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A Success Story

At the 2007 SAC convention Muta Mwenya went on a tour of a local PR Firm in Nashville. He was so impressed with what he saw that he went back to visit them again later and was able to gain lots of helpful information to use in the marketing and advertising firm for which he works.

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releases? Youll find them in our online directory. You can also post your own profile, even uploading samples from your portfolio. Partner up with a mentorAre you new to the field? Do you wish you had a mentor who could help you? Have you never attended one of our conventions before? SAC can help match you up to a mentor. Annual ConventionMeet face to face with others like you. Rub shoulders with potential employers. Listen to top-notch speakers. Expand your professional network. Get new ideas you can actually use in your job. Youll do all this and more at our annual convention. Employment OpportunitiesAs a member of SAC, youll have access to our Job Bank and be able to post your resume. Youll meet new peopleand just maybe land your dream job. Professional DevelopmentWhether it is attending the annual convention, listening to a podcast in the online learning center, or working towards one of the Communication Certifications, you will have plenty of opportunities to professionally advance yourself.

Nurturing the spiritual, social, and professional growth of Adventists in the field of communication

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Whether you work for the Adventist Church or you work in a secular environment, you dont have to tackle the challenges of being a communication professional alone. Join the Society of Adventist Communicators and become a part of a network of communication professionals who support one another professionally and spiritually.

employee from the same institution.) Student membership $10 per year

What is SAC?

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Access to the Members Only part of our websiteFrom our online membership directory to media credentialing to our online learning center, youll find lots of helpful resources. Free monthly e-publicationPracticing Communication includes helpful articles, member news, and much more. Networking with peers and even potential clientsWhether through the membership directory, our online forum, joining a local chapter of SAC, or at the annual convention, youll meet other professionals like you and be able to share ideas and get new ones. Fellowship with other AdventistsWe all live in a secular world and struggle with practicing our faithboth at work and home. We need a spiritual support group and SAC offers you that. Access to the SAC membership directory Do you need to find someone who produces videos, designs websites, or writes press

egun in 1988 as the Southern Society of Adventist Communicators, SAC is now a national organization based in Silver Spring, M.D. with hundreds of members around North America. Our membership is comprised of communication professionals both in and outside of the church structure, students, teachers, and freelancers. SAC members hold positions in a variety of communication related fields, including: Public relations/Media relations Corporate communications Marketing communication Broadcasting (TV and radio) Writing Editing Advertising Video production Graphic design Photography Web design/programming Teaching We are an organization for the socialization, continuing education, recognition, and nurture of Seventh-day Adventists whose careers are in fields of communication. We hold an

annual convention each October, bringing in top-notch speakers and offering opportunities for professional growth, networking, and spiritual renewal. Our board of directors represent all aspects of communication from corporate to print to broadcast to web. Our board members include small business owners, church employees, and professionals from secular organizations, as well as two student representatives.

Why should you join?

When you join the Society of Adventist Communicators you become part of a network of communication professionals who support one another professionally and spiritually. Not only will you have opportunities to network with other Adventist communicators, but youll also have access to powerful resources and employment opportunities.

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Individual membership $25 per year Institutional membership $50 per year (Includes access to benefits for up to three employees, $10 more per year per additional