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You completed a drawing (9x12) in either regular pencil on white paper OR white charcoal pencil on black paper. You used shape and value to show the form of the object and the values in the background. You avoided the use of outlines in your drawing. You avoided smudging / smearing in your drawing.


You created a strong composition in your drawing by considering the size, view, placement (and cropping and zooming) of the object on your page. You composed your drawing to focus on your object, and avoid including too much blank / negative space.

Studio Skills
You used materials appropriately to represent form by focusing on shape & value. Your drawing shows a complete range (all seven on our value scales) of values - light, middle, and dark. You used your time productively, appropriately, and safely during every class. You took care of the art materials and voluntarily assisted in clean-up on a daily basis.

Your drawings are free from tears, smudges and stray marks. You used your material with consistency: your marks appear similar to each other throughout the drawing. Your work shows effort to complete the drawings. You took the time to complete your best work.

Give yourself the grade you feel you earned:

/25 /25 /25 /25 /100

Exemplary 24-25 Good 20-23 Needs Improvement 15-19

Unsatisfactory 0-14

REFLECTION QUESTIONS (3 pts each, the front is 3 pts):

1. Which material (regular pencil on white paper OR white charcoal on black paper) was your favorite to work with?

2. Why was it your favorite?

3. What was the most difcult part of this unit?

4. During this unit, what did you learn about drawing that was new?

5. How was this experience different from other times you have drawn from observation?