Employee profile Industry Methodology: 1. The Economist. Evaluate the organization for contextual variables 2. do lead to better economic performance Source: The Economist. Henry Mintzberg. Self-designing Organization.

performance will be people oriented and inconsistent preventing scaling up PMS The loop that completes what you wanted to do and what you actually got: PMS is what measures people’s performance with what was planned. Do people know the details of their daily work. but requires detailed organization wide work to distill big goals into front line daily targets. . what were external factors. Conceptually simple. Now to get to work. people have job descriptions and performance measures. Without defined IT enabled processes. Organization Structure Is there a clear and logical structure of authority and responsibility? Does the structure tie in with the firm’s strategy and goals? Do people have Job descriptions that tell them their responsibility and performance measures? Processes Big goals are in place. why did the plan not go well.Performance Management System Goals The goals and strategy of a company form the basis of any Performance Management system.

Performance Management System .

Candidates were picked up from Blue chip companies Helped an accounting firm in India to pick up qualified Chartered Accountants Helped a commodity trader to acquire a Controller for India operations Helped an E Security company to get trained Chartered Accountants for SOX assignments Helped a shared services company to get qualified MBA’s for their F&A shared services practice Helped a trading company for logistics positions Helped an IT services company to hire developers and testers Helped a advertising company to fill sales staff positions .How we have helped clients • • • • • • • • Helped a cable TV company recruit all five regional Heads of Finance.

Combinations Our Founding Beliefs Human Capital Advisory Team .

Media and Not for profit. Roma Patel has been a trainer and recruiter with retail organizations for the last five years. Bombay George Antony has been building teams for the last eight years in E security. . Consulting.Key HR Team Delhi Swapnalekha Basak has varied experience of being a senior OD and HR professional with Media and Telecom with Star TV. Reliance and GTL. Calcutta Mita Chatterjee looks after the Calcutta office before which she was with Warner Bros in the US. Keeping attrition low was the KPI which was achieved consistently owing to strong assessment practices. She is also visiting faculty with IIPM and looks after the Human Capital Advisory Services practice from Delhi. She has done an MBA from the University of Wales. She looks after the Human Capital practice in Calcutta.

ubika: Sanskrit for growth hetu: Sanskrit for reason or cause Ubika/hetu: Growth by reason. We provide that in a result oriented manner Who are we We are people and alliances with deep experience and significant results in helping large companies maintain their strength and small ones grow larger . We are a reason for growth: these are the two meanings we derive from our name as we strive to be a reason for growth for our clients and we believe that growth that happens with reason should be the one strived for Intellect How do we do it Growing companies require the support of key functions like Finance. HR and Marketing. Strategy.About us Our Founding Beliefs What do we do We are a firm that seeks to help organizations take the long and exciting journey to being a company on the sure path to growth.

A combination of skills and geographies The premise of the combination is that Emerging companies require a range of support functions which require specialist skills provided by professionals who are specialists but work together to give a seamless solution to the client Strategy & Planning Sourcing and Managing capital Process Design & MIS Marketing Sourcing and Managing Human Capital IT Deployment Bombay Bangalore Delhi North Carolina Cochin Brazil Madras Calcutta South Africa Lagos .

Reliance and GTL. He also helps develop BFSI clients with automated MIS systems and reporting tools. He set up the entire finance department.000 staff providing services to 13 different industries North and Human Capital Swapnalekha Basak has varied experience of being a senior OD and HR professional with Star TV. She also undertakes search assignments for our clients leveraging on her deep network. At GTL she was responsible for controlling attrition using a mix of data analysis. She is also visiting faculty with IIPM. She has worked with several large companies in appraising their credit and deciding on credit limits. She has wide exposure to large clients on Process Improvement and Internal Audit jobs. His work has given him deep experience of understanding the needs of small and big clients across a variety of industries. He has deep understanding of the Mid Market space and its credit needs. Process Smita Acharya is a Process Design and Audit professional and was last with Protiviti and KPMG. She now helps clients raise and deploy funds efficiently besides structuring and valuation Corporate Finance Ravi Doraiswamy spent most of his career with banks such as Standard Chartered and Citibank. soft skills and innovative practices. feature rich and efficient BPO business from scratch to a strength of 10. He has advised a variety of clients on Process improvement and strategy South Jyothirmai G was a manager at ING Vysa when she decided to enter into the consulting space three years back. the shared service center for a start up which went on to become the third largest Cable TV company. She is involved with the BCAS as a trainer. . West and Strategy George Antony has spent 60% of his time with the Big 4 in advisory and the rest in Industry as a Head of Finance.Leadership Team National Leader K Chandrasekaran was the President of Reliance BPO and has been a pioneer in the BPO space in India. He was responsible for the setting up of Reliance’s massive.

Inc (GMRI) identifies.International Partners London | Julia Lucas A flexible. GMRI assists in technology transfers between the US and India. drive bottom-line improvements. Oliveira & Talamini works closely with us on clients seeking to engage themselves between India and Brazil. the arbitration center of FIEP formed in 2005. She helps companies with Supply Chain Management solutions. Prior to founding GMRI in 1997. She specialized in Supply Chain at companies like Ricoh and JM Huber.000 companies. She enjoys working with businesses to help them refocus and then shape and refine strategy. She wants to do the same for young women wanting to start up. . Justen. Brazil | Cesar Pereira A partner with one of the leading law firms in Brazil. She was Financial controller at logistics companies and also served as Director of UK Warehousing Association. She now seeks to role model for older women who wish to set up a business . the Federation of Industries of the state of Paraná (Brazil). FIEP gathers over 40. experienced CFO working with start-ups and distressed early stage businesses. he worked for Glaxo Wellcome/GSK for over 18 years in the early stage drug discovery process. evaluates and facilitates international joint ventures. She is our link to academia in the Supply Chain space North Carolina | Chacko V Global Market Resources. Cesar is also the President of the CAIEP. Isle of Man | Angelena Boden 25 years of professional training both in the UK and overseas and founder of the popular 15 minute training package containing Customer Service Skills. Jennifer Bailey is a rare mix of significant years in the industry and academia. She is now pursuing a Doctoral Graduate in Supply Chain Management. He is a trained Pharmacologist. Her firm specialises in the tourism and leisure industry. Pereira. Her last engagement was Non Executive Director at BPAS Georgia Tech| Dr J Bailey Dr. including ASEAN and MENA nations.

We help bringing big transaction rigor and value here CFO Services: The conscience and balancing factor of an organization. Reset Advisory: 50% companies languish with low growth rates despite a good product due to bad strategy. Feasibilities. efficient processes and good resources can be optimized on a long term basis. We help them evaluate potential for growth and help them attain it Family Business: Should we let go or keep it in or how much control to retain? We help answer this question and maintain or grow the company Workshops: to help clients brainstorm opportunities. Finance Fund raise: Raising Debt or equity. profit improvement and business exits / sales Process Management Business Process Design: Design or redesign processes to balance local requirements & efficiency/ effectiveness with IT automation Cost Optimization: Functional excellence. MIS Design and Automation: The result of every Process and the input to every decision is good MIS. how to monitor and getting results Process Audit: Good processes require their controls to be audited to ensure that design defects or changed business realities can be dealt with effectively . these skills are in short supply. Structured facilities. We help new companies grow by balancing focus and flexibility. Disbursements and preparing the company for receiving funds Transactions: Consolidation.Other Client Services Strategy Growth Basics: 10% companies succeed in sustaining growth over a five year period. spin offs are key to emerging companies gaining scale / unlock value. interim crisis. prioritize strategic options and navigate potential pitfalls. We provide select emerging companies the wisdom and insights of an experienced CFO Restructuring: We bring the weight of the whole firm to turnaround situations. poor support functions. We help you design what to monitor.

Our varied experience and good skills help us perform deep diagnostics and remove uncertainty regarding IT projects and help in efficient allocation of resources. IT Security: Precious resources are wasted due to low security levels We help set up policies to provide IT Security IT Workshops: To help employees realize the full potential of IT applications Private equity Deal Generation: The clients we bring to the funding table would have undergone substantial intervention from us over a substantial period of time which increases the probability of success Due Diligence: Our experience with emerging companies help us to go beyond financial statements and contracts analysis. Strategic interventions: Many investments lose value to varying extents and the nature of intervention required may be a CFO or a change in strategy. a change in leadership or process redesign or a comprehensive turnaround.Other Client Services IT Project Management IT Diagnostic: Less than 30% of IT projects are successful. .

We believe in balance in all attributes except for integrity where there is no shade of grey.Therefore We are a skilled team with top of the line experience and above all the keen desire to help clients realize opportunities and solve problems. So let’s see what we can do together . Its extreme integrity.