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The Astrology of AIDS Can it Help Find a Cure?

by Tom Chase In June 1997, it was announced in the newspapers that Chimpanzees inoculated with an experimental AIDS vaccine were successfully protected from exposure to the AIDS virus. Past efforts to develop a vaccine have not been successful, but there is hope that this vaccine may be more effective. Can astrology shed any light on this subject, AIDS and the search for a cure and a vaccine? In this article, we will look at this subject using a technique I call "Religious Astrology" -- combining astrology and religion. In Religious Astrology, I combine astrology with Biblical symbolism, in particular using the Bibles last chapter, Revelation, and here we will also use the old testament book of Daniel, which is used to understand a strange passage in Revelation chapter 13. Revelation is the Bibles last chapter, and is a series of prophecies of future events, which some people believe may be occurring in our time. Biblical Prophecies Among the prophecies of Revelation is the rise to power of a great empire led by a Satanic imitation of Christ, the Antichrist -- the Antichrist is described as having the mouth of a lion, the feet of a bear, and being like a leopard, and is identified by the number 666. The Book of Daniel also mentions these three animals, which are interpreted to be great empires which later appeared: the lion would be Babylon, the bear would be the empire of the Medes and Persians, and the leopard would be the Greek Empire of Alexander the Great (Alexander had the speed of a leopard during military conquest). Also, a key to this technique is using numbers -- using the number for the year diseases were discovered, and using Biblical passage numbers, and the numbers identifying galaxies in constellations. This technique works because the universe is holographic -the small reflects the large, events on earth are analogous to the positions of the stars. This implies there is a great plan to all of this -- the movements of stars and events on earth. The mythology connected with star constellations is part of the plan also -- part of the great hologram. But rather than consider just traditional astrological planets and signs of the Zodiac, I think the other constellations may also be important. And we will use these methods here to identify a constellation that represents the AIDS virus. But to consider AIDS, we also need to consider two other diseases of our time that have also been a great threat to humanity: Ebola disease, a disease in Africa which has occasionally caused outbreaks of disease with a very high death rate (50 to 90%) until it has been brought under control. The concern is that Ebola virus will one day mutate into a form which is transmitted through the air; it could then become the "Andromeda Strain", and endanger humanitys survival. The other serious disease to consider is Influenza, which occasionally has mutated into a killer strain, such as in 1918. Ebola

First, let us consider Ebola disease. Consider that last years comet Hyakutake passed through the constellation Perseus, which contains galaxy M76. Galaxy M76, and the number 76, I relate to Ebola disease because the virus that causes Ebola was identified in 1976. Again using this number 76, the Bibles Book of Daniel passage 7:6 describes a leopard, and it is one of the three animals used to describe the Antichrist in Revelation: he is like a leopard, with the feet of a bear and mouth of a lion. Ebola disease kills with the speed of a leopard. And Ebola might also be associated with the constellation Andromeda, which is near galaxy M76-- remember the movie the "Andromeda Strain" about a killer virus from space? Similarly, AIDS, whose virus was discovered in 1983, would be associated with the number 83, and galaxy M83 which is in the constellation Hydra, and the bear. Daniel 8:3 describes a ram with 2 horns, which is interpreted to be the empire of the Medes and Persians, this empire is also described by Daniel as a bear; like a bear, AIDS hibernates in people before it wakes up and kills them. In Greek mythology, the Hydra was a multiheaded serpent which kept growing a new head, each time one was cut off by Hercules; the Hydra had nine heads, the middle one being immortal. This sounds like AIDS, which keeps mutating, making finding a vaccine difficult. Also connecting AIDS with the number 83: the HIV virus causing AIDS has 9213 bits of genetic information, and 9213=83x111. Influenza Influenza would be the lion, the third animal associated with the Antichrist. Influenza results in its victims roaring like a lion, coughing. The virus that causes Influenza was discovered in 1933, and Daniel 3:3 describes a statue of gold. Gold is associated with Babylon in another of Daniels visions, and Babylon is symbolized by a lion. Similarly, if we look at galaxy M33, it is in the constellation Triangulum. This could be a clue that we should look for a triangle: we do have a right (90 degree) triangle, formed by these 3 disease numbers: 33, 76, and 83: And this triangle also has an angle of 66 degrees-- 666 being associated with the Antichrist. This could mean that these diseases will appear during his rise to power. AIDS Considering AIDS again, Hercules was able defeat the Hydra by having his nephew Iolaus burn the stump of each mortal head after Hercules cut them off, and burying the immortal head under a stone. Also, note that the Hercules movie was released this year, an interesting coincidence. Maybe, somehow, this myth of how Hercules destroyed the Hydra may be a clue to how AIDS can be stopped. Somehow, medical techniques analogous to "burning" the virus and "burying it under a stone" may one day stop AIDS; this is very symbolic. Also, maybe the number I connected with AIDS, 83, could be a clue to a cure. What can we connect with the number 83? 83 is the atomic number of the element Bismuth. Bismuth compounds are used in pharmaceuticals to treat skin injuries, intestinal disorders, and infections. Maybe a drug containing some Bismuth compound may be able to stop AIDS? In a similar way, I wonder if a compound containing element

76 (Osmium) could help treat Ebola Disease? Numbers are the clue; look at the numbers to find the answer. In conclusion, the mythology of Hercules and Hydra, and the number 83, and Bismuth compounds, could be clues to how to treat AIDS. I am offering this as food for thought, maybe someone reading this can come up with a suggestion on what this means. Please email me any suggestions on interpreting this.