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Creating Queries and Reports in Access

1. Open the Database Santa’s Helper that you created. 2. If your database opens with the Security Warning, Click on Options…, then click Enable this content, finally click on OK. 3. When you open your database, all objects will be closed. You will want to open your Gift List table and make sure all your changes were made during the last class. 4. You are going to create a query using this table: Go to the Other group on the Create tab and click on the Query Wizard. You may get this error:

If you get the error, click yes. 5. You will get the New Query dialog box. The dialog box comes up with the Simple Query Wizard already selected, this is what you want to use but feel free to click on the others to see what they do. Make sure that Simple Query Wizard is selected and click OK.

6. This is the dialog box you will get:

7. Under normal circumstances, there would be more than one table to choose from. In this case, there is only one table so you this is the one you would use. There are four arrow buttons you can use: Moves one available field at a time to the selected fields box Moves all available fields at once to the selected fields box Moves one selected field at a time to the available fields box Moves all selected fields at once to the available fields box 8. Click the double arrow pointing left to select all fields. Click Next 9. In the next window, use the Detail selected. Click Next 10. Name your query Nice List and open your query Modify the query design. Click Finish. 11. The query will come up in Design View. You will want to type =Yes in the Criteria row (under the green check in the Nice? column.

12. Click on the Run Button The query will come up without any of your “Naughty” Children.

13. Now you want to create a list of Good children to give to Santa. Click on the Create tab, look in the Reports group and select Report Wizard. 14. The Report Wizard dialog box will open. Move all fiends over to the selected field except ID and Age. Click Next. 15. On the next screen, click on Child so that it becomes a heading in the field. Your preview will look like this:

Click Next. 16. On the next screen, you can sort your information if you want to. You will not need to. Click Next.

17. For the layout, click in the circle next to outline (after you see what the others will do) and click Next. 18. This is where you can select you style. These are in alphabetical order, scroll down and select Solstice and click Next. 19. Name your report Good Children and click on finish (we don’t want to modify the report’s design. 20. You now have 3 objects in your navigation pane and a report for Santa telling him who the good kids are and what they want for Christmas. Submit your database.

Standard: G.8 Query records. G.9 Create reports.

Objective: By the end of the period TSWBAT create a query and a report from their database