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Application for marriage in Chapel

Hertford College, Oxford

updated June :o1
Please complete this form accurately and carefully and return it to
Te Reverend Gareth Hughes
Hertford College
Caue Street
ox1 nw
o18e :,,11
A version of this form that can be completed online is available at http:
Tis application is a formal request for the conduct of a marriage in Hertford Col-
lege Chapel, Oxford. Te Chaplain is unable to consider a request for marriage
in the Chapel until this application has been received. Te information given in
this application is used for the Chaplains records to complete any application for
a marriage licence and the marriage certicate. Te Chaplain should be notied
immediately of any dange or error in this information.
Prior to the wedding, the Chaplain will make arrangements to meet both parties
to discuss the details of the service (for example, music) and to help more generally
in the preparation for marriage. lf the service is to be conducted by another member
of the clergy, he or she is responsible for preparing you for marriage and arranging
the service. Te Chaplain will provide contact details of the organist for the service.
Please note that, as you make preparations for your wedding, the Chaplain is very
pleased to be consulted to oer advice on any mauer.
Hii1ioii Coiiici, Oxioii Aiiiic~1iox ioi ~iii~ci ix Cn~iii
1 Brides details
Brides full name
Date of birth Age on proposed date of wedding
Telephone number
l-mail address
Brides occupation
Brides fathers full name and occupation
if retired or deceased, state last occupation
2 Bridegrooms details
Bridegroomss full name
Date of birth Age on proposed date of wedding
Telephone number
l-mail address
Bridegrooms occupation
Bridegrooms fathers full name and occupation
if retired or deceased, state last occupation
Hii1ioii Coiiici, Oxioii Aiiiic~1iox ioi ~iii~ci ix Cn~iii
3 Marriage details
Proposed time and date of wedding (suggested or possible dates and time)
Does either party have a spouse still living`
Are either or both parties baptized/dristened`
What is the connection with Hertford College`
lf a former student, please give subject and year of leaving
Are there any special requirements for the marriage service (e.g. communion, doir, music, etc.)`
lf you wish to hold a reception at the College, this is arranged separately with the Catering Manager,
Mr Antony Barreu, tel o18e :,,:e.
lf you are to be married by a member of the clergy from a denomination other than the Churd of lngland,
it is the minister or priests responsibility to make the necessary legal arrangements to register the marriage.
Please note that Hertford College Chapel, unlike a parish durd, is not licensed for the conduct of marriages.
Te Chaplain will be able to advise further on this mauer.
You are responsible for making arrangements for owers in Chapel.
Please remember that parking near Hertford College is extremely limited. None is available on site except
in exceptional circumstances and with the Deans permission.
A ramp is available to allow easy wheeldair access into Chapel. Please inform the Chaplain if this will be
Te organists fee is usually i1oo. Te fee payable to the College is io. A fee of approximately i1oo is
payable to the parish durd whose registers are used to register the marriage. lf a professional video is
taken of the service, additional fees will be payable. All fees should be received by deque one month prior
to the wedding, or in cash at or before the rehearsal (if there is one) the day before the wedding.